In my early years I came to the understanding of why my young cock would get hard it was for my pleasure and enjoyment, I guess It started about the time I got pubic hair, I was getting boners about 70 times a day, and then realizing the total pleasure and enjoyment of that feeling that rubbing it when it was hard brought, I guess I was about 12 maybe 13.

I guess it might have had something to do with the fact that I shared a bedroom with my older brother Jamie, I was two years younger than Jamie.

It was there in the light of the outside night light on the pole glowing thru our bedroom window that I got the visual of what guys did.

Jamie's bed was under the window in our bedroom and mine was on the other side of the room.

How many nights I watched my older brother laying there on his bed with his hand rubbing his cock inside his white briefs, which always seem to be really bulging, to me he looked like one of grandpas horses with a cock to match.

He would play around with it as I just watched and I would slip my hand down in my briefs, making my own cock feel that awesome feeling, getting that sensual feeling as I watched Jamie, as he slipped his briefs down, and seeing that tower of a cock as he began to stroke it and then hearing as his breathing became heavy, watching as he picked up speed, hearing his slight moaning as he pumped with vigor.

Several times I watched as he would look over at me to see If his moaning woke me, especially after he moaned loudly as his cock expelled its semen.

I was into watching Jamie and found myself very aware of other guys in the mens rooms, pissing at the malls, or parks, I loved looking at their cocks. I would get a boner every time I saw another guys dick.

I had turned seventeen and Jamie was nineteen when it all came to a head, Jamie was stroking off one night, nothing new there, but I was laying in my bed massaging my own boner, and I noticed him looking over at me.

"Ken, why don't you come over and join me, we can beat off together." he said.

" No more invitation needed, I jumped up, hurried over to his bed, slipped off my briefs and crawled next to my older brother, we began to stroking our boners, I loved seeing Jamie's big cock and then I realized laying next to Jamie, Mine was about the same size, "Damn Dude, your as big as I am." Jamie said. We began some serious stroking like a race to see who would finish first.

Jamie stopped, "Hey Ken wanna do each other?" he asked.

I almost jumped at the chance to touch his cock and feeling that soft velvety foreskin, just like mine, feeling those veins bulging from its hardness.

We had stroked each other for a couple minutes and it was feeling awesome, when Jamie said. "My buddy told me about trying something else, other than stroking," he said he had done it with another buddy of his, We changed ends and did what they call a "69" we sucked each others cocks at the same time." I was at the other end in a New York minute and had My brothers hard-on in my mouth, slurpping and sucking like a wild man.

The feeling of my brothers hot, wet, sucking mouth on my exposed cock head and taking it to the balls was the most unbelievable pleasure I had ever experienced.

It didn't take me very long and I was unloading my cum into Jamie's mouth, Jamie took it like a pro and swallowed every drip.

I had paused to shoot off, and I really wanted to taste Jamie's cum, I began sucking him like a wild man, It didn't take Jamie long and I had a huge mouth load and loved the taste.

"Damn Dude, that was fucking fantastic." he said. I said, "Hey now we can really enjoy each other for as long as we want," I said. and we Did, for several years after that I can't tell you how many times Jamie and I relieved each other of a load of cum.

Jamie was twenty when he enlisted in the Marines and I was left again in an empty bed, so I went to local commumity college and got a degree in business and accounting, I got certified as a CPA, got a good Job at a well established accounting firm there in our town.

Every time Jamie came home on leave there was one hot time in the sack that first night. Jamie would relate stories of his sexcapades in the Marines which always made me horny and hot for some action.

After about two years had passed I got my own apartment.

Then there was that one day when a new dude named David got hired into the firm.

Now David and I worked a little while together, breaking him in, but David was a quiet guy, extremely handsome and he wore a wedding band which was sort of a hands off limits sign.

One day after he had been there about six months, well lets just say I had stripped David on many occassions, licked and ate out his gorgeous ass, and had my way with him, well at least in my mind, he was so hot looking, I wanted him bad.

Then at the lunch room that day, David asked me if I would like to go to dinner with him that night, I was shocked.

I was wanting to say to David, If dinner was all he was wanting? but I controlled myself.

I set a time for 6:30 that evening and we met and went out to Long Horn Steak house and had a wonderful meal, after which I inivited David Back to my place for a drink, beer, wine, just whatever he would like, But I knew what I wanted to drink, and it didn't cum in a bottle, lol.

We had supper that night and he came back willingly to my apartment.

As David drank his beer, he just smiled I said, "What" and smiled back.

David just looked straight into my eyes and said. "You know I have the hot's for you, don't you?" I was shocked, "I just thought you were married, you know with that wedding ring and all." I responded.

"It's my fathers wedding ring, I've never been married, I wear it to keep the woman away." it's like a safeguard, Truthfully I'm tired of living with that old dude I share a Mobile home with, he's a jerk.."

David sat down beside me on the sofa and I leaned in and kissed him on the lipss, I have raped you with my eyes many time, wanting to get it on with you."

I kept kissing David and his tongue was so hot, I was about to explode.

I was going at a fast pace hoping I didn't scare him off, I had his shirt unbuttoned and his trousers undone, I had my hand inside his trousers rubbing a very hard cock, it was thick, it was long and it felt awesome.

I finally had David, raise up and I slipped his shoes off and then his trousers. I got down on the floor on my knees and as I lifted Davids muscular legs, up admiring his hairyness,and that awesome looking ass, I began licking and sucking on his asshole, "OH Fuck man, I never, Oh Shit........" I stopped long enough to say, I take it you like this, and went back to eating that gorgeous ass and tongueing his asshole with much fervor, I was loving that masculine taste, that flavor of cleaness and pure asshole, I was loving it and David was going wild.

"Hey Ken, if you keep that up I'm gonna cum," I knew what he wanted and I was gonna give it to him. I slid my mouth up his body from that asshole pausing to suck on his big luscious nuts, savoring that sorta musty taste, that aroma, and then I took his beautifully cut cock into my mouth and took it to the balls as my tongue did a dance swirling around on the underside of his cock head. I was swirling and twisting my hand around the shaft and going up and down with each suck, and I could tell that David was almost there, then that breathing I remembered so well, that setting of his leg muscles,I could see him moving his toes, and his stomach started doing a little quivering and his nuts had disappeared in his body, and then the climax, David let out a loud Grunt and groan, "Oh Holy Shit," and the flood gate opened and my head couldn't move, as I felt his hands shove it to the balls on his pulsing cock. I gulped and swallowed as fast as I could.

I completely empties Davids balls with that one.

"Aw fuck Ken, I haven't felt anything like that since I was a kid. But I want you to cum too, I stood up and dropped my trousers and my briefs, and there stood old faithfull, like a fucking girter on a bridge, rigid, dripping pre-cum, ready for action, David raised his legs up to his chest, "ENJOY" he said with a smile.

I got up close and I heard his grunt as my boner penetrated his hot asshole, and I was in lovers heaven, got his asshole was fresh, tight, and hotter that a firecracker.

With the heat and the rectal muscle work David was bringing to bear on my hard-on, It didn't take me long as hot as I was to blow a huge load, I thought David would be shitting my cum for a week. He didn't want me to take it out, we stayed connected for almost twenty minutes untill I got soft and it fell out, I got a wet clothe and wiped David and my own cocks clean.

David stayed the night and before morning I was the one getting fucked and it felt awesome to feel Davids hot cock in my ass.

David and I are now house mates as well as sex partners.

Last week at work David came over to my cubicle and stood there with a thick folder in his hand, it was held at crotch level.

"Hey Ken, I've got something for you," He said.

I smiled up at David, "what?"

"This" he said, and I looked as he moved the folder and there in his trousers was a big thick boner. I looked around and didn't see anyone, and I began stroking it thru the trouser, it tooke about four minutes and David Face became contorted, he began to sort of jerk and I realized he was shooting his load.

When it was over I told him to go to the mens room to clean up the mess before it came thru his trousers and visible. David, just said, 'I love you, you know that?"

Truth is Life is really good, David and I are happy and well what can I say, satisfying.....

Love ya'll .........CIAO...........



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