I'd like to thank Jack Sofelot for allowing me to use "Nautical Inches" as the inspiration for this entry into my diary. I also appreciate that he allowed me to include him as well.

Well the big guy didn't give me much of a chance to get some sleep. I woke around 8 am and knew that I was supposed to meet Staff Sergeant Davis at 9 am in his office. I needed to get my ass in gear and get ready. Of course none of my clothes were in the big guy's room since he brought me here right after the poker game where I was part of the pot for the winner. All my stuff was in the room I had been assigned by the Staff Sergeant, my roommate and two of his friends came up with the idea about the poker game but only after they had each given me a load of their cum plus a cup of cum from guys that they got to jack off in the bathroom at the mess hall. The same guys gave me the nickname of Nancy for obvious reasons.

I left the big guy's room and ran down the hall, naked, only to find that my room was locked. As I stood in the hall several of the guys on the floor, who hadn't been at the poker game, were in the hall groping themselves and saying things like "hey fag, want some of this?", "come on Nancy let me feed you my cock, I know you want it" and "come on down to my room, I know I can make you feel real good".

Just then a maintenance man or custodian walked on the floor. "You locked out?"

"Yeah, can you unlock this room, I'm staying here for the next week."

"You must be the guy I heard about from last night. You like dick, huh?"

"Can you get me in the room or not?"

"I might be able to for a price."

"Whatever, I need to get out of the hallway and get dressed."

"Good answer." The guy unlocked the door. The room smelled like cum and beer from last night's activities. "Smells like you guys had some fun.

"I gotta say that I sure got a lot out of it."

The guy started to rub the growing bulge in his work pants. "How about you take care of this since I was so nice to let you in the room?"

"I really appreciate what you did but I really have to get ready to go to a meeting. What about if I meet you later today and we can work something out?"

"Back here no later than 5:15, I need to get home to the ball and chain."

"You've got a deal." After I said that he smiled and then left.

My clothes were bunched up against the wall and it looked like Bill and the two other guys had used them as cum rags, the stains were obvious. Luckily I had brought another pair of jeans and some more t-shirts. Unluckily I had grabbed the pair of jeans that had a rip on the back right just below my ass cheek and a well-worn area on the side where my cock usually rested. Shit. One saving grace, I had brought along a pair of blue boxer briefs just in case. This was the case. While I couldn't fix the rip in my jeans at least the briefs would make it less noticeable. I grabbed one of my t-shirts and was out the door. As I was pulling on the t-shirt I realized it was one of my tighter ones that emphasized my arms and chest. Even on a naval base a little advertising never hurts.

I got to the Staff Sergeants office with no time to share. "Morning Chad, how was last night, did you get to meet some of the Privates on your floor?"

"I met a lot of them, yes, and I had a good time getting to know some of them." Boy, did I.

"Over the course of the next week I'm going to have you do your volunteer work in several different departments. Today I'd like you to work with the USO chapter on the base that is planning some activities because there are so many seamen in from the three ships that docked last night. A lot of them will go off base for some leave time but some of them have to stay on base for a variety of reasons. I'm not sure what the USO has planned but I'm sure they could use the help. They're in an office right next to the PX. Just follow the signs. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

"Yes Staff Sergeant."

Walking to the USO Office was like a smorgasbord of men. Men from the Marines and the Navy. Some in work uniforms, some in their blues, some in their khakis and some in their whites. While I did notice a fair number of females, I really didn't pay much attention to them. As I was walking past the PX I noticed a guy that obviously a civilian because he was not in uniform and while built wasn't like the muscled guys that were walking in all directions. I wondered if he was a volunteer like I was.

I walked into the USO Office which looked like any corporate office you might come across. The space was filled with cubicles with, what looked like, offices in the back. I introduced myself to the receptionist who told me that one of the staff would come out to meet me. A few minutes later an attractive middle aged woman came out. We introduced ourselves and shook hands.

"Chad, it's great that you are here but with over 6,000 troops arriving all at once we are swamped. We need to make arrangements for buses to take troops into the city if they don't have friends or family here. For the troops that can't or don't want to go off base we are trying to set up some different activities like sports, movies and even just making sure we have enough computers or pads available so some of the troops can make Skype calls to their loved ones. How you could serve us the best is to just run any errand that Mary (the receptionist) asks you to do. I'm sorry but I have to get back to work, have a good day and thanks for the help."

When she was gone I looked over at Mary. "I need you to take these requisitions over to the Commander's Office and then stop by the PX and pick up some food I ordered for lunch. None of us are going to be able to get away." She handed me a stack of files and off I went. I made it to the Commander's Office without getting too lost.

On the way back I needed to take a leak so I asked one of the Privates that I passed where the nearest bathroom was. He gave me some directions and then said "hey man, we appreciate all that you do our guys." That was odd, it should have been me thanking him for what he does for us.

When I reached the john there was a line waiting to get in. Mostly it was Privates and some enlisted officers. They all seemed to be in very good moods, joking and laughing. As the line slowly, and I mean slowly, moved forward I turned to the Private and asked him what was going on. "Oh man, there is a guy in there that gives great head and we're just all waiting our turn. Sometimes a few of us will wait an hour or more to get our rocks off, he's that good."

"Doesn't the Navy care?"

"Not really, and especially when a Carrier docks. The Navy would rather have the men get a blow job here than go off base, get drunk and then get rolled by a hooker or something worse. As long as it isn't one of us giving the BJs they don't really care. The john is locked at 3 pm though so that can be a little rough, especially for the guys who've been waiting in line." All the while the Private was checking me out in my jeans and t-shirt.

The line moved forward and a couple more men were in line behind me. The one directly behind me must have seen the rip in my jeans. "You're not here to get a blow job, are you? You're here to give them. Am I right?"

The guy in front of me turned around and said "I thought so, you just have the look of a cocksucker." I took that as a compliment.

"I might be able to help out."

The guy behind me in line yelled down the line, "Hey, let this guy through, he's here to help." The line parted and I was able to make it in the door. The john had 3 stalls and a couple of urinals as well as sinks. The men made up 2 lines. One for the closest stall and one for the farthest, no one for the middle stall. Now I had the picture, there must be two glory holes.

Word from the back of the line made it into the bathroom. "Hey man, are you the new cocksucker that we've heard about?"

"Guilty as charged." I watched as a couple of guys in the john started to grope themselves. They all looked like they had some good Navy and Marine cock.

The middle stall door opened and out walked a very good looking guy in Civvies. "Are you the guy that I just heard them talking about?"

"Yeah, that would be me."

"Great, there's so many men in port right now I just couldn't leave them hanging when I really should have been getting to work. Can you take over and give these guys what they want and need?"

A chorus of "we need it bad" rose from the guys in the john.

"I'll give it my all."

"Great. My name is Jack by the way. I was recently hired after working here last summer and finding this busy head. I usually come in before work and take care of as many of the men as I can before I have to be at work, so I'm usually here from 7 to just before 9. There's a guy named Steve from purchasing who usually covers the lunch hour plus and as much other time as he can get away with. But between 9 and 11 and then 1 to 3 there's usually no one here to help these guys with what they need. And let me tell you there is a lot of fine Navy meat that comes in here looking for relief. I used to come after lunch but my boss started to realize that I was AWOL a lot so I had to change that."

The guys in line were starting to grumble asking who was going to suck them. I could tell they were all carrying some pretty heavy boners.

"It's almost 10 and I'm gonna get shit at work. You willing to work for these guys until Steve gets here?"

"Sure, and I'm Chad. I'm here for a week doing some volunteer work so I'll do my best to cover the times that you and Steve can't." Sounds of affirmation came from the men in the john with us.

Jack held the door to the stall open for me. "Enjoy." I planned to.

As soon as I stepped into the stall a cock came through each hole. Which to choose? The one to my right was thick with a big mushroom head. The one to my left wasn't quite as thick but had at least an inch more of length. The size queen in me won. I put my mouth over the longer piece of meat. I savored the flavor I then lowered my mouth all the way down the cock until my nose was pressing against the stall wall. I heard the guy moan and then say "Jesus Christ he's got me all the way in, I can feel the back of his throat."

In my peripheral vision I could see that the guy coming through the other hole was making his cock wag, like he waving at me. I guess the only way to get through the number of dicks waiting their turn was to get them off quick. I grabbed the base of the cock I was sucking and worked my hand and mouth simultaneously. I could tell that he was trying to push more cock through the hole the he got still and my mouth was flooded with some of the best cream I ever had. It was both salty and sweet. As soon as he came he pulled up his cock and I heard his stall door open and within seconds another cock came through the hole. I turned my head and started to work the other cock that had been so patiently waiting. "Oh shit, this guy is just as good as Jack and that's saying a lot. Yeah cocksucker get my seed" This was the thick cock so I needed to open my mouth as wide as I could but it wasn't long before I got this load as well. The same thing happened again, this guy stepped out of his stall and another cock appeared. When I had the chance to look through the hole before a cock appeared I started noticing the variations in uniforms. The Marines seemed to have a work uniform that was different from the blue or tan that most of the Navy guys had on. I also noticed that sometimes there were guys in Civvies. They must work on base but not as a serviceman.

Time and cocks seemed to fly by. While these guys did call me a cocksucker it wasn't like the way it was said to me last night by the Marine Privates I was staying with. It almost sounded like a term of endearment, they so appreciated getting their needs met. I even heard some of them say they were going to try to come back tomorrow.

There was a knock at my stall door, with a cock in my mouth I was able to unlatch the door and push it open. Outside my stall was another guy in Civvies who didn't look too happy. One of the serviceman said "this is Steve." I worked fast to finish off the cock I had in my mouth and was rewarded with yet another creamy load in my mouth. As the cock was pulled back I stood up. "Steve, hi, I'm Chad. I'm on base for a week and Jack thought I could help out since there are so many more men on base this week. He also told me the times both you and he are in here with the guys. Don't worry, I'll never take any of your times. You should get as many cocks as you can in the time you have." That brought a smile to his face. It was nice to meet two cum sluts that like drinking down as much as we can. I told Steve I'd try to come back about 1 pm but wouldn't do anything until he was done. We shook hands and I headed out of the john, several of the men slapped me on the back and thanked me for helping them out.

When I left I went to the PX and got the food that Mary had ordered and took it back to the USO Office. The place was still as hectic as it had been earlier. Although I wasn't that hungry I did eat a little something, one has to get their fiber every day along with the protein I was getting in spades. No one seemed to notice I was there and Mary didn't ask me to do anything else so by 1 pm I was back at the head. The men were so happy to see me because Steve hadn't been able to stay until 1. Some of the men had hung around in the hope that Jack, I, or some other cocksucker would show up.

After getting into the stall, the first cock through a hole looked about the size of Jake the asshole's. I loved Jake's cock so much because it fit my mouth and throat perfectly. I put my lips over the cock and loved how it felt but the guy just wasn't moving it the way that Jake moved his. "Come on man, make me cum I've got to get back to my station. Fuck man this feels so good."

Over the course of almost the next two hours I think I fed on 25 cocks, I was in heaven. A few minutes before 3 I left the john and walked by a couple men who still wanted to get off. "Sorry gentlemen, no more time today but I'll be back tomorrow."

I went back to the USO Office and just sort of stood around waiting for Mary to give me something to do. At 5 I went back to the building I was staying in since I had to meet the maintenance or custodial man who let me in the room earlier today. I went to the room he told me to meet him. I knocked, the door opened and he pulled me in and then he shut and locked the door.

"Some of the guys told me you've got a pretty sweet ass, show me." I dropped my jeans and boxer briefs. "Bend over." I bent over and grabbed my ankles. "Yeah, really nice faggot pussy." I heard him lower the zipper on his work pants and then without warning he shoved his cock all the way in my ass. It hurt like hell because he didn't use any lube. The man just started pounding away. It couldn't have been even 2 minutes before I felt his load fill my ass. He never hit my happy spot so his cock must be very low on my scale of cock size. I heard him pull up his zipper, he told me to get dressed and then he shoved me out the door. Well, that was not very satisfying.

I really didn't want to deal with the assholes I was staying with but I had to go get my clothes and wash the cum of them and also get my other stuff because there was no way I was staying with them tonight, not after the raw fuck I just had. They were waiting in the room when I got there but they were just getting ready to go to the mess hall. All they told me was to be all ready for some good fucking when they got back from dinner.

When they had left, I gathered up my belongings, including the cum covered ones, and headed out. If worse came to worse I could stay in my car like I had in Mexico. That's exactly what I ended up doing but not before finding a pretty secluded spot where I came up a group of servicemen servicing each other. I had to join the fun and I was glad I did.

The next morning when I woke in the piece of shit Chevy I felt all knotted up. Since it can get cool at night in San Diego I had to keep the car closed up and I couldn't get comfortable. I glanced at my watch and saw it was only 6 am. I decided I would find a place to shit, shower and shave and then see if Jack would let me join him for the early shift.

One of the recreation and training facilities was actually pretty close to the PX so I used that to clean up. Unfortunately, I hadn't been able to find some place to wash my cum covered clothes, so I would have to wear my ripped jeans again with another t-shirt I had brought along. All I had was some white boxer briefs so I didn't want to wear them with the jeans it would make the rip to obvious. I decided to go commando and hope that it wasn't that noticeable.

I got to the head not much later than Jack and the line wasn't long yet. I thought of taking care of one of the servicemen who obviously had a painful boner but decided that etiquette dictated that I talk to Jack first. As a guy left one of the stalls I knocked on the middle stall door, "Jack, it's me Chad, can we talk for a second?"

Jack came out of the stall licking his lips to get the last little bit of cum. The line, though short, started to get restless. "Come on cocksuckers, I need someone to take care of this for me." All the guys looked like they were rubbing or rearranging themselves.

"What's up? Why are you here, this is my time to feed."

"I just thought with so many extra men on the base that I could help you out. That way you still get as many cocks as you usually do but we can take care of twice the men. What do you think?"

"Sounds like a good plan to me. Let's do it."

We both entered the middle stall. "Shit man, we got two cocksuckers this morning, awesome!"

"I wonder who's got which hole. I guess it doesn't matter because they are both good with their mouths."

A cock for each of us came though the holes. Both of us were in cum heaven. I lost all track of the number of cocks I fed on. About 10 minutes to 9 I told Jack I had to leave to meet with the Staff Sergeant. I asked him if he could stick around until I got back so that we didn't leave any of these great guys hanging. The way they appreciated what we were doing was awesome.

I got to the Staff Sergeant's office right at 9 am.

"I appreciate when a man is on time and is taking care of business."

"Thank you Staff Sergeant."

"Have you given any thought to what you'd like your next assignment to be?"

"Well, actually, I was hoping to stay with the USO. They are so busy, I know there is a lot I could do to help the servicemen."

"That sounds like a good plan. Be sure to let them know I've continued your assignment with them. I won't have the time to call them. We wouldn't want them to assume you've been transferred to another part of the base."

"Of course, thank you." I turned to walk back out of his office.

"Mr. Cartwright."

Turning back, "Yes?"

"You better be careful with the rip on your ass, someone may make it a little bigger and take advantage of the cute ass you've got."

I stood dumbfounded.

"And Mr. Cartwright, I happened to visit the head near the PX yesterday morning. I must say you've got a great mouth on you. I'm sure that the servicemen all really appreciate all that you do for them in the name of the USO. By the way, I've already written a glowing recommendation about you for your application to State."

Jack was kind enough to let me stay with him for the next five days. During those days I did all that I could to make sure each and every one of our servicemen at the base that needed me got exactly what they wanted. I did too.


Be Well,


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