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Ryan was annoyed, The hulking wrestler ground his teeth as he drove his truck back the way he had come. Tyson's phone gripped in his free hand.

(He'd forget his own head if it weren't screwed on) Ryan muttered to himself as he turned into the boy's drive way. Ryan ran his hand through his short brown hair, Tyson wasn't answering his house phone either. Ryan punched his steering wheel, he had missed his opportunity to fuck around with Damian. He had called 20 minutes underway to tell Ryan that he got called into work and would have to reschedule. Ryan growled in frustration, his fat dick was as hard as a diamond and strained against his jeans as he sat waiting for Tyson to notice he was here. Ryan's balls throbbed, after watching Tyson and Daisuke go at it, he was unbelievably horny. And to go home and rub one out in his hand seemed like a waste and unfair. 10 minutes went by and still no one, so Ryan climbed out and went to the door. No one seemed to be home, so Ryan reached down and grabbed the spare key out of the fake rock on the door step. He entered the house. Ryan climbed the stairs two at a time, his Tims sounded echoing stomps as they hit the wooden floor, until he reached Tyson's room. Ryan flicked on the light and looked in. The room was neat on one side and junkie on the other, posters of play boy bunnies of every nationality covered the walls. One side had a marvel superheros poster while the other had DC. (What? Does Tyson have split personality disorder or something?) Ryan thought as he wandered into the divided den. At the heart of the mess was a large circular bed with a blue and red ying/yang comforter on it. The comforter was moving, Ryan slowly crept closer and pulled back the covers. What he saw almost made him blow his blue-balled-load. Laying on the bed were two Tysons, spooning, only wearing underwear. Ryan's eyes bulged with disbelieve and would have yelled in excitement but restrained himself for the two were fast asleep. Ryan took in the sight: Tyson, his blonde--almost white--locks were a bed-head mess as he slept. His snow white skin looking soft and smooth as he cuddled with the other him. His lean/cut swimmer's build body was pressed into the other's as he slept and on his perfect lil bubble butt were a pair of Spider-Man tighty-whities. Tyson (blonde) stirred abit, but then nuzzled himself deeper into the other Tyson. Ryan now looked him over: He, unlike blonde Tyson, had raven-black hair and his skin had a more tanish hue to it. He was built more like a soccer player, Lean like Tyson yet more cut. He was wearing Batman undies and looked all the more adorable for he was sucking his thumb.

Ryan's heart pounded, the next thing he knew he had thrown off his clothes and clambering closer to the twins. As he stumbled forward--drunk on lust-- he caught sight of himself in a full length mirror. Looking back was a hulking college wrestler: wide shoulders, thick chest, a nice butt ;) , and a killer six pack with a thick trail of brown body hair leading down into his jockstrap. Ryan stopped and admired the 21 year old guy with short brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, a lightly haired chest and the massive bulge fighting for freedom in his jock strap. Ryan smiled and then turned to the two 17 year olds.

He climbed up on the bed and as gently as he could, tried to separate the twins. The two woke with a start and threw themselves apart.

"Mom, I couldn't sleep thats why Logan and I were like that, I swear!" squeaked Tyson, his voice cracking, as he fell off the bed and onto the floor confused.

"Dad, we were wrestling, Honest and we musta knocked eachother out!" squealed Logan in the same voice as Tyson, his voice also cracking as he stumbled away from Ryan. Both boys' faces were crimson, Ryan just busted out laughing.

"Ryan? what are you doing here?" Tyson asked as he climbed back into bed.

Ryan didn't respond, instead he lunged at Ty and pinned him and then locked lips with his. Ty didn't fight it, he couldn't really--Ryan was too heavy, so he just accepted and receive his big bro while he grounded his fat boner into Ty's crotch. Ryan broke off the kiss and then grabbed both boys and hugged them close.

"Ty who is this?" Ryan asked as he pinched the boys nipples. The both squirmed in unison. "His name is Logan, hes my twin brother and he and dad just came back from..." Tyson gasped as Ryan tweaked his nipple harder. "Sshh Ty that info is classified" moaned Logan as Ryan pinched his nipple harder as well.

Ryan let them go and the twins quickly crawled next to each other and faced him. Ryan rose to his knees, towering over the two, both looking up like wide eyed lil kittens/Tykes at the massive Alpha before them. Ryan reached out and both boys stiffened. Looking down, Ryan could see massive bulges straining to get free of the super-hero undies. Curious as to what Logan was packing Ryan reach out and pulled Logan over to him by his waist band.

"Hey there Logan," Ryan purred as his hands down the boy's soft skin to his undies. Logan smiled up at Ryan, his dark blue eyes blazin with excitement, as Ryan held him close and slowly pealed down his Batman's. Logan's dick sprang free and pointed straight up, throbbing, he moan a bit. Ryan marveled at it. Logan was as hung as his twin--9inches long-- but his dick got thicker as u got closer to his balls while Tyson got thicker as you neared his head. Ryan gave the meat a tug and Logan moaned, then he quickly stuffed it back in da Batmans. He gave Logan's bottom a swift smack, the boy scurried back over to his brother.

Ryan flexed his muscles, excitement growing in him as he thought of all the possibilities. His dick grew all the harder as he saw the twins looking completely docile.

"Come lick me clean lil bros." Ryan growled as he laid back on the bed with his hands behind his back. Both boys obeyed and crawled up him. Tyson started in Ryan's sweaty pits, he knew it was one of Ryan's favorite spots, and lapped at it like a lil kitten. Ryan stiffened, it tickled. Logan lapped at Ryan's chest, his tongue sliding over the colossal wrestler's hard sweat muscles. Ryan was in pure bliss, as the boys tongues traveled up and down his torso. (Tongue baths are amazing) Ryan smiled to himself when he felt the Twins hovering over his nipples. Ryan lifted his head to get a better look at them when he felt lil nips, he moaned. The twin's tongues circled their nipple before nibbling again. (AH how can they to it at the same time, its like their synchronized) gasped Ryan as the attention his nipples were getting set him ablaze with horniness. His loins boiled, his dick need attention, Ryan sat up and the boy stopped sucking and looked up at him. Ryan smiled and ruffled both their heads, they smiled.

"Boys daddy needs attention now," Ryan cooed as he pealed off his jock. His hefty dick spang free and smack his abs with a splat, precum speckled his six pack. Tyson smiled, but Logan was the one who literally gobbled the six inch log of alpha male meat. Ryan went rigid at the force and passion the boy was sucking his dick, he flinched as the boy's tongue slithered up and down his piss slit. (He's a god damn pro) Ryan thought as his back arched, he had to fight down the urge to cum, a battle he was loosing. Ryan quaked as he fought the urge to orgasm, Logan's mouth was stuffed to the limit but Ryan swore he saw a twinkle of a smile in the boy's dark blue eyes.

Tyson alighted on Ryan's chest a wide grin on his face. "What are you up to you lil fallen angel?" Ryan panted. Ty only smiled more as he placed his bare feet on Ryan's face--Ryan's dick turned into adamantium. Ty rubbed them up and down his cheeks, the softness of his feet drove Ryan wild. The boy slid this toes over Ryan's lips and he lapped at them--tasting the sweet sweat of his lil bro's toes. Ty then rubbed his feet up and down the center of Ryan's face, over his nose--the sent of Tyson's slightly smelly feet was like an a potent afrodisiac. Ryan grabbed Ty's ankle and held his foot over his nose. The scent of Ty' feet, the sensation of Logan devouring his cock was too much for Ryan. His bulky body shook like an earth quake, cum--like molten magma--surged up his dick, Ryan roared as his bucked about--knocking Ty off him and thrusting his dick so deep in Logan's throat he gagged and staggered back off the bed. Ryan's dick twitched and then a geyser of cum shot skyward. Ryan could only cling to the sheets as three more jets shot out of him, the last of it splattering his chest in a seething hot goo. Ryan collapsed, panting and drained, his body coated in cum and sweat, his dick was numb. All was quiet, the room smell of freshly cut grass + the men's locker room, and Ryan felt sexily sticky. (All in All a good feeling) Ryan smiled to himself as he opened his eyes. Tyson and Logan crawled into view, their blue eyes glaring at Ryan and their mouth scrunched in pouts. Ryan focused on them, wondering why they would be upset. (That was an amazing cumshot!) Ryan grinned and then noticed why the twins were mad. Both boys were coated in cum from head to toe, white goo dripped down from their heads, dangled from their short-spikey-locks, and trickled down their amazing bodies as they glared at Ryan, annoyed.

Ryan looked at the two of them and laughed, they fought back smiles themselves. Ryan sat up and noticed that both had large wet spots in their undies and massive tents straining against the fabric to get free. Ryan cupped both boys' crotches in his hands--The two moaned in unison.

"I think i need to take care of these, otherwise I see a painfully deep DP in my future." Ryan said as he gently rubbed the twin's crotches. Both boys looked down at him with an evil glint in their eyes, Ryan's hole shivered.

To be continued.......



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