This is a continuation of the series "Finding Out I Like It"

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The time had come for me to say good-bye to Jack and Steve. Over the last 6 days we had done our duty by servicing as many of the servicemen at the Naval base as possible. One of us, and sometimes two of us, would be in the head by the PX from 7 am - 3 pm to take care of all the cocks that came through the glory holes that were located there. The USO Office wasn't even aware that I had actually been assigned to them for the entire week because Staff Sergeant Davis neglected to tell them. I don't know for sure but I think I serviced the Staff Sergeant at least once a day. His letter of recommendation for my application to State was very complimentary on how the hours I gave to help the Navy was greatly appreciated by the servicemen.

Since the head closed at 3 pm and I didn't have anything else to do I started wandering the base. The first day I had found a secluded spot on the base where some of the servicemen were 'helping each other out' and I just had to join in the fun. Most days not only did I get the cocks and cum in the head, I also got a cock or two up my ass when I revisited this secluded spot. I would then meet Jack when he got off work and we would go back to his place. That offered me a chance to clean my cum stained jeans. I wore those during the day but wore the ripped jeans at night when Jack and I went out. He introduced me to a variety of places in San Diego, near the base, where we could each get a couple more loads of cum before going back to his place to grab a couple hours of sleep. Jack said I should come back and visit anytime and he'd make sure I got back on the base.

While I was driving the piece of shit Chevy back to my parent's house I started to think about what lied ahead in the next couple of weeks. First I needed to finish my application to state and go for a campus visit. I also had to turn in my housing application but I would wait to do that until after the campus visit. Baseball season was just starting so I would have to put some time in as the assistant manager helping with laundry and whatever other tasks any of the coaches needed. I couldn't believe that there was less than 2 months left to the semester. I had to decide whether I was going to take more classes, get a job, or both during the summer.

I also realized that I hadn't had Jake's cock in either my mouth or ass for more than a week. The last time I sucked him off in the basement of the library he had actually called me 'Babe' and caressed my face before he turned back into asshole Jake. He actually said my mouth and ass were his and his alone, like that was ever going to happen. To many cocks out there that need my attention.

While I was thinking about Jake's cock I started to get a boner. As I thought about how Jake's cock fit so perfectly in my mouth and ass my boner got painful. I undid my jeans to let it have a little more room. I was thinking about how I had tricked Jack into fucking me the way I like the best, short jabs with his cock just rubbing against my sphincter before plunging it in and hitting my happy spot over and over until I came. When I'd get my cum on Jake he would make me lick it off, God his chest was perfect too. There has only been one cock I've had that was bigger than Jake's and that one almost killed me so Jake's was perfect.

My boner needed some attention so I pulled it out of my jeans and started stroking it while I drove. I was so busy day dreaming about Jake and stroking my cock that I didn't notice the SUV that pulled up along the right side of my car. When there was a honk I looked over. There was an attractive looking man who could see what I was doing and gave me thumbs up. I kept stroking, he kept looking, I'm amazed we didn't end up have an accident. I'm not quite sure how he did it, but he must have started stroking his cock while watching me, somehow he raised his ass off of his seat enough so that I could see his cock, what I saw looked pretty impressive, no Jake but nothing to be embarrassed about at all. He gave me a hand signal to follow him.

The SUV pulled off the highway and drove behind one of those big box stores that was near the highway. We both got out of our vehicles with our cocks hanging out and walked toward each other. When he was close enough he pulled me to him and gave me a kiss with a lot of tongue then he dropped to his knees and took my cock into his mouth. As you should know by now I much prefer to be the sucker than the suckee but his guy's mouth was good. He knew how to work his tongue to really get me going. He grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed making my cock even harder. I hoped he was a swallower like me because I was ready to shoot and shoot I did. I filled his mouth with a big load of my cum. He was a swallower. He stood up, not a word had been said yet. He grabbed one of my arms and pulled in behind my back and pushed me down, face first, on the hood of my car. He pushed down my pants. He must not have swallowed all of my cum because he spit some on my asshole and rubbed some on his cock and then without any warning he rammed his cock all the way into my ass. Like I said, no Jake but pretty damn close. This guy did not have any subtlety at all. He just started slamming my ass so hard that it was pushing me up the hood of the piece of shit Chevy. After he got still and then filled my ass, he pulled out, walked back to his SUV and drove away. We still hadn't said a word. Hmmmm....maybe as a dedicated cum slut I needed to do this kind of advertising more often. As I pulled up my jeans and got into my car I heard applause from some guys on the loading dock. Some of them were waving me over but as much as I would have loved to stay, I really needed to get back home.

When I got home, I was good, I wrote my civics paper and the paper for my psych class then I took the math test on line that I promised I would take before I got back. My original plan had been to take the test while I was on base but there were just too many cocks and not enough time. I also finished my on-line application for State. All I had to know was send in Staff Sergeant Davis' letter of recommendation. After that was all done I got a good night's sleep for a change.

I woke up early the next day. I had been dreaming of the feeling of Jake's cock in my mouth and up my ass and was savoring the taste of his cum. Nobody's cum tasted like Jakes. Nobody's cock felt like Jake's when I was holding it, it was almost as familiar as how my own cock feels in my hand.

After getting ready, I went downstairs and my Mom had made a big plate of scrambled eggs. "I'm sure you didn't eat enough protein when you were in San Diego, eat!"

"No Mom, I had more than enough while I was there. Love you." I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door. I hopped into the piece of shit Chevy vowing that if I got into State I was going to definitely buy a new car. I was going to have to find someplace on campus that sold stamps for the letter of recommendation but first I had to go to my aerobics class.

As I walked in I was hoping the instructor wasn't going to be overly pissed with me. She had said at our first class that attendance was the most important thing because getting into an exercise routine was part of the goal of the class. It wasn't like I needed it, I was in great shape but I thought if I worked on my breathing it would allow me to keep a cock deeper in my throat for a longer time.

I got to the locker room and changed out of my street clothes (ripped jeans and a t-shirt) into my work out clothes (short shorts and a tank top) without even looking at any of the cock that was hanging out. I just wanted to get this class done and get the letter of recommendation sent.

I walked into the exercise room and didn't see the instructor. What I did see was a tall guy with his back to me doing something with the sound system. He had to be about 6'4" and had a great body. When he turned around my jaw was cargo man! This time he just wasn't in cargo pants, he was in a pair of black bike pants and a string tank tap. The outline of his cock was obvious in the shorts. Every other person in the class was female and when cargo man turned around they were all atwitter about how he looked.

"Ladies, and gentleman (looking at me with recognition in his eyes), your regular instructor was unable to make it today and I was asked to fill in. Let's get started."

For the first part of the class he faced the mirror and we did our moves by watching him in the mirror, however, I was focused on his ass which was fine. Halfway through our workout he went to the back of the class and stood behind us, he said he wanted to check out our form. I could see in the mirror that what he was checking out was my ass.

After a half hour of a pretty rigorous workout we did a cool down and then he had us stretch. As we stretched he walked around talking to some of us about how we were doing. When he had us do the prone dog or something like that, he got behind me. It was one of those positions where your arm and face are on the mat and you stick your ass up in the air to stretch out your back. He patted my ass and just said "nice." I need you to remember that this was the guy who had me beat him off in the line to change classes at the beginning of the semester until he shot all over my back; give him a blow job while he was on a ladder working on some scenery for the musical I was in; and then fucked me on the cat walk while the show was going on. When he dismissed class he came up to me, put a hand on my shoulder gripping it and said "stick around, I want to talk to you about your form." Of course I stuck around.

After the women all left, he pushed me toward one of the corners of the exercise room that was barely visible from the hallway. With me against the wall and him facing the corner he pulled up one of my hands and placed it on his cock. It was still warm from working out and I caressed it. He didn't look down at me nor talk to me. He slightly moved his hips so the outline of his cock moved against my hand. It was obviously getting bigger. He took my hand and brought it to the waistband of this shorts, I knew what he wanted. I pulled the waistband down exposing the start of the shaft of his meaty cock. He stepped back, he wanted me to work for it but I also realized that it improved the chances that someone might see us from the hallway. I finally freed his cock, it sprung up and hit my face. I savored the smell of his workout sweat and started to lick the sweat off of his balls. He didn't make a sound or even look down. I started to lap up and down the shaft of his cock. He didn't seem to be in a hurry at all, he just let me do what I wanted to do. I could hear voices speaking in the hall way but he didn't move. I took the head of his dick into my mouth, but just the head. I swirled my tongue, I tickled the underside of his head, I grazed me teeth against the sensitive skin. Still not a word. I could hear more people in the hallway. With just the slightest of moves he started putting more of his cock in my mouth centimeter by centimeter. Still no words. He kept stepping backwards just slightly so that I had to follow him on my knees. I grabbed the base of his cock to keep him from getting more into the line of sight and I plunged his cock down my throat. I bobbed my head up and down cargo man's cock feeling the veins getting bigger. Still without a sound his cock exploded in my mouth. It was an immense load of cream. I swallowed and swallowed and still some leaked from my mouth. He stuffed his still semi-hard cock back into his bike shorts. Pulled me up by the arm and turned just as the next class entered the room.

"Your regular instructor was unable to make it today and I was asked to fill in. Let's get started."

I snuck out of the room licking my lips.


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