it's my first story ever so please be gentle and i'll take any.criticism and try to make it better


first let me tell you about jackson ,h was an orfane his parent died in acar accident and to his luck he got adopted by avry dangerous man named 'the killer'ofcourse that wasn't his reall name in the sociaty he is famouse and rich by owning a very famouse club but in fact h was a hitman and it was avry good job for him ,h used to say 'ther is nothing more powerfull than taking anothr prsons life'.sick ,right? .anyway so how he manage to adopte jackson cause he couldn't have kids of his own if you know what i mean -he was a sterile -so anyway years go by and jackson turned to be one hansom son of a bitch ,six ft tall ,brown hair ,blue eyes with dimbles to die for ,but don't let that fool you cause when you see him you are dead for sure but unlike his father he did the job for pleasing his father,maybe that's why he is always misrable ,closed ,having no friends what so ever .

on the other hand there is danial who was an angel on the earth ,no one ever saw him sad or not smiling even in his bad days which were little ,he was raised in avery interconnected family always straight with each other ,by the way danial is gay ,he came out to his family when he was 14 or so and they were very supportive ,his mothr told him :'thank god you finally came out ,i wanted to make acame out party for you since you were 10 ,honey i think i knew ever since you're born ,mother instinct i guess'

they were very proud of their son and weren't afraid to show that to every body

danil,on the phone with alicia his best friend

'oh my god alice ,he was great '

i want all the detailes and don't miss athing'she said

'well at first we went to this beautiful resturant and he pulled my chaire so i can site down and then after we ate he and the staff sang me ahappy birth day to you with the most tasty and divine cake i have ever had ,the we went for awalk on the beach hand in hand ,oh my god and than he tald me to close my eyes and than he took my hand and put a golden pink bracelet which was very beautiful with heart shapes ,i can't even descripe how beautiful it is'

'apink golden,what ,did he know that you are a guy ?,pink is avery girly present,is he blind or you didn't show him your cock yet?'she said

'shut up ,it's swet and pink is my favourite colour' he said teasing

'no it's not,your favourite is blue'she said

'ohhhhh,you know me to well,it's irretating sometimes,but pink is now officially my favourite'

'whatever,so carry on what happened next?'she asked

'well he put it on my hand and kissed it vry passionatly while looking into my eyes and said'happy birth day my baby and my love ',and i almost cried,it was very romantic'

'honey ,do you really love him that much?'she asked

'oh my god,iam crazy about him and after we went to his house oh my god i think i want to marry him'he said smilling

'is he good?'alicia asked

'he was the best sex ever,he did it till the dawn i think ipassed out few time from pleasure'

'is he big?'

'12inches and a half and not ugly at all ,you know i used to think that big ones aren't very appealing to me ,but oh my god the best and most dilisous cock i've ever had '

'tell me more'

you wish ,iam not tellin anything else ,it's called privacy ,and if i talked more about it i'll have ahard on and i don't think i want that now '

'i thought gays love to be horny and think about sex 14/7'

'ha ha very funny ,but it's not true ,some of us prefer aralarionshipe with only one person than fucking around ,beside iam too exhausted to think about it ,'

'but i bet you want to do it again right?'

'in a heart beat baby,mark is the sex god'

'easy now tiger,i'll be at there in 2 hours'

'ok don't be late i wanna prepaire every thing and i need your help'

'ok ,the party at 9 and i'll be at your house at seven so don't worry ,iam to excited to meet the sex god you mentioned'

'you 'll,see ya later'

'later baby'



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