Dipping down, underneath the low cut dress, he clasped a huge bare tit in either hand. 'I'll warm them for you,' he said and received an immediate slap in the face.

'How dare you!'

'I was just warming them.'

She stared at the man horrified, disgusted, furious. 'What?'

'You just said you have cold tits.'

'Coal tits. I said I have coal tits. In the garden. Look, there, around the bird bath, little birds with grey markings, grey back, black cap, white patch at the back of its neck -- coal tits.'

'Oh' he said. 'Well, sorry. But it broke the ice, anyway.'

'You are here for interview to be my gardener.' Her voice held more ice than the frozen birdbath in the garden beyond the study window. 'What do you know of gardens?'

'Oh,' he waffled. 'Lots....Um...I can read up on what I don't know...'

'You aren't a gardener at all.' She put her hand on the bell to call her private security. 'What are you doing here? I shall have you punished for this. I shall have my men break you in pieces...' She warmed up. 'I shall have them sexually degrade you as you just did me, and see if you dare report to the police when you've been made a p....'

'Okay, okay, I get the message, sorry your ladyship, just joking, just a prank, oughtn't've done it, I know. Sorry, sorry, sorry.'

Something about his manner eased her fury, a large part of which arose in the arousal he'd caused her feel and frustration at not being fucked for over a year. Over a year!

'Your son suggested it.'

Her voice rose an octave: 'My son?'

'Evan, he's a good friend of mine, he suggested I pretend to apply for the gardener job. He showed me your photo....'

'And why would he show you my photo? What business is it of yours?'

'I'm an interior designer, he was showing me photos of your house, you were in some of them and he saw my eyes light up. I believe he thought I might be good for you.'

She ceased moving and thought hard. Her emotions hovered on brink of change. This was becoming a surprisingly appealing situation and her eyes saw him anew. In between her age and her son's age, an attractive man, sexy. 'Your son knows its very difficult for me to find a woman I'm attracted to and can respect, who's sexy and honorable and... built like I like...'

'My son sent you to seduce me?'

In a situation which was entirely delicate, this was the most delicate juncture so far. Honesty might be the best policy. 'Yes, I reckon he did.'

'He's a devil' she said, musing, caught between desire and anger.

'But a good-hearted devil.'

'So...' the handsome fake gardener said, looking at her in a certain way.

'Well...' she said, looking back at him similarly.

On a knife edge, the situation could go either way. She wasn't certain to what extent it was up to her. Now he'd seen her in the flesh, felt her flesh up too, did he still find her desirable? So long without a man that she wondered if she was making a habit of subconsciously avoiding contact with every potential mate, this was first time in two years she was hot for a specific male individual, rather than just hot and yet hating every male. She still felt where his hands outrageously presumptuously squeezed her naked breasts. Her nipples were long and hard, she imagined his lips and tongue stimulating them and her eyes strayed to the bulge of swinging tackle swelling beneath the crotch of his pants. She was hot, really hot.

'Actually, my tits are rather cold.'

The time was ripe, the woman was ripe, the tits were ripe. He peeled the straps of the clinging nylon top off her beautiful shoulders and pulled the garment down to her waist. It was a light charcoal color, similar shade to the markings on the coal tits doing their bird thing in the bird bath. Glancing, he thought some of them appeared to be copulating. He knew little about birds but that seemed a really good idea and kissing the side of the woman's neck, he extricated her left breast from its cup, savoring its shape and fullness, clasping the long nipple in the cleft of his thumb and hand. Big nippled melons like this turned him on big time. He took the nipple into his mouth and fished the other breast out.

Raising his lips to blow warm air into her ear he murmured 'Take my cock out.' Enthusiastically she undid his pants and got at his hard cock. Pants slipped off, he eased her down onto the carpet, astride her, squishing the boobs together with each hand, pushed his cock in. 'Hold them around it' he urged. Eager now, she complied and he began steadily tit-fuck her, helmeted knob emerging from the tunnel of breasts to touch her throat and chin. One of his feet felt its way between her legs, toes into her pussy. As his cock pushed up, his toes pushed down. Cock down, toes up. She couldn't recall his name, didn't matter now, he was good friend of her wicked son, or wicked friend of her good son, so proficient at sex that he made it like a dream for her. She'd not enjoyed her body like this for years and would soon climax if he kept going like this. Later she'd have his cock inside her, that thought thrilled her more and her orgasm began.

Well experienced, the man saw this rich bitch wanted his juice. He kneaded the huge tits and worked his cock to abandon grinning down at her as his wad squirted copiously over her neck. Letting his cock out of her cleavage he offered it to her while still ejaculating. 'Suck the rest off, good hard suck to finish me off nicely.' Her eyes closed as she sucked him dry and he laughed. On hands and knees looking around he spotted some antique pieces he could readily slip in his pocket as he left. She had no idea of his real name, he didn't know the least thing about her son whom he'd merely sat next to in first class on the transatlantic flight, chatted to and gained sufficient trust to be shown some family photos. First class tickets often paid off for the opportunistic. So many young guys, especially from rich families, with sex-starved easy target mothers.

The man stayed another 90 minutes, time enough to get his end off in her pussy, shower together, have her give him a satisfying hand job, leave her sleeping while he slipped off, pockets loaded with easily sold loot.



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