I'm Mark Davis, an eighteen year old senior in high school. I'm on the schools football team and am considered well built.

After one hell of an argument with my girlfriend, I stopped off at a local park to do some thinking. I also had something else in mind. I was horny as hell and was planning on gong into one of the stalls in the restroom and jerking off.

I sat for a while then headed for the restroom. There were three stalls there and I went into the first one. While reading the notes on the walls offering blow jobs or husbands looking for three ways with their wives, I noticed a small one-fourth inch hole drilled through the partition between my stall and the middle stall.

Peeking through it, I could see a larger hole about three inches in diameter cut in the partition between the middle stall and the last one. I had heard about the holes and what they were used for but had never seen one. I found it wild to think that guys actually did that.

The only thing I had ever done, and it was just a few times, was to jerk off with a buddy of mine when I was about thirteen.

I began stroking my cock thinking about fucking Sue when I heard someone enter. He went into the last stall. Then, less than a minute later another man entered and went into the middle stall. I sat and waited hoping they would leave soon so I could continue my jerk off session.

I heard feet shuffle slightly and decided to peek through the small hole I'd found earlier. As I did, I saw the cock of the guy in the last stall slowly slide through the hole. It was long and thick and rock hard. Before this time the only hard cock I'd seen, other than the boy cock on the bud I had jerked with, was my dad's when I had spied on him and mom fucking when I was eleven.

I watched as the guy leaned toward the cock and began taking it in his mouth. I watched, only able to see the back of his head as he bobbed back and forth on the other guys cock. Moments later I heard heavy breathing and seconds later the guy pulled off the cock and swallowed. There was still some cum leaking out of the other guys cock and the guy next to me leaned forward and licked it off.

I then saw the guy in the last booth stick his tongue through the hole. the guy next to me slowly and quietly stood and turned to the hole and put his through. I heard some muted slurping and moments later the guy next to me shook wildly and I assumed he was climaxing. He pulled back and sat down. Seconds later, they were both gone and I realized that while watching, I had slowly stroked my load out and shot it all over my left thigh. I wondered why such a thing had turned me on so much. I had never ever thought about sex with a guy being exciting or erotic.

Over the next year, I returned to the park to jerk off and see other guys having sex. I couldn't explain it but I was somehow drawn to the park.

About six months before my twentieth birthday, using a fake ID, I was able to get into an adult movie theater. After letting my eyes adjust to the darkness, I looked around and found about twelve or so guys there all sitting toward the back and ranging from early twenties to late fifties.

The theater didn't have rows of seats. they had individual easy chairs or small sofas set around small coffee tables. I found a chair toward the back and after sitting down began watching the movie. The theater played both straight and bi porn. The bi porn was sometimes two women and one guy or two guys and one woman, which is what was on the screen.

The woman in the movie had one guy fucking her in the ass while the other fucked her cunt. The guy fucking her cunt pulled out and moved toward her head and she began sucking him then the guy fucking her in the ass began sucking the guys cock.

I looked around and found nearly all the guys had their pants open or at least unzipped and were stroking off. As I looked around, I saw a guy that looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties, slide to the floor and go to the guy in the chair closest to him and begin sucking his cock. After a moment three others stood and walked over to them. Suddenly the guy getting sucked was alternating on the three guys cock sucking one then another. I watched as he took all three of their loads and swallowed. As he finished the third one, he fed the guy on the floor his load. Others had turned their chairs and had been watching also and jerking off. I suddenly realized that i had climaxed in my own pants without jerking off.

I left, wondering why such actions were having this affect on me. Yes, I had looked at my team mates cocks in high school and guys at the gym but it was strictly non-sexual and was for size comparison only. I thought all guys compared their cocks to others.

I did return a few times and watched the action and had my own climax, but never thought of participating. During my return trips I had seen very macho looking guys with wedding bands sucking cock and kissing and making out. On one trip, a very muscular biker pulled in about the same time I did. Once inside, after a few minutes, I saw him kissing one married guy. the guy dropped his pants and leaned over the back of a chair. The biker dropped his and slowly slipped his cock up the married guys ass. AS the biker fucked the guys ass, he leaned over and began sucking another guy. Suddenly a third guy came up behind the biker and shoved his cock up the bikers ass. I couldn't believe it the biker had a cock in his ass and mouth and his cock up another guys ass. The all four climaxed at almost the same time. there was more action IN the theater than there was on the screen.

Then, shortly after college graduation, I got a job in town with an advertising company, thanks to my room mate pulling some strings. The company was owned by his dad and he and I were both hired.

About a month after we started work, he asked me on a Friday afternoon if I'd like to come over Saturday afternoon for beer and watch the game on TV. He said one of our other college buds would be there. I said it sounded like great fun and I'd be there.

I arrived first and Brad greeted me with a big bear hug, patting my ass as we headed for his den. Moments later, Cory arrived and was greeted the same way, then Cory greeted me in like fashion. We all stood in the kitchen talking for a while then at game time Cory and i went into the den and sat at each end of the sofa with our beers.

Brad soon joined us setting the chips and snacks on the coffee table in front of the sofa then sat between Cory and I.

Things were going great for a while, when I glanced over and saw Brad place his hand on Cory's thigh and begin rubbing it. Cory place his had over Brad's and squeezed it. Moments later, Brad did the same to me and as he rubbed my thigh, he also rubbed against my semi-hard cock.

Feeling my semi-hard cock, he went straight for it and squeezed.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked.

"You did come over for some fun, didn't you?"

"I wasn't expecting this kind of fun," I replied.

"Mark, you are gay aren't you?"

"No,I'm not. What gave you that idea?"

"Well, for one, the way you'd look at me when I was naked in our dorm room and Cory felt the same vibes from the way you looked him over in the showers. If we're wrong, we deeply apologize. i hope this won't ruin our friendship or affect us working together."

"It won't, but I can't believe you two are gay. You are both so masculine."

"Yes, we are," Cory said. "Please accept our apologies."

"Forget it. It's all cool," I said, "and I need to confess that I've seen things h=that have made me somewhat curious."

"What have you seen?"

I went back to that first time in the park and told them everything including actions at the theater and how it all turned me on.

"Mark, we totally understand, and if you ever decided to experiment and see what it's like, take our advice and do it with someone you know and trust. don't do it with some total stranger that doesn't give a shit about your feelings."

"Look," I began. "We're all three good friends. I've seen guys have sex before. If you two want to get it on, go for it. I don't mind at all."

"You serious? You wouldn't mind us having sex right here in front of you?"

"Not at all."

The looked at each other for a few seconds when Brad finally said, "You now, it might be pretty hot having sex with someone that's not involved watching us."

"I think so, too," Cory said.

After a moment, the began kissing and slowly removing each others shirts. Once they were off, the went for the shorts. Seconds later they ere both nude and I found it hard to take my eyes off both of their large rock hard cocks. I seriously began wondering what it would be like to have one or both in my mouth.

They were both totally nude and soon eased to the floor. I watched as the kissed and made out while fondling each other. Soon the were in a sixty-nine and after a while they began doing something I had not seen before. They were still in a sixty-nine position but had eased down so that they could lick and tongue fuck each others ass.

After a moment they returned to their regular sixty-nine. As they did, I slowly and quietly stripped. As they ended their sixty-nine before climaxing, they looked over and saw me nude. I looked at them and said, "I might as well see what it's all about with my two best friends."

They smiled and I joined them on the floor asking Brad to suck me and show me what it was like. As I leaned back against the sofa, Brad swallowed my cock and began sucking me. Cory came over and sat near me and after a moment I reached over and pulled him to me and kissed him, swapping tongues. Brad continued sucking and my head was spinning at the feeling. I whispered to Cory, "Let me suck you."

He got on his knees and I leaned over and began sucking his cock. Brad looked up and saw me and gave a thumbs up. I soon climaxed into Brad's mouth and after he had collected it all he swallowed. I wanted to taste cum.

I continued sucking Cory as he and Brad kissed and soon my mouth filled with Cory's thick creamy delicious load. I never dreamed cum would taste so good. I took it all and hungrily swallowed.

They both smiled, and Brad asked, "Well, bud, what did you think?"

I didn't answer him. Instead, I quickly began sucking his still hard cock. I heard Cory say, "He must have liked it."

I sucked Brad and soon brought him to a climax, and eagerly swallowed his thick load. I then kissed Brad passionately as I had done Cory.

"Fuck, that was awesome. I never dreamed sex with a man could be so fulfilling."

"It better than sex with a woman. There is no drama involved."

We kissed and fondled and talked. After a while I sucked them both off again and Cory sucked me. Then later still, Brad asked me to fuck him. I did and it was unbelievably wonderful. I asked them to fuck me and they decided that since I was a virgin and Cory was slightly thinner than Brad, that Cory should be the one to take my virginity.

Seconds later Cory was entering my ass. The pain to start was the worst I had ever experienced. by after a while the pain subsided and the pleasure was phenomenal. The feeling of Cory's load firing off deep into me was awesome and I loved it.

We all cuddled together and slept there on the floor. The next morning, I made it known immediately that I wanted to suck them both. After sucking and swallowing both their loads, I said, "Brad, yesterday you asked if I was gay. Then I wasn't, but now I'm fairly sure I am and love it. I had them both fuck me, Cory first and then Brad.

After that weekend, Brad and I had sex two to three times a week and three ways with Cory on weekends.

About two weeks later, I was called to Don's office. Don is Brad's dad and the boss.

When I arrived he asked me in and told me to close the door. I did and after i sat down,he said, "Mark, I'll come straight to the point. I know that Brad is gay and have no problem with it at all. And lately, I've noticed your car at his place quite often on my way home. Mark, are you gay also?"

Not knowing what the results would be, I answered honestly saying, "Yes, sir, I am."

"I'm fine with it. I just wanted to know for my own knowledge. You're a great worker and to be honest a damn good looking hot guy."

"Sir?" I said, shocked.

"mark, Brad doesn't know and i don't want him to know either but I'm gay also. The reason i asked you here was hopefully to get to have sex with you."

"Sir, Your joking, right?"

Stepping up t me and reaching down he began to fondle my cock through my pants. "No, I'm not. I want you so bad and just so you know, your job is in no danger if you say no."

I thought Don was hot and wondered what it would be like to have sex with an older man. It was after hours and everyone was gone.

I stood and went to the door. He knew I was leaving. Instead, I locked the door and turned and walked back to him and tongue kissed him passionately. Soon, we had undressed each other and were both naked.

"Whatever you want to do, I'm all for it," I said.

Seconds later we were on his carpeted floor in a hot sixty nine. The thought of having sex with my best friends dad was turning me on. soon we both fed each other our jizz and swallowed. we kissed and made out some more and later fucked each other. As I fucked him I started laughing.

"I've never had anyone think fucking me was funny," he said.

"It's just that everyone talks about their boss but I never dreamed I'd literally be fucking my boss's ass."

"Mark, son you can fuck my ass anytime you want. You're damn good at it. Just keep Brad from knowing I'm gay."

And fuck him I did. We'd suck and fuck at least three times a week after work in his office. and on some weekends he'd tell Brad that he had to go out of town on business and get a room at a local hotel. I would spend the weekend with him and we made love all weekend.

I was quickly moving up the corporate ladder at work and brad was wondering how. He had made VP and I wasn't far behind.

And all the while I kept my affair with Don secret.

Then one weekend when Don and I were at the motel, he said things had to change. I asked hat he meant.

"Mark, Brad has to know about us."


"I love you with all my heart and want you to be my lover and if that happens, he'll know then. It's only fair we tell him in advance."

"I agree," I said.

"Mark, I do love you. Would you be my lover?"

"Of course I will. I love you also but I'm worried how Brad will take it. And I think it should just be you and him when you tell him."

"I have to plan this out," he said.

The next weekend Don had me to his house and we put my car out of sight in his garage. he planned to tell Brad that he was gay also and that he had found a person to spend his life with.

He called Brad and invited him over and I hid in the study. Brad arrived and they sat in the den next to the study. Don began to stumble on his words but found himself.

"Son, you know that I have no problem with you being gay and having your gay friends over for swim parties, right?"

"Yes sir."

"Well what you don't know and that I have kept it secret from you for all your life, is the fact that I'm gay also."

"What? No way."

"Yes son, I am. I've been bi since high school but after your mother's death, I went totally gay."

"Did mom ever know?"

"No! I made sure of that."

"Dad, why are you telling me this now?"

"Because son, I've met someone that i've fallen deeply in love with and he loves me also. I want you to be happy for us. It wasn't planned, it just happened."

"Do I know him?"

"Yes, son, you do."

With that, I stepped out of the study into the den.

"Holy shit! Mark? You and my father? Why didn't you tell me? We're like brothers."

"Son, I made him promise not to tell you. We just had sex and just so you know I made the advances. Then I began falling in love with him."

He had us both sit down and we talked.

As far as the company goes, Brad you will eventually be president and CEO and Mark will be VP. I'll never put him higher in the company than you. And I know you two have been having sex for quite a while. I don't mind if you continue, but I refuse to have a three way. I just don't think it would be right to have sex with my own son, but to be honest, I think it would be hot to watch you two have sex."

Brad soon accepted me as his dad's lover and things were great. Brad and Cory became lovers and we'd invite them over for dinner and sex. Don would have sex with Cory while I had sex with Brad, all in the same room. Don never did have sex with Brad, but he did watch me. Brad and Cory have a three way many times.

Don has turned the company over to Brad and he and I frequently vacation in the Bahamas at a gay resort.

I would never have found such happiness if I hadn't given in to my curiosity.




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