Chucho was the last remaining brother of my best friend , Jhon who had escaped my talented mouth when it comes to sucking his cock. I had almost completed this one time when he stopped over since he was in the neighborhood. Chucho had been making a delivery  near the house when I heard the doorbell ring. I invited him in and asked whether he wanted a drink. I gave him a glass of  tomate de arbol which is a fruit with the taste of tomatoes. After quenching his thirst he asked whether I had something stronger and I responded would Aguardiente suffice. He said Yes and asked where his brother was, I said he was studying at the University until 2 in the afternoon. His response to that was very curious saying ¨that should be enough time to get to knew each other real well.¨ I brushed his remark off being totally innocent but sensed something within his words.

   I brought out the Aguardiente with glasses of water to chase down the very powerful liquor. Chucho asked whether I wanted to smoke a reefer with him and I joked that it made me horny everytime I smoked pot. He said then for sure I needed to join him. I asked what he had meant and he point blank said he knew that I had sucked off his brothers, Diego and Dario. I said how did he know it was true and he said it came the horses ´s mouth meaning Diego and Dario had let our secret slip from their lips. I knew there was no point in trying to deny such an accusation since I was sure Diego and Dario after drinking and smoking pot with Chucho had told him. I asked him straight on what was the true reason stopping by so unexpected. Chucho confessed Diego and Dario had told him the whole story starting with Diego. Chucho mentioned things that only Diego would have known since I had sucked him off privately. There was no way he could have guessed what went on behind closed doors. 

As he was relating what went on between Diego and I, he took another shot of Aguardiente and asked if he could remove his shirt. I told him no problem as I downed another shot too. He smiled and said ¨ we were going to really party today.¨He lit up his reefer and after taking a long toke he passed it to me. I accepted and took a toke immediately feeling my cock start to stir in anticipation of what was going to happen. After telling how I had sucked off Diego within two minutes of having his 13 inch cock in my mouth and how Diego watched as I ate every drop of his precious cum. Then he said how Dario being a inch bigger in cock size had said he had shown me his cock in the bathroom of the Mayorista after which we ended up at the house where I first sucked off Diego and then Dario. Chucho said not only sucked him off but took his cock up my ass after Diego had left. Chucho had me down to rights and he knew it. 

   When we finished the joint I told him my lips felt numb and he said it was the pot we had smoked. Whereupon he stood up and dropped his pants and underwear in one fell swoop to his ankles, sitting back on the sofa. He kicked off his sneakers and sat with his legs spread so I could peruse what he had available. Out of curiosity I had to look and saw that his cock was the biggest between the brothers except for their father who I had sucked off once when he was visiting. I noticed it was still in its soft state laying over a sack of huge hairy balls. I watched intently how he raised his member skinning back the foreskin to show me its enormous head already shiny from the precum that had started to ooze from the slit.  He took another shot and raised his glass for me to join him and said ¨I needed another shot before taking on such a huge cock. He never mentioned anything about his father but I did. I let it slip feeling the Aguardiente taking effect. I said it wasn´t the biggest black cock I had ever sucked off referring to a certain  15 inch black  cock. Chucho looked at me dumbfounded and said the only cock that big hung between the legs of his father.¨I told him he had guessed right on the money and muttered you really sucked my father´s cock and I nodded yes. I said also not only sucked his cock I let him fuck my ass.

   Chucho then said well it seems there is only one last big cock left to suck in the family. Whereupon he spread his legs and said ¨why don´t you get down to business then. As I knealt on the floor between his legs he said to take all the time I needed to get his cum since he had been saving a huge load just for this occasion and for my mouth. As I bent to take the huge head between my lips he gasped and said I indeed had a hot mouth. I used my tongue to swirl its head capturing all the lubricating precum that was present. Chucho said let´s see if I indeed had the talent to swallow his entire shaft to his balls like I had done with both his brothers. I said don´t forget your father´s cock. I slid down his shaft which had grown totally erect by nursing his cockhead  and watched his face develop into a smile as I hit his sperm bloated balls. He said he couldn´t believe it without the least amount of gagging. I brought my mouth up to the head again and downed it to his balls again, showing him it wasn´t a one time thing. I told him I wanted to taste his huge balls and he said he wouldn´t have it any other way. Each ball reminded me of his father´s huge balls that hardly fit in my mouth. I slathered each ball encased in its wrinkled skin container savoring all the salty sweat from the hot day. He told me to go lower and I spotted a tuft of hair letting me know it was his asshole. He waited til my tongue touched it and said that was the what he was talking about. I speared my tongue within the musky hole making him lift his ass off the sofa to give me more access. I placed a pillow below his cheeks and started to give me a thrill he hadn´t expected. Chucho said Diego and Dario had told him I had done this to their  their asses but he couldn´t believe until I did it to him. 

   As I was eating his ass, he asked why I had never come on to him before . I responded by saying I did but we were interrupted. I said remember when you had went upstirs to smoke a reefer and I had followed hoping I would finally get to service your cock. For some reason I had the feeling that you had a cock that resembled your father´s. I said that your jeans were almost falling off your hips and I could see your black  hair trail down fromyour belly button to your crotch area. I was hoping you would have dropped your pants and demanded me suck you off. Unfortunately your brother, Jhon had come upstairs and interrupted what could have been a great time for you and I. Chucho said he had no idea I wanted to suck his cock but after hearing his brothers talk about what they had experienced I knew I had to have the same experience. He said remember one phone call from him saying if he could stop over and bring some fruit for juices. He said he was talking about the juice in his balls. I said I do remember the conversation. 

   I went back to sucking his cock showing my inate talent at taking big cocks. Chucho said I bet after sucking me off you´d like to try my stepson´s cock. He said it was almost as big as his and was real thick. I said I.m really more into sucking black cock but would make an exception. Chucho said he could arrange it easily if I did him a favor. He said he wanted to fuck my tight ass. I told him I would think about since I hardly could walk after getting fucked by Dario and his father. Chucho said he would be gentle and fuck me til he was ready to come and then he would pull out just in time to take his load and fill my belly. I agreed and dropped my jeans, he proceeded to get behind me and asked if I had any lube handy and then said never mind since he was going to fuck me with his own lubricate. I felt him take down my whities and then to mysurprise felt him start to eat my ass. I was pleasantly surprised since his other brother, Dario had just fucked me hard without eating my ass. 

   I ground my ass back against his spearing tongue relishing in his search for his target, When he touched my rosebud I quivered. He noticed my response and said it wouldn´t be long til he filled my ass with his big cock. I was apprehensive thinking about his size and how it would hurt. I felt his thighs touch my asschecks as he ran his cock along the crack up my ass . I heard him spit his saliva on my asshole and felt an immense pressure of his cockhead trying to get inside. Chucho said to relax and accept the fact he was going to fuck my ass. All at once my sphincter open for a second and felt the huge head enter. It hurt like hell and told him I had to get use to his size. Whereupon he drove his whole cock inside saying it was better to get it over with quick. He pinned me to the sofa and fucked me doggy style ravaging my almost virgin ass. Chucho said he had fucked women´s and men´s asses but this one was the tighest he had ever had his cock in. As he was fucking me I was hoping he would get off soon but he had total control of when he would come. Chucho said it would be great if his brother, Dario and him had the chance to put both their cocks in at once and fuck me. I thought about it and said it would be impossible to take both their cocks at once. Chucho withdrew abruptly saying my ass was almost to much to bear and that he wanted to make all this last a long time. I was actually relieved having his hot poker out of my ass. 

   All of a sudden the doorbell rang and I jumped up pulling up my jeans to see who it was. It was his brother, Dario and as I glanced at Chucho he smiled devilishly and said what better time than the present to take two cocks up my ass. I answered the door and Dario entered I noticed right away the outline of his huge cock. As he entered he said to Chucho ¨whether I was ready to get fucked by two cocks at once. ¨ I said wait a minute saying they was no way I would be able to do it and they laughed and said there was no option for me to say no. Chucho said relax we just want to see if you can take both our cocks at once. He and Dario promised it wouldn´t  last long since both wanted me to finishthem with my hot mouth. As Dario sat on the sofa he stood up and pulled down his jeans and underwear exposing his horsecock and demanded me suck his cock while Chucho continued to fuck me. I had my head in Dario´s lap and felt Chucho enter me from behind. I took Dario cock within my lips and heard him say ¨What a hot mouth I had and that he had missed it since the last time. When I had gotten him real hard he told Chucho to take his cock out so he could position himself better. Dario laid on the sofa with his big black cock reaching for the sky and said for me to sit on it. I proceeded to slide down which seemed much easier than the last time he invaded my ass probably since Chucho cock had streched my hole. I slid down his pole til I was totally impaled by him. Then Chucho laid the opposite direction overlapping Dario thighs and he told me to raise up so Chucho could enter. I felt the head of Chuchp´s cock next to Dario´s and tied to relax and let this whole thing happen. I felt my hole open up as both cockheads entered my hole. Dario had grabbed my hips and eased me down over both their cocks. He then along with Chucho raised my ass and then down again. This went on for what seemed an eternity til both said they were near the point of coming. Both said it was a strange feeling having both their cocks rubbing against each other and just feeling it made their balls boil. Dario said whose cum I wanted first and I said his since I wanted Chucho´s cum to be the last that I took sine I had never tasted it before.

   Dario noticed that his cock was covered in blood and said he wanted to clean up before we continued. We went upstairs and while he was taking a shower I waited on the bed for the feast of his load. I had earned it after taking these two huge cocks up my ass.As Dario dried himself off Chucho went to shower .  Dario laid on the bed and told me he wanted to have Chucho watch as I sucked his cock to competion. When Chucho got on the bed I started to suck Dario´s cock wanting nothing more than his huge load. As I sucked I noticed Chucho brougt his huge cock near Dario´s head and was astonished to see Dario take his brother´s cock within his lips as Chucho tweeked his nipples. Dario said don´t worry he would get Chucho ready to give me his cream. I when back to sucking Dario til I felt him tremble and gush his load into my mouth. I looked at Dario and found Chucho upon seeing this started to fill Dario´s mouth with a huge load of cum. Dario didn´t swallow just let his brother´s cum fill his mouth and bloat his cheeks. I acted disappointed until after Chucho had finished filling his brother´s mouth watched as Dario brought his full mouth of cum and let it drip into my open mouth, As he did this I was overwhelmed by the scene and stroked my cock to an incredible orgasm. After a bit they dressed and left saying this wouldn´t be the last time and to be always ready for their big black cocks. 




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