Since early teenage years I used to enjoy looking at my sexiest schoolmates naked bodies. I did not know why. Did I want them or simply wanted to have their bodies? I grew up in the Mediterranean.

At the age of 18, I spend summer at friend's country house. We would go out and party doing crazy things and getting drunk.

One morning day, I was surprised by a visit from my friend's cousin Joe. He showed up with a tight jeans and an unbuttoned shirt that revealed most of his front body. It was ok for a man to show off his chest and abdomen in the hot summer. It was even ok for young teenager boys to go outside in their underwear for a short period to pick up mail or stuff like that.

Joe carried a guitar on his shoulder and greeted me with a wide open smile. He had a beautiful face. After we introduced, we went inside the house and talked. The man said if it is ok to take off his shirt because it was hot.

We did not mind. My host went to make breakfast for us while I stayed in the room talking to his hot semi-naked cousin. Was it hot for me? I could not remove my eyes from the beauty of this mediterranean stud. His muscular arms, hairy muscular chest, firm sexy abdomen with a lustful trail of hair stretching from his well rounded sexy belly button and disappearing behind his tight jeans.

The man was a musician and he started playing in his guitar. Soon we had breakfast and it was full of meditarrenean stuff including olive, feta cheese, and hummus.

My host said that he had to go for a while and that Joe will stay and keep me company. After he left, Joe asked me where the bedroom was. I took him to the bedroom where I sleep. He said he did not have enough sleep last night because he worked in the field and wanted to take a nap. He took his jeans off and slept in nothing but his speedo underwear.

I left him to have some rest and went on doing some work inside the house. I heard him calling my name after an hour and asked me if I can make him a coffee. I went to the kitchen and made a coffee for him. The moment I saw him in bed I realized that I wanted him! He was lying in bed in his underwear stretching his armpit. I am addicted the smells of clean men's anal, pubic, genital, and armpit areas. I almost felt down wanting to lick and smell his armpit. I could hold my self and talk him. He was smiling like he knew what I wanted to do!

He asked me to go for a walk. He put on his jeans and walked outside shirtless. I did the same. It was natural and normal in such a hot mediterranean August day. We walked down hill for about an hour. He told me that there is a cave he would like to show it to me.

We went to where the cave is. Outside there was this water fall that caught my attention. We were both sweating. While he went inside the cave, I took off my short and underwear and went in the waterfall. I decided to take a shower naked. I had a full erection while inside the falls.

I did not notice it first, but he was watching me as I cleaned my self from sweat. I put on my cloth and went inside the cave. He was sitting on a rock smiling.

I sat next to him. He immediately held my arm. He said that he enjoyed the view of me cleaning my self and liked the size of my penis.

I could not hold it any more I kissed him passionately. We went on French kissing first, then I moved my tongue to his hot armpit. The man smelled sex with such a strong aroma. I kissed and licked his armpits then moved to his nipples and belly buttons. I moved my tongue slowly toward his jeans. He unbuttoned his jeans and told me to take care of the rest.

I took his jeans off and went on his underwear. They were clean but smelled man sweat. I licked them enough to make him almost cum in his underwear. I wanted to lease him. I moved my tongue to his legs and feet. I did not leave a spot of him intact. Then I turned him around and slid my tongue between his legs smelling and licking his ass cracks.

After that long foreplay. He turned on to the 69 position and started sucking me. He liked my dick while I liked his ass. He sat on my face the entire time while he sucked me. I almost suffocated from the hotness and the smell of his clean sweaty ass. We both came at the same time.

He told me that he was bisexual versatile and had a virgin ass. So did I.

Everyday we would meet in the cave where no one else would see us during the day. After extensive ass and dick foreplay we would shower in the water fall, make small much, and sleep. Eventually, we would come here and spend the night playing.

Before the end of the summer, it was the time when we both experienced our first man fuck which will be in another story.


R Joe

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