Dear readers, please bear with me as I weave the events involving Jake into my story. It was the only way that I could write this diary entry.


I snuck into the house when I got home. I didn't need to have my mother see the ripped jeans I was wearing with cum stains near the rip nor down the front of the leg. After I had taken my jeans off and slipped into some sweats I decided I was going to give State a call and find out if I could come for a campus visit. The Admissions Office said that if I could be there by early afternoon I could get a tour and that it was one of the weekends where I could stay with a student in their room and get a feel for campus life. Sounded good to me. The only thing on my calendar for tomorrow was a baseball practice so I sent an email to the coach asking if it was ok if I missed it so I could visit State. I got a quick reply that it was fine and that he wasn't going to be at practice either. He wrote that he would let one of the assistant coaches know that I would be gone. Instead of going out I decided just to stay home, spend some time with my parents, get a good night's sleep and hit the road after breakfast.

I ended up dreaming about Jake the asshole, I may need to change that description because he's been less of an asshole of late and more of a semi-hook up. He had now kissed me a couple of times, albeit when he was done fucking me, which I can't complain about, and had also called me 'babe'. He had even pulled someone off my cock and told me that my ass and mouth were his and his alone. Well, that's not going to happen, too many cocks, too little time.

My dreams involved Jake feeding me his cock while he stroked my hair and giving me deep kisses while he was fucking me. To be honest, I also dreamed of sucking off some pretty prime meat in the bathroom in the basement of the library, one of my favorite activities, and of cargo man fucking me behind a small wall in the snack shop of campus.

I woke up with a major hard on. When I stepped into the shower I grabbed some hair conditioner, put some on my hand and started beating off. My thoughts returned to Jake and the cock I loved so much, how it felt in my mouth, the taste of this cum and the way it so perfectly fit my ass. I shot a load with those thoughts in my mind.

Where was Jake? I needed him, no, I needed his cock, no, I needed him. What the fuck was wrong with me? I had to beat off a second time.

I didn't know if I was going to go out while at State so I packed some of my more slutty outfits, an extra pair of jeans and some t-shirts, and some lube, you never know what you might need. I kissed my Mom goodbye and started the trip to State.

JAKE 2.03

Jake too had woken up with a hard on. While there were a lot of takers, he hadn't found anyone at the bookstore or the mall bathroom that he wanted to feed his cock too let alone fuck. He had enjoyed the attention he had gotten when he did the video feed of himself beating his cock and having his brother give him a blow job but it didn't satisfy his need for a hot mouth and ass. No, his dream had been about Chad, about how right it felt when Chad's lips were on his dick and how his ass felt so warm and tight. He grabbed a cum rag from his night stand and beat off thinking about Chad. Where was that faggot anyway?

Jake didn't have any classes on Friday but he did have baseball practice. Since Chad was the assistant manager for the team it was probably a good bet that he would be there. He would take Chad somewhere and fuck him so hard that he always remembered who had the best cock and why he should always be around to take care of him.

When Jake got to the practice field he didn't see Chad. Where the fuck was that faggot? Actually he didn't see any of the players or coaching staff. Instead he saw Grant, the star pitcher, walking toward him with a smile on his face. "Hey Jake."

"What the fuck do you want Grant?"

"Just thought it was time for us to bury the hatchet."

"Yeah, like that's going to happen."

"It will be."

"Where the hell is everybody?"

"Coach is out of town so one of the assistant coaches took the team on a 10 mile run to build up there stamina. I told him I'd wait for you and we'd follow."

"OK, we better get going then."

"I don't think so", two guys came out from behind the dugout. They were a couple of wrestlers that Jake had seen around before."

"I told my friends here that there was a cocksucker on the baseball team but they didn't believe me."

"There isn't and you know that."

"Do I? I told them it was you but they didn't believe me. I told them that they could probably get a blow job from you if they were nice."

One of the wrestlers grabbed ahold of Jake's arm and brought him to his knees. His friend had already taken his cock out and was waving it in front of Jake's mouth.

"Go ahead Jakey....give it a taste, just like you made that kid taste my cock the other day. I know you know how to suck someone, I bet that faggot Chad has shown you how it's done dozens of times." The wrestler rubbed his dick across Jake's lips. Jake refused to open his mouth and was fighting the wrestler that had a grip on him.

Jake was able to swing one of his elbows back and caught the wrestler holding him in his nuts. The wrestler staggered back. Jake jumped up and took a swing at the other wrestler and got him right in the nose which started gushing blood. The two wrestlers looked at Grant and one of them said "no blow job is worth this, you both can fuck off." The wrestlers left with Jake and Grant staring at each other.

Jake was furious, Grant, his rival, had tried to embarrass him by making him suck someone's dick. Like hell that was going to happen. A fire started growing inside of Jake. He was pissed that he couldn't find Chad, he was pissed that he had kissed Chad, he was pissed that he couldn't find anyone as good as Chad to suck his cock to be fucked by him, and now he was pissed at Grant.

Jake rushed Grant and knocked him to the ground. He straddled Grant's chest. "Let's see how well you suck cock you fucker." Jake's cock was already hard when he took it out of his uniform pants. Grant struggled but the adrenaline was flowing in Jake's blood and he wasn't going to let Grant move. "Open your mouth....OPEN YOUR MOUTH." Grant kept moving his head. Jake took hold of Grant's hair and pulled his head up. When Grant let out of yell of pain, Jake shoved his cock into Grant's mouth. "Don't you even think of trying to hurt me, you son of a bitch." Still holding Grant's hair Jake started moving his cock back and forth in Grant's mouth. Of course Grant wasn't going to do anything like sucking a cock so he just tried to stay as still as possible. Grant gagged a few times causing his throat to close up so Jake wasn't able to get much of his cock into his mouth but that didn't matter, Jake just wanted to cum. Using the hand that wasn't holding Grant's hair, Jake started to beat his dick as the head stayed in Grant's mouth. After just a few more strokes, Jake filled Grant's mouth with his cum. Grant started to gag and spit but Jake wouldn't take the head of his cock out. "Swallow it you mother fucker. Swallow my cum." Grant continued to shake his head but Jake wouldn't let up. "Swallow."

Jake started putting more and more of his weight on Grant's chest. "Swallow or I'm going to break some of your ribs." Grant swallowed a little. "All of it!" Grant swallowed the rest. Jake rose up off of Grant's chest but grabbed Grant and flipped him on his stomach. Jake rubbed his cum covered cock on the seat of Grant's uniform. "You ever try to pull some shit like this again and my cock will be doing more than just rubbing against your ass, got it?" Grant nodded his head in agreement and Jake got up, shoved his cock back into his uniform pants and walked away yelling "who's the faggot now asshole?" Grant just glared at him. The only thing that this whole experience did was make Jake even more pissed off. He had to find Chad.


After about 2 hours I reached State. I went to the Admission's Office where the tour was supposed to start. I was early so I sat in the lobby people watching. There were some smoking hot guys. Tall guys, short guys, thin guys, bulked up guys, every race and every color. It was a smorgasbord. I couldn't wait until the Fall semester started, that is if I got in.

A woman at a window called my name and told me that one of the Admission Counselors wanted to speak with me. She led me to a small office where a woman not much older than I was sitting behind a desk. "Mr. Cartwright, I just wanted to let you know that we've finished reviewing your application and you've been admitted for this coming Fall semester." I was so happy I could have done the happy dance. "Congratulations."

Just then they called out that the tour was getting ready to start. I thanked the Admissions' lady and joined the group. While most of the potential students were dragging along their parents there were a couple of us that were by ourselves and we sort of grouped together making sarcastic comments about our tour guide who could walk backwards and still speak with all of us. I was waiting for her to say where the best glory holes were on campus but I guess that wasn't in the script.

One guy and I, Brian, really sort of hit it off as we walked. He reminded me of Patrick and I could see us becoming friends if the opportunity arose. By the clothes he was wearing and some of his comments, I got the impression he might be a cum slut like me. Tight jeans and tight t-shirts along with comments about some of the football players that walked by us was sort of a give-a-way.

When we got back to the Admissions' Office, those of us who weren't staying with our parents at a hotel, were introduced to our hosts for the weekend. Brian was paired up with this guy who was in student government who looked like a real snooze fest. I was paired up with an RA (resident assistant) in an all-male dorm (score!). Brian asked for my cell number so that he could contact me. He thought maybe we could figure out something to do that evening. We exchanged numbers and I told him I would look forward to his text.

Craig, the RA, and I walked toward his dorm, Snyder Hall, and he told me its history. It was built in the late 50's and was named after one of the former State's president. 500 guys lived in Snyder and it was the last all-male dorm on campus. I don't know what I thought was going to happen but watching 500 guys couldn't' be all bad.

JAKE 2.03

As Jake was walking back to his car, he got a text from one of his friends, a former baseball player at the community college that went to State. His fraternity was having a party tonight and he wanted to know if Jake wanted to come. It was the fraternity Jake would join if he ended up going to State because he was a legacy since his father had belonged to the same fraternity.

What the hell, if he couldn't find Chad and couldn't find anyone else he wanted to feed his cock to, why not go up to the campus and drink some beer with his friends and maybe get laid by some chick from one of the sororities.


I couldn't believe it when I got to the RA's floor. It was the kind of old-fashioned dorm where there were common johns. Guys were walking up and down the floor to the bathroom with only towels around their waists. When we got to Craig's room he told me that he was just hosting an incoming freshmen, like me, to get some brownie points because he wanted to become a senior RA. He told me he had plans for the evening with his girlfriend and handed me a key to the room and then left.

I texted Brian to find out what he was doing. He said his host wanted to take him to a student government meeting and he declined. He suggested that we meet somewhere for a late dinner and then go to a gay bar he had heard about. Not knowing what a gay bar in a college town was like I asked him what I thought we should wear. His answer was whatever would get us laid. Yep, he's a cum slut like me.

We agreed to meet at the student union and get something for dinner but it was a couple of hours before we were supposed to meet so I decided to take my own tour of Snyder Hall. As I suspected the dorm was just a bunch of rooms in long hallways. On each floor there was some sort of lounge along with the common johns. I thought I might be able to get some cock in the bathrooms but they were just too busy with guys coming and going getting ready for Friday night.

I went down in the basement and found a bike storage room, good to know since I had a bike I would be bringing, and a laundry room, which, since it was a Friday night in an all guys dorm, was empty. Just as I was leaving the room a guy came in wearing just a pair of gym shorts. He was hot, great legs, nice abs and pecs, and big arms. Didn't look like he had anything on under his shorts. He loaded up a couple of machines with his clothes and then sat down at a table and opened his iPad.

He spoke up "are you waiting on some clothes too? There are some real assholes in this building that will take your clothes out of the machine and just put them on the floor if you aren't here to put them right in the dryer when they are done."

"Yeah, that sucks." My god, I didn't even mean that it in my usual way.

"I've never seen you around before, what floor do you live on."

"I actually don't live here, I'm an incoming student that is here for a campus visit."

"Why aren't you out seeing some of the campus?"

"My host dumped me. I'm meeting a friend in a while for dinner and then we are planning to go out."

"What bar are you going to hit?"

"Some place called Mothers"

"You do realize that that place is a gay bar."


"You're gay?"


"I never would have guessed that."

"I'm dressed pretty conservatively right now."

"So what do you like to do?"

"Oh, I like baseball and movies."

"No, I meant, what do you like to do?"

I could see him rubbing the bulge in his gym shorts.

"I like to suck and get fucked, you?"

"I like to get sucked. You up for it now?"


"Right here, no one hardly comes down here on a Friday night."

I looked around and then thought 'what the fuck, what's the worst that could happen?'

He stood up, pulled one of the legs of his gym shorts up and showed me his growing cock. "Come on dude, I need it bad." I went over to him, smelled his masculine odor and dropped to my knees. I stuck my tongue out and flicked my tongue over his head that was sticking out from his gym shorts.

"Dude, that feels so good."

I pushed his gym shorts higher so that I could put my hand around his thickening cock and then took his head into my mouth.

"Fuck yeah." His cock tasted so good. I rolled his head around in my mouth. He must have been really horny because it wasn't long before he shot a load of cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all. "Man, that was awesome, thanks."

By now it was time for me to go get ready so I said goodbye to nice cock guy and went back up to the room I was staying in. Since this was a college town, I wasn't quite sure what slutty outfit to wear. Of course I picked one of my ripped pair of jeans and the chose a tight tank top, I liked how it fit and showed off my arms, pecs and abs. I went over to the student center to meet Brian. He must have had the same idea as me because he was wearing some skinny jeans and a t-shirt at least one size too small. After we had some food and I told him about what had happened in the laundry room, we went in search of some more protein.

The gay bar was nice, thank god we both had fake IDs. There were lots of nice looking guys and the DJ was awesome. Brian and I danced a bit and had a few too many cocktails, but what the hell, it was like we were on a mini vacation and didn't have to drive. What was unfortunate however was it seemed like everyone was paired up.

Not long after we each had our forth Cosmo a guy came up to us and asked if we wanted to come to a party. He was a hot looking guy so of course we said yes. He told us the address and told us he was looking forward to seeing us there.

JAKE 2.03

Jake arrived at the fraternity house about 10 pm, grabbed his bag and went inside. All he saw was guys. He saw his friend and asked what was going on. His friend told him that the sororities were having some sort of retreat and that none of them were allowed to attend any frat party over the weekend. Jake couldn't believe that he had driven all the way up here to stand around drinking with a bunch of guys.

He started bitching to his friend about it when his friend told him that everything was under control. First, they were going to have each pledge suck off one of the members and that one of the brothers had gone out to find a couple of gay guys to stop by and take care of them.

Jake thought maybe one of the pledges or these other guys could make him feel as good as Chad did. As he was getting his second beer he looked toward the front door and saw Chad and some other guy walk into the frat house.


Be well,


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