I was now in my first year of college trying out for the wrestling team for this up coming season of college wrestling. The last cut's were made when Coach Ted had called me into his office for a talk, He told me "That I will be use as a subitude for this coming season  " and that he was very happy with my hard work over the last couple of month's. I then got up and shook his hands before I left his office. Coach Ted was around 5 '11 a good solid 170 with a 70's style moustache and Adidas track suit he likes wearing. 

It was a very good practise when Coach told me that I will be going with the team for a tournament 200 miles away, I had a huge smile as he shook my hand as he wish me good luck for this weekend trip. The time was around 8 am this Friday morning when I meet the Coach and the rest of the team at the college parking lot were the bus is suppose to pick us up. The bus came a little late as now we were all getting our gear onto the bus for the e hours plus trip.

The Bus finally  pull up to the Hilton Hotel as we all got out and the coach went inside to check us all in, The hotel manager told the coach that he only had 5 rooms left and one of us had to stay with him for the night, He was looking for one volunteer to be his roommate, It took me about 30 seconds before I put up my hand as he gave me a funny grin look, I am just a small guy's around 5'8 150 short blonde hair and hairy all over but very will solid build.

The first day of the tournament went very well as the team was in 3 place going into the big day on Saturday, We have got back to the hotel from the team supper shortly after 8 pm before the Coach Ted lay the law down and the curfew for the next 2 nights. " He told us the lights out by 10 pm and he will be checking every one of us room at any given time.  The alarm clock was now showing 9 30 pm as I was reading a sports magazine, The Coach was now out with some other coaches having a few beers for the night. I heard the door open shortly after midnight as Coach Ted stagger in a little drunks, He turn the lamp on before he started to undress. I was slowly watching him strip down to his nice pair of light brown bikini briefs that he was wearing as he started coming over to the bed. I then felt him get into the bed as he now turn onto his side, I woke up from my sleep about 15 minutes later from Coach Ted snoring real loud.

The next thing I felt was his hands started to touch my crotch as I begin to spread my legs further apart for him, I then felt his lips going down my stomach right to my now 7 inch hard cock, He begin to suck me deep and hard as I felt his moustache bristle tingle my shaft and made me ever more harder. The next thing we did was started to 69 each other, I love sucking his nice 7 plus uncut cock as he was now moaning with great pleasure. My God I never seen so much pre cum come out of a dick like that ever before, The sucking lasted a got 10 mins as we both shot off huge loads into each other mouths.

I then roll over onto my stomach as he was now going to fuck my hole, This well be my second time ever getting fuck by a man before. I can now feel his dick slowly going up my hole until he was all the way in, He was pounding me good and hard before he flip me over and started to fuck me missionary style now, OH fuck I scream after his cock was now in full throttle fucking me good and hard now, He was telling me " FUCK TOM YOU ARE GOOD ! FUCK TOM YOU ARE GOOD ! as our body were cover from his sweating chest now. He whole shaft was now massaging my male G spot now he moaning real louder before he cum's " Fuck I am coming , Fuck I am coming " as his whole body jilted forward when I felt his hot cock shooting his load up my hole. He was now still inside me for a good minute before he pull out of me. I gasp real loud as now he was with drawing his cock from my ass. 

I then went into the washroom to hit the showers to get clean up from the best fuck i ever had, He then join me now in the shower as he begin to soap us both down before we went out to dry off.  We both got back into the bed were we both slept  very well the rest of the night. The alarm clock went off now at 7 30 as we got shower and dress once again to meet the rest of the wrestling team down at the breakfast room by 8 am. Once again I really enjoy watching coach Ted get dress as he took out a nice fresh pair of light blue Hanes Briefs and slowly pull them up around his waist, And then it was his 70's style red  Adidas track pants and the white t-shirt before the jacket that matches it all.

The rest of the Tournament went not to good for the team. We have lost all the Saturday morning 5 matches with myself and tony getting bad ankle sprains. The ride home was very long with my leg wrap with ice. The Coach now help me get off the bus as he help me back to my dorm room. I have invited him in for a minute as we started to kiss once again. He then look at his watch and he told me " That he got plans with his family for today " I smile as I watch him walk out the door.




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