Dan called me that afternoon and asked if I was interested in going out later that night, well, actually, early the next morning, to watch the meteor shower that had been predicted. Sure, I was game. Didn't have any other plans, so why not?

We decided to go ahead and scout for the best location to later view the night sky. We drove around and finally settled on a place outside of town, about 15 minutes away from his place. It was far enough away from the city that there would be no lights to obscure our night vision. It was off of the southern side of the city reservoir. There was an abandoned bridge there from the old highway. You could drive your car down to the end of it and park. It was a safe place and pretty much devoid of people once the sun went down.

We headed back to his house and had a light dinner and a couple of beers, watched the ball game and just talked about trivial things, killing time until we needed to leave to go witness some interstellar activity.

We took my truck because it would be more comfortable for extended periods of sitting. The drive out took us about 15 minutes and we got there around 1 a.m.

There was nobody else around. I drove the truck down onto the old bridge roadbed, turned it around and backed in so that we would be aware of anybody else encroaching on our space. I rolled down the windows and turned off the engine. It was pretty hot out that night. And being that close to the reservoir it was also really humid. 'Sticky', as we like to call it in this part of the country. We found ourselves in silence and total darkness. Waiting for our night vision to adjust, we just sat and made idle conversation about this and that.........

A little more about us. I'm Dave and I'm 32. He's Dan and he's 31. I'm gay. He's straight. He works in the corporate world. I own my own landscaping and lawn maintenance company. We're best friends and have known each other since we were about 10 years old. There's not much we don't know about one another. Truly, two friends couldn't be closer. Anyone would be very lucky to have a friend as real as Dan is to me.

Physically we're a contrast to one another.

Dan's 6'2, good looking by most people's standards. He's dark haired, weighs about 195 pounds, big frame, not a gymbot, but a healthy, natural build. He's got some hair on his chest, dark hair on his legs and thighs. Definitely an attractive guy.

I'm 5'11, have no problem attracting the fellas, weigh about 175 pounds, athletic build that comes from working 10-12 hours a day in the lawn/landscaping business, so it's not a pretty-boy, gymbot, waxed and shiny build. It's a healthy and natural look of which I am proud. I have light brown hair that I keep cut short, and I'm about as average in body hair as the next guy.

Now for the back-story of our friendship......

Like I said earlier, we have known each practically our entire lives. I told him I was gay back in high school. He said he already knew and he didn't care. He's a good friend.

He's had his girlfriends, I've had my boyfriends. We're both currently single, by choices of our own.

As I believe is probably the case with almost every gay guy and his straight best friend he's known since childhood, I had always carried a secret desire to have some kind of sexual contact with Dan. Not a relationship or in love, just simply wanting to get physical with him. I also wanted to know those little personal things, like seeing him naked or what his hard-on looked like!

We went to different schools, so I never had the option of seeing him in the showers or anything like that, and he's a pretty modest guy, so he always was particular about changing clothes or being undressed around me or any of our friends.

Sure I tried hard to catch him in the bathroom or to walk in on him if I knew he was changing clothes, but I never got more than the occasional look at him in his underwear. Hell, that was better than nothing! Those sightings would always add a little fuel to my late night jerk off fantasies. But through our entire friendship, I had never seen him naked. Damn.

As I said, I really wanted to know the personal stuff... What did his cock look like? Taste like? How big was it when it got hard? How big were his balls? Were they hairy or smooth? How big of a load did he shoot and what did his cum taste like? All those things. Even if I couldn't get that lucky, I'd have been happy to see him naked just once.

In the past we had shared with each other the size of our hard-ons and talked about our sexual encounters to some degree. But none of that took the place of the real thing; the secret desires I needed to fulfill, ya know what I mean?

Yeah, there were plenty of jokes and innuendo made on both our parts on occasion. I had made plenty of comments and suggestions, joking and serious, that if he ever wanted his dick sucked to let me know and I'd gladly oblige.

He always laughed and said 'Yeah, right.....you'd have to get me mighty drunk first!' Again, it didn't not happen because of my never trying! I'd ask over and over, jokingly to him, but inside it was pretty serious to me........it just never played out, of course.

One day though he did finally pledge his loyalty to me (due to my constant prodding) that if he ever decided to try sex with another guy, I would be the first one he called. And you can bet your ass I'd hold him to it!

I've had a few boyfriends and more than my share of fuck-buddies, but I have always wanted to 'be' with Dan. Whether I am in a relationship or by myself, the thought of getting with him would always make my dick hard.

When I think about it, I guess he might have wondered to himself if I really thought about him in the shower or when I jerked off, like I jokingly told him I did. Yeah, sure he knew I did and I doubt it bothered him at all. Hell, it was sincere flattery, ya know?

The one thing I don't think he ever figured out or suspected, and the one thing that I've never told him, is that on occasion when he wasn't home and I was at his place, I'd go through his dirty laundry in the floor of his room and find his cum stained underwear, or on top of his dirty laundry basket and use it to jerk off with. Nah, it's not that twisted. I've read plenty of stories on line about gay guys who had snagged another dude's underwear or jock and jerk off with it or on it or in it, etc. their best friend's, the high school or college jock friend, their roommate....nah, I wasn't the first to ever do it.

I'd either stand right there in the middle of his room and drop my pants or go to his bathroom and close the door, but either way, I would take his underwear and wrap it around my hard cock and jerk off into it.

Doing that was such a fucking turn on and made me instantly wet and hot as hell! It never took much work because I was so horny that I'd bust a nut real fast, leaving my own cum to dry with his. I'd put it back in the laundry pile, kind of hoping he'd maybe find a pair still wet and wonder if it was his cum....

The reason I knew it was his cum in the dried spot of his underwear is because I'd once asked him about his jerk off habits (hell, all friends do, right?) and he told me he hated getting cum on himself, so when he jerked off at night in the bed, he'd just pull the crotch of his underwear back up over the head of his cock and cum in the underwear to avoid the mess.

.......back to present time........

This night, sitting there in the truck staring at the sky and looking for shooting stars, I decided 'What the fuck......?!' ...Why wait any longer? We're both adults, I can make my decisions and act on them and if doesn't go my way, so be it!

All the things we had been through, the years of our friendship and I had never done anything to make a move on him......all those times I had jerked off into his cum stained underwear or called out his name as I shot my load down the shower drain. All the times jerking off and imagining it was him sucking the cum out of my balls or fucking my ass hard and deep and coming inside me.......even the couple of times I'd jerked off laying right there next to him while we slept in the same bed together on vacation trips and camping trips, etc. After all that, I figured it was about damn time for something to really happen!

'Fuck it!' I thought to myself, 'Enough of this bullshit!' We'd been fast friends for a little over 20 years and I was going to have a piece of him tonight, or at least a lick, if it was the last thing I did!

I knew it was now or never. I wanted his cock, his cum. I wanted him to fuck the hell out of my ass.....whatever it ended up being I didn't care, but I was going to do it now!

We were both still, watching out at the night sky. It was very quiet. Just the sounds of nature around us. Neither of us had spoken for a few minutes. He was looking out of the window; his shoulder pressed up against the door with his head propped on the back of the door frame.

There was no moon but my eyes had acquired their night vision abilities and I could see fine with the ambient light that there was.

He was still staring out of the passenger window at the night sky as I reached over and put my hand on his crotch and gently cupped his soft bulge. He reacted sort of slowly at first. I guess he just wasn't expecting it so it didn't register right away in his mind as to what I was doing.

But once he realized what I was doing, he quickly reached down and grabbed my hand to pull it off of his crotch and he asked 'HEY HEY HEY, what the fuck are you doing dude?' He wasn't angry or mad, he asked it in that laughing, joking around with your best friend way. But I didn't answer him. Dan looked at me, right into my eyes. And I knew right then that he knew I wasn't joking around.

I fought his grip and pulled my hand free of his to let him know I didn't want him to interfere with my intentions. Then I put my hand back on the crotch of his cargo shorts and gently squeezed the bulge of his cock and balls once more.

It was dark, but there was enough light that I could see we had eye contact when I did it this time. He had relaxed a little and wasn't resisting, but I wasn't sure what he was thinking, so, before the moment was lost, I found his zipper and started pulling it down.

As I did this I said, 'Dude, we may not see any real cosmic events tonight, but I am sure as hell going to try and create one of my very own, and you owe me this much, so just go with it.'

And before he could think twice, I had his shorts undone, unzipped and completely pulled open. I pulled down the front pouch of his briefs and I could immediately smell the musky scent of cock and balls.

I looked down and I saw Dan's dick for the first time. It was resting nicely over his balls, the head pointing down to the seat of the truck. It had a nice sized head even soft, and the shaft looked to be sort of thick too. Hell, I didn't care, big or small, thick or thin, I wasn't about to fucking complain!

Of course all of this happened in a matter of seconds, a lot faster than it takes to tell it in words... and he asked me again, but with a more serious tone this time, 'What are you doing man?' I reached down and took his cock between my thumb and forefinger and pulled on it and started rubbing it, my other hand was on the inner side of his left thigh, stroking the soft but firm flesh and muscle there, and I said 'Dan, I'm doing something I've wanted to do for a long time, just let me do it.'

He didn't try to physically stop me other than putting his hand back on my hand, but he didn't move it away from his cock.

He told me that he didn't like getting his dick sucked, even by girls......(right, what straight or gay guy doesn't like getting fucking head!!?) and of course he gave me the infamous straight boy 'I'm not gay' speech. But he still didn't move my hand or push me away from him. He was a little unsure and was using all the common 'stall tactics' that I'd seen before when seducing straight boys and I wasn't about to let it stop me from doing what I wanted to do.

By now I had been stroking his soft cock for a minute or two and it was beginning to respond to the physical stimulation. It was swelling just ever so slowly. Hell yeah! He was getting aroused. I owned him now!

I looked at him one last time and I said to him, 'I'm not asking you to be gay Dan, I'm just asking you to enjoy this.'

Then I leaned down over his crotch and put his now semi-hard cock in my mouth and started sucking on it, and I thought I was going to cum in my pants right there on the spot!

FUCK ME! FINALLY, I had my best friend's cock in my mouth and finally, if all went according to plan, I was going to give him the best head he'd ever had and he was going to shoot his load of hot cum and I was going to happily swallow every last drop.

As I sucked and stroked his cock and massaged his balls, it didn't take long for him to get completely hard. He laid back and finally started enjoying it.

I sucked hard and went down deep on his now fully hard cock. I took it out of my mouth and stroked it a few times, licking the swollen head, tasting his sweet, thick precum. Damn, he was already leaking precum like a faucet! Fuck, this was so hot! He was responding better than I ever dreamed he would!

I teased the head with my lips and then went back down on him, stroking the thick shaft as I sucked it up and down. I guessed it was about 7 inches long, it felt about the same length as my own, but thicker. Hell, it really didn't matter. To me, at that moment in time, it was THE perfect cock, it was attached to my straight, best friend, it was hard and it was leaking precum, and that made it even more perfect than perfect!!

He tasted so good! Better than any cock I had ever sucked. His precum, which was flowing in bigger drops now, also tasted so hot and male! Sweet and good enough to eat for sure! His very full balls were drawn up tight against his body. I knew it wouldn't take much to get him off. Sure I wanted it to last a while, but I also couldn't wait any longer either....God knows I'd waited long enough!

I used my free hand to pull his cargo shorts down over his thighs, and he automatically raised his ass up off the seat and pushed his shorts and his underwear to his knees and then straightened back up in the seat. He laid his head back and spread his legs wider so I could do my job properly. The fuckin' liar...he said he didn't like getting head. YEAH RIGHT! He liked it, and he sure knew how to enjoy it! Straight guys and their excuses-- go figure......

So far he hadn't touched me or made a sound other than the occasional grunt, groan or moan, and one hissed and very sexy sounding 'Fuck that feels so fucking good dude'...... You don't know how glad I was to be the one making him feel so good. I kept sucking on his cock, slurping and licking and nibbling like it was an all day sucker.

He was starting to moan more steadily now, a low whimpering almost. His breathing was getting deeper and faster. His cock head had swollen up about double the size it was before. He reached over with his right hand and put it on the back of my head and pulled me closer into him. His hips were beginning to rise up off the truck seat and thrust into my mouth. Yeah, he was getting off on this as much as I was!

I stopped sucking his cock and pulled his hand off the back of my head and sat up and took a long look at his dripping, hard, pulsing meat. I needed to have a mental image of that big, hard cock, standing straight up from his crotch, between those big, strong, hairy thighs of his, aching for me to make it cum!

FUCK! If only there had been a little more light so I could have seen it in even better detail...but I was happy with what I had, don't get me wrong. I'll remember that image in my mind until the day I die.

He asked me what was wrong? 'Nothing', I said, just taking a look at you and your hot fucking cock! He smiled down at me and nodded his head. Nope, I thought to myself, there definitely wasn't anything wrong!

I leaned back down and licked some more precum off the head and gave his tight balls a squeeze. Then I wrapped my hand tightly around his cock, gave it one tight, hard stroke down and another back up, I opened my mouth all the way and went down on that cock as deep as I could, feeling it slide down my throat... and that was all it took! I flipped his straight-boy cum switch!

Dan immediately grabbed hold of the back of my head, pulled me closer into his crotch, shoving his swollen cock down my throat and he said out loud, sort of panting as he said it, 'OH FUCK YEAH I'M GONNA CUM !!!' 'DAVID, YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME FUCKING CUM!' I can't even begin to tell you how hot it was to hear him say those words..!

I didn't want to gag or choke, so I kind of pulled my head up off his cock, but he wouldn't let me, but I wanted every fucking bit of his load so I didn't fight him on this. If I choked, so what? Whether he shot right down my throat or whether he came in my mouth and I swallowed it. Either way, I wanted his cum. Pretty or ugly, I wanted his cum real bad so I just stayed where I was.

I felt his cock throb and swell up that one last time, and then he bucked his hips up off the seat he hit the back of my throat, and I gagged...FUCK! I didn't want to fuck it all up and gag again, so I forced myself up and off his cock about half way. I still had him in my mouth though!

His body tensed, he pulled his hips up and pushed my head deeper into his crotch and down on his cock....then I tasted it...that first, sort of thick warning shot of precum and cum that comes out, and then the first real shot came, and with a lot of force! Then he let out this really deep groan and blew his entire load, shot after shot after shot!

The first couple of squirts were so powerful that they did go right down my throat, but then the cum just started flowing out of his balls......... There were maybe four, big, thick shots and then I lost track after that because I was just trying to take all of his hot, salty, sweet, and thick cum down my throat!

I backed off and raised my head while he was still going through the last convulsions of his orgasm, and when I did, the cum that I couldn't swallow ran out of my mouth and down my chin and onto his shaft and balls.

Then, as fast as it had started, it was all over. I couldn't believe it had happened, even though I still had his hot cock in my mouth and could still taste his cum.

I kept him in my mouth and continued to suck out every last drop of cum that I could. No way did I want to stop, but his dick must have got sensitive because he said 'DUDE, FUCK, STOP!' and pulled me off his cock.

I looked up at him and saw that he was looking down at me....a kind of shocked and awed expression on his face. A look that said he couldn't believe a dude had just made him cum that much and that hard.

I gave his throbbing, hot cock one last gentle stroke with my hand, then went back down on it real fast. Just one last suck and swallow before he could protest, and then I sat up straight and moved myself back into the driver's seat, also kind of in shock that I had managed to pull it off.

I could still taste his semen in my mouth. I could smell our sweaty bodies, the smell of sex and his cum. It was a great fucking smell. I couldn't have been happier! I had just taken the very life essence of my best friend Dan into my own body and given him great pleasure while doing so. That was fucking awesome to me, and I don't think it ever gets much better than that.

Dan looked over at me and said 'David, I never thought I would have ever allow this to happen, but man, I'm glad I did' ...... I smiled and said 'Well, I could certainly tell how glad you were if the size of that load was any indicator!' We both sort of gave a little groan and a chuckle at my bad humor.

This whole time, I had never touched my own cock, which was trapped in my jeans and hard enough to cut diamonds. Not to mention that it was about to bust the buttons off my fly!

Damn I NEEDED to cum, REAL BAD! And there was no way I was going to go home from this and not shoot my load while Dan was there to at least see and hear me do it, whether he wanted to or not! I needed him to see me cum. But more than anything, I really wanted him to make me cum!

I reached down and popped the buttons on my fly and pulled out my rock hard cock. I turned to see if Dan was watching what I was doing, and he was. Hell yeah, he was actually looking at my hard cock standing up between my legs! That was so hot that I think I could have come without touching myself if I had just tried.

Without a seconds hesitation, I said in a sort of soft, yet stern tone, 'And now it's your turn to help a buddy out Dan.' and I grabbed his hand and pulled it over and put it on my cock and I asked him softly, 'Please?...' Of course I didn't expect him to do it, but I knew he would.

That's one thing about Dan, he's a very fair person. He knows that one good turn deserves another, even if it means jerking off your best friend who just sucked you off and swallowed your load .... so he wrapped his hand around my cock and started stroking it, kind of awkwardly at first, but he quickly figured out that jerking mine worked the same way as jerking his own and he got it under control.

I was so fucking horned up that it only took probably fifteen or twenty strokes of his tight grip on my cock before I shot my load! And I came hard! I yelled out in absolute ecstasy at what felt like the best orgasm I'd ever head...I actually heard the first shot hit the headliner right above the steering wheel! All the rest of my cum flew up and over my shoulder, into my hair and all over the front of my shirt.

And he kept jerking me until I finished coming ..which kind of surprised me. Most 'straight guys' I'd managed to get to jerk me off in the past had all let go of my cock as soon as I started to come. It's like they're afraid the cum is going to burn their skin or make them gay or something. Again, go figure straight boys.

He did let go though as soon as I finished coming. And then he put his hand and arm out and wiped the cum off that had gotten on him onto my t-shirt.

My breathing returned to normal and I came back down to Earth. I looked over at him and was actually a little disappointed to see him pulling his underwear and cargo shorts up. He zipped the shorts and buttoned them.

The reason I was disappointed was because I was really hoping to suck his dick some more, or just play with it, maybe get him off a second time. But, there was no need to be greedy. After all, I'd gotten what I wanted. For now anyway.....

I reached down and milked the last drop of cum from my cock, wiped my hand clean on my shirt on the same place he had wiped his, and then put my cock back in my jeans and buttoned them. I looked over at Dan and smiled and I said 'Dan, that was the best fucking time of my life.....honest!' (and it really was)

He just looked at me and laughed and shook his head and said, 'Well, what are best friends for, right?' I just groaned and shook my head......we really were the kings of bad puns......

Suddenly he snapped his head up, looking to the right out the window of the truck and said 'SHIT, did you see that?' 'One just went across the sky right over there!'

Then I remembered why we had originally come to this dark place on the side of the reservoir. Not so I could suck his cock, but to watch a meteor shower. And it had been his idea too. Bet he never had this in mind when he called and asked me if I wanted to go. Or did he....?

I answered him back, 'Nah, I didn't see it, but I know one thing, I saw and tasted a shooting cock a few minutes ago and it was better than seeing a hundred shooting stars any time, lemme tell ya!'

We both laughed at even yet another bad pun, and I knew through that exhibition of the comfortable humor that we had shared between us as long as we had known each other, that we were still best friends and nothing had changed between us because of what had just happened.

We both made comments to each other about how hot, sweaty, and sticky we were and then I said 'I think it's time to call it a night and head home.' He shook his head in agreement. I started the engine and we headed out into the night, under the starry sky.

And let me tell you, it was definitely a night. A night I won't forget ANY TIME SOON! The only regret I have is that we didn't kiss. I would have loved to have just had a few minutes of some long, hot, wet kissing. I'll work on that for my next seduction.

Huh....I just remembered...There's supposed to be a total lunar eclipse tonight. I wonder if I should give him a call...?



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