I had  just celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday with my girlfriend and wondered what married life would be like.  There was one thing stopping me from popping the big question.  My job.

I was the old proverbial  traveling salesman, covering three states by auto for a large general hardware wholesaler.  We distributed hardware, housewares, paint, electrical items, as w ell as sporting goods.  I would leave early on Monday mornings and not get home until Friday afternoons.  I wondered how this lifestyle would  affect a marriage. 

Then, on one Thursday, I got an e-mail from my boss.  It seemed that  few small hardware stores in several small towns just outside my established route wanted service and i was to call on them and make them new accounts.  By adding them to my  current route, i didn't expect to be getting hom until late  on  Friday.  I couldn't expect any woman to putup with just a weekend husband so i  scratched the idea of getting married, at least for the time being.

The following  week on Wednesday, i pulled into the first of the new towns.  It amazed me  that it could support a hardware store of any size.  Since it was the only hardware store in the area and had a surprisingly good business.  After setting  them up with an account, i took a nice sized order, realizing  that it would proove to be profitable.

After taking the order, I headed to my next stop and as i passed the town limits, I spotted a small and old cafethat appeared t be a former truck stop. I pulled in and as i parked, I saw an eighteen wheeler in the back lot and the driver walking toward the building.  Instead of going around tothe ront, he disappeared through a door that had peeling paint  and the word 'MEN' barely visable. 

I assumed that it was the men's restroomand since i needed to piss like a race horse, i headed toward it.  I entered the dimly lit room and soon noticed that all interior  privacy walls had been taken out.  Visable toall  who entered  were two dirty toilets at the end of an old fasioned dity tiled floor urinal against the side wall.

However more shocking, was seeing a young man seatedon the nearest toilet, naked, and the trucker standing in front of him with his pants around his knees and the young man sucking his hard cock.  Even as i walked  further into the room, they did not  stop what was going on.  It was the first time to see acon like this and i was intrigued.

The trucker looked at me  and smiled and  gave me a  'thumbsup' sign, as the young man continued to swallow hsis cock over and over.  I continued to watch as i pissed into the trough along the wall.  Suddenly, the trucker moaned, jerked his hips  forward and held the man's head on his cock.  I realized that he was climaxing  and shooting his load in the man's mouth.  The trucker quickly pulled up his jeans and headed toward the door as  the man motioned for me to come over.  

Instead, i shook my head no and headed for the door, only to see the trucker  standing there watching.  As we stepped out into the warm sun, he asked, "You never been sucked?"

"No, i haven't and that was the first time i ever saw another man get his cock sucked."

"Buddy,  that guy suckes cock better than anyone i ever had blow me since i been driving.  You just don'tknow what your missing,"  he said, then added, "How about some coffee, my treat."

I agreed and followed him into the old cafe to a table in the far corner.  After we sat down and ordered, he said, "You must be new coming through here."

I said i was and that it totally shocked me to see what was happening but mostly that they didn't stop.

"Friend, that young man is there every day mid-morning and late afternoon.  Every trucker  that comes  through here knows that he is here and servicing horny drivers. That old restroom is  is nly usedfor getting sucked."

"Doesn't the owner here try to stop it?" Iasked.

"Fuck no," he replied.  "After the drivers get sucked they come in and eat or get coffee.  H's good for business."

"Fucking unreal!" I exclaimed. "Is he here every day?"

"Yep, seven days a week.  Hell, there have been times that i have had to wait y turn to get sucked.  Those waiting just watch the action and play with our hard cocks.  A few weeks ago i was third in line to get blown."

"Mother fuck!"

"He gets off  having guys watch him suck cock."

"Well, he sure looks young ."

"From what i understand from some local truckers he about eighteen or nineteen."  

We finished our coffee and aswe left the cafe, he looked at me and said, "Friend,  if you're ever thru here and are horny, he will solve that problem.  His mouth is as good and any cunt i ever fucked and better than some."

i left and as i drove, i kept playing the sight of the guys sucking the truckers cock in my head and my cock stayed rock hard.  After a while, I pulled off onto a  side road and after stepping behind some bushes, took out my cock and stroked it off.  After returning to the road, I wondered if a blow job was as good  and jerking off.

Throughout the week and weekend, i kept remembering what i had seen getting more and more curious, yet without enough nerve to give it a try.

Again the following week, when i made my stop and went in the kid was hungrily sucking one older trucker while another waited his turn, with the kid fondling his cock.  I stood at the urinal, pissed, then jerked off while watching.

Then on my third trip, i found the first trucker pulling into the parking lot just ahead of me.  As he climbed down he spottedme and asked, "You wnt to watch again or get sucked?"

"Just watch.  I'mjust not sure about having another man suck my cock."

"I can understand,"he said.  "Today,  why don't you watch me fuck him?"

"In his ass?"

"Yep.  It's as hot and tight as a hot cunt. He loves it."

Still finding it hard to believe, we entered the restroom to find the kid  sitting on the same toilet casually stroking his own hard cock.  As the trucker dropped his jeans, he told the kidto stand up and turn around.  The  kid smiled and said softly "Fuck me good."   The driver spit in his hand and  smeared  it on his rock  hard cock and as he positioned himself behindthe kid,began slowly sliding his eight inch cock balls deep in the ass before him.

"Fuck me  hard!" the kid said.

The driver grabbed the kids hips, and began his assault. rapidly sliding in and out of the kid's ass.

"Oh, fuck yea," the kid said.  "Shoot that huge hot load in me."

As he fucked the kid, I couldn't hold back  and began jerking off.  Seeing me, the trucker said, "Shoot it in his face as i fill his ass."

I stood far  enough away to prevent the kid from reaching my cock with his mouth, and as my load began splashing on his face, the driver  shot his load up the kids ass. I watched as the kid began scraping my load into his mouth with his fingers

Afterward, as the driver and i headed inside, he said, "By the way, I'm Duke  Jenkins,"and offered his hand. As i shook it i said, "Nice to meet  you.  I'm Mark Rivers."

As we talked, I found out that Duke stayed in the same town as i did on Wednesdays.  We agreed to meet and have dinner.  For several weeks after that on Wednesdays I would jerk off in the kids face after Duke fucked his mouth or while Duke fucked  his ass.  I had begun to notice that Duke couldn't take his eyes off my cock as i jerked off and cum in the kids face.

I had reached the point of considering getting my cock sucked and also wondered about Duke.  Then on one Wednesday, after i checked into my motel a block from the truck stop, I went to the store and picked up some beer.  After icing it down. I met Duke and we went into town for dinner.  After dinner, I asked if he had any plans and he replied with "Just undress and lay up in the bunk and watch TV."

"Well, I  have some nice cold beers in the room if you want to join me."

"Fuck yea man.  That sounds like a winner"

We returned to my room and as i handed him his beer i said, "Make yourself  at home."

"Well,if i did what i do in the rig, I'd be piled up on one side of that bed completely nude, watching TV."

"That's the way i am on the road and at home. The only way i can seep good  is if i'm nude."

"That me. I hate clothes.  My place is out in the country with my closest neighbor is a mile  and a half away.  Depending on the weather, when i'm home i stay nude inside and out."

"Nice," i said. "I'd love to be  able  to  do that."

"Well, I live up outside  Snyder and i'm home every weekend.  Be  nice to have some company one weekend."

"I'll keep that in mind."

All  while we talked, i noticed that his eyes kept glancing at my crotch.  I wondered.

As we talked i found out that Duke was twenty-nine, never been married, and had been driving big  rigs since he was twenty-five.  He stood about six-two or so and was about one ninety in weight.  He was well built and all  muscle.  For the first  time in my life, i found another man attractive.

After having several beers, i told him that i didn't  think i was in any condition to drive and he wasn't in any condition to walk to the truckstop.

"Why don't you stay here and i'll take you back in the morning."

"That might be best," he said.

I didn't know if he did anything other that fuck or get sucked, but if he did, i wanted my first  time to be in some place clean and with someone that was clean.  

I stood up and began pulling the covers back on the double bed.  With the bed just being a double, I knew that we would be close during the night.  Together, we began to undress and as we did, he laughed and said, "Well, it's not as if we haven't seen each others equipment before."

"So true, but i see lots on weekends at  the gym locker  room."

"I get a workout every day unloading my trailer," he laughed.

Soon we were both naked and after seeing him i had to admit that he did have a body to be admired.  We sipped into bed, side by side and both totally naked. Just before turning out the bedside lamp i noticed that the coversabove his crotch began to rise.  Seeing that, my own crotch began to react.

I pretended to be asleep,wondering what might happen if anything.

TO BE CONTINUED..............................



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