Let me start off by saying who I am. My name is Brian, I'm 5'11, dark skinned with curly black hair and tone muscles and abs and I have been told I have a cute face. The person I'm madly inlove with is named Travis he's 6' light skinned and has a body to die for and charming blue eyes with brown hair to match and the face of a god! I'm 18, a senior in high school and so is Travis. I grew up in a somewhat open home meaning that my mom side of the family didn't mind gays or bi people at all because I have 4 gay relatives and I could say the same for my dads side of the family except for him. My father is a complete homophobic, due to that im still in the closet and we normally don't get along. I pretty much knew I was Bi all my life but never had the guts to do anything with either gender sadly. Up until now however ...

It was a hot summer Saturday night, and I was sitting at the computer waiting for my best friend who I haven't seen in a year to arrive at my house at any moment. Me being my self I was ridiculously impatient and started to think he wasn't gonna show up. About an hour passed and I texted him like a hundred times and still wasn't getting a reply so I was freaking out at that point. Then I heard the door open and I turned my head to see who came in. And, to much surprise it was Travis, he had finally showed up! 'Long time no see.' Travis said calmly. I stood with this warm feeling in my body and walked towards him and he shocked me with a tight bear hug. 'It's been so long, I have been waiting to see you for the longest!' I yelped trying to make this hug last. 'So is Ma home?' he asked me anxiously.(He calls my Mom 'Ma' because, she treats him like her own son) 'No, she's still at work putting in extra honors for her upcoming test.' Oh was his reply and we sat there at the kitchen counter talking, and catching up.

'Hey do you mind making me a waffle even though it's so late?' Travis asked with a cheeky grin on his face, that shine with the lighting.(Travis looks my cooking, even more than my mom's but, his favorite thing we loved me to cook was a waffle) Without even hesitating I got up and bid his wishing like his slave or something and got to work. As I was mixing the ingredients he got up and leaned over my shoulder with his and his body was sorta pressing on mine. Just that simple little touch made my knees buck and sent my mind in wonderous places. 'I hope I'm not weirding you out or any thing by me so close.' as he said still behind me 'Not at all'. I just barely managed to get the words out because, of his warm breathing hitting my neck it gave me a stiffey in to time. Luckily my dick was under the counter's edge so he couldn't see it. A little later his waffle was done and the smile on his face got me all tingly in side knowing he was happy. But, all good things came to an end as my father had walked in the house, just getting back from a party with alcohol in his system. As we walked to towards the dining room Travis could tell the expression on my face had dramtically changed.

'Why wasn't I told there was company coming over!? It better not be any funny bussiness going on in here!' My dad angrily slurred with a drunk look in his eyes. The room had grew deathly silent and Travis stopes eating. As I was about to open my mouth and reply Travis respounded 'Mr.Johnson, Brian and I are just gonna be hanging out for the next few days, I don't mean to be of any trouble.' I wasn't too shocked when my dad just smile at him any driftly walked to the staircase because, truthfully my dad likes Travis better than me since he's into sports and what not. 'You seemed uneasy when we walked in Brian. Is something the matter?' Travis asked me with worry. I just smiled and shook my head and then Travis got back to eating.'It's sad that I have to lie to my best friend in front of his face like this... I guess it's for the best though I wouldn't want to loose him as a friend if he found out I was bi.' I thought to my self as I Gould Travis I'll meet him up stairs in a few.

As I made my way to my bedroom, I heard Travis unpacking his bag. When I walked in, he was standing up hands behind his back with a huge grin on his face. ' Why are you looking all happy like ???' I asked looking dumb in the face. 'Happy Belated Birthday!' he blurted then handed me a book sized blue bag.'What is it?' I responded nervously 'Just look in side.' I took the bag and when I saw what it was I almost wanted to cry, it was a picture we took together at the park before I had moved away.'Wow ... I'm shocked right now this gift is amazing and I love the frame too. It's going right on the night stand!' It was about midnight by then and I told him I was going to shower in a few. ' If it's ok I wanna shower first I was playing basketball all day and I feel a bit dirty.' Travis said pointing to his pits. I laughed and told him I was fine with it. He then striped to a tanktop and briefs and boy was I enjoying the view, the bugle I saw got me hard in a heart beat and that beautiful ass was absolutely gorgeous. When I heard the shower start I turned on tv but didn't watch it, then I turned on my side while laying on the bed and began admiring the photo he had gave me.Moments later a tear came rolling down from my eyes and it slowly disappeared within my pillow. 'You mean far to much to me to let you go, that's why I'm do scared to tell you ..' I told my self softly.

When he walked back in my room he startled me with the glow from his Greek god like body glimering in the dim light. I almost faint right there when I saw a glimps of his dick head pop out his towel and it sure looked thick. If I was allowed I would have went down on him right there! I quickly got up and graves a clean pair of briefs and a towel then headed to the shower. I arrows inside the steaming hot water and started stroking my 8 inch black cock while caressing my balls and thinking back to when his body was right against mine. It didn't take long before I shot load my all over my abs and cleaned my fingers by pretending it was Travis's cum I was licking. I hoped out the shower put on my briefs and dried off as I headed to my room. On the way to my door I heard a women moaning yelling 'Yeah fuck me good baby!!' repeatedly. So I creeped to the door silently and saw Travis beating away at this 10 inch cock. The sight alone just made me want to cum all over again . I have no clue what made me do it but, I just walked in the room as though Travis wasn't doing any thing.'Hey boys will be boys.' Travis remarked looking back at me while still pumping away at his meat stick. Without noticing I began to taking an intrest to what I was seeing and it was the women that was catching my eye. 'Ohh shit I'm.. !' he yelled while thick white streams of cum shot all over his t-shirt. I was starstruck by the sence and stored it in my mind as if I was a computer of some sort. 'Looks like your friend can use some attention too.' he chuckled too me look down.

I was so captivated by what I had seen that I paid no attention to the raging boner inside my briefs that was screaming to be touched! 'You don't have to be ashamed, we all do it.' Travis said with a devious smile on his face while handing me his laptop. 'I'll have to pass this time.' as I pushed the laptop back towards him. 'Suit your self' he said as he shrugged, then went to clean himself up. 'I'm such an idiot! That was the perfect time to confess to him !' I groaned to my self feeling a bit let down and disappointed. When he came back I cut the tv off along with the lights and we both crawled under my covers of my queen sized bed, with him only were underwear. It was pretty quiet for a while with only the sound of the outdoors filling the room.'Hey Travis can I tell you something?' I asked as I turned otherway to face him. ' Yeah what is it bud?' Silence filled the room again the I blurted 'Travis I love you!' It grew deathly silent again then he turned towards me. 'Oh no I messed up! He definatly hates me now!' I thought to myself with athousand other thoughts filling my head. He looked me dead in the eyes with his chizzled looks and blue eyes and smiled. 'Your not ... mad?' I said looking worried. 'Of course not because I love you too.' I felt lighthead when those words left his lips. 'You do?' I said while tears are growing in my eyes. That's when he really surprises me and leans in and plants a long passionant kiss of my soft lips.

I was completely shocked! The boy of my dreams just kissed me. 2 tears ran hand my face and he placed his hand on my cheek to stop them 'Don't cry, your far to beautiful to cry. Tears don't deserve to roll down such a wonderful face.' He said to me smiling while stroking my cheek. So much had happened in just a few hours it was just so over helming I couldn't help but cry. He warped his arms around me and gave me another longing kiss that seem as though it last for hours. When he placed his tounge in my mouth I was in heaven, the taste of his mouth was unbelievable so warm and wet. His hold was so tight and strong I just placed my hands on his chest and let him have me. We would only separate to breathe and then would go right back at it. Some what of electricity shot through me when I felt his hot cock against my crotch, the feeling sent me over the top. I naturally reached for it and started caressing through his boxers. 'We don't have to do this if your not ready' He yelped while giving a slight moan. 'Trust me baby I want go go all the way' I said grinning. He gave me one more long sloppy kiss and then I went at it.

I slowly rolled the blanket back and told him to lay on his back and just relax, and so he did. I took a deep breathe and unleashed his cock and it nearly slapped me in the face. 'Damn!' was all I could say because, it was even bigger than earlier maybe 11 inches max. I work my dainty hands around this whale of a dick and started stroking it slowly before licking the shaft up and down slowly. Judging by his soft moans I guess I was doing a good job. The way it tasted and felt in my mouth was really unique and erotic since I was a virgin I was horny as hell! I was only able to fit a good 7 inches in my mouth because it was so damn big. He started jerking his hips back and forth to fit more down my throat and god knows I was loving it. I worked my way to his huge plump balls that tasted just as good as his cock. He was going crazy jerking his body more violently, so I knew he was near climax. 'Eat me out..' he cried in a hush voice.So I flipped him over and spread his cheeks to show off a nice pink hole that needed to be ate! I placed my tounge in his hole and the gave out a small girly kind of moan, that turned me on even more. As was chowing down on his pink virgin hole I began pumping my precum oozing cock, in less then a second I was living the life.

'Babe, let me do you now. It only seems fair.'So I raised my ass in the air and let him do his thing. Wow was I shocked, his hot mouth was tounge fucking the hell out my ass, with every flick of his tounge it sent pleasuring shivers all over my body. Still with my ass up, we grabs my cock and starts using his majestic tounge to lick and slurp at my piss slit. I wanted to cum on the spot but I held back. 'Your precum tastes so sweet!' He told me ass we licks a finger and sticks it up my virgin tight hole. The feeling was unpleasant but, then changed into a wonderful sinsation as he put more fingers inside me. He spat on my hole a few times making me nice and wet for the hung treat I was about to receive. He then arched my back a bit and told me to take a deep breathe. My heart was pounding I was about to be fucked for the first time ever by the person I love the most. 'It's gonna hurt alot I'll take it nice and slow..' he said calmly.The head started to push on my hole and when it popped in it surely did hurt, I had made a small cry for him to stop a bit but we kept slowly pushing the shaft in. The pain was unbearable I would have did anything to make it stop! He stopped at one point to let me relax and get adjusted to the size. After about 10 minutes I gave him the ok and with on quick push I left his warm balls on mine. 'It's all the way in babe.How does it feel.' He says to me with a chuckle. ' It feels amazing!' I yelled. As he was pulling out I felt this sonic like feeling urge in me that made me and my cock jump. 'I just brushed agaisnt a your love spot. That's what makes getting fucked fell so good.' And boy was he right!

For a few minutes he took it nice and slow making every thrust last, the longer his cock was in me the more natural and erotic it felt, that would make him would speed up. 15 minutes past and all 11 inches was fucking me like it was no tomorrow, I had never had a feeling like that ever in my life, I was in what you would call pure ecstasy! He would call me sweet and dirty names that made me hornier than ever. 'Get on your back I want to see you as we make love together.' Like a good little puppy I did as I was told and he went right back to fucking me like crazy. I was so glad my dad was a deep sleeper and my mom was at work because my dad might have killed me and Travis if his eyes witnessed what we were doing but, the thought of it only made me want Travis to fuck me harder! My knees were on my chest and cock was about to explode in mere seconds, just before I was about to cum all over myself he leans in gives me one of the sexiest tounge kisses of my life. With that, it sent 8 streams of cum all on my chest, chin, and neck. Travis licked up what was on my face then gave me a taste by us swapping spit. ' That orgasim was so entense!! I'm never going to forget this night, never!' I moaned still tingling from my eruption. Travis picked up speed and start to fuck me harder the ever then, with one last pump of his waist he poured what seem like gallons of hot thick cum in my ass. He the fell out on my chest breathing very heavy, dripping with sweat, his hot body made me even more satisfied with our fuck. He softened up and his cock pulled out along with is cum that spilled on the bed, as it did I took most of which I could then tasted it and it was spectacular. 'That was one of the hottest fucks I have had with anyone Brian, I truly do love you.' That night we quickly went to sleep tired from our very long fucking and love session, he held me the whole time never letting me go making me love him even more and making me feel so relaxed.

I woke up that morning and the first thing I saw was his shining blue eyes reflecting the morning sun, smiling with a much satisfied look on face. 'Brian I love with all my heart and I would really like it if you would be my boyfriend or maybe even my life partner?' He explained seeming a bit anxious and nervous. 'Of course I would!!!' I cried. He kissed me on the forehead then hugged me tightly, not to long after we were cuddling in each arms listeining to the morning birds and cicadas buzz. Later that day we fucked continuously through out the day and would see each other every weekend. To this day we are still madly in love and have the sparks still flying!

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