Alex woke up, looked at his alarm, and swore. "Why the fuck didn't you go off!?!" He jumped out of bed and threw clothes on over his slim, muscular form. As he ran towards his kitchen, he grabbed his swimsuit and his car keys.

Alex got to the pool with three minutes to spare, but with an empty stomach. He ran to the locker room and threw on his speedo, noting the room was empty. He grabbed his goggles from his locker and sprinted out to the pool deck. He ran outside and bumped into his coach. "Shit, sorry I'm late coach. I was up late last night studying and my alarm didn't go off."

"No big deal, Alex, but get in the pool."

Alex breathed a sigh of relief as he swam of. After the work out, he went into the locker room and stripped down, and got into the shower. As he soaped his smooth body up and down, another swimmer, Jay, walked in. Alex had been attracted to Jay for a while last year, but had realized he wasn't gay and moved on. Still, that didn't stop him from admiring his abs as he walked by.

"Hey Jay, what's up?"

"Not much- great work out, though."


Alex finished showering and toweled off, changed, and walked to his car. As he walked up, he saw a man approaching him. He had blond hair and blue eyes- opposite Alex's brown.

"Hi, can I help you?"

"Yeah, I'm taking a survey of college athletes."

"That's me. What can I help you with?"

As the man began to answer, he felt a grip on his shoulder. Then, all of a sudden a cloth was pressed to his nose. A tongue licked up against his ear and a voice whispered "I'm gonna enjoy you."

The last thing Alex saw was the blond man reaching for him as he lost consciousness.

When Alex woke up, his hair was dry, so he knew he had been out for a while. He tried to get up, but realized he was strapped to a bed. He also realized he was naked. He struggled against the ropes for a little while, but realized it was fruitless and stopped. He looked around and saw he was in a room with flat, concrete walls and a door. That was it- except for the bed and what looked like a one-way mirror. Just then, the blond man walked in.

"Hello, Alex."

"Who the hell are you!?! And how the fuck do you know my name?" Alex practically screamed.

"My name is Seth. I am your handler- and I know your name since you talk in your sleep."

"Where the hell am I?"

" You're safe. For now. Your first match is soon, so try to conserve your energy. Here, put this on."

Seth threw Alex two objects, one connected by a strap.

"What the hell?"

"Oh, I forgot you were restrained. I'll help you."

Alex fought, but the ropes were too tight. Seth put the first item, which Alex now saw was a jockstrap, with a cup, on him, stroking and teasing his skin while he did it.

"What the fuck is going on!?"

"You were chosen to be in the ring. There are several other contestants. You will wrestle one on one... With a catch. Loser gets fucked... Long and hard."

"And what if I don't want to, huh?

"Then your ass is gonna get really sore. You have two matches today."

Seth put the second object, a set of wrestling earguards, on Alex. When Alex felt the soft material pressing on his chin and around his ears, and smelled the sweaty scent of it, all while listening to his blood pound and feeling Seth stroke him, he began to feel aroused.

"Alright, let's untie you. By the way, don't try to escape, we have only one exit and its heavily guarded."

Alex slumped, as he had been tensed, planning on exactly that- running. Seth untied him and, holding his arm forcefully and dominantly, walked him out the door and down a hallway. The reached a door and Seth paused, "Whatever you do... Don't insult the referee- the punishment is... Creative, to say the least."

Alex nodded, barely hearing, totally bewildered. All of a sudden, Seth shoved him into the room. Alex immediately looked around and sized up his surroundings. The room was a massive circle, and looked to be some sort of training room. The floor was a cushy mat, and smelled and felt the way gym mats do- like years of sweat were sitting in it, but dry. There were what looked like wrestling dummys in the corner, only they had what appeared to be faux penis built in.

There were stands seperated from the rest of the room by a cage- and these stands were filled with men of varying age, weight, and size. Alex saw a door across the room, and also noticed that many of the men were naked. The other door opened, and a man in a singlet with black and white stripes walked out- the referee, Alex guessed. Behind him came a huge black man in the same clothes Alex had on- as in, very little. Alex recognized him as a linebacker on the college football team.

"Oh shit!" He thought as he realized he was going to have to wrestle him. The linebacker licked his lips hungrily. The referee stepped away, raised his hand, and brought it down, yelling "Go to!"

The linebacker charged Alex with no warning- Alex, who was a bit clumsy out of the water, jumped out of the way, but his opponent clipped his foot, sending them both sprawling. The black man got up first, and tackled Alex, putting him in some hold that put Alex's face in the mans hairy, sweaty armpit. The man held him like that, and Alex fought, but the referee counted to ten rather relaxdly, and Alex realized he had lost. The big black man picked Alex up, flipped him over onto his stomach, and shoved him onto the ground. Then, he pulled down Alex's jockstrap, and shoved something over his mouth- Alex realized it was the linebackers cup and jockstrap, and he tried to avoid inhaling the odors, but couldn't. Then he realized what was going to happen, just before it did. he felt the huge mans massive hard dick sliding into him, but had no way to stop it. The referee just sat there, and the naked men in the cage cheered. Alex struggled the whole time, but couldn't stop the linebacker from fucking him. Alex had taken anal sex before, but not like this- the mans penis was huge, and it felt like his ass was gonna explode. He was fighting and gasping, but each gasp gave him more scent of the linebackers sweaty dick and balls. When the linebacker cummed inside his ass, he felt like the cum reached his stomach, there was so much. After the linebacker had had his way with him, he licked Alex's neck and whispered- "I told you." Alex realized the man was the one who had grabbed him in the parking lot. The man got up, pulled out, removed his jockstrap from Alex's face, and left the room. Alex, even though he felt violated, could also feel his dick pressing hard into the mat. The referee picked him up, fondling his balls in the process, and carried him back into his room. He was placed on the bed, and fell deep into a blissful sleep, not even removing his wrestling gear.



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