It was my last year of high school when I got so excited when I saw my new Softball Coach for this up in coming season, He was a very good looking man around 40 years old short buzz stood well over 6 feet and was clean shaven. I had a special meeting with him in his office after the first game of the season, He was questioning me on my play during the game were we got beating up very bad to the last place team from the previous season.

Coach also show off his huge basket in his tight Under Armour track pants that he likes to wear around the school, You can here all the girls giggle as he walks by them in the hallways in between periods on his way to the school gym. He got very mad at me when I started to question him on his coaching methods on the game.

He stood up very upset and walk around his desk and started to grab me as my cock became real hard when I felt his crotch that was semi hard by now rub against me ball pants that I had on. I then grab his buzz head down in put him in a semi head lock as I felt his huge hands grab my crotch then. I then got so excited and started to grab his huge balls as the two of us began to fall onto the floor together.

We hit the floor very hard before we began to brace and kiss one another, It felt great having him pulling off my clothes and watching him undress before we started to make out . His lips started to lick my tits as he was about to go all the way down on me, I watch his light blue eyes grew with excitement as his mouth started to suck my 8 inch cock, I began to moan out very loud as his mouth was in full throttle going up and down my shaft at the same time my cock started to fill up his mouth with all of my pre cum. 

I hold off on shooting my load until he bend me over his desk to fuck my hole that only was fuck once before by my best friend who father was in the military. I scream with pleasure as I felt his huge 9 inch cock go inside my hole. I hang onto his desk very tight after each hard stroke off his cock that was fucking me with long deep strokes, He started to smell as the Brute aftershave was pouring out all over his hairy chest and my tight blonde hairy hole.

He then pull out of me very slowly before we finished both of all off 69ing each other on the floor,He then yell out very loud when he was orgasming his hot load all down my throat. His cum had a nice sweet taste to it after he came. We decided to keep it our secret to one another during the rest of the school year. It was the next day in my Math class he came in all dress in a very nice shirt and tie and told the class that he going to be replacing Mrs Harding the rest of the school year due to her getting ill.

Part 2  Of Coach Danny to follow.




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