I just stood there naked. My parents had helped me move into my dorm yesterday and today was my first day in the city with all the crazy freedom that just about every kid has when their parents drop them off for college. High school seemed like a blur now and the rest of my life was just standing in front of me. Life was just staring at me. Looking as if it expected me to do something with it. This was my time to experience life and rejoice in both the wonderful and awful parts of it. So far my past seemed pretty bleak. For one, my social life was limited. Limited mainly to just a few friends from my hometown and really we all only seemed to bond over blunts and bongs. But now all my friends had gone their ways to get high in other places and I'm here in this giant city alone. When picking a college I wanted to make sure it would be a blank slate, a place for me to start my own life, and a place for me to be myself without any of the constrictions of home.

Something I was really looking forward is the exploration of the sexual world. I was gay, and pretty okay with it. So far I haven't really told anyone. Not even my parents. It wasn't about being secretive. I just didn't find it to be anybody's business but my own.

And oh yeah, I'm a virgin.

I guess there just wasn't really any opportunity for me to have a sex life. But now I was ready. I was ready to experience it all and get it out of my system in college. Leading up to the months before college it appeared to be an easy thing in my mind. Getting laid? Pshhh, EVERYONE gets laid in college. How could I not?! But now I started to think that this could be a lot harder than it seemed. I had to be daring. I had to grab it by the balls! Literally!

But back to me being naked.

I stood there on the cold hardwood floors next to my bed. My roommate wasn't due to move in until tomorrow so I had the whole place to myself. By "whole place" I meant the cardboard box-sized place that my college expected me to live in for the next few years It was still summer and the room was pretty hot.

But my naked body was nice and cool. I never bothered really working out, so my body wasn't chiseled like a Greek god, but I wasn't super skinny either. My whole life I had been allergic to most food colorings in a lot of processed foods so I ate pretty well and never really gained much weight. I never worked out but the majority of my muscle came from my love of rock climbing. I found it to be a relaxing sport that helped me keep in shape without the need to be working out all the time. I wasn't too pale but I never bothered tanning. I had green eyes and my hair was pretty short and wavy but I kept it a little messy.

Now for the stuff I know you wanna hear about.

I tend to be a pretty modest guy. So I'd never usually brag about it, but I have a great cock. It was maybe my most proud feature, even though nobody but I, has seen it. It stuck about 8 ½ inches straight from my body with only the slightest upward curve towards the end. I also kept it shaved. I never really liked much hair down there and cleanup always seemed to be a lot easier. I couldn't even wait to use this thing at school.

I thought then that is was time for me to get dressed.

I put on a pair of shorts, and a black Smith Street Band t-shirt from when I saw them a couple years ago in concert, and my Vans. I kept my wardrobe pretty simple.

My first day in the city seemed pretty daunting but I didn't plan on doing anything extreme today. I wanted to maybe just go to the library for a cup of coffee and some faster internet than the shit internet in the dorms. Thankfully the tens-of-thousands of dollars I spend a semester on tuition have given me access to a pretty great rock-climbing wall at the school gym so I planned to hit that later. As I walked out the door I saw the other guys on my floor all hanging out in the common area floor. A couple seemed pretty cute, but I decided even if they all emerged on me with their amazing naked bodies on a drunken Friday night, that I would hold back from fucking every single one of them, due to the fact that I definitely don't want any weird drama with them that could last the entirety of our stay in the dorms. Although depending on the circumstances and how badly my 8 ½ inch cock wants it, I could maybe make something happen, but that's for a later time.

The library was nice and close by, which meant I could easily get away from the dorms if need be. I sat down at one end of a table and took out my laptop and browsed the internet for a little while. I got a couple emails from friends from high school, but they were just girls who only got the courage to chase after my dick now that we've graduated.

It was around noon and I had been there for a little more than an hour when I realized that the library was starting to pick up. People were starting to fill up the tables around me but thankfully nobody sat down on the other end of my table. But soon enough a sweet voice asked from behind me if someone was sitting there. She seemed like a nice girl and of course I wasn't going to say no because the tables were pretty long and it wouldn't really bother me at all. She said thanks and sat down her stuff which seemed to be way more than what a single person would be bringing to the library. Two laptops?

This was soon answered when a boy passed by from behind me and walked straight up the girl and sat down. He had two cups of coffee and one was placed in front of him and one in front of her. I glanced up to see that he was... perfect. Short light brown hair, light grey-green eyes and a set of teeth that rival the ones in the commercials. He had these adorable hipster frames on his eyes which went with the rest of his look.

I couldn't stop staring. Thankfully he didn't notice because I'm pretty sure I drooled a mighty puddle right on the table, which doesn't even come close to the pool that was about to develop in my pants. I pulled my chair in so my obvious boner wouldn't be seen by everyone on campus even before classes even started. I was hot for this guy. Most of all he was adorable and had on this great smile.

When I finally took my eyes off of him, it registered to me that he had just given the girl a peck on the cheek after delivering the coffee. I mean what did I expect? It would have been nice, but then again it seems silly to think that I could already have a mate on my first day of campus.

This still didn't stop me from thinking of all the great stuff I'd like to do to him.

When my raging hard-on subsided I decided that before I involuntarily cum in my shorts, I should go. So I packed my things and went home to drop them off before changing into appropriate gym wear.

When I got home, I removed my boxers to see that I had left a sea of pre-cum in my boxers. Which by the way, happens often. Sometimes I feel like I really don't even need to use lube when jacking-off cause there's always way too much pre-cum.

I got into proper gym apparel and headed off. I did my best to not think of just how cute he was because there's no hiding a piece of wood in these gym shorts. But still I could feel my dick swell up just a bit on my way there. Thankfully as soon as I walked into the gym the amazing rock wall stood right in front of me and mind completely left the thought of him.

An hour and a half on the wall is a perfect workout for someone like myself. I felt pretty good. On my last route up the wall I looked around when I got to the top because I really hadn't even eyed the rest of the gym because my focus was on the wall. Just glancing around the room I saw a few girls on some of the ellipticals and a couple guys lifting weights. I guessed that school hadn't even really started and most people hadn't moved in yet so the gym seemed kind of barren. But then my jaw dropped. I recognized the clean shaven face, his slight shortness, and of course the thick black glasses around his sparkling eyes was an immediate giveaway. He was on the treadmill running at a pretty fast pace and then I became lost in his body due to the fact that his tank top hung pretty loose leaving me with the beautiful sight of his great arms and a bit of his pecks. Wow.

Along with my jaw dropping, so did my whole body. If it wasn't for the harness I would've fallen from quite a height. But instead I was lowered down easily and I was back on the ground. I almost never fell, but of course I knew it was because I lost myself at the sight of him.

When I looked back over to where he used to be, he wasn't there. I just guessed he had moved on. And I needed to do the same.

I needed to get out of there.

So I found my way back to the locker room which was on the bottom floor.

The locker room seemed to be completely empty. Not a single sound came from any part of it it seemed. So I got undressed, placed a towel around my waist and put my stuff in the locker. I had worked out pretty well and I needed a breather, so I sat down on one of the benches in between the lockers. Just sitting there thinking about him got me pretty aroused. I know it seems a little bit risky to just start touching yourself in a men's locker room, but there was obviously nobody there. I didn't get too into it, but I could tell my dick just wanted a little bit of attention. It wasn't even really hard just, so I stroked it lightly and played with my head. The stirring from down there started to get heavier so I decided to cut it off before I got into a full jerk-off session in the locker room. Although my hand left my growing dick, my mind couldn't leave the thought of him. I don't know what I thought I could do. He had a girlfriend. Or at least I think it was his girlfriend? I mean... do people in this city kiss friends on the cheek?

Now I needed a shower to seriously cool down.

So I headed to the back of the giant and completely empty locker room where the showers were supposed to be.

I was almost there when I saw a body sitting down on a bench between the lockers. He was just sitting there.

Completely naked.

With a raging hard-on that just seemed to be pulsating up in the air.

I don't even think he noticed me as I just stood there watching him in awe. His body was kind've slouched over and his head was hanging there just staring straight at his own dick. Admiring it maybe? Well that was probably the case because it was definitely something to be proud of. It had to be a good 8 inches of solid cut meat that was nice and thick near the base but even slightly more-so towards the head, which curved downward just a bit. His balls were a deep pink as they just rested on the wooden benches.

He slightly flexed his arm, and then his dick.

At this point he was still unaware I was even there.

That is until a made a completely involuntary moan.

He looked straight up at me in complete shock. His glasses framed his face perfect and we held eye contact very briefly.

I quickly apologized and was about to head out when his shocked face turned to the most adorable smile ever and he chuckled just a little before saying "nah man it's alright. No worries. I had no idea there was anybody even here." He for some reason never even bothered covering himself up but I guess that's because his clothes seemed to be in a ball about 6-7feet away and there was no way he could just hide his giant piece of wood in just his hand. He started to talk again and said "I just couldn't help myself. Sometimes I just get super horny and there's nothing I can even do about it." His smile continued and it was incredibly contagious so I couldn't help myself from putting one on too. I just hoped he couldn't see my own package growing behind the towel.

"I'm sorry you had to see this man, but I just can't help myself sometimes" he said.

I wanted to say the same thing in regards to me staring at him while drooling wide-eyed, but I seemed to just be completely silent. Instead I just made a gesture that I was just gunna be on my way to the shower.

He nodded and just smiled.

Oh my god. What had just happened? The boy I had obsessed over all day was just sitting right in front of me, completely naked, and I couldn't comprehend how beautiful he was. Completely sexy. My mouth watered. He had much more a sculpted body than I had. His light tan all around his body was very subtle but it gave him a glow under the white lights of the locker room.

My body just seemed to find itself to a shower stall and closed the curtain and turned the water on because I don't know if I was completely conscious. Had I just dreamed that?

Immediately I noticed that my own cock was as hard as a rock and weighed my lower body down. The warm water felt pretty good but there was nothing that was gunna bring this thing down other than intervention which would require me to blow a load right now in this shower stall.

I stroked it and felt it as I closed my eyes just a bit to picture his perfect body once again.

I was completely lost in my thoughts that I had hardly noticed that a cold burst of air had come from behind. I realized someone had just pulled back the curtain on me and I went completely red.

"Jesus Christ!" was all I was able to get out when I saw him and his big smile.

I tried to cover myself but it was hopeless. He just stared at my crotch and laughed. It wasn't naughty at all, it was just him giggling.

"what the hell, who are you?" seemed to be my obvious response.

In between a laugh and chuckle he blurted out "See? There. Now I've seen YOU naked. That seems fair right? And anyways you have NOTHING to be ashamed of. I thought I had a big dick."

I was shocked and definitely blushing. I had no idea what to say.

But I was even more shocked when his hand found it's way to my dick which was still completely hard.

(right about now was when I came while writing this)

I had no idea how to react. But he just smiled and laughed it off as if it was nothing. But now his smile turned into one that was a little bit more devious looking. But still I had no idea where this was going. Looking back at it now, this was exactly what I would've wanted to happen but instead I was just paralyzed.

He then stepped into the shower with me and I could see that he still had a hard-on from before.

The shower stall wasn't very big so it seemed pretty tight. It may even have felt as he was cornering me under the stream of water that seemed to be getting hotter every moment.

I could tell in his eyes that he seemed hungry, but his smiled seemed just way too innocent. And plus the quiet little giggles totally confused me.

So we just moved around the shower looking at each other. The little amount of space meant that our dicks touched a couple times or they would just lean up against the other's body. Although he still had a hand around the base of my cock.

I was so into the moment that I guess I went in for a kiss. That seemed like the right thing to do in the situation. But as I almost got to his lips, he backed away just slightly and said quite boyishly "na uh" as he shook his head. "Don't you remember? I have a girlfriend. I know you saw me at the library with her."

I had no idea how to respond.

"But....." I murmured.

Before he would've had to answer he grabbed me lightly by the shoulders and turned me around to face the cold tile wall.

He quickly moved his hand down to my ass. And now I could feel his thick cock graze against each cheek. His body got closer to mine and I could feel his smooth abs up against my back. He played with my asshole lightly with his finger.

I was waiting for him to decide to enter me but instead he seemed to just play with it. With a grab here and there, he fondled my ass and threw a hand around to my own dick to play with me. He was in complete control, and since I had no idea what was going to happen, I just let go.

Since I only had a view of the white tile in front of me, I just closed my eyes.

At this point I lost track of time and his body was right up against my back. He stroked my cock from behind and that's when I felt his thick meat nestle between my ass cheeks. He just let in sit in between them without ever actually penetrating. He then slowly started moving it up and down lightly still in between. I wanted him so badly to just get it inside and fuck the shit out of me, but instead he made me suffer with just this.

His leg muscles were strong and I could feel the veins in his cock pulse as his whole body would lightly thrust up into my lower body. I could tell that I was getting close to cumming when I realized I had been moaning slightly.

I could also feel his wet hair on the side of my face as his chin rested on my left shoulder. His breathing began to get heavy and his body moved with much more force up into my lower back.

He shut off the water and then his hands grabbed my hips as he thrusted his dick even harder.

I grabbed my own cock and kept stroking when he then said

"I'm about to cum"

I wanted to turn around and drop to my knees but he was in control and he gave one last thrust before he blew his load all over my back. I knew I was pretty wet but there was no doubt that it was a massive amount of cum. His moans had reached their peak and his tense body eased up until he grabbed onto my cock and jerked it. I was lost in his embrace and then I myself cummed what seemed to be more than I had ever cummed before. I had my hands on the wall in front of me to hold me up but one of his hands was on my cock and one was at the end of my head cupped to catch my whole load.

When my moans had subsided enough for me to comprehend, he whispered to me in a disgusted voice "you're a fucking fag you know that? And you're disgusting you know that?" That's when he slathered my entire load all over my body and made me lick his fingers clean of it.

We were both panting when he let me go and I turned around to see his massive cock hanging limp and red but still thick and meaty. I guess it was just natural habit to go in for another kiss when he said "nope".

I guess I was confused but I was too into the moment to understand.

"my name is Jake by the way" he said.

I told him my name and he nodded before responding with "well I guess I'll see you around".

He stepped out of the shower and into the still empty locker room.

I realized that even though I was under the shower head for what seemed like an eternity, I was still covered in my own cum and I smelled like sex. So I finished my shower very slowly still trying to think about what just happened.

As the soap spilled down the drain, I thought about how he wouldn't let me kiss him. And he never actually penetrated my ass. He just rubbed it between my cheeks.

I guessed that this still meant I was a virgin.

And what still confused me, was whether he was actually straight. Could that be possible? He said he has a girlfriends but still....? And would I ever really see him again? And what should I expect?

This all seemed way too much for me and I couldn't properly focus so I finished my shower pretty sore.

I changed into my clothes and was headed back to my apartment.

Before I went to sleep, I wondered one last question: "could college really be this great?"




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