Waking up next to Brandon was the best thing that that I have felt in a while, his warm shirtless body caressed mine as I slowly awoke. His smile on his face indicated that he was very pleased to be waking up next to me this morning. Last night was so eventful I would have never thought that I would be his type.

"Good morning!" Brandon said as he put his arm around me and laid his head on my hair chest.

"Good morning to you as well" I said as I rubbed my hand through his hair.

"What do you suppose we do today?" I asked him as he lifted up off my chest to move back the covers.

"We should shower and get dressed, then maybe we could go down to Starbucks and grab some lunch? Sound good?"

"I think it sounds like a plan, but your for getting one thing I don't have any clothes with me..."

After putting some thought into it we came to the conclusion to go to my place and get ready. Brandon got up. His beautiful ass was perfect in the sunlight that was peeking through the shades. He slid on a pair of sweat pants and pulled on a tightly fitting tank top, that showed off nearly every bulging muscle on his upper body. I hopped up and got my clothes on.

We made our back to my car parked outside the club, we got in.

"John Grant?" He asked as I turned on my radio.

"I love John Grant!" I said back almost defensively

"Hey im not knocking your style. Hes cool." Then he rummaged through all my Cd's

"I listen to just about everything, I mean work, and listen to music its about all I do, anymore. Since I got this managers position at the store."

"I can dig it, I bet it is stressful. Dancing is fun and all but I really want to find something else ya know something that is more me."

"Well what are you into?"

"I love photography"

"Really. I mean I saw all the photos, and stuff at your house how long has this been a hobby of yours?" I asked as we pulled up to my place.

"For a while now I have just never really got into it how I would like to, ya know like make a career out of it. Wow you have a nice home here" He said.

I lived in a small house. I was a old fire house that was renovated in to a loft, with a extra bedroom that was down the hallway next to the second bathroom. It was spacey and cheap. I loved it the minute I laid eyes on it.

"Thanks I recently moved in so its kinda out of order..."

We walked in and Brandon looked around. He sat his bag down on the island in the kitchen and looked at me.

"Ya gonna give me a tour?" He smiled

"Sure, haha" I chuckled leading him into the living area.

After showing Brandon around, I grabbed his back and took it upstairs to my room. He followed me up. I grabbed a towel and made my way into my shower.

"Hey!" I looked at him and said, he looked up

"Ya coming?" I asked he jumped up and took off his shirt

"Fuck yea!" He replied, almost running into the bathroom We made our way into the shower and shut the door. As I turned on the water he put his hand up my shirt and started to rub my back. I turned around and he undid my pants, and pulled them down. And started to kiss my neck. I put my hand down his pants and there it was his huge cock, he wasn't wearing any underwear. I wasn't hard and was still massive. I started to get hard. He took my shirt off, and started to rub my crotch he could feel my hard bulge.

"Come on Ethan lets get in." With a sexy tone.

I took off my briefs and got in the shower, he started to lather up my body with my shower gel and massaged my back and made his way down to my ass, he was rubbing the soap all over my hairy body. It felt so good. I turned around and returned the favor, his body was so smooth. I massaged his back, down to his ass and moved my hands around to his cock. He moaned. Then we turned around and rinsed off, clear of the soap we got out. I wrapped a towel around my waist and made my way into my room as did he. I bent over to to my bottom drawer to get some underwear. I could feel him behind me, he pulled his towel off and his hung dick stood right up. He removed the towel from my waist and pulled me close.

"Are you ready?" He asked in a almost demanding tone

"I've been ready" I said back wanting his huge cock in my ass.

He rubbed his massive head across my puckered and tight asshole. He was getting ready to put it in when I felt him groping my ass tightly in his hands. He got on his knees and started to massage my ass. Then he spread my cheeks I felt his warm wet tongue slide in my ass. I let out a loud yet silent moan that indicated the pleasure. In and out he swirled his tongue around and around my puckered ass. He stood up slapped my ass and said...

"Wheres your lube?"

"Top drawer, on the left." I said back He bent me over my bed and gently push his massive 13'' hard cock into my ass. He pushed in deeper and started to fuck me. Each thrust different from the next, faster then slower. Harder then softer. He was pulling me close with each thrust. He grabbed my shoulders and went in as deep as he could. Then started ramming it in and out as hard as he could. Pounding me, his sack smacking against my ass the sound was louder and louder. He pulled out and laid on the bed.

"Ride me, Ethan. Ride my cock" He said stroking his huge beast of a cock I stood over his body and started to, lower my ass down on his dick. Once he was in I started to ride him, tightening my hole around his cock. Up and down I rode his dick. He moaned louder and louder. Tightening his grip around my waist and started to thrust as I rode him. He was getting ready to bust. His muscles started to tighten up and he was fucking me as hard as he could harder and harder. While I rode faster and faster. I couldn't take it anymore I was moaning almost screaming his name..


I felt my self reaching my climax. He pushed it in as deep as he could.


So was I, I felt him thrust in as hard as he could and pulled me down on his body and came deep within me. His warm load all in me. Still thrusting load after load It felt like he wasn't going to stop. While he came I started to jerk my cock and came, spew after spew I shot all over him he caught some in his mouth I came all over his face, and chest. As I lifted up his cum came running from my ass, on his chest. I leaned in and licked it off a mixture of our cum it was glorious. He leaned up and we started to make out swapping the cum back and forth swallowing each bit.

"Looks like we're dirty again." I laughed

"No worriers, I got this." He picked up the damp towel and cleaned me up and then himself.

We got dressed and it was late in the afternoon by this time nearly 6pm.

"What shall we do now, Brandon?" I asked

"Well by the, time we get back across town Starbucks will be closed lets order in. Watch movies or something." As he looked to see what I had.

"Sounds like a plan to me, Pizza sound good?

"Sounds fantastic. Load it up with everything, I am starving!!!"

"A large pizza with every topping hahahaha!! Got it!" I laughed as dialed the number.

Shortly the pizza arrived and we grabbed a few slices and some beer from my fridge. We retired to the sofa and put in a movie. This day turned into yet another eventful night. Brandon was becoming something more to me, and the funny thing is I think that he felt the same. As he demolished his food and leaned back on the couch, put up the left overs and came back to the couch laid down with my head on his lap.


"Yeah?" I looked up and replied

"I am glad we met" He said as he put his arm around me.

"Me to Brandon. me too.

The movie ended and we went up to my bed, we laid there and he put his head on my chest and his arm around me.

"Good night Ethan"

"Good night Brandon." I said back, as we both drifted to sleep.



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