My name is Liam, Liam Barose. I'm a gay gymnast-in-training who recently turned 18. I'm in my last year of high school, and I'm into a lot of sports. So when a camping and orienteering trip for the school's athletes came up, there was practically no way I could say no.

I stepped off the bus into the fresh mountain air on the Friday afternoon, inhaling it with a smile. I knew right away that this weekend would be great, simply from the scent of nature, the purity that flushed out the dirty city from me. Immediately I knew why this trip was going to help; I simply needed a release from the stress and the city for a few days.

There were only five students actually picked for the trip, so we each paired up with one of the school's coaches. 3 guys and 2 girls, that was it. I was paired up with Coach Bradford, the wrestling and gymnastics coach. He was tall, around 6'3', and he was built like a brick wall. Muscles bulged whenever he moved, and together with his bald head it was a major turn on.

He looked me in the eye, his own blue and piercing, 'So, Liam, you looking forward to the orienteering challege?'

I suddenly remembered that this weekend wasn't just camping out. The reason we were paired up this way was that there was going to be an orienteering challenge. The first team to reach the ranger's cabin in the middle of the woods would win £100 each. Incentive, much? I nodded nervously, smiling a little as Coach handed me a rucksack.

We said goodbye to the other groups before beginning the long walk around the riverside towards the mountain. I walked a couple of feet behind coach, unable to pull my eyes away from his giant, firm, bouncy ass cheeks as he walked. I don't think there was one thing about this man's body I disliked, you know. He stopped for a rest after a couple of hours and we set up our tent in a small clearing nested in the trees.

After fixing up the tent and rolling out the two sleeping bags in there I realized there wasn't much space at all. If we were both sleeping in this tent it'd have to be right next to each other, top and tail. I was sure that Coach should have picked the largest tent to accommodate his size, rather than picking one in which I'd be squished against the side.

We sat outside on some logs after starting a small fire, and Coach pulled out two beers from one of his bags. He handed me one and I looked at him, stunned. 'But, Coach...'

'Pfft,' he scoffed, 'Don't worry about it. It's only the one, kiddo. Not like I'm taking you out on a waster.'

I nodded slowly, wondering what the man was doing, giving me alcohol. Nevertheless, I accepted and after a while I'd finished a couple beers and so had Coach. He helped me out with a few of my daily stretches for my gymnastics and then I told him I was heading off to sleep. He nodded and waved me off, 'I'll be in in a bit. Go rest up.'

I sighed softly, yawning as I entered the small tent. I immediately stripped off all my clothes, leaving on only my boxer shorts as I crawled into my sleeping bag. I could see Coach's silhouette flickering from the fire against the side of the tent and I was happy to lay and watch him for a minute or so. Then I couldn't pull my eyes away as I saw his hands drift to his crotch and undo a zip, the biggest cock I'd ever seen flopping out onto his lap. He began to stroke it lazily and I was so hard it was untrue. After a few minutes he'd finished jacking off, blowing his load into the campfire. I wanted that huge length inside me, the first cock I'd taken...

He walked in and I feigned sleep, not wanting him to know what I'd seen. He started to take off his clothes and I melted, his huge muscles were dripping softly with sweat. I whimpered softly as he removed his shorts, now in just his tight boxers. He lay down on top of his sleeping bag, drifting into a deep sleep almost straight away. And there he was, a beautiful god of a man sleeping less than a foot away from me.

I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I leaned forward and took his big toe into my mouth. He seemed pretty drunk when he came in and so I know that it would take a lot to wake him. It didn't feel wrong to me, I wasn't exactly fisting him. I fed my foot fetish, sucking on this man's big toes for several minutes. Then I began to trail my tongue up and down his large foot, savouring the taste of my dream man. Slowly and quietly I slid out of my sleeping bag, whipping off my boxers to let my hard cock free.

I began to lick Coach's huge legs, loving the hairy feel of them against my tongue. I pulled hard on his boxers, pulling them clean off him. His gigantic ass was pressed right in my face and I took the risk of licking the cheek hard. I tested this for a while, kissing his huge ass cheek to see if he would wake. Nope. I then pulled apart his massive glutes and inhaled his musky scent, digging my tongue hard into his hole. He squirmed ever so slightly but this was too good to stop, and so I began to hump his foot with my hardon. I was loving this, loving it so much that when I felt close I jumped up and slid my cock between his ass cheeks, dry-humping his crack until I came, shooting all up his back. Laying there for a while, I sighed softly. Coach would never have to know-

'You gonna clear all that up?' I heard a gruff voice. The man underneath me suddenly came to life and I panicked, sliding into a corner and losing my breath. I had the urge to run before he beat the shit into me, but instead he got down on all fours and kissed me hard. I felt one last spurt of cum leak from my cock as he did so, and I grabbed his chest hair tightly. He smirked, spanking me softly and turning to face away from me. 'Like I said, clean that up.'

I nodded, moving forward and lapping my own seed from Coach's back. I was still trembling, half from the orgasm and half still in fear. Once I finished I sat in the corner, bringing my knees to my chest and looking down at my feet. 'Watcha doing?' he laughed, pulling me back over to him. I was still fairly reluctant, until he looked me right in the eye. 'Hey, chill. I was awake from when you started licking my foot. That's horny, you know... I like that.'

I smiled widely, suddenly gaining my confidence back. I pressed myself onto him, kissing my way down his body to his cock. I licked it swiftly and gently, slowly teasing it back to its full length. I took the big head into my mouth while my Coach closed his eyes, hands behind his head. He only sat up when I asked him to fuck me. 'You sure about that?' he asked, stroking my virgin hole with his fingers, 'You seem really tight.'

'I... never... before,' I stuttered to his amusement. He laughed again, slowly sliding one finger up my ass. I winced slightly and whimpered before he kissed me again, working in another. He put his fingers back in his mouth, slicking them up before he began to work them into me again. I suddenly felt a wave of pleasure wash over me as he rubbed my prostate. 'Now, you sure about this, kiddo?' he asked, entering a third finger.

I moaned loudly, nodding enthusiastically. I wanted - no, needed - this man inside me, and it was finally happening. He laid me on my back on the sleeping bags and pressed his huge dick against my hole. My eyes widened with shock as his head popped in, the burning sensation returning. 'J-Just how big are you?!'

He smiled, obviously feeling some pleasure from my ass already, 'About twelve inches... but I won't use any more than you want me to...'

'No,' I said firmly, 'Use it all. I want you, Coach... I need it.'

The huge muscle man nodded, jacking his cock for a bit before entering me. It took about a half hour to work in his meat all the way, and by that time he was already close to blowing a load. I clenched tightly as he began to rock back and forth inside me, picking up my foot and licking it hard. 'You're not the only one into feet, you know...' I moaned, my toes curling as he began to pump me faster, harder, rougher.

'Awwh, fuck!' he called out, slamming all of his length into me as he erupted, cock throbbing inside me as he shot load after load up my virgin hole. He kept going for a while after that, then lowering my foot and starting to pull out. 'No!' I cried, holding onto him tight, 'Please... don't... I want you to stay with me.'

''Course I will,' he laughed, 'But I need to take a leak... then I'll be right back.'

I nodded, blushing a little as he pulled out of me. I felt a new tingle in my asshole, an itch of sorts, begging for Coach's cock. It felt weird to me, calling him Coach after this, so when he returned I spoke again. 'Coach... what should I call you?' I asked, confused. 'Don,' he replied, 'Or just Donny... whichever.'

He slid back into me and we fell asleep after another fuck, waking the next morning plastered in my cum...




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