The following afternoon, after the judging was over, Jack Royal was walking around the fairgrounds. Now that the steer judging was over, he had plenty of free time to relax and enjoy the fair. What he'd gotten from Josh Benedict was well worth the second place ribbon he'd persuaded the panel to award Josh's steer; he hadn't been able to convince them to give Josh first place.

Jack noticed a man in a gray suit leaning against the fence of the pony ride, watching the horses. Even through the layers of cloth, Jack could tell the man had thick arms and a narrow waist. He could only see the man's profile, which was classically handsome, with a sharp nose and a strong jaw. As Jack walked towards him, the man's eyes flickered towards him once, then again, a little longer, watching him briefly out of the corners of his eyes.

Jack casually leaned against the fence a couple of feet away, facing out, looking at the fairgoers passing by. Several glanced at the stranger in his conspicuously out-of-place clothes. A few looked at Jack: not people he knew, just admirers of his physique. Jack was used to that.

'You local?' Jack said, apparently to no one in particular, though only the man in the suit was close enough to hear. 'Don't think I've seen you around these parts.' And I definitely would have noticed, he thought.

'Chicago,' the man replied, without turning his head.

'We don't get a lot of city slickers at the fair,' Jack said.

The man shrugged, his big shoulders moving up and then down. 'I was passing through on business and saw the signs. Thought I'd check it out.'

'How do you like it?' Jack asked.

The man looked straight at Jack for the first time. Jack turned to meet his gaze, and they looked at each other for a moment in silence. 'Well, I'd say things are definitely getting more interesting,' he said.

Jack put out his hand. The other man extended his own hand, though they said nothing further. The two gripped and shook each other's hands, a full three seconds longer than what would've been considered normal, their eyes never wavering.

Jack noticed the sweat glistening on the man's forehead, and took out his own bandana to wipe his own brow. 'It's getting hot again. I would invite you to my trailer for something cold to drink if you've got the time. We like to be hospitable to city visitors.'

'If you'll stop referring to me as a city slicker, I would be glad to accept,' the other man said.

'This way,' Jack said, with a wave of his arm in the direction of his trailer at the end of the row.

In the trailer, Jack turned on the air and invited the man to take off his jacket while he got them each a beer. 'You're welcome to take off your shirt as well, if you like. It'll take a bit to cool down in here. Place heats up like an oven in no time in this heat.' He handed the man his beer and peeled off his own shirt. He saw the way the man looked at his muscular upper body: just the reaction he was looking for.

'Thanks, I will,' the man said. He took a long drink of his beer then set it down and tugged his shirt out of his pants.

Jack was so sure of the guy that he moved right in. He reached out and tugged on the other man's tie to loosen it, and with his other hand, began unbuttoning his shirt for him.

'Nice shirt,' Jack remarked.

'Thanks. You fill your shirt out quite nicely,' he answered. 'You fill out your skin even better,' he added.

While Jack pulled the shirt off the man unbuckled Jack's belt. He ran his hands over Jack's chest, running his fingers over the bulges and ripples. In one smooth motion, he knelt and pulled down Jack's jeans and tiny briefs. Jack's gigantic cock sprang out.

'Man, this is one amazing cock. I can't remember the last time I've seen one this big.' Before Jack could respond, he took the head into his mouth. Jack groaned in pleasure as the city guy slowly sucked the shaft into his mouth. He couldn't quite get it all, and wrapped his hand around the last few inches, where it was so thick that his fingers didn't even meet his thumb. Jack put his hand on the back of the man's head as he bobbed up and down, running his tongue around the cockhead, sending jolts of ecstasy through Jack's body.

After a few minutes the other man pulled off and sat back on his haunches. He looked up at Jack. 'Turn around.'

'Let's go back to the bedroom,' Jack said as he balanced on one leg then the other to pull his boots and jeans and shorts off. He led the way back to the bedroom, keenly aware of the man's eyes honed in on his hard butt.

In the bedroom, as Jack bent over to pull down the bedspread, he felt the city man's strong hands on either side of his muscular butt, then his warm, wet tongue slid between his cheeks, first circling against his hole, then pushing in. Jack gasped in pleasure again as the man licked the inside of his chute. His knees buckled and he lost his balance, falling forward onto the bed, which only provided easier access for the city guy's tongue. Just as Jack thought he couldn't take any more, the man withdrew his tongue. With his hands on Jack's thighs, he turned him around and pushed him back on the bed again. Jack's butt hadn't even hit the mattress before the man's lips wrapped around his cock again. The suction of his mouth following the incredible rim job sent Jack over the edge, and he quickly exploded deep in the man's throat. The man swallowed as quickly as the cum jetted out, guzzling the jism as if he were chugging a beer.

When Jack's balls were finally drained, he sat back panting. 'Damn. You are one hell of a cocksucker.'

'Oh, we're not done here. We're just getting started,' the man said. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his own cock. It wasn't as long or as thick as Jack's -- Jack had never seen one that was, except Josh Benedict came close -- but it wasn't much smaller. He lifted Jack's legs and pushed them against his chest. As he dove back into Jack's ass with his tongue, Jack gripped his legs around his knees so the man could let go. Even after the incredible orgasm he'd just experienced, he didn't want the tongue to ever leave his butthole. But when it did, after thoroughly loosening Jack up, and the man stood, now looking down at him, and Jack knew what was coming next.

The man leaned over him, placing one hand on the bed next to Jack's torso and guided his cock into the waiting hole with his other hand.

'You don't believe in wasting time, do you,' Jack said as the man positioned himself. Then he hissed and moaned as the man's cock slid into him: it felt that good. Its owner didn't slow down or pull back, but kept going and going until every inch was deep in Jack's guts. He held it there for a moment to make sure Jack had adjusted to the big phallus inside him. Jack got used to it quick; despite having just shot a massive load, his cock was rapidly stiffening.

A few stray blond hairs fell over the man's forehead, which had a light sheen of sweat. Those small details, and the fiery look in the man's eyes, reminded Jack of a pirate or a hunter, and the incongruity of his expression with his perfect features.

The stud began slowly sliding his cock out of Jack's ass, leaving it empty and yearning for a moment before it plunged back in, filling up Jack's fuckchute. He plowed Jack's hole repeatedly that way. They said nothing, grunting occasionally from the physical, sexual pleasure.

The man shoved his cock deep in Jack's hole and ground his loins hard against his spread ass. 'Take it, stud,' he muttered, just as he sent hot jets of his cum shooting off inside Jack's ass. He continued with quick, small thrusts as he blasted his sperm up Jack's ass, until finally he was spent.

He pulled out and raised up and with a couple of fingers, brushed the few stray hairs back into place, then pushed his half-hard cock back into his underwear and zipped up his pants. Aside from the noticeably larger bulge in his crotch, he looked just as Jack had first seen him, minus his shirt, and utterly out of place in the countryside.

'I'd better be going,' he said as he left the bedroom. Jack got up and wiped his ass and followed him. Back in the living room he put on his shirt and tie. He opened the trailer door, but before he left something seemed to occur to him. He took something out of his wallet and put it on the chair.

'Here's my card. Look me up if you're ever in Chicago.'

Chapter Six

After the man left, Jack was still revved up and horny from getting fucked. He didn't bother showering, but just put on jeans and one of his favorite plain white T-shirt. It was one that he kept that was a size too small, so it showed off his big, muscular arms, and exposed a couple inches of rippled midriff. It was sexy, but not so much that it'd get him thrown out of a public place. It was no worse than what some of the younger guys were wearing, though unlike most of them, Jack actually had the body to pull it off. He stepped out into the early dusk.

He walked to one of the food stands and grabbed a couple of hot dogs to eat as he walked around. The fair was still crowded, and Jack looked at the guys wandering from booth to booth. The carnival rang out from the distance. Most of the guys he saw weren't worth a second glance, but his gaze lingered on a few in appreciation. A well-built cowboy was buying cotton candy. A couple of teenagers in varsity wrestling jackets stood with their backs to him; Jack admired their beefy, round butts. A handsome farmhand he recognized from a neighboring property was talking to an older man Jack hadn't seen before: not a relative; they looked nothing alike. He didn't see the city guy anywhere; presumably he'd left for his motel or had gone back on the road.

Jack walked on down to the carnival midway. He wasn't much into carnival rides, but he amused himself watching people having fun on them. Across the tilt-a-whirl he noticed the two teenagers again. This time, even through the crowd of people and the moving cups, he could see them from the front. They were the same height, although one had dark hair, the other light brown. The facial resemblance was remarkable. Brothers for sure, Jack thought. They stood close together, but didn't face each other when they spoke, obviously familiar enough that they didn't need to. They walked with the easy grace of natural athletes, and their broad shoulders and narrow hips attested to their workout habits.

Jack stopped to talk to some of the winners from the livestock contests. It was good PR; his success as a breeder relied on name recognition as well as a reputation for his knowledge of horses and cattle. Even when the winners weren't directly useful to him, the contacts he'd made through them had proved invaluable in the past. He took every chance to speak to them, get his name around, and make sure they knew he was always interested in finding high-quality breeding stock and stallions for his mares.

He rounded a corner and practically bumped into the two brothers. Up close, they were extraordinarily good looking, with clear, healthy skin, large brown eyes, and hair that was long on top and short on the back and sides. They were startled for a moment, but when they saw who he was, their expressions changed; changed rather oddly, Jack thought. They were looking at him like starving wolves presented with a thick juicy sirloin.

'Have you guys been following me?' Jack asked, half-joking.

'What? No, of course not,' said the dark-haired one.

'You guys are wrestlers, I see,' Jack said, trying to put them at ease. 'Harrington High has a strong program, I hear.' He actually knew nothing about it, but it was the nearest school, which marked them as locals.

'It's pretty good,' the other teen shrugged.

Jack looked at them for a moment, noting the way they looked back at him, their big dark eyes roving across his chest, and lowering to his solid, bare midriff. They didn't seem to be heading anywhere in particular.

'You guys hungry? It must take a lot of groceries to fuel those bodies,' he asked. 'Why don't I get you a couple of hot dogs. On me.'

'Sure, why not, if you're buying,' one boy said.

They walked to the nearest food booth where he bought them four hot dogs. 'Here you go......' he read the name off the dark-haired one's jacket, 'Philip.'


'Jack,' he said, putting out his hand.

'Leo,' the other boy said, putting his hand out as well. He seemed eager for attention from the older man. They each shook his hand in turn, their grips even stronger than he'd expected. Leo didn't let go immediately.

'Leo's the older one. I'm a year younger,' Philip said.

'The fair's going to be closing up in a little while,' Jack commented. 'If you boys don't have anything to do, I've got a TV back in my trailer -- and cold beer, if you're not driving.' Ordinarily he'd have been more cautious, but they'd had plenty of opportunities to walk away, and yet they were still hanging around him.

'Depends on how long we stay, if we'll be driving or not,' Leo said.

'We'll play it by ear. I won't let you get drunk,' Jack said as me moved off to lead the way to his trailer. 'It's the silver one at the far end,' he said as they were approaching it. He looked all around, discreetly, to see if anyone was observing him take the two boys to his trailer.

Inside the trailer Jack told the boys to make themselves comfortable then headed back to the bedroom. 'I gotta get out of these boots. Help yourselves to the beer.' He sat on the bed and pulled off his boots and took off his socks too. He returned to the living area, taking off his shirt. 'It's pretty warm in here, feel free to get comfortable yourselves,' he said. He liked showing off his muscles, and he liked using them to get what -- or whom -- he wanted. He saw the two teenagers had trouble not looking at him when he came out of the bedroom.

Philip and Leo looked at each other, then followed Jack's lead. They had taken off their athletic jackets, and now, at Jack's invitation, they skinned off their T-shirts. Their bodies were impressive, bigger and more chiseled than Jack had expected from someone their age.

The boys sat back on the couch, Jack remained standing at the end of the counter. None of them made any move toward the TV. To relieve the awkward moment, Jack picked up the remote and clicked on the TV and walked over and sat in his chair. He thought about asking if they wanted to watch a fuck video, but thought that might be rushing things. How wrong he was.

Suddenly Philip stood up. 'You know what mister, I think you want this,' he said as he moved over and stood right in front of Jack, his bulging crotch at eye level. 'Go for it,' he said.

Jack was taken aback by the boy's audacity, and he looked up at him, grinning.

'Leo and I were talking and we don't think you invited us here just to watch TV,' Phillip said.

'You're right, I didn't,' Jack said as he reached out and began undoing Philip's jeans. He was a bit surprised that it wasn't Leo, the older brother, to make the first move.

He pulled Philip's blue jeans down, revealing a sizeable bulge in his stretch, brief boxers. Philip didn't say anything, but raised his eyebrows and cocked his head expectantly. Leo leaned forward on the couch, whether to hide his own growing hard-on or to get a better view of what was about to happen, Jack didn't know.

Jack helped Philip off with his jeans and put his hands on either side of the young man's narrow waist. His skin was warm and smooth to the touch. Philip didn't flinch, but waited with surprising patience as Jack slowly pulled his underwear down his thighs and off his feet. His boner sprang up, free from the confining cloth. It was a good eight inches long, but Jack didn't take the time to admire it; instead, he wrapped his mouth around it.

'Ohhhhh, yeahhhhhhh,' Philip sighed as Jack's lips slid down the shaft, plowing deep into his throat, not stopping until they brushed against the pubes at the base. 'Ohhh, look, Leo, he's taking the whole thing down his throat! Fuck, this is even better than we thought.'

As Jack bobbed up and down on the teenage cock, savoring the taste of the precum that was rapidly leaking from it, he put his hands on Philip's hips and slowly moved his fingers around to clutch the teenager's beefy ass. It wasn't as hard as his own, but it was muscular and powerful, typical of a wrestler, and he could feel him clenching and unclenching the muscles as with the same rhythm as Jack's mouth on his big cock.

'Ohh, Fuck, this is incredible, man!' Leo whispered, his eyes glued to the sight of his brother being sucked off.

From his peripheral vision, Jack saw him undo his fly and pull out his cock -- a perfect twin to his brother's -- and slowly begin stroking it. Jack pulled off briefly to stick a couple of fingers in his mouth and wet them, then dove back in on the meaty cock. He reached back around and began circling the young man's hole with one wet finger, massaging it.

'What are you doing?' Philip asked, sounding surprised.

Instead of answering, Jack gently pushed his finger in against the spongy muscle, then through it. Philip gasped with sudden pleasure, then cried out even louder when Jack found his prostate.

'Ohhh!' Philip gasped, then he cried out, 'Awwhhhh!....Aawwhhhh, Fuck!' even louder when Jack found his prostate.

'What's he doing to you?' Leo asked, eyes riveted on the blowjob Jack was giving his brother, without noticing the movement of Jack's big hands around his brother's ass.

'He's. . . oh, fuck. . . he's. . . he's got his finger in my ass!... Aww, shit... pushing and rubbing against something up inside me....Ohh, Fuck!.....Ohh, Man, are you putting another finger in me? Oh FUCK! Fuck, man, wait... Wait!... Ohh, too late, I'm cummin'!'

Jack braced himself. He knew it was going to be a gusher; it always was where the prostate was involved, and especially younger guys. The next instant, Philip was spewing his warm, thick man liquid down Jack's throat. His hips lurched out of control as he humped over Jack's head and shoulders.

Even after pumping his sperm down Jack's throat, Philip's cock was still semi-hard. Gotta love teenagers, Jack thought to himself. He didn't remove his fingers from the teenager's asshole, but looked up at him, licking his lips to remove any last traces of cum. Then he stood up, his fingers still inside Phillip's ass. He put his other hand on Philip's beefy shoulder. He was perhaps an inch taller than the boy, not enough that he had to bend his head when he brought his mouth to the young wrestler's lips. It was a short kiss, with tongues tangling, likely the first such kiss for Philip, and Jack pulled back to see the reaction. 'How was that?' he asked.

Phillip looked at him, wide-eyed, and parted his lips slightly with desire. 'The kiss, or... the other?' he asked. Then without waiting for an answer, he put one hand on the back of Jack's head and pulled him in for another kiss. 'I liked this,' he said hoarsely. This time their tongues met lashing, exploring each other's mouths while Jack's fingers continued to explore Philip's butt.

It felt strange, kissing the teenager in front of his brother, but at the same time it was a turn-on for Jack, and he thought both boys might be turned on by it. They hadn't come to this casually, although he didn't think they knew what to expect when they came to his trailer with him. Philip moaned softly in pleasure, and Jack felt his hands running over his body, squeezing his muscles.

Philip was aggressive, as a wrestler should be, but Jack decided it was time to take charge himself. 'Let's go back to the bedroom,' he said in a husky voice as he motioned in that direction.

Philip preceded him, giving Jack a wonderful view of the young athlete's tight, round butt flexing as he walked. Leo was close behind.

'Get on the bed on your hands and knees,' Jack told Philip.

When the teenager did as Jack asked, Leo exclaimed excitedly, 'He's going to fuck you, bro!'

Philip looked over his shoulder at Jack. 'Is that what you're gonna do?' he asked, with a fearful look.

'You got it,' Jack said. 'Have you ever been fucked before?'

'I have, but Leo hasn't. But I'm not sure I want you to,' he said, eyeing the bulge in Jack's jeans. 'I'd have to see your cock first. I thought you were gonna......' he had started to rise up from his hands and knees but Jack stopped him with his hand on the small of his back.

'Just stay put,' Jack said, pushing him back down. He decided it was time to get Leo more involved. He took a bottle of lube from a drawer and tossed it to the older teenager. 'Take my jeans off of me and grease me up.'

'Y-yes, sir,' Leo stammered.

The huge bulge in Jack's crotch made it difficult for Leo to get his jeans undone, the size of his thighs made it hard for him to pull them off, but he finally managed it, pulling Jack's briefs down with them. His jaw dropped when he saw the size of Jack's erect cock. 'Holy shit!' He looked up at Jack. 'Can I touch it?' he asked.

'You're gonna have to, to lube me up,' Jack growled.

Leo squeezed some of the lube onto Jack's thick cock and gave it a couple of strokes, passing his hand along the entire length, then ran a finger around the edge of the head. Jack had to work hard to keep his breath even and regular. The teenager suddenly realized that he wasn't done, and squirted some of the gel onto his hand. A cock Jack's size required copious amounts of lube, and Leo had to squeeze more out of the bottle twice before he'd finished, leaving Jack's cock glistening wet and harder than ever.

'Now do him,' said Jack.


The two brothers looked at each other, both a little doubtful.

'You heard me,' Jack said.

'You want me to... grease up my brother's butthole?' Leo's voice rose at the end with nervousness.

'Don't worry, I'll make sure he returns the favor later,' Jack said with a grin. He saw Philip looking at his cock.

'I don't know, man... I don't think I can take that,' Philip said.

'You won't ever know if you don't try it,' Jack said, laying his hand on the small of the boy's back again.

Hesitantly at first, the older teen stepped up to the bed. Phillip watched over his shoulder as his older brother squeezed more lube onto his fingers.

'Take it....easy,' Philip said, softly.

'Don't worry, little bro, I ain't gonna hurt you,' Leo said, as he gingerly reached out and rubbed the lube along Philip's asscrack.

As Leo's rubbed his finger against his brother's hole in tiny circles, Jack could see the boy's crotch getting bigger. Leo's abs, stacked like bricks, rippled with his shallow breaths, and the muscles in his bare arm bulged and moved under the smooth skin as he twisted his fingers around to apply the slick gel.

'UUUhhnnnnn!' Philip groaned as his brother's finger slid up his ass, and groaned even louder when he withdrew them.

'Better use some more,' Jack told Leo. 'Work it way up inside him. Use two fingers, or three.'

Leo squeezed the lube directly into his brother's ass crack and worked it in with two fingers this time, causing Philip to moan again, his head tossed back in some mix of agony and ecstasy.

'I'm gonna use three fingers now,' Leo told him.

'Okay, just go easy,' Philip said.

Leo held three fingers together and drizzled more lube on them then shoved them into his brother's clinching asshole.

'OOOHhhh!' Philip cried out, then uttered a quieter, 'Oohhhhhhh,' as his head dropped in total submission.

When Leo was done he stepped back from the bed.

Jack placed his hands on Philip's butt, feeling the solid muscles. He felt them flex under his fingers; Philip was acting like he was nervous, or maybe he was getting impatient. Jack's cock had a life of its own. It was so big he had to step back from the bed in order to line it up with Philip's lubed-up butthole. He clasped one hand around the boy's hip and set the head of his cock against his tiny hole, then hunkered forward. Despite the stretching and the lube, it wouldn't go in at first. He pushed harder, and clasped both hands around his hips and pulled his hips back toward him to meet the pressure. Suddenly the hole opened up and he slid in several inches before he checked his entry.

'Ohhh! Geezuss!' Philip swore under his breath.

Jack gave the dark-haired teenager a minute for his ass to accustom itself to the shaft that had suddenly impaled him. Jack could still feel the city guy's sperm up his own ass, the liquid churning inside him, as he shoved harder and plowed into Philip's tight hole.

Then in one smooth stroke he pushed the rest of the way in, till his pubes brushed against the younger man's smooth ass-cheeks.

Philip's eyes were watering as he strained to accommodate the massive size of the invader, but he didn't utter a word of complaint.

'Goddamn!' Leo swore from behind them as he watched the big stud begin to fuck his brother. 'I don't know how you're taking all of that.'

Jack couldn't see him, but he could hear the slapping noises his hand and dick were making as he jacked off. The next moment Leo was standing beside them, getting a closer look, his hand still moving at top speed.

'How's it feel, bro?' Leo asked.

'It's... incredible! I've never been fucked like this before,' Philip said.

'Damn straight,' Jack said. 'Pretty good, huh?'

'Good?' Philip gasped. 'It's fucking amazing! Godd, I don't believe I'm taking it either, but you oughta feel it, Leo.'

'Fuck,' Leo hissed. 'Ah, fuck!'

Jack suddenly felt warm liquid spattering over his back. He felt some streaked in the ridges of his back muscles; some running down his legs and down the sides of his body.

'Shit,' Leo exclaimed. 'I'm sorry, dude. I just went off. Let me grab a towel and clean you off.'

Jack shook his head and grabbed the boy's arm. 'No, it's okay.' He actually liked the feel of the teenager's jism on his bare skin, but had another idea for Leo. 'You'll clean me up, alright. But with your tongue.'

'Huh?' Leo sounded confused.

'Lick it off,' Jack said. When he had paused in his hip strokes, Philip began humping his ass back onto his cock, anxious for it now. Jack continued stroking his cock in and out of the other boy's ass.

'Man, I... I c-can't do that,' Leo said.

'You made the mess, you're gonna clean it up,' Jack said.

'I said I would get you a towel.'

Jack simply tightened his grip on the boy's arm; he didn't need to say anything.

'I've never eaten cum before,' the boy said timidly.

'Then you're in for a treat. Hurry up, I can feel it running down the back of my leg.

The boy succumbed and dropped to his knees and began licking up the streams of his own cum that were running down Jack's muscular thighs. When he had them both licked clean he stood and licked the stuff off of Jack's back and his butt. He raised up, thinking he was finished.

'You missed some,' Jack said.

'Where?' Leo asked.

'I can feel cum in the crack of my ass,' Jack said.

'Man, I didn't.....'

'Yeah, you did,' Jack cut in. 'Get down behind me and lick it out of my ass.'

'Oh, Mannn,' Leo moaned as he went to his knees again. He was tentative at first, almost afraid to touch his tongue to the man's hairy ass crack, let alone go in deeper.

'Pull 'em apart,' Jack said. 'Get your tongue in there deeper.'

'You want me to... to -pput my t-tongue up your asshole?' Leo asked, sounding horrified.

'You've had your tongue wrapped around a guy's cock. You've had your fingers up your own brother's ass. This ain't so different,' Jack growled. 'You're the one who shot all over me, so you ain't in much of a position to argue.' Besides, he added mentally, there's something in there for you.

Philip squirmed and grunted underneath him, anxious again to be fucked, or he was getting close

Leo hesitated, then started to kneel down behind him, but hesitated again. Jack reached back with his hand on his shoulder and pushed him down. Leo clasped his strong hands on the globes of Jack's ass to pull them apart.

'Uuhhnnnnn,' the boy whimpered as he began licking and tonguing the man's ass. Then Jack felt the teen's tongue flick and push against his hole, and Jack contracted his muscles to give the boy some of the city slicker's cum.

'MMnnn, this ain't so bad after all,' Leo murmured into the taut buns. 'Yeah....ohh,,, yea...fuckin' fine ass,' he muttered. Then he suddenly stopped. 'Man, this... it tastes different, like... fuck, man, this ain't my cum I'm licking up! You got fucked, didn't you, and somebody shot his load in your ass.'

'And who said you weren't the sharpest knife in the drawer,' Jack drawled.

The boy paused. Jack grabbed his shoulder to encourage him. He began flicking his tongue around the gaping hole again, as if for another taste. 'It tastes... kinda musky. Not so bad, actually,' he said, sounding a little surprised.

Jack continued to drill Philip's ass, but with shorter strokes so as not to push Leo off. He relaxed his hole to let the city guy's come trickle out.

'Mmmmf!' the teenager gasped in surprised as it leaked into his mouth, the noise muffled by the fact that his tongue was up Jack's ass. He pushed his taster deeper to get more of the precious fluid, seeking every drop. He didn't even know whose it was, but he didn't care. Then everything happened so fast. Leo wriggled his tongue around, moving inside Jack's chute, and sent Jack over the edge. Jack slid his cock into Philip one last time and shot his sperm into the younger teenager's guts.

'Don't pull out,' Philip pleaded, but Jack did, just to see the awesome sight of his giant cock sliding out of that tiny space while Philip's ass tried in vain to hold onto it.

'Okay, that's good enough,' Jack told Leo, and helped him to his feet. He saw the way the boy was looking at his still rubbery cock.

'Is it... m-my turn now,' Leo asked.. Unlike his brother, he wasn't quite sure of what to expect, but after watching his brother get fucked, he knew he wanted it, too.

'Give me a few minutes to recover,' Jack said as he crawled on the bed. Leo crawled on too and the two young athletes lay on either side of him, caressing his body.

'You would make a great wrestling partner,' Philip said to Jack.

'Hell, both of us together couldn't pin him,' Leo scoffed. 'Did you ever wrestle when you were in high school?' he asked.

'Yes, but I wasn't very good at it,' Jack said.

'Look at you, all these muscles,' Philip said, squeezing Jack's thick pecs. 'How could you not be good at it?'

'I wasn't built like you two studs when I was in high school,' Jack said. 'I didn't start putting on this muscle till the summer after I graduated.'

'Have we got you recovered yet?' Leo asked as he pulled on Jack's growing cock.

'I think by the time your brother gets you lubed up,' Jack said.

As promised, Jack made Philip lube up his brother's hole.

'Be careful with him,' Philip told Jack.

This fuck was quicker and shorter. Jack had already shot two loads, and Leo had shot one -- at least one, anyway; who knew what he'd done before Jack had encountered them at the fair. It turned Jack on to know that he was popping the teen's cherry. Leo's fuckchute was nice and tight, but he managed to take all of Jack's monster cock, with some force behind it from Jack's hard butt muscles, and some murmured encouragement from his brother, telling him how wonderful it was going to feel. As Jack plowed away, grunting because Leo's ass felt so good wrapped around his hardon, Philip moved closer to the bed. He was sstill hard, quivering and throbbing.

'You shot off too quick for me,' he said, and grabbed the hair on Jack's head and fed him his teen cock. It took only minutes for the three of them to come together: Leo all over the bed, crying out in pleasure; Jack deep up Leo's butt, his grunts masked by the big cock in his mouth, and Philip into Jack's mouth as Jack greedily swallowed it.

They collapsed on the bed in a tangle of muscle and arms and legs. Jack relished the feel of their bare skin on his. He pulled one of them to him -- he didn't even know which -- and planted a kiss on the teenager's mouth that the young man returned with sudden passion. Then he turned his attention and kissed the other boy. Then they were both on top of him, both kissing him, vying for his mouth and tongue. For minutes, the silence in the trailer was broken only by the sounds of their lips and tongues coming together and the bed creaking softly under their muscular bodies moving against one another. Jack wanted this passion; the young wrestlers wanted it even more. As powerfully erotic as it was to feel the teenagers' tongues in his mouth, the warmth of their muscular bodies against his own, Jack was so sated from the sex they'd just had that his cock was barely half-hard. For the moment, the two boys had abandoned kissing Jack and were kissing each other, right over Jack's face. He put his hands on the back of the strong, muscular neck, gently separating their faces. He looked into the brown eyes and could read the desire in them.

'You know, if you guys are done with school, you could come work for me on the farm,' he said. 'Room and board included.' He hadn't even realized he was going to say it until the words were out of his mouth, but having said it, he was impressed by his own inspiration.

The brothers glanced at the other, unspoken communication passing between them.

'Done,' declared Leo.

'Awesome,' echoed the other teenager. 'Do we get to stay in your house?'

'It's not a big house; I only have one spare room, so I hope you don't mind sharing.' He paused. 'Or you can just keep your stuff in the spare room. You don't have to sleep there.'

'When can we start?' Leo asked anxiously.

'Next week. There's some paperwork. But what will your folks say?'

'They'll be okay with it,' Leo answered. 'I've been working on our farm since I graduated, but they can get a couple of farmhands to replace us, like they did when I was in school.' He ran his hand over Jack's dinner plate-sized pec. 'I can't wait to start.'

'Neither can I,' his brother chimed in.

'There might be another guy coming to work too,' Jack said.

'Is he going to be staying there?' Philip asked.

'I don't know. Sometime, I'm sure he will,' Jack said.

'Where's he going to sleep?' Leo asked.

'Oh, I don't think that'll be a problem, once you meet him,' Jack said with a smile. 'Or, you might already know him. His name's Benedict.'

'Josh Benedict?!!' Leo asked excitedly.

'Yes, his name's Josh, do you know him?' Jack said.

'No, we don't really know him, but we know of him,' Leo said. 'Oh, fuck, he is such a stud. He can sleep with me.'

'Well, it looks like I've got my work force lined up for the summer,' Jack said. He slowly drifted off to sleep, with his left arm around Philip and his right arm around Leo. There might have been a smile on his handsome face as he thought of how easy it was to seduce

these two straight boys, and Josh before them, and how surprised he was that they were so eager to get involved and eagerly reciprocate. He needed to plan a trip to Chicago and meet with a couple of his contacts there, specifically the city man; he forgot his name, but he still had his card.

The End.



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