It had been on my mind all day since I found that coin. Doing laundry seemed to take forever at the Laundromat and I found myself blushing and leaning against the washing machines to hide my hard cock. I always wear gym shorts to do laundry and even with my jock on they hide nothing and you don't need any imagination to see that I was very horny. Packing up my car and obsessed in my thoughts while trying to not hit myself in the churning balls with one of the many things in my arms I didn't notice my friend John Boy walk up. John was three inches taller than my 5'11 height at 6'2 and we weighted the same at 210. We were both tennis and football players so we had great bodies from having to do two completely different work outs to be competitive at both sports in high school and now in college.

Walking up to me he started to complain that I should have let him know I was gonna come do laundry and he woulda met me up here, but he suddenly stopped mid sentence and started to giggle. When I looked at his face I saw he was looking down. Fuck I yelled and tried to cover myself up which just made him laugh all out at this point; the sight of me juggling laundry and detergent and various other items while trying to hide my shame. I pushed him aside and got into my car. I could hear him saying it happens to all of us bro no worries I just thought you were A sexual or something; I never dated and wasn't one to get naked like the other guys. I turned to say I'll see you later man. Was his bulge bigger? Was his face flushed? I reversed out of my spot and in my mirror as I drove away I could have sworn I saw him readjusting his junk. I pondered this until I shook myself and realized I was smoking my third cigarette straight and over half way back to the Arcade. Cock hard and a good sized wet spot surrounding my cock head; thankfully these shorts were black.

Pulling up to the building I reached into the center counsel and pulled out five crumpled dollar bills. I put on my shades as a frivolous attempt at discretion and pushed my hard cock to the right down my shorts leg and walked inside. The moment I entered I should have removed my shades as I could hardly see anything, but I was nervous. After all it was broad daylight and anyone could walk in and see me. There were around 10 vehicles outside including a nice Harley and another sweet diesel F250. Buying my tokens I rushed into the back and ran right into something. Something hard and warm. I backed up and said my apology, taking my shades off I realized that I had ran into a mountain of an African American man. Towering over me he didn't even give me a second look as the scanned back over the room, I saw his eyes narrow on a thin kid about my age and he was sauntering after him. I dodged a bullet on that one. I didn't wanna have to explain where I was or what I was doing when I got a black eye.

Taking some deep breathes and putting my shades on my head above my hat I looked around. Nothing really, a bunch of booths with lights on. I strolled a bit to calm my nerves and I could hear moaning and groaning and slurping from various booths. As I rounded the last corner one of the booths was open and I could see a man in his late 50's power sucking an average 6 inch cock with a thick vain. Right as I was about to walk off he pulled off and I got to see a torrent of cum flow out and cover his face. The man in the next booth was moaning rapidly as he tried to push his whole body through the gloryhole. My cock throbbed and ached seeing this and I walked away quickly before I blew my load in my pants.

I slide into a vacant booth to compose myself. I slide some coins into my machine and found a nice move and just eased back into my chair and teased and played with my cock through my shorts. I was moaning as my cock begged to be taken out of his confines. When the movie ended about minutes later I got up and decided to stroll around. This arcade had 4 rows of booths all containing 4 booths and then on either side a large two or three man booth with peep holes on the outside. On an adjacent hallway there was a row of 6 or 7 two man booths all in a row but none of them had glory holes. I strolled up this hallway and could see guys fucking through several cracked doors. I could feel the precum coating my thigh when I left the hallway.

I was ready and calm. I wanted to swallow a pent up load and then have my own flood gates open and be swallowed. To my dismay though there were no guys standing around cruising and all the booths with gloryholes seemed to be occupied and locked. The moans of passion, panting of exhaustion, whimpers of desperation, and pleads not to stop fueled my hunger and need. I took my place back in the booth I had previously vacated just 15 minutes before hand and deposited more coins.

The porn playing from my screen drowned out the sounds from most of the other men and allowed me to relax. I took my cock out of the leg of my shorts and began to slowly stroke the shaft avoiding the sensitive head. I was so horny so desperate for another man that my cock looked bigger than its 7inches. I also didn't notice the booth next to me open and then lock until I heard coins cascading into the machine. This guy was eager and ready, but I was to, so I dropped the rest of my coins in the machine and waited. Moments later a beautiful cut thick cock came through the hole. Just as long as mine, but where mine had an arrow head and slightly thick this cock was average thickness but a big mushroom head spewing precum and already a nice excited red color.

I reached out and wrapped my hand around it, feeling its warmth and every throb. Hips pumped the cock in and out of my hand until I swiftly replaced it with my mouth causing the man who I guessed was around my age to moan loudly. I slowly slide his cock to the back of my mouth and then swallowed squeezing his big cock head in my throat. I repeated this two more times each time eliciting them same throb and groan response. Pulling completely off I took the head and swirled it gently with my tongue, dipping my head down and then using extra suction coming back up. I was sweating gently as was he and the smell of man with his body wash that was faintly familiar urged me on. His hips were pumping now and I could feel his orgasm approaching.

I had been stroking my own wanted cock the entire time and didn't know how much longer I could hold out; contemplating blowing my load on the floor right when he blew his which would be any minute now. Just as I thought I'd get a mouth full of cum he abruptly pulled back, dropped to his knees and opened his mouth to the hole. Fuck yes as a huge smile played across my face, and this guys was handsome to boot from what I could see through the hole. My cock slide smoothly to the back of his throat and it felt good but not great; I spoke to soon. He closed his mouth and tightened every muscle in his mouth and throat. I moaned loudly begging him not to stop. He had in seconds brought me right to the edge. He agonizingly slowly went up and down my throbbing cock, feasting on my free cum, edging me to the point of oblivion. I found myself panting, dripping sweat, and begging him to make me cum. Hands gripping onto the flat wall, fist occasionally banging on it until I had given up hope of him getting me off and my balls ached severely.

Sensing my submission he finally showed mercy. Taking my cock to the back of his throat hard and fast he ripped the cum out of me and I screamed loudly, unable to stop myself. I humped the wall and like the man I had watched tried to push my whole body through the hole. I felt like I was cumming for hours as my whole world swirled around me. Spent I collapsed against the back wall and his cock was back through the hole. The head was purple, he had been edging himself along with me but had denied himself release. This was risky a lot of guys lose interest once they cum. He was pumping his hips into the air, finally in an airy voice whispered please. The desperation was too much to hear, and he had just given me the best blowjob of my short life. Slowly swallowing his cock I used my hand and mouth in slow tight strokes. I could hear him moan with each upstroke until a sound that was more whines then moans and higher pitched then his other sounds of voice filled our booths and the biggest load I had ever swallowed flooded out.

I was so unprepared, but I only felt one drop slid down the right side of my mouth by the end. At 8 I lost track of his throbs and spasms. He feel back into his chair and I got up off my knees to leave, but upon opening the door realized I moved to fast and got light headed giving the man in the adjacent booth enough time to open the door to his booth. I looked up give a nod and there not even 12 inches from me was John Boy. Freshly worked bulge tucked in his jeans, flip fops and shirtless looking like a dear in headlights and fists balled at his sides.



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