From Part 1............................

And hour later, as Clay returned to what he had been doing, Butch led me to the windowless office and presented me with the bill.  After having it charge to the card, Butch handed me the keys and said, "We thank you and hope to see you again soon."

I took a deep breath and said, "Oh, believe me, you will.  You two are so fucking hot, it's unbelievable."

"Oh really? You like what you see?"

"You're damn right I do," I replied wondering if I was going to get hit and thrown out.

What happened next was totally unexpected!

Part 2

Butch smiled and very casually began to slide the top of his coveralls off, soon standing there nude from the waist up, revealing several tattoos and a USMC tattoo over his left pec.

"You still like what you see?" he asked.

"Hell yea, even more than before," I replied as my boner continued to grow in my pants and becoming as obvious as his.

Then, ever so casually, he unzipped the coveralls all the way and let them drop to the floor, revealing a rock hard seven and a half inch uncut cock.

"How about now?" he asked.

"Totally, and you are hotter than I imagined."

"Well, you can see what I have to offer.  How about letting me see what you have to offer."

'What?" I asked, not expecting to hear what I did.

"Come on, get out of that shirt and shorts and et me see what you have to offer me."

Not believing what I was hearing, I slowly removed my tee shirt and began unbuckling my shorts.  Once they were open I let them fall to the floor.

"Very fucking nice," he said as he totally removed his coveralls and stepped toward his desk.  Picking up a microphone he pressed the key and said, Clay, code ten."

I looked at him questioningly as he walked back over to me and had me step out of my shorts.  It was then that I heard all the bay doors in the garage start closing. Then, with a smile on his face he leaned in and kissed me slipping his tongue into my mouth.  Of course, I responded the same way as I heard Clay enter the office.

"What a way to start the day," I heard him say.  

As Butch and I parted lips, I saw Clay rapidly stripping, revealing a cock almost as nice as the one Butch sported.

Clay stepped closer and as I reached out and grasped his cock with one hand, Butch dropped to the floor and quickly had my cock in is mouth balls deep.  Clay and I kissed for a moment then he climbed up on the desk and with his cock at the level of my mouth, I swallowed it.  

Before anyone climaxed, we switched and as I sucked Butch, Clay sucked me.  I wanted Butch's load ad sucked with great enthusiasm.  Soon, butch exploded and filled my mouth with one of the largest loads I had ever had the pleasure if eating.  Hungrily, I swallowed every drop.  

When I pulled off, Butch quickly kissed me before telling me he wanted me to fuck his ass.

"Go in fast and fuck me hard," he said. When I asked about lube he smiled and said, "Use spit."  I did and then got my cock in place and with one fast hard shove, I was buried in his ass balls deep.

"OH, FUCK YEA!" he exclaimed loudly.  "That's the way I like it.  Fuck me just as hard and you went in."

As I began pounding his ass, he and Clay began tongue kissing then moments later, Butch swallowed Clay's cock balls deep.  I fucked and Butch sucked.  Then, moments later, I let out a loud moan as I shot my built up load deep in Butch's ass.  At the same time, Clay filled Butch's mouth. 

As Butch stood up, Clay pulled me to them and we had a three way kiss, all sharing Clay's hot load.    Then, suddenly, Butch turned around and bent over and as he did, Clay buried his face in Butch's crack and sucked out my load before having another three way kiss.  

I couldn't believe how hot and nasty these brothers were, and I loved it.  As we all put our clothes back on, Butch asked casually, "When can we meet again and have more time?"

"I'm going out of town on business tomorrow night but I will make it a point to be back next Saturday and will call you and the two of you can come to my place."

"For all night, I hope," Butch added.

Smiling, I said, "That's what I had in mind."

After a hot tongue kiss with both of them we returned to the garage and Clay reopened the bay doors. As I stood by my car door, with Butch close by, I asked how old they were and how long he and Clay had been into man sex.

"I'm thirty and Clay is twenty-six, and we have been active with other males since an early age.  Then about five years ago we realized we not only loved each other more than just as brothers.  We then became lovers and only play together unless it is someone that we know well, then we occasionally have a one-on-one with another guy but with the others permission."

"I'll keep that in mind," I replied as I got in my car to leave.  Butch then bent over and with his arms resting on the window sill leaned close and said, "And I'd love a one-on-one with you

"And I want a one-on-one with each of you.  I'll call you when I get back in town."

After a quick look around, butch leaned in and gave me a quick kiss and as he handed me a business card said, "Call when you get back in and we'll see if we can close early."

"Will do," I said before backing out of the garage and heading home, still not believing what had happened.  I had never been that forward before.

Sunday morning was spent packing  and since I had quite a drive to my first stop, I left right after lunch.  It was near four in the afternoon, when I pulled into a small truck stop for coffee.  I noticed a sign that said 'Restrooms in back'.  I headed back to the restroom and upon entering saw two stalls, and one long urinal trough.

Noticing that one of the stalls was occupied and that the man had his pants down to the floor I decided to go into the vacant stall.  As I had hoped, there was a nice smooth glory hole between the stalls.  

I casually dropped my jeans to the floor and, being commando, sat down.  I began looking tat all the notes n the walls but concentrated on getting a glimpse through the hole.  The man on the other side was leaning back casually stroking his cock and making it obvious that he wanted me to see.

Putting my hand near the hole I motioned for him to put his cock through.  he immediately stood and slipped his bit thick hard cock through.  I was ready and just as the head came through the hole, I had it in my mouth.  once he was all the way through the hole I swallowed it all and heard him moan in  pleasure.  I sucked him for a few minutes then he pulled back.  A second later a note came through the hole.

'I'm in the big oversized red rig in the lot.  Join me. The driver's door will be unlocked.  Lock it when you get in.  I'll be in the sleeper.'

By the time I read the note, he was leaving his stall.  I waited a moment then pulled up m jeans and left the restroom. seeing the big red rig about forty feet away.  Acting as if it was mine, I strolled over to it, opened the driver's door, climbed in and locked it behind me. I turned and stepped through the privacy curtain to find the driver totally naked and propped up in one back corner of the sleeper, his cock still rock hard.

"Join me," he said with a smile.

I quickly stripped and as I lay beside him I noticed his gold wedding band.  I loved sucking married guys because usually their wives refused to suck them.

Immediately he took me in his big muscular arms and pulled me top his chest covered with a thick mat of black hair and kissed me passionately.  After the kiss, he had me on my back and began giving me, as he called it, a full body tongue bath and I loved it.  He licked every inch of my body from head to toes.

He then got into the old sixty-nine position and we hungrily sucked each other to a roaring climax and bot eagerly swallowed the load fed to u  After a moment, I got up to dress and he asked, "Can't you stay a little longer?  I'd love to have you fist fuck me."

I was totally caught off guard by his request but seeing as how I love fisting a hot ass, I agreed.  Moments later he ad my right hand and arm coated in Crisco as well as his ass.

"Work it up into me and don't stop until I tell you to," he ordered.

He was on his back with his leg pulled up and I began my entry.  Slowly, I eased in as he moaned  and said how great it felt.  I was an inch or so past my wrist when he said, "When I tell you to stop, start working in and out as if your fucking me, and if you want it, get ready fucking huge load.  Getting fisted makes me shoot monstrous loads

I continued easing into him and just as I reached my elbow he told me to stop and start fucking him.  I did and he moaned continually saying how great it felt.  Soon, his breathing became more rapid a he warned me that he was close to climaxing.  I quickly took his cock in my mouth and just a moment later he erupted sending a huge geyser of cum into my mouth and down my throat.  Never before had I ever had a load that big.  The only time I had ever taken that much cum was when I had five guys all jerk off into my mouth at the same time.

As we dressed, I found out that he was twenty-nine, and married, and had been sucking cock and getting fisted since he was seventeen.  His wife had no idea what he did on the road.  "Once I leave the house, I become a total cock sucker and fist receiver.  But once back home, I am the most proper husband and father you would ever meet, with no desire for man sex."

"Well, all I know is that I'm damn glad I met you," I said.

"I'm glad we met also."

I wished him well ad no longer needed coffee.  I got in my car and headed for my first stop.

I arrived shortly after seven and after checking in, I found a place to eat.  I then found the first stop on my customer list before heading back to the motel.  As I did, I spotted an adult video store and decided to stop.  The arcade had numerous movies that play continuously and you paid a flat fee to get in.

Once back there, I watched several gay movies or part of them cruising the guys there. The doors that were closed, I would check to see if they were locked.  Other guys did the same thing.  I soon found one unlocked and when I opened it I found a hot man in his early thirties, shirtless and his pants around his ankles.  He smiled and invited me in.  

He began removing my shirt and dropping my pants and soon we were passionately tongue kissing before he moved lower and began sucking my nipples then my cock.  After a moment he stopped me and he wanted me to fuck him. I agreed but only after I sucked him off.  I worked him to a roaring climax and as his cock exploded, I collected it all.  Before i could swallow it all he kissed me and we shared it.

Looking into my face, he said, "Now fuck me. Squirt your seed up in me."

Seconds later I was in his ass fucking him rapidly, and after I climaxed deep inside him he kissed me and said, "That was the best fuck I ever had.  Damn, man, do you ever now what you're doing."

I thanked him as I put my shirt back on and became presentable.  I then returned to my room  showered and went to bed.

The next morning after dressing and having breakfast, I headed to my first stop, Town Centre Hardware, to see Greg Matthews, the  owner.

I walked in and after asking  for Mr. Matthews,  I looked around.

TO BE CONTINUED..................................



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