After witnessing Dallas pounding London like a boss, Houston was quick to come up with a plan to get him a little ass, too. So, a few weeks later, he called Dallas into his study to discuss a business deal. One that had nothing to do with selling houses. Dallas knocked on the door and peaked his head inside to make sure he could come in.

"Houston, did you want to see me?" he asked.

"Yes, yes... Come in and shut the door. We need to discuss the Dick deal." he said, watching his every move. Even the way he walked, turned him on.

"Dick deal?" he said, cocking his head at him curiously, "I'm not sure what you're talking about. Did you give that deal to Austin? 'Cause I surely didn't get it."

"Hmmm..." Houston said, arching his eyebrow at him with a crooked smile, "Oh, I'm sorry..." he said, laughing, "I'm gonna cut to the chase. I called you hear to talk about London and you. I think there's something going on between you. Or maybe I'm just imagining things. You know that he and I are lovers, don't you?"

Dallas stared at him, "Umm... I'm sorry... you called me in here to discuss your relationship with your stepson? You sleeping with him is honestly none of my business... If you want-"

"It's not... But you sleeping with him is my business. How long have you two been smashing?"


"Ahh, don't be shy. Let's talk like we usually do. Just talk about your little tryst with Londy, like you would any random hoe you sleep with. Are you and London serious?" he said, pulling a flask from his bottom desk drawer, "You want some vodka or a coffin nail?"

"Look, London and I aren't serious. It's just... Wait, what... a coffin nail? The hell is that?" he asked, loosening his tie. He knew he'd have to come up with a quick tale to shake him off his ass. He couldn't afford to lose his job... or his current residency.

"Old folks speak for a cigarette. And you and he surely looked serious a couple of weeks ago. You were so deep inside him I thought we'd need the jaws of life to pry you apart. You seemed a bit bothered by the fact that he wasn't just your bitch."

Dallas took a deep breath, "I see... Well, no to both the drink or smoke. But yeah, since we're being so opened..." he cleared his throat, "You've known since our college days, that I've never been one to share. London is no different from all the pussy I've claimed over the years." he said, watching Houston slowly sipping his drink. His hazel eyes, were fixed on him, as he waited for his response.

"Hmm... Well, just like you, I'm not one for sharing either. So, what are we going to do about it? I think as your boss, I should be the one to have him. I'm not sure you know how to own him the way I do."

"Right.... If you really owned him, his ass wouldn't come sniffing around me. You toy with him to spite your drunk, pill eating wife. Although, you can't spite someone who couldn't care less. Especially, since Arizona is always too hammered to notice you two going at it, in front of her, no less."

"Hmm... I haven't seen you so territorial, or competitive, should I say, since we both went after the Mrs.... But just like she chose yours truly, London will do the same. He's a sex craving teen, who has a thing for older men. Though you and I are close in age, I'm a bit more seasoned when it comes to giving him what he needs."

"I bet you are. You've been through more assistants in the last four months, than wives. And you've had what, 6 of them so far? What happened to the last one by the way? You scare him off, when he got too close to London?"

"Maybe... London's a man eater. If there's any one quality that the three of us share, it's not wanting to play nice with others. So, when I walked in to my study and found them screwing away like mutts, I fired the brat. Which was exactly what London wanted. He knows exactly how to manipulate me. I know it and I'm still wrapped around his finger. He's the only reason I married that lush of a woman, he calls a mother. She's a gold digger anyway. Not that he isn't. But at least he's good in the sack." he said, blowing out a puff of smoke, as he raked his fingers across his blond beard, "So, since London usually does this kind of thing to make me fire my fellow employees, I wonder if that's what he wants this time?"

Dallas slumped down in his chair and locked his fingers together with a chilled expression, "Well, even if that is what he wants, which I can strongly prove is not the case, you wouldn't fire me."

"And why wouldn't I?" he asked. His smokey blue eyes flicking towards him curiously, "And why do you think that's not what he wants?"

"I'm the best employee you have. I've sold more houses and closed the biggest deal you've ever had. You firing me would be the dumbest thing you've ever done. There are plenty of real estate companies vying for me to leave you and work for them. But out of loyalty I stay by your side. Even though they offered me *huge amounts of cash, cars, penthouses.... I also stay 'cause I know, just like that brat of a stepson, you want to screw me. You've wanted me since the moment we met. And the closes you've come to having me is, when you fuck me through London. I know that after the latest romp we had, you snuck into the shower and fucked him. That's the closes you can get to me and it makes you so envious of him. Doesn't it?"

"A whore like him doesn't deserve you. You love him? Is that why you play with him?"

"Love?" he laughed, "He loves me. I might feel something for him...but I don't plan to settle down with him. There's no future there."

"I see... Hmm... So, you're using him?"

"And you're not?" he laughed incredulously, "Are you in love with him?"

"This all boils down to who does he want more? Or... ahhh, no, no, never-mind. You're not interested in my other idea..." he said, fanning his hand at him.

"What idea?"

"Though I agree you're my best employee, there's nothing stopping me from firing you. I can blackball your ass, so hard, that no one would dare cross me by hiring you. You'd be so tarnished that even McDonalds wouldn't touch you with a twenty foot pole. So, with that said, why don't you submit yourself to me and let me have my way with you?"

"Are you insane!? You're black mailing me so you can fuck me? I can have you called in for extortion and sexual harassment!" Dallas snapped, banging his hand on the desk. He shot up and glared at him, "I'm out of here! You must have more than tobacco in that cigarette, cause you're fucking crazy!" he said, heading to the door.

Houston took one last swig of his drank and quickly pushed himself out of his huge desk chair. He put his cig out and headed over to Dal. Dallas turned the door handle and swung the door halfway opened, before Houston slammed it shut. He pushed him up against the door like a crook being arrested for disobeying his orders.

"Houston! What the fuck!? Get off me!" he snarled out.

"Where are you going? I think you misunderstood me. It was more of a command than an option." he said, holding his arms behind his back, "I wonder what I can do to make you want me as much as you want London? Maybe if I was younger, or redheaded..." he said, inhaling his scent.

Dallas tried to jerk his arms away, which should've been easy considering their height and muscular differences. But height and build didn't always have anything to do with strength, as he was finding out... Or maybe, it was the fact that Houston's hand had found its way inside of his jeans.

"You've always had a nice perky ass. So round and high." he said, giving each cheek a good squeeze, "Give in to me. If you do, I'll give you a raise and I won't ship London off to military school, just to keep him away from you. I own him, and I'm about to add you to my collection." he said, turning him around to look into his eyes, "You don't want to admit that you love him, but I know you do. That's why you haven't been out with any of the girls I've shoved on you. And the fact that London is floating around here like a love sick puppy!"

"It doesn't matter. I don't have time for you or him."

"But you didn't deny you're in love with him. That's the real reason you won't sleep with me. All I'm asking for is a one time experience. Is that too much to ask for?"

"Fine... We can have this one time. But I swear I won't enjoy it. I won't speak to you for the next few weeks 'cause I won't be able to look at you. Do you understand?"

"Sure, sure... It'll be worth it." he said, pressing his lips against his. His tongue crept inside of his mouth, as they slowly made out. Dallas wanted to fight back, but since he'd decided to give in, he figured that would only make this torture last longer.

As they continued kissing, Houston began unbuttoning Dallas' shirt. Once he'd gotten it unbuttoned he ran his fingers over his perfectly carved abs and dropped to his knees. He undid his pants and yanked them down to his ankles. Dallas stared down at him and swallowed nervously.

"Pull your boxers down. Show yourself to me." he demanded.

Sucking in a deep breath, he did as he was told and pulled his underwear down. Though he didn't want to be, he couldn't deny he was highly aroused. Being taken advantage of by his boss/friend seemed so crazy, yet, so invigorating. He'd never thought of him in a lustful way... But being manhandled was a first. And not to mention, a major turn on.

His cock sprang to life as it waved and twitched. Pre-cum glazed the head of his pipe. Houston couldn't help but stare at it. He had fantasized about this moment for so long. He wrapped his hand around his growing dick and slowly began pumping him. Dallas tried to stifle a moan but it slipped past his lips before he could catch it. He closed his eyes and decided to let himself enjoy it. Just a bit. As Houston continued sliding his hand up and down he leaned in and started flicking his warm tongue teasingly across the head. It danced across eagerly before it tickled the piss slit. The taste of him was salty and a bit bitter, but he quickly grew fond of the taste. As he continued lapping up his honey, he spat out what he hadn't swallowed onto his other hand. And used it to coat his cock more.

"Turn around and stick out your ass."

Without saying a word, he turned around and parted his legs. He knew too well, from the many times he'd made London get into this position what was about to go down.

Seeing he was willing to play, he slapped his ass a few times before he parted his cheeks. Leaning in he let his tongue explore his perfect little hole as he dipped it in and out. He rimmed him for a few minutes before he grabbed his hairy balls. He massaged them in his hands and commanded Dallas to stroke himself. He grabbed his cock in one hand and sucked at the fingers of his other hand. His cock drenched his hand in pre-cum. Strings of it dripped to the floor, as he continued fisting his cock up down, up down. He moaned out, feeling his body start to heat up. Thinking he was wet enough, he slipped a finger inside of him and began twisting it in and out of him. Dallas gasped, feeling his ass not fight against it like he thought it would. He pushed his hips back and forth enjoying the feeling.

"Fuck me..." he whispered, between sucking his fingers.

"What was that? You want me to fuck you?"

"Yea.... Screw me right!" he said, more assertively, "I'm not like London. Don't be gentle. I can handle you. So fuck me! Stop playin'!!"

"Okay. If that's what you really want. I was going to be gentle 'cause I didn't want to scare you off, but so be it." he said, pushing himself up off the floor. He licked the cum mixed saliva off his finger and headed to his desk. Sweeping everything off on to the floor, he told him to lay back on top of it and spread his legs. If he wanted to be fucked, then fucked he would be.

Dallas hopped up on the desk and laid back. He parted his legs and continued pumping his cock with a smirky grin. He looked up at Houston who was busy unzipping his pants. He was wet and anxious to ram his pipe into his flesh tunnel.

Almost tripping out of his pants, he tossed them to the side and quickly unbuttoned his shirt. His build frame was glittered in light blond hairs. Though Dal was more into hairless dudes, he couldn't lie. Houston was something else. Taking his min green tie he blindfolded Dallas. Dallas wasn't one for not seeing the action, but at least he wouldn't have to stare at Houston's mug the whole time. Bringing his hips closer to the edge Houston teased his hole, and pushed the head of his thick cock into his hole and pulled out. He repeated the motion a few times. Going deeper with each teasing intrusion. As he slid himself in again, he watched Dallas' body squirm at the unfamiliar sensation. His stomach practically sank in to his back as he clenched his muscles. Using his spit as lube, he coated his cock and Dallas' hole with it. Now that he had been warmed up, it was time for the pounding of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, a few rooms down in the kitchen, London had just come home. He'd quit his job, after thinking about how bored he was. Grabbing an apple he nibbled at it with a sigh of frustration.

He needed something to get his mind off of his boredom. And nothing better than sex to do just that. He knew Dallas should've been working in his room. With a sly smile, he quickly made his way down the hall. Passing Houston's study, he heard the sounds of moaning and grunting. He found it strange, considering his mom was out of town. He wondered who's hole Houston had decided to conquest, since it clearly wasn't his. Thinking that Dallas could wait, he decided to feed his curiosity and peek inside. Poking his head inside, he knew he had to have been seeing something wrong. He rubbed his eyes twice, as he took in the sight of Houston pounding his cock into Dallas. Dallas gripped the desk with a death grip, and wrapped his legs around Houston's waist.

"FUCK ME!! FUCK ME, Houston!! Oh God! ahh!!" he screamed out, as his hole continued to be invaded.

London's jaw was busy merging with the floor 'cause he couldn't pick it back up. He just blinked, as his body grew hot. It wasn't exactly unexpected to feel aroused by the sight of the two men he loved fucking each others brains out, but he was jealous that they had turned their sights on each other. Though he had planned to work out his frustrations through Dallas, a new idea churned in his head. Why be fucked by one, when he could be fucked by two?

Creeping inside he closed the door behind him and stripped his clothes to the floor. He sauntered over to Houston and pulled his face around to a kiss. Houston didn't break his stride for one second, as he indulged in the kiss.

He held Dallas hips with one hand and gripped London's neck in the other as they swapped spit. Seeing Dal's, hard joy stick flopping around, he figured it was in need of some attention. He pumped it up down, up down, as more cum flooded out of his tip and plastered it in more slippery, sticky man syrup. He grunted, not believing how good he was feeling. In the back of his head, Dal wished he'd of let Houston screw his brains out sooner.

Breaking away from the kiss, Houston whispered in London's ear to climb on top of Dal's hot cock. He smiled with alacrity and hopped on the desk. He straddled his stomach and leaned in and kissed him. He wanted to let him know he was there. He recognized his kiss instantly. He was a bit shocked that he was there, but he didn't let it show. He kissed him back aggressively. Tugging at his bottom lip, before he rammed his tongue into his mouth. As they kissed, Londy lifted up and reached between his thighs and aimed Dallas' cock at his puckering hole. He slowly lowered himself down and rocked his hips back and forth. Houston pulled him back and kissed him, as he continued plowing away at Dallas. His muscles clenched around his tool with each thrust not wanting to let go. It was a game of tug-of-war. Cock vs ass, with both winning.

"Oh Dallas!! Fuck baby!!" London moaned out.

Dallas pushed his hips up into London for more momentum as he bounced up and down on him like a funhouse. He moaned loudly between Houston's forceful kisses. Wanting to see how hot the three of them looked connected as one, Dallas slipped the makeshift blindfold off and took in the amorous sight.

He licked his lips and trailed his fingers down London's twink like body, watching as he gyrated his hips in a rhythm of small and big circles. Forcing his eyes away from the show down low, he fixed them on Houston fingering fucking London's mouth. He licked at his fingers like a sex deprived animal in heat, anxious and desperate for more. As he sucked two fingers into his wet, warm mouth, he locked eyes with Dallas who was more than enjoying the show.

The sounds of their moans and groans added fire to the already scorching room. The intensity at the moment was beyond real. Wanting to switch positions Dal shifted his body up and pulled London away from Houston. Giving him a few more deep thrust, Houston pulled out. They looked at one another and then at London both knowing, without even one word exchanged that they both wanted to fuck him. Neither wanted to share, but just this once they figured they could make an exception. Houston backed up enough for Dallas to climbed down from the high desk. His arm was wrapped snugly around London's waist, like he thought he'd try to get away. Which was the last thing he wanted. Pretending to struggle, he wiggled around a bit. He knew what both of these randy men were thinking, and lord was he ever excited.

Coming to stand in front of him Houston pulled him into a kiss. He yanked his hair between his fingers and pushed his cock, that hadn't lost an inch of thickness, between his thighs. Dallas stood behind and bit at his neck as he held him by his hips. He scooted closer to him until they'd practically become a human sandwich.

As Dallas continued his attack of kisses he teased the crack of his ass with his cock, running up and down. London was growing more and more anxious. He clenched his cheeks around it, wishing he would pierce him with it already. Seeing how eager he was, Houston and Dal decided it was time to give him a double dose of what he so desperately craved.

Pushing his hearty cock into his eager man pussy, Dallas lifted him up, and rested the back of London's thighs against his, as he held him securely by his waist. Houston scooted in and once again closed the gap between them. He pumped his cock again for another pre-cum coating, once he was all good he placed the head of his cock to the already full hole and slowly began slipping himself inside of the warm cave. The feeling of another man's cock occupying a hole he was trying to break through was a rather new experience.

"Ahhh! Wh-- what are y'all doing to me?" London cried out, feeling tears flood his eyes. Though he'd begged and dreamed of something like this, he never thought it would happen. He gasped for air as he wrapped his arms around Houston's neck.

He buried his face in the crook and softly sucked out his skin before he started suckling at his ear. His body bucked and squirmed at the new sensation. Dallas was thick and uncut, at a good 10' inches long. And while Houston was cut, his cock mimicked Dal's in length and girth. He could feel his walls being pushed apart as the two men begin alternating their fuck speeds.

Dallas grinded into him like a fresh piece of meat, while Houston followed behind hitting the aching spots that were crying out for more. London cried out, his back arching as he felt his cum sacks reaching the capacity of fullness. He was ready to shoot off his white streamers like white flags of surrender. He knew even if he came, that these two men were now in a competition of who-could-out-fuck-who. The prize being... him. Though he hated to be treated like a trophy, he couldn't say he too much minded his ass being the fighting arena for their cocks to wrestle it out in.

No longer able to contain himself, London released his stream all over his and Houston's tummies. The cum soaked Houston's hairy body as he continued slamming into him. The feeling of two pair of balls smacking against him kept him hard. He let the two men control his body. He was happy to submit to them. Keeping up their double pounding, neither was eager to give up, even though they were both nearing the edge of cumming.

Getting another shared idea between the two men, they pulled out in unison. London melted to the floor like ice cream on a hot summer's day. He panted out trying to catch his breath, that had been stripped away. He'd never been fucked like that. He knew older men knew how to handle a young boy better, than the college guys he'd been with... but damn. These two were pure sex gods in the flesh. Looking between the two glistening cocks dangling in his face, he took each one in his hand and began sucking off each one.

He flicked his tongue over Houston's bell shaped tip, then Dallas' before he started deep throating them. Loving the way his mouth felt around his wand, Dallas grabbed him by his face and began drilling his cock deeper and deeper. London swore he was going to choke. Quickly catching his breath when he'd pull out, he got himself together to swallow him deeper.

Wanting to give it a try himself, Houston bumped Dallas out and forced his member down London's throat. He swallowed him down like a pro, licking and sucking at it as he shoved it in and out. Bits of saliva cum mix leaked out of his mouth and dribbled down his chin to his chest. He loved the sexy mess they were making of him.

"You like that cock don't you?" Houston asked, petting London's head like the good boy he was.

"mmmm...." he moaned out.

"Who's cock do you like better?" he asked, pulling out for him to answer.

"I love them both!" he said, breathlessly. He pulled both men over to his mouth and sucked them sweetly. They moaned and grunted, before falling into a makeout session. Pulling them from his mouth, he told them neither was allowed to cum just yet. They said they could keep themselves from bursting for a little longer, and went back to kissing. London pushed himself off the floor and hopped on the desk, to finish enjoying their kissing parade.

Once they had finally gotten their fill, London laid back on the desk and told them to stand over him and release their white gold all over his face and body. He wanted to be draped in it.

Climbing up onto the desk they did as he wanted. Houston stood over his lower half, while Dallas stood over his head. Beating their meat off, they shot their loads out all over him. Drenching his face, hair, stomach, and shoulders in their seed. He he raked his fingers through the sweet glazing, smearing it all over himself. He licked what he could off his fingers. And sucked it down happily.

"Now that's a way to finish off a good fuck." he said, sucking off some more cum off his fingers as he raised up.

Dallas and Houston climbed down, each thinking they'd won the fuck-a-thon-award.

"Well, this has exhausted me just a bit. I think I'm going to go take a smoke and climb into the shower." Houston said, wondering if he'd overexerted himself too much. He kissed London on his head, and tapped Dallas on his shoulder and headed off to his room.

London dangled his legs over the edge as he watched Dallas gathering his clothes.

"Hmm... I never took you for a bottom. How fun. I have so many things we could do, now that I know you're willing."

"I only did that to keep my job and.... I only did it to keep my job."

"And? What's the and?" he asked, curiously.

Dallas sighed, "He said he was gonna ship you off, so we couldn't be together."

"Are we dating?" London asked, climbing down from the desk. He wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him.

"You wish. I'm going to go take a shower, too. I've got work to finish since I still have a job." he said, looking away with an annoyed look.

"You're the only person I've seen who can be fucked passed bliss, and still be a sour puss."

"Well, that's just how I am--..."

"Hmm... Well, looks like we all got something out of this. You got to keep your job, and you have my love. Houston got to finally live out his life long dream of fucking you, and I get to stay at home and live off him and fuck the both of you whenever I want."

"You really are crazy... No one said anything about-" he started to say, as London kissed him again.

"Yeah, I love you, too. Come take a shower with me." he said, picking up his clothes, "You got me all dirty, so you should have to clean me up. I'd make you use your tongue, but that might be too much for you to handle." he said, with a flirty smile as he danced out the door. He dropped his clothes like bread crumbs for his grizzly bear of a man to follow and follow he did.

~~~ A few months later, Dallas decided to move out. He knew he didn't have to, but he was ready to live on his own. Plus, he could no longer stand Houston's advances. He'd promised him a one time dick deal, but he wanted more. Who could blame him. So he packed up his stuff, moved into a small house in the country and decided to take an early retirement. After living there three months, he got a knock at his door. He opened it to London who was in tow with four suitcases. He said he wanted a change of scenery. City life, or more like Houston-life, had gotten to be too much for him as well. Dallas rolled his eyes thinking he couldn't escape London for a minute. After he'd invited himself inside, and made himself at home in his bed, he agreed to let him stay with him...Besides, he secretly missed him in his bed... not that he'd EVER tell him that. ~~~

The End! ~ Hope y'all enjoyed... :)


Thom Katz

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