The leader had brought me into a dark room, alone with him.

“I want you to do something for me.” He said in a deep, masculine voice. He had clean my face and dress up in an orange jumpsuit and pushed me into the prison before locking the door behind me. I knew what he wanted: for me to get prison raped while he watched from the cameras. And I wanted that as well. I knew the other guards would be watching from their cameras as well. He had given my a tiny, waterproof earpiece so they could tell me what to do from the inside.

Head for the showers. Right now, the biggest prisoner is in there alone. He told me through the earpiece. He guided me towards the showers and  he said, He’s the head gang master of this prison and they call him “El Diablo.” You know what to do. I made my way towards the shower that was on. My heart was racing in my chest.

I rounded the corner and my breath caught in my chest. El Diablo was the biggest man I’d ever seen. He was bigger than Coach and all his buddies. This man was truly a mountain. His chocolate skin made my mouth water and I could see a flaccid cock that was the size of Coach’s hard. I swallowed my anxiousness and stepped towards him.

He looked up and a dark smile crossed his face. Strip and turn on the shower next to his. He told me. I did as he said and began washing my body. El Diablo wasn’t hiding his glances in my direction. I turned my body so that my ass was facing him. “Aww shit.” I heard his deep, masculine voice say. Suddenly, massive, thick, muscular arms the size of my waist wrapped around me. I was only as tall as his chest and I could feel his cock against my back.

His cock was so big that it went from the small of my back to my shoulders. It must’ve been at least a foot and a few inches long. “Bitch, I haven’t seen an ass like yours in a long time.” He whispered into my ear. His black skin felt more like silk against me and I moaned and pushed back against his monster cock.

Struggle so that he has to rape you. The leader told me in my ear. I didn’t really have to fake it because although I wanted him deep inside me, I also knew that it would hurt like hell and was twice the size of any cock I’d ever taken. So I struggled against the powerhouse of a man. He laughed and effortlessly slammed me against the wall, pulling my ass towards him.

I shouted out as his cock began to enter. Slowly at first and then more rough. He thrust deep inside me, but I couldn’t feel his balls so I knew he wasn’t all the way in. He began thrusting in and out. It hurt like hell, like I expected, and I instinctively kept trying to escape. Soon I felt his massive balls against my ass and I felt him deep inside my body.

He pumped into me again and again, without mercy. He eventually moved me, still impaled, onto the floor where he could pound into me harder. I grunted as his cock kept pushing my limits. He began to speed up and then held inside me. Hot bursts of cum fireballed through my body like fireworks. I gasped from the intensity and heat of his cum. He pulled out and his cum leaked out of my ass like a faucet, there was so much.

He then had me get on my knees and clean his cock. He pushed his monster cock into my mouth and down my throat, making a noticeable bulge. He laughed as I struggled to breathe and take his entirety down my throat. I sucked him dry and then clean his cock for him.

“You one fine Bitch. I’ma take you back to my cell where you’ll serve me and in return you get my protection. And no one messes with any of El Diablo’s things.” I nodded my head but a door buzzed and swung open. The leader of the guards walked out, a billy club in his hands. El Diablo sneered at him.

“You ain’t taking my bitch. I just fucking got him!” He shouted to the guard. “You can have his ass all you’d like after I’m done with him.” The leader said in a deep, aggressive tone.

“Fine. But I get him all to myself after that. He’s gonna be my bitch.” The leader agreed and El Diablo walked out. The guard approached me.

“You will refer to me as ‘Master.’” He told me and I nodded my head yes. “Clean me, Bitch.” He said and stepped into the shower with me. His prison guard clothes were soaked and I began unbuttoning and peeling off his clothes. Underneath was leather straps and chaps.

His massive cock, bigger than the other guards, pulsed underneath the shower stream. He handed me a bar of soap and I began washing him. I rubbed his muscles and every inch of his body, even his ass. Once I was finished he grabbed the soap and began soaping up my body. He pressed himself to my back and I could feel his cock against my back. I shuddered in pleasure. His skilled hands glided over my body and I pressed myself against him, moaning.

Suddenly, something wet, cold, and hard slid into my hole. I sucked my breath in as it moved deeper inside me. “You like having my billy club sliding inside your ass, Bitch?” He asked me. I couldn’t speak so all I did was nod. I could feel him wiggling it around inside me, lighting my insides on fire. I squirmed in pleasure.

He pulled it out and something bigger, harder, hotter, rougher, and more familiar slid into me. I gasped as his cock impaled me. His breathing grew heated and his mouth was right next to my ear. He began whispering.

“We got this ass of yours in this jail permanently. We’re going to keep you here forever as your masters. I’m giving you up after this to El Diablo and I’m going to watch him rape you with his monster cock, hourly. Understand?” I couldn’t breathe. I was going to be stuck in this prison for my life. I’m not sure how, but somehow these guards got me in jail. But suddenly I felt better.

I was in the good hands of my masters, El Diablo, and Coach. Peace washed over me and I pushed back against Master’s thrusts. “Oh… you want that, don’tcha?” He laughed in my ear, giving me the chills, and began fucking me mercilessly. He thrust harder and faster and with so much power that I began begging him to stop.

He did stop, but hot cum took his place. I moaned as his hot spunk filled me up inside. I could feel his scorching cum inside my gut and I felt at peace. I collapsed from exhaustion and the leader picked me up and carried me out to the prison cells.

I awoke to a handsome, but powerful face. His chocolate skin made me feel warm inside. “El Diablo?” I muttered, still in a groggy state. “No no no, that’s Master to you, Bitch. You my Bitch now, and I don’t care how you feeling, I’m still gonna fuck you whenever I want in exchange for safety in this hell hole.” It was then I felt him deep inside me. I shuddered at the thought of my new Master sliding into my frail, sleeping body, raping me. He began thrusting into me again, eliciting my moans.

He grunted as his hot cum flowed into me like a broken dam. I sighed in satisfaction and noticed a small camera to the right corner in the ceiling of the cell. So the guards do watch everything we do. I smiled at the camera and gave it a thumbs up. Master pulled out of me, hot spunk leaking from my ass.

“Why don’t we have a nice, hot, morning shower together, huh?” He asked and hoisted me from the cot. I followed him, cum oozing down my legs and dripping behind me, to the showers. He turned on a shower and I sighed as the soothing hot water rushed over my body. I felt Master’s presence behind me and his massive hands soaping my body.

One of his meaty fingers, the size of an actual dick, slid into me and I pushed back against him, pulling him deeper inside me. He laughed.

“Jesus you are one hot fucking slut. Goddamn you must want to sleep with everything that has a pulse! Good thing that I’ve got here a dick that’ll never grow tired.” I giggled and he slid his limp dick into my ass. I had only wiggled for a second when I felt his cock harden as though it had turned to stone. I clutched at the wall for support as Master began mercilessly prison raping me.

I whimpered into his thrusts and he grunted at every move of my body. “Jesus fucking christ your ass is so hot.” He grunted and I shuddered as his mighty hands wrapped around my small waist, making his thrusts more aggressive and powerful and painful.

Suddenly, hot cum was blasting inside me. “I’ve got no end to my cum supply, incase you were wondering.” He said. Master pulled out of me, cum dripping my my insides, and pushed me to my knees. Water poured over our naked and sweaty bodies as Master had me clean his cock for him. He then pulled me up and gave me a kiss on the lips. We shared his cum in my mouth and then he broke the kiss and looked at me in the eyes.

“You sleep with one other motherfucker besides me, and I’ll drill yo ass so hard with my monster cock, you won’t be able to walk. Understand?” He said and when I nodded my head yes, our lips met again. “Now you're going to serve me until I’m satisfied.” And I did and loved every second of it.




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