After the unusual aerobics class I had this morning, I went into the locker room to change back to my street clothes, ripped jeans and a tight t-shirt. Before putting my clothes on I wanted to grab a quick shower. While I was showering I was thinking about how I run into cargo man in the strangest places and I usually end of sucking him off, and one time he even fucked me, in a public space. What a coincidence that he was the substitute aerobics instructor this morning.

Even though it was Thursday and I had my civics class in an hour I thought I would go to the bathroom in the basement of the library to see if Jake might stop by. I really was missing his cock. Whenever I would think of him or his cock I would end up with a boner. Even if Jake didn't come to the bathroom I was going to have to beat off just to get myself under control.

No one was in the bathroom when I got there. I went into my usual middle stall and beat my meat while reading some of the new graffiti. I had taken a wad of toilet paper to cum in but it wasn't enough so my hands were sticky with cum. I pulled up my ripped jeans and left the stall to wash my hands. As I was drying my hands, one of the rugby players from last week walked in. "Well, well, I heard that sometimes you'd run into a fag down here that would like some cock. Funny that it's you. I was really pissed that I didn't get a chance at you when you were out by the field (Entry 34). I don't know why our captain was being so nice to you and that only one of us got to fuck you. I've been horny ever since I saw my team mate plow your ass. I heard about this place early last semester from a guy I know, Jake, I'll have to tell him he was right about this place." Small world.

The rugby player stood behind me at the sink, put his fingers through the rip in the ass of my jeans and ran his finger along my ass cheek. He took my shoulders and turned me around. "Why don't you get on your knees and make my cock feel good faggot."

"Let's go into one of the stalls."

"Why? I don't care if someone comes in and sees me feeding my dick to a cocksucker, they'd expect something like that from a rugby player and they won't blame you, they'd know any faggot would love to suck on a rugby dick."

I decided I couldn't argue with his logic. I dropped to my knees and he unzipped his chinos and pulled out a very nice piece of meat, well above my average but not quite as large as I like them. "Open your mouth, I just want to get my cock wet so I get a chance to fuck you like my teammate did, it'll make the rest of the team jealous." I opened my mouth and he just shoved his dick in, not the most considerate guy. Over the last week I had had fun with a lot of guys, even cargo man, but they treated me with more respect than this asshole. "Get it good and wet, yeah, that's it, fuck that feels good. OK, now stand up and turn around." He pushed me against the sink and just used the rip in my jeans to clear the way to my asshole. He pants had fallen around his ankles as he shoved his dick covered with my saliva into my ass. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me to him as his cock went all the way in. He started pumping his hips like something his saw in some porno of a guy just fucking a guy to get his rocks off. He growled and then he filled me with his cum. He pulled up his pants and said "thanks faggot, I hope I see you down here again."

I turned around and looked back at the ass of my jeans in the mirror. The rugby player had made the rip bigger and had gotten some cum on my jeans. I took some paper towel and wiped it off the best I could but it still left a wet spot. Since I wasn't wearing any underwear my ass was just pretty much hanging out. I thought about going back to my gym locker and putting my workout shorts under my jeans but my civics class was going to start so I had to get there, my only choice was to leave the library and walk across the quad to get of the building where my class was.

One benefit of having the rip in back was no one that I was walking toward could see anything and they wouldn't unless they turned after they passed me. The unfortunate thing was everybody following me would be able to see my ass hanging out. If I hadn't been going to class I might have enjoyed having someone seeing my ass and wanting to spend some time together.

When I got to the lecture hall, one of those theater style ones, I decided to sit in the back row so I didn't have to walk down the steps and have everyone see my ass. Just as class was beginning to start I was happy to see that there was only two other people in the last row and they were at the other end of the row. I heard someone say "excuse me" and I glanced up and there was a guy wanting to get by me to also get a seat in the back row. He did one of those moves where instead of stepping over my legs with his ass facing me, he got past me with his crotch in my face, and a very nice crotch it was. The guy had a build similar to Jake's with a little less muscle. The outline of his cock in his tight jeans told me that he didn't have a cock that could rival Jake's. Instead of moving down the row he took the seat next to me. He put his knapsack in the seat next to him in such a way that it provided some visual barrier between him and the people at the end of the row.

As the professor started his lecture, the guy leaned toward me and whispered, "I followed you on the quad, I've got to say, nice ass."


A student that was sitting in the row in front of us turned their head to us and said "Shhhhh".

The guy who sat down next to me looked at me again and give the quiet sign, finger over closed lips. Before he brought his finger away from his mouth, he but his middle finger into his mouth and then pulled it out slowly.

With everyone focused on the lecture, the guy put his arm around my shoulders and then started to bring it down my back. I leaned forward so he had room to lower this hand down until his fingers were on my seat. He started to rub my ass where the rip was. His hands were warm against my skin. He kept trying to push his fingers as far into the rip as possible. I raised my ass to give him more access. When his fingers found my asshole I lowered myself back down. His middle finger started to explore the area around my asshole than it pushed through. The finger must have been in as far as the first knuckle of his finger, he just kept moving it around in tight circles. I let my arm fall off of the arm rest on to the guy's lap. I lightly moved my hand over the mound in his jeans. Just like his hands being warm, I could feel the heat coming off his cock.

He moved more of his finger into my ass. Now it must be to the middle knuckle. He started rubbing the tip of his finger against the side of my ass, I wanted to groan with pleasure but I knew we could get caught so I stifled the moan.

I took one of my fingers and moved it around the outline of his cock. As I did, I could tell that he was enjoying the sensation. He stuck the last part of his finger up my ass. Since I was in a sitting position he could reach my prostate and he started rubbing his finger against it.

I cupped the outline of his cock and started to rub it with more vigor. With his free hand he pushed my hand off his lap and worked to undo the top button and the zipper of his jeans. When it was open he pulled my hand back to his lap which I took as a signal to take his cock out. I worked my fingers into his zipper while he continued to gently touch my prostate. I was screaming with pleasure but only in my mind.

After a few minutes of moving his cock around in his jeans I was finally able to get his cock out. Not a Jake but good enough. I began stroking his cock as he continued to torture me by rubbing his finger against my prostate. With his free hand he reached across my lap and grabbed my right hand while he started pushing against my prostate and then pulling back.

He took my free hand and placed it around the head of his cock like a cup. As soon as he did he shot his load into my hand. A good amount of it dripped down to the floor. With his free hand he gently moved my cupped hand to my lips. I took a sip and savored the flavor while his pushing against my prostate got more intense. I drank the rest of his cum and then licked my hand. When I was finished he really started to play with my prostate resulting in me shooting my load down my leg inside my jeans.

He pulled his finger out of my ass and I wanted to moan again. He got his cock back into his jeans and zipped up. He stood up, leaned down and whispered in my ear, "I'm not even in this class, your ass was just too attractive to pass up. I hope we meet again because I would like to put more than my finger up your ass." He gave me a small kiss on my ear. The people in front of us did the "Shhhhhh" again as he stepped over my legs and out of the lecture hall.

I just sat there dumbfounded. What was with the kisses lately? Then I realized I would have to walk across the campus to get to the piece of shit Chevy with my ass hanging out and big wet spot on the front of my jeans.

As I was walking, trying to be inconspicuous, I thought over today's events. Fucked by cargo man in a semipublic way, fucked by a rugby player in public bathroom and getting my ass fingered and giving a guy in a hand job in a very public space. Even with all that I would have rather had Jake's cock in my mouth or my ass, preferably both.

Where the hell was Jake?


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