I couldn't believe that we had been invited to a fraternity party. I wondered if the guy who had asked us to attend while we were in the bar was gay, especially since there weren't any girls at the party, just men.

No sooner had Brian and I entered the house that I saw Jake, the sometimes asshole. God he looked good. He was wearing a tight pair of jeans that really showed off his best attribute plus a State jersey. Even though the jersey wasn't tight, I knew what was under it and wanted to lick it all. Brian's eyes were wide looking at all the men. The fraternity must be one for athletes because all of the guys had great bodies. A mix of football, soccer, baseball and basketball players with some wrestlers, gymnasts and swimmers thrown in for good measure. My cock was getting hard.

Jake saw me and I could see anger in his eyes. I walked toward him and he turned and walked away. What the fuck? The guy who had asked us to attend asked if we wanted some beers. Of course Brian and I agreed, what's a few beers on top of 4 cosmos each. Our host quickly returned with two red solo cups. Then our host was walking around, talking to people and looking back at us.

As Brian and I moved around the room we found out that our host was the social chairman for the fraternity and was responsible for the party. A couple of guys patted us on our asses when we walked by. Two more red solo cups appeared in our hands.

JAKE 2.04

Jake wondered why Chad was at the party and who was the guy he was with? Jake felt his anger begin to rise again. Jake also wondered if Chad and the other guy were the two gay guys that his friend said were coming to take care of them. Shit.

Chad began walking toward Jake. Jake turned away and walked in the other direction. As much as he wanted to talk to Chad, there was no way he was going to let his future frat brothers think that he knew a fucking faggot.

Jake saw the social chairman take Chad and the other guy a pair of red solo cups. Now he knew for sure that Chad and his friend were the entertainment for the night. Should he tell Chad? What would Chad do? How could he be seen talking to him?

The debate raged on in Jake's mind. He saw the social chairman draw two more beers from the keg and put something in them and then took them to Chad and the other guy.


I could tell that I had had way too much to drink. I was feeling a bit groggy. When I asked Brian how he was doing he said the same. We both sat down on a raggedy couch. Then I heard the social chairman speak up as he got up on one of the coffee tables.

"Men, men, let me have your attention. As we all are painfully aware, the sorority we had invited to this mixer cancelled at the last minute to attend some sort of bullshit retreat. I know that most, if not all, of us are suffering a case of blue balls. If you're not, get the hell out of here." Lots of laugher followed but nobody left. "Because of this unfortunate situation I thought we could have some fun tonight by making our pledges give blow jobs to each of their big brothers, but after some thought I've changed my mind." Groans from everyone except the pledges. "As you all know the Dean of Students has been cracking down on any fraternity that is caught hazing. Since we are already on probation I decided we didn't want to put the chapter at risk by having one of the pledges report us for making us suck our dicks, so instead I thought of another idea."

A couple of pledges wheeled in a ping pong table and put it in the center of the room. "Yes gentlemen some Beer Pong.....but with a twist that I'll think you'll like." Turning toward Brian and me, "Gentlemen what are your names?"



The pledges brought out 20 red solo cups of beer and put 10 on each side of the table in a triangle shape. "We will pair up into teams made up of a big brother and their little brother. As is typical, two teams will compete at a time. Along with the losers having to drink the beers from the cups that the balls land in, the winners will get these two queers, Chad and Brian, to either have them blow one or each of you or to fuck one or both of you. The big brother makes the choice of who the little brother gets and the big brother has the other one. In addition, the big brother chooses whether or not the blow job or fuck takes place in private or here in this room. No matter who wins and in what order, everyone will get some time with one of these faggots, you just may end up with very sloppy seconds or even tenths. Any questions?" I heard the men hoot and holler.

Brian and l looked at each other and through our foggy minds, smiled. Even if we didn't want to do this, and why wouldn't we, I don't think I could have stood up to leave.

JAKE 2.04

Jake couldn't believe what he just heard. These guys were going to fuck Chad and the other guy or have them suck them off. What the hell was he going to do? If he got Chad out of here so that his mouth and ass weren't used by anyone but him, his future frat brothers would think something was wrong with him or that he was a cocksucker.

The social chairman spoke up again, "since we have a guest tonight", pointing at Jake, and "he will be on my team. Sorry little brother, it's just you and your hand tonight. We will go in order of the big brother's last name. Dirk that means you and your little brother are up against George and his little brother."

The two team stepped up to the table.

Jack was still thinking about what he should, or could, do.


Through my cloudy mind I saw the first two teams step up to the table. The big brother looked like a football player and his little brother looked like a baseball player. The other team looked like two swimmers. The ping pong balls started to bounce, after a few tries the first team, football and baseball, won.

"Ok Dirk, which faggot do you pick for your little brother?"

"The dark haired one, what's his name....Brian."

"And what do you want him to do with Brian?"

"I want Brian to suck his cock here in the living room." More hoots and hollers from the frat members.

The little brother walked over to where Brian sat on the couch while taking his cock out of his pants. He put his cock in Brian's face. Brian had a glazed look in his eye but still knew what he wanted, he took the guy's cock into his mouth and started sucking.

"Brother Dirk, what do you want to do with the blonde one?"

"Shit, I'm going to fuck him. Going to take him upstairs because I don't want any of you assholes to learn any of my moves." Dirk, the football player, came over to me and picked me up like I weighed nothing and threw me over his shoulder and started toward the stairs. I looked back at Brian and he looked like he had gotten most of the cock of the guy feeding him into his mouth. The fraternity members were chanting, 'suck it, suck it, suck it'.

I assume Dirk took me to his room and set me down. "Take your clothes off faggot." It took me a while but I got my jeans and t-shirt off. "Get down on the mattress on your stomach."

I slurred, "yes, sir." That made Dirk laugh.

JAKE 2.04

Jake stood paralyzed, how could he stop that football player from putting his cock into Chad? He watched as the big guy, at least 250 pounds, carried Chad up the stairs. All he could do was stand there and watch him being carried away.

Jake turned his attention to the blow job that was going on in the center of the room. It looked like the cocksucker was enjoying himself. He looked around and a lot of the fraternity members were adjusting themselves and even rubbing their crotches as they watched. Jake had to admit that he was getting a bit horny watching as well.

Another team came up to the table to play the losing team from the last round.


Dirk started taking his clothes off. I turned my head to see what he looked like. Dirk was a big guy, he must play defense based on the size of him. Even though he was huge it didn't look like there was an ounce of fat on the man. While in comparison to his body his dick looked small, I realized that it was just a little smaller than Jake's.

I don't know what they had spiked my beer with but I was becoming very horny. I wanted Dirk to slam his cock into me. "Come on big guy, fuck me." Dirk stood there and stroked his cock and put some lube he had pulled from a drawer by his mattress.

"Faggot, have you ever been fucked by a cock this big?"


"You lie, nobody has a cock as big as mine."

"Show me. I'll let you know if it goes farther than anyone else's."

I must have pissed him off. He got down on his knees between my legs and pushed them apart. Then he put his hands on either side of my shoulders and started poking around with his cock. It became very apparent to me that he had never fucked a guy before. I reached back, grabbed his cock and guided him to my hole. Once I had him there he slowly started pushing his cock into me. "Fucking shit, it's so hot and tight". More cock entered me until he was all the way in.

"Now what do you say asshole."

"Yeah, not as big." Knowing that what I said would piss him off and he'd want to prove me wrong, he started throwing a fuck at me that was like he was trying to break through the offensive line to get to the quarterback. As he did, he let out a primal yell. A few more thrusts and he shoot his load into my ass. I was surprised that it didn't feel like as much as other men had given me and nowhere near the amount that Jake always gave me.

JAKE 2.04

Jake watched as the guy with his dick in Brian's mouth must have shot his load. Cum was dripping out of the cocksuckers mouth while Dirk's little brother pulled his cock out. Brian wiped his mouth on his arm and then licked his lips.

The next set of winners had already won and the big brother decided he wanted a blow job from Brian because it looked like he had done it so well. He also told his little brother that Dirk had probably stretched out the faggot's ass so much that he should also choose a blow job. It was just then that Jake heard a yell from upstairs. Was it Dirk or was it Chad? Jake wanted to run upstairs and beat the shit out of Dirk but again was too afraid to do it.

Dirk carried a naked Chad back down the stairs. The little brother followed his big brother's advice and had Chad get on his knees in front of him and give him a blow job. The kid took his cock out and shoved it into Chad's mouth. Jake had to walk away, he couldn't watch. He went and got himself another drink. When he came back into the living the third round of beer pong had just been one and the two winners were debating about who would get who. Jake also noticed that the social chairman offered both Chad and Brian another drink.


The kid I was blowing knew just how to move his cock in my mouth. He must have had a girlfriend that really taught him the finer points of blow jobs, that, or this kid had given some blow jobs in his time. He shot a huge load of cum into my mouth which I made sure to swallow bringing cheers from the crowd. I glanced over at Brian and it looked like he had just finished blowing the guy he was working on.

The social chairman brought us each another beer which I drank down in one gulp. Again I started feeling more horny than normal. The third winning team said they wanted to fuck both of us here in the living room. They said they wanted to show their brothers how it should be done. One of the brothers had Brian lean over the back of the couch and told him to spread his ass cheeks. The guy leaned down and spit into Brian's ass and then started pushing his cock in. Brian pushed back. I think he too was getting hornier from the beer. He started yelling at the guy to fuck him hard.

The winner who had gotten me told me to lie down on the floor and hold my legs up. He got down on his knees and leaned in and put the head of his cock at my hole. There was still cum in my ass from Dirk so this new guy didn't need any lube. This guy proved that most of these guys had little finesse. He just slide his cock in, moved it back and forth and then shot. Cum is still cum though, right?

The beer pong games were going faster than the time that was being spent with each of us. Guys were just lining up behind Brian and just taking over when their fraternity brother was done. Someone must have had some poppers because one of them held a little bottle under Brian's nose. I could see that he took a deep breathe. When each guy plunged his cock into his ass I could see Brian smile.

My next guy had me get up on my hands and knees and got behind me. He stuck some fingers in my ass and moved them around. He announced to the group that he did the same to his girl and she loved it, he wanted to find out if queers liked it too. To let him know I moved my ass around and purred like a cat. He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his cock.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jake pacing back and forth glaring at everyone. I heard someone joke that he must be impatient to have one of us and he just grunted a response.

JAKE 2.04

Jake was pacing back and forth through the living room. At one point when he saw some dude putting his fingers up Chad's ass he actually bummed a cigarette from one of the guys in an attempt to calm down. Every once in a while he would look at Chad's face and if he saw a smile it would just piss him off more.

Jake watched the line behind Brian just keep plugging the kid's ass. Some were so rough it made Brian's feet rise off the floor. He didn't give a shit about Brian but if he was being handled this way it meant Chad was being handled in the same way and then it got worse.


With almost all of the beer pong games done, not only was there a line behind Brian but a line was forming around me. Someone had the idea to use both my mouth and my ass. Someone put the bottle of poppers under my nose and I took a deep breathe. Just as I finished breathing in a cock entered my mouth. One cock was rubbing the inside of my ass channel while another was thrusting against the back of my throat. Everything felt so good.

I became aware that some of the guys that had already had their turns with one of us were now beating their meat watching their brothers use us. I even thought that I saw a couple of them beating the cock of the guy next to them.

Sometime later we must have taken care of everyone because there was no cock in my ass or my mouth. Brian slide off the couch and sat on the floor. I leaned back so my ass was on my heels. I wondered what was next.

The social chairman spoke up. "Well it looks like everyone had a good time. All that's left is me and our legacy guest, Jake. Since you are our guest, why don't you choose."

Pointing at me, "I think I'll take this faggot but unlike you assholes I'm going to take him upstairs where it's a little more private so you don't hear him scream with pleasure when he feels my cock for the first time." Chad got a funny look on his face like he didn't understand.

Jake grabbed my hand and we started up the stairs while the social chairman started pushing his cock up Brian's ass.


Be Well,


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