Im 19 and im in my senior year. I play football, baskeball, and tennis. I realized that i was gay when i would look at guys ass's and bulges.I would take a look in the locker room. And thats where my story took place, in locker room. It was just me and the linebacker, Cody Hutson.

We just won are first game of the year. Everyone ran into the loccker room screaming and chanting.

After the coaches let the locker room we all started to strip down.

All the guys would get changed and go home so they could shower, but Cody would just get naked a walk in. Cody would strip in front of everyone and walk over to the showers. I always watched Cody walk by, I love to watch his 4'5 inch, soft, cock swing. I would have to restrain my self every time.

By the time i got changed into my street clothes everyone had already left. i decided to just take a shower her. So i striped down and walked into the showers. Cody was staning on the left side, he was runnig his hands all over his hot muscles and his rock hard 9'7 inch monster cock. I lost control of my cock, it went from a soft 3'9 inch cock to a 7'8 inch cock. I walked over to the shower head directly behind him. I turned on the hot water and started to wash myself. I could feel Cody's eyes on my ass. I turned my head and saw him standing towards me with his arms crossed.

'I didnt know anyone else was brave enought to get naked in front of all those guys besides me.' Cody said.

'Everyone left. I thought it was safe.' I replied, still turned around.

'Well im gald someone else has some balls to do it. And nice ones at that.'


'I saw you when you walked in, you were checkin my out.'

'No i wasnt.'

My heart droped. He saw me. I started to panic. I turned off the water. And turned around, but something was blocking my exit. It was Cody, we where eye level. When i turned around we bumped chests, abs. And for a second are palsing cocks touched.

'Whats the rush.' Cody said as he pushed are lips together.

I was in no control of my body, my brain sdhut off and i was his. We were lip locked, until i felt Cody's tung. We both when at each other. i felt kis hand reach my back and travel down to my ass. He pulled my hips towards his and are cockes were touching again. Cody's lips went down to he started licking and kissing my neck and chest, then my nipples. i made a little moan. it was so exilerating. he went from my nipples to my bellybutton, down my happy trail. amd he was there.

'Nice cock.'

'Fuckin take it.'

He followed mt request he took my tip and then my shaft and went up and down. He was sucking my cock then my balls. i let out and moan of extisicy. i had my hands on the back of his head and his hands where on my ass and hole.

'Fuck me.' i told him

'With pleasure.'

He turned my around and started ti lick my tit hole. he pushed his tung in and out and he was kissing it. I let out a loud moan. Cody got up and i could feel his tip forcfully enter then came the rest of his cock. i was in a high.

'O, I got a tit one to work out.'

'Fuck me, harder.'

And he did. his pase got faster and he forced it harder. i loved the feeling. his cock was in my ass and i didnt want it to end.

'Harder, fuck me harder.'

I was moaning so loud, and i could feel every pleasurable motion Cody made.

'Im goin to cum.'

'Cum in my. I want it all.'

With a loud moan Codys let off a massive load in my ass. i could feel the heat explode everywhere. Cody withdrew his cock from my ass, i let out a moan, and then i feel his tung lick my hole again. i could fell im sucking all his cum out of my ass.

Once he got all his cum he turned me around and we where kissing again. his cum entered my mouth, it tasted so sweet, it was running down my chin and my chest. Cody whispered in my ear.

'Now its your turn.'

Make sure to catch the next one. Stay tuned.



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