I knew Jhon´s nephew, Santiago was quickly exploring his newly found  awakening of his loins and  how great it felt to jack off and  empty his balls. I was surprised how often I could hear him jacking off his uncut cock, almost evey night when he thought I was fast asleep in the adjoining bedroom. I could hear him start his task  during which I could hear progress hearing the sound of his foreskin being forced over his knob and then back down again. The noise was made louder by the copious amount of precum which after a few minutes was flowing profusely from the slit of his cock, making a wet sounding noise. I could even tell when he reached the point of shooting his load hearing it splat onto his chest and stomach and him gasping as each spurt shot from his cock. Then hearing him quickly wiping up the mess with his underpants and finding himself relaxed enough to fall asleep. At this point, I envisioned how big his cock was. I knew it had to be big since I had sucked off his father and Uncle a few times. The both had thick uncut  eight inch cocks with big heavy balls always willing to unload into a mouth whenever the opportunity arose.

   Santiago had facebook which Uncle Jhon would frequently peruse both out his own curiosity and for his nephew´s protection. One morning he went into his nephew´s facebook account and found he was communicating with a transexual who probably appeared to Santiago as a woman but was really a man in disguise. The texting had progressed from asking his age to the point asking him to send a picture of his cock. When his Uncle showed me the evidence deep down I wanted to see the picture of his cock. Luckily, his Uncle showed me especially when I said I didn´t believe it. What I saw was what I had only be imagining for months  to the sounds emanating from his bedroom each night. Santiago had what appeareded to be a nine inch uncut thick cock which was  erect at the point  his cum was escaping from the head. I told his Uncle I didn´t believe it was a picture of his cock since Santiago´s skin color was deep caramel color and the huge cock before was almost white but his Uncle assured it was. I must admit this photo made my cock start to harden as i looked at the heavily veined cock and the amount of cum. Jhon was so mad for what his nephew had done,  especially when his nephew said he didn´t do it. He made his nephew pull down his underpants and sure enough it was the cock in the photo, although soft at the time. The photo of his cock was imprinted into my memory .The only thing I couldn´t see ws the exposed huge cockhead which was still encased within his foreskin.

   I dismissed the whole episode faulting the transexual who had tried to take advantage of the young man. A few days before I had asked his nephew to get me something from my nightstand, not realizing as he opened up the draw he would see all the  rubbers I had. Then in the days to follow I would find used rubbers underneath his bed. I took Santiago aside when heis Uncle Jhon was out  and explained to him that I had no problem with him stealing my rubbers but I told him he had to be more careful so his Uncle wouldn´t find them especially still loaded with his cum. I knew his father and Uncle were big cummers but these rubbers were filled more than half way with his thick ball juice. I asked him if he had used the rubbers more than once  not believing he could fill a rubber half way. and he said only one at a time. I told him he had to hide the used rubber each time wrapped up in some tissue or his Uncle would get mad. I told him to put it in my bathroon´s waste basket since I was the only one who used that bathroom.  He agreed and that was that and in no time I had a huge supply of his fresh ball juice. After he would cum he would wrap it up in tissue and dispose of it in my wastebasket. After he was asleep I would go and retrieve it to savor the fresh erupted cream.. As I opened up the tissue I was again taken back by the amount of creamy liquid. It was still warm from leaving his balls less than ten minutes before  and it was  real thick. I held the rubber´s opening above my mouth and let the salty liquid fill my mouth and had to swallow more than once to empty it´s entire content. I then would go and jack off to the taste of him still  left in my mouth. 

   After a few months, one night after he had left me my reward , he came back into my bathroom to take a piss and caught me swallowing his cum. Santiago had his cock out to take a piss,but when he saw me swallowing his nut his cock started to grow. As I sat on the toilet he walked toward me and said he knew I was eatting his cum  and that he could give me another load if I wanted to suck his cock. I sat stunned as his cock continued to grow and I watched him peel back his foreskin to expose his still precum slicked head. He stood before me and rubbed the huge head against my lips trying to force it within. As I opened my mouth he gasped and said to me whether this wasn´t better than eatting his leche from a rubber. I nodded yes  and started to suck his thick shaft. I started to suckle his swollen stalk letting him force more and more within my lips. Santiago started to fuck my mouth each time releasing more thick precum making it easier to swallow his whole cock to his big hairy balls. I asked him whether I was the first to suck him off and he said no that his Uncle Jhon had sucked him off a few times. He said it all started when his Uncle was showing him how to put a rubber on his cock. Santiago let his Uncle  put the rubber onto his cock after he got hard. His Uncle showed him how to unfurl the rubber  and ease it over his thick cock until his cock was shealthed to his hairy balls. Next he removed the rubber and let his nephew  try to put the rubber on. Uncle jhon said do you want to see a neat trick. Santiago said sure as his Uncle torn the foil of another rubber and put it in his mouth and positioned his lips to the head of his nephew´s cock. With his lips he eased the rubber over Santiago´s swollen member til it reached his balls. Just as he did he felt his nephews cock swell and start to fill the rubber. Jhon was shocked at the quick response but also intrigued by how fast he came with hardly any stimulation. Jhon liked fucking and getting fucked but  giving head was alot of work and he didn´t like the taste of cum. 

   I had seen Jhon only once receive and swallow the cum of another guy . The guy happened to be a friend of mine. I still remember Jhon starting to suck my friend´s big cock and heard my friend moan and unleash his load of cum only after a minute of sucking. It filled Jhon´s throat so fast he had no other option but to swallow. 

   Santiago said the next day, his Uncle asked him if he had enjoyed the feel of his cock between his lips. Santiago said he loved it but would like to try it without a rubber. Uncle Jhon was hestitant at how fast his nephew had came but dimissed it as a one time quirk. Jhon didn´t like to take a guy´s load being revolted by the taste.  Uncle  Jhon couldn´t resist and took his nephew´s unclad cock within his lips  until he had swallowed it to his nephew´s big balls. Just as he touched his ball sack he felt the girth swell and felt his mouth being filled with hot cum. He was able to contain the whole load and had to swallow and not lose face to his nephew. He swallowed hard and let it coat his throat and fill his stomach.cock. After he had swallowed all the evidence of what happened he told his nephew it would be our secret and if he wanted a repeat he would have to keep his lips sealed tight. Santiago agreed and the next time was curious about he Uncle´s cock and its size. As he laid on the bed watching a soccer game  he unzipped his Uncle´s zipper and released his huge black cock into view. He said he was curious and peeled back the covered head to reveal a clear slimy liqiud. He said he stuck out his tongue and captured  the stringy liquid and after finding he liked the taste he started to mimic what his Uncle had done to his cock. Santiago said his Uncle started to feed him his black cock and pulled his cock from his nephew´s mouth and started to jerk it feverishly , increasing in speed until he told his nephew to take his cock between his lips. Soon his nephew was rewarded when his  mouth was flooded by a stronger tasting thick liquid and this made him cum at the same time, he covered his Uncle ´s torso with his steamy load. 

   His Uncle had mentioned it i was a great blow job but that I was the best talented cocksucker who was the only one able to make him cum from start to finish. In his mind he was glad for the fact he had caught me drinking his cum from the rubber he had used to jack off into. Santiago had come before so I knew I really had to use my talent to get another sweet load from his balls.  I guess I surprised him with my talent since in no time I was receiving jet after jet of his hot cum. After that he would come to the edge of my bed  each night with his already erect cock in hand wanting to unload his hot seed within my lips. I could only dream what size his cock he would have  when he reached adulthood. At this point it was hard to take his whole length and girth. Sometimes during the night I would get up  to take a piss and could hear Santiago fucking his Uncle´s ass  and Jhon saying each time it was bigger than before.  I thought to myself this kid was incredible keeping my mouth satisfied along with his Uncle´s hot assfilled with his cum.






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