In part 2, Peter, a former high school baseball pitcher and lifetime best friend with Tommy, a former high school football quarter, attended the same conservative religious college as freshmen. Their parents and church leaders had taught them that homosexuality was a major sin. They had considered themselves as totally straight until one night in college after drinking spiked punch they got fucked by two big hard football players, Leo and Todd, causing them to get kicked out of the conservative college. They then went to stay with Leo and Todd at their apartment.

Peter Picks Up The Story in Part 3

During the next two weeks. the two big studs Todd with his 9-inch dick and Leo with his huge 10-inch cock fucked us nightly for the next two weeks. We had forsaken our conservative backgrounds that forbid gay sex. We had become over night horny fucking gay men bitches.

On a Friday night after we had been roommates with Todd and Leo for two weeks, they took us to an upscale hotel for the weekend. We checked in, went for a swim in the hotel pool, returned to our room, got dressed and went to a five star restaurant for dinner. Upon returning to our hotel room, we had just started watching a TV comedy when the doorbell rang. Leo answered the door and six fucking hot college wrestlers entered the room from one of the local liberal arts college' wrestling teams. Man, were they ever fucking hot athletes. We learned that they were buddies of Leo and Todd who too were athletes on the college football team. WOW, here Tommy and I were in a room with eight gorgeous jocks. I felt my cock began to grow. As I looked at my pal Tommy, I noticed a growing bulge in his pants. Yea, would we be lucky and become the bitches for the evening to these incredible gorgeous jocks?

As we exchanged greetings, we met Greg, a hot blond weighing about 128 pounds; Trent, a hot redhead weighing around 145 pounds; Carlos, a hot dark haired and tanned Latino hitting the scales at around 155 pounds; Luke, a brown handsome dude weighing some where around 165 pounds; Scott, a freckle faced sexy reddish blond dude hitting the scales as I guessed to be about 190 pounds; and Turk, a coal black haired and black eyes dude weighing at least 220 pounds. As it was just prior to the wrestling season, their weight might be off their normal wrestling weight.

They were packing lots of booze including a lot of beer and hard liquor with several types of mix. Yea, fuck, we were about to have a fucking hot party and maybe sex. Leo pulled Tommy and I off to the side and said: "Fuck Peter and Tommy, what do you think of these hot dudes? Do they turn you on like Todd and I do? We have a surprise for you tonight. You see, these really sexy wrestlers are all fucking fags eager to split those tight pussies of yours wide open with their big fucking blood filled cocks. Todd and I have told them about our fucking you and how awesome your two fresh wet pussies are and how you have learned in just two weeks to use those fresh pussy muscles to drain a man's cock. We invited them here tonight for the purpose of fucking the hell out of your two young 18-year-old fresh meats. What do you think about taking that much manhood meat up those asses all in one evening?"

I felt lust began to consume my body and shivers ran up my spine as my cock began to grow stiff as I said: ""Oh my god, you mean Tommy and me are going to get laid  and fucked by all six of those wrestlers? Holy shit, I could shoot my load just looking at those studs. Man, they are so sexy."

"Peter and Tommy it is even better than that because Todd and I are going to join in the fun," Leo said. He continued: "Do you think you can take eight big hard jock cocks up those tight man pussies in one evening?"

I looked at Tommy who had pure lust in his eyes but at the same time had a deep concern on his face. Gee could we survive that much cock in one evening. What would happen to our asses. Yea, but we were about to become real fucking men whores at least for one evening.

As the jocks began to prepare drinks for the evening in the big suite's kitchen and pop the beer keg, everyone began to consume lots of hot drinks downing those suds while loud music filled the suite. This was becoming a typical wild college party. I became delirious with lust noticing the six wrestlers were all wearing very worn cut off jeans and sleeveless tank tops showing off those well-developed athlete's leg muscles, hard flat stomachs, abs, strong chests, and big hard arms with bulging biceps. And yea soon they had huge tents in those jeans knowing what they planned to do to Tommy and me. I knew they were horny to use those big missiles to drill our pussies. I could hardly wait and had begun to feel that same buzz that all the guys were feeling. I'd never been hornier or eager to take those cocks up my ass. Their mission was to make Tommy and me their bitches. I'd only experienced gay sex for two weeks and yet I felt the desire to be a whore, bitch and slut with these studs. Man was I ever into gay sex.

After about an hour of drinking and no one feeling any pain and all the hot guys horny as hell, the action got underway. Todd, Leo and the six horny wrestlers grabbed Tommy and me and carried us to the big master bed. It was so titillating when the guys actually ripped off our clothes and left Tommy and I standing there butt naked with rock hard cocks. They placed me on one side of the bed face down with my legs and feet hanging off the side of the bed. They took Tommy to the other side of the bed and put him in the same position. Our asses were exposed as they pulled our legs far apart ready to receive all those throbbing cocks.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I watched the eight studs disrobe and soon the stood butt naked with stone hard dicks, solid slim ribbed hot athletic bodies and awesome cocks ready to breed our asses that would cause us to have volcanic orgasms.  They began to stroke those champion hard cocks for action. I began to wonder how many asses those hot cocks had fucked prior to that night. My cock began to throb anticipating all that man meat ready to enter my young pussy.

They picked sides. Greg (128 pounds), Carlos (155 Pounds), Scott (190 pounds) and Leo (220 Pounds) lined up behind my ass. Then Trent (145 pounds), Luke (165 pounds), Turk (220 pounds) and Todd (220 pounds) lined up behind Tommy. Then I heard Leo give the instructions: "OK guys, get in line, here is some lube, lube up those steel hard cocks and the guy in front shove that hard cock up that bitche's ass and fuck the hell out of that young pussy until you shoot your stored up load deep in that ass. Then pull out and let your buddy next in line stick his cock in that cum filled ass and use that cum as lube. Fuck that ass until you come."

My ass began to go wild pulsating and puckering desiring to feel and take that first big cock. We had learned that the cocks ranged in length from 7.5 inches to a whopping 11-incher. Greg stepped up put the tip of his cock at the entrance to my puckering ass, put his hands on my warm butt cheeks and drove his lubed wet cock all the way inside me with one hard thrust. I watched as Trent took his large tool and drove it into my buddy Tommy's ass. For the next 40 minutes, Tommy and I felt those big cocks drill our asses. After a long fuck, each guy ejaculated in our ass. We became flooded with pools of cum because as each guy pulled his cock out the next guy drove his cock inside trapping the cum from the previous guy.

Trent, Luke, Turk and Todd's huge cocks filled Tommy's pussy with large gobs of jizz while I in turn got banged and filled with Greg, Carlos, Scott and Leo's river of cum. I was the lucky one when I received Carlo's 11-inch horse cock. I felt his monstrous dick actually enter my colon as there was no where else for it to go. I screamed with pure pleasure and lots of pain as he fucked me for the longest time. Man that was some huge object that filled my pussy. It was such an incredible experience. Man, I hoped that I'd get Carlos cock many times more in the future.

The feel of each cock was so different in length, girth and the force was awesome. The smell of their bodies and the texture and size of the diversity of the cum loads were so pleasurable. The range from very gentle fucking to really hard and rough fuckers again added such excitement to the fucking experience for me. Two of the guys licked and kissed my neck while they fucked me. The other two studs gently bit my ears and thrust a finger in my mouth while they fucked the hell out of my ass. Again the variety in the way they fucked me was so provocative, sensuous and erotic.

Tommy and I shot our big mother loads on the bed sheets during the fuck fest. When the guys had finished unloading their nectar in our asses. they turned us over and wow I was ordered to go over to Tommy, get down on my knees while he lay on the bed and to suck all that cum out of his ass. Shit, the taste of cum varied from salty to sweet, as well as thin liquid to thick textured ropey cum. When I was finihed cleaning  all that cum out of tommy's ass, he had to suck my ass and my ass cheeks from all that running cum. When we were finished, we had gobs of cum on out lips, tongues and in our throats.

Then it got even more exciting when the wrestlers took turns kissing us driving their hot long tongues deep in our throat. All the hot jocks got a taste and sample of all that variety of semen. The studs were so turned on from the taste of everyone's cum that they took turns licking the bed sheets of Tommy and my cum that was on the sheets. This was two more samples of the different taste of how men's cum is so different.

Later we had round two when I got fucked by the studs who had fucked Tommy in round one and he took those cocks up his pussy that had fucked me in round one. After the guys all had dumped their loads in our asses in round two, the game changed from what had happened in the first round. The wrestlers took turns sucking Tommy and my ass collecting all that cum in their mouths.

Then the other difference from the first round was that each wrestler took turns using their cum coated mouths to suck our cocks. I became wild with lust experiencing six different blowjobs from those studs wetting my cock with all that cum. They sucked our cocks, licked our balls and fingered our asses. I managed to climax two more times from all that incredible attention from the best jock sex. Tommy came one more time. The room reeked from all that smell of cum and sweaty hot bodies. It was so wonderful. Wow, our first gay orgy had been the best sex possible.

Thanks for each of you who read this series.


Naughty Eric


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