I was one of the last three guys playing COD at my friend Steve's house. We had an all nighter, and I was ready to crash. I went up to Steve's room, and his Mom had left a bunch of blankets and sleeping bags in the hall. I grabbed a blanket and sleeping bag, and went to Steve's room. Dylan was on the bed, so I threw the sleeping bag down and rolled the blanket up. I got in and crashed hard. I didn't sleep very well, and kept tossing around. I remember Steve coming in and layin next to me. I woke up smelling bacon and eggs cooking. Steve's Mom used to own a cafe, and she always made a shit ton of food when we had sleepovers. I grabbed my phone to scroll through my texts, and unzipped out of the sleeping bag. I sat up, and heard Dylan say "Shit", as I turned to see him, dick in hand, jacking off. I closed my eyes quickly but I knew he was gonna blow. I covered my face, and heard him try and catch his breath, but he was past the point of no return. He let out a couple moans and grunts, and I fumbled around to help myself up. I opened my eyes, and saw his chest and neck completely covered in cum, and his shaved dick was pretty big for 17. He cupped his hands over as much as he could, but I'd already seen it all. I did a little half smile, and propped myself up, and left the room. Steve was already downstairs, and we ate breakfast like usual. I went back upstairs, and heard the bathroom shower going, so I went to Steve's room to get my bag. You could totally smell cum in the air, and I saw a couple cum spots on Steve's headboard and pillow. I would be so embarassed to jack off at someone else's house...and get caught. I flipped his pillow over, and found a box of kleenex, using one to wipe up some of the mess. I curiosly smelled the kleenex, and Dylan's cum smelled like mine did. A little sweet but sour smelling. I put it in the trash can, and opened the window above the desk, to air the room out. Steve came in like "Dude, it smells like spunk in here." I busted out laughing and told him what happened. He was like "no shit! Dylan's a perv man." We were still laughing when Dylan came in, with a towel wrapped around his waist. Steve yanked it away, revealing Dylan's flacid penis. He covered himself quickly, "what the fuck dude." Steve pretend cleaned his bed with the towel. "You don't deserve to be covered you fucking perv." We were still laughing, and Dylan gave me a look like-I'm going to kill you. Dylan is a good looking guy. He's a little on the fluffy side, but not fat. He just stood there for a couple minutes, and asked if he could have the towel back. Steve refused, and told him it was his punishment. Dylan shifted back and forth, adjusting his hands, and I could tell he was starting to get hard again. "Dylan, are you getting a hardon dude? How fucking horny are you?" "I'm...I'm fine, just shut up man." He stood there, starting to get red in the face and neck. His blonde hair was almost dry, and really looked white compared to his reddening face. Steve started telling me about a time he walked in on his Dad jerking off, and they had "the talk," right then and there. He said his Dad used one of the throw pillows to cover himself up, since that was the only thing around, and he had tried not to laugh, because he could just imagine his Dad getting cum on one of his Mom's fancy pillows. I told him one time I was jacking off, and my Dad was loudly coming up the stairs, calling my name, and so I had jumped into my bed, and pulled my blankets up, pretending I was texting someone. My Dad told me they'd been waiting for me to come down because my Grandparents were there. I told him in a couple minutes, and he said "right now." I told him i couldn't, and he literally whipped the blankets off of me, telling me to stop playing around. When he saw me naked with a hardon, he dropped the blankets, and apologized. My Dad nodded, and said he understood, and closed my door as he left. He never did it to me again!

We were laughing about our stories, and Dylan stood there, still cupping part of his crotch, but by now, his dick was completely hard, and mostly visible poking out from behind his arms. He was really red in the face, and asked Steve for the towel back. Steve reached forward, and held the towel out. Dylan hesitated, and quickly reached for it, his dick popping straight out toward us. "Holy shit!" Steve pulled his hand back, out of reach, as Dylan tried hard to cover himself. "Dude, how big is that fucker?" "I haven't measured it you douche." He was pissed. steve turned and dug around his side table drawer, pulling out a measuring tape. "Man, we have to do this. That fucker looks huge." Dylan rolled his eyes, "You're a fuckin fag, you know that?" "You're the sick fuck who jacked off in MY BED, asshole." Dylan's jaw clenched, and he glared at Steve. "I just want to compare dude. Nothing gay about it." He handed the measuring tape to Dylan, who reluctantly took it. He turned around, revealing his chubby ass, which was also red at this point. "No, we need to see it to believe it Dylan." He looked over his shoulder, and shrugged, turning around. His dick look monstrous, and he hurriedly pulled at the measuring tape, placing the metal tip at the base of his shaved dick, holding the plastic end out toward the head. His eyes got big, and he had a slight smile on his face. "Fucking 9 inches man." steve and I looked at each other like-Holy shit. Dylan looked completely shocked. Mine is only 7", and I didn't know what Steve's was. Just as we were commenting on Dylan's dick size, the other Luke walked in, completely shocked, "holy fuck". "Close the door asshole!" Steve quietly yelled at him. Luke shut the door, and looked confused. "We're comparing dick size. Dylan's hung like a fucking horse man." Luke stepped forward and saw how big Dylan's dick was, "Fuck dude, I'm jelly man." "How big are you?" Steve asked Luke. "Last I checked about 7 and a half. But I wasn't really that hard." "Prove it." Steve took the measuring tape from Dylan and handed it to Luke. "Fuck you, you go first." Steve shrugged, and pulled his joggers and briefs down. He started to jerk his dick while we stood there. "I'm not doing this alone bitches." I pulled my pants down as well, but I was already hard. "Fucking fag dude." Steve punched at my gut. I took the measuring tape from him, although I already knew how big I was. I pulled the tape out, and held it to my dick. "Not bad man, but Dylan's got you beat." I have a much better body than Dylan, but I have to admit, I'd rather be hung than fit. Luke had his hand down his pants, working hid dick over. He was wearing a wife beater and sweats, and you could tell he was starting to get hard. I stood there, with my dick pointing out, and waited for these guys. Dylan was still rock hard, and I swear he was dripping pre cum. I kept glancing at it, hoping he wouldn't feel like I was a perv, although I was feeling more bisexual back then than I am now. He didn't even cover himself at this point, and just let his dick throb up and down in mid air. He had something to be proud of, that's fo sure.

Steve lifted up his t shirt, revealing his abs and really thick bush. "Man, cut that shit down dude." I pointed and laughed. "Fuck off, it feels good when I'm jackin off man." He gave himself a couple more jerks, and took the tape from me. He tucked his t shirt under his chin, and stretched the tape out. He was just under 7 inches. "Too bad limp dick." I poked at his sides. "Man shut the fuck up, I'm still fucking ripped dude." He flexed his abs and ran his hand up and down the hairy trail, his dick throbbing as he did. He was pretty thick though, probably thicker than mine. I bet he could really tear up a pussy or ass with that. Luke still had his hand down his sweats, and Steve tossed the measuring tape to him. He caught it, and dropped it. He bent to pick it up, and stood up, pulling his hand out. His dick was pressing hard against the stretch fabric, and he pulled the tape out. We all watched, as he took his time pulling at the waistband. He was kind of an attention whore anyway, and I think he liked that we were waiting to see. He pulled his sweatband down, and his dick popped out. He's a tall, slim white dude, with good muscle tone, and completely smooth. He's darker skinned with blondish brown hair, buzzed super short to his scalp. I thought he'd be completely smooth, but he actually had a light happy trail, and almost transparent pubes. You could only tell he was hairy down there, when he moved and the light would catch the hairs. He kept them trimmed, but still pretty thick. His dick was darker than he was, and was uncut and thicker. He held the tape out, and sighed disappointingly. He was about 6 and a half inches long. I commented on his thickness though, and he shrugged. Dylan was officially leaking pre cum by now, and Steve teased him, "dude, you're so fucking horny. You already creamed my bed, how much cum you got anyway?" "I can cum like four times a day dude." He grabbed his dick and started working it. "How much do you cum?" "I can cum a couple times a day, but they're pretty messy loads." Steve started jerking himself as well. I started in, and Luke did as well. We moved in a little closer, almost in a huddle, all jerking our dicks. After a few minutes, it started to smell kind of musky and you could hear our panting and breathing. I felt like I was going to blow, and I let go of my dick. "Man, I'm gonna blow soon." Steve grunted, and thrusted out his hips, holding tight to the base of his dick. He shot a load across teh floor, hitting Dylan's arm, and started laughing, but moaning at the same time. He shot a few shots, while Dylan stepped aside in disgust. He almost hit his desk in the corner. The wood floor echoed the cum shots, as they splattered on the floor. That sent me over the edge, and I jerked quickly, spewing my hot load in the same direction. Luke stepped back, next to Steve, and I heard him grunt a couple times, and shot his load too. It wasn't very far, and was really thick and white. Dylan was breathing heavy, and his whole body looked red, as he shot his load. It wasn't as messy as his first load, and but under the pressure, I think it was pretty impressive. Steve reached over and braced himself with his hand on my shoulder. I looked over, and he was completely spent, his head drooping down. He couldn't even keep his eyes open. I squeezed out a couple more drops, and shook my dick, before putting it back in my pants. I sat down on the edge of the bed, and leaned back to catch my breath. There was a knock on the door, and Steve's dad said they were going to the store. Steve managed to put out a "Ok, thanks," before sitting next to me. I couldnt' believe we'd just done that, and the smell of cum was super thick. The window was still open, but that didn't seem to be helping. I draped my arm over my face and let my breath even out again. Luke and Dylan sat on the floor, and Dylan draped the towel across his crotch, panting heavily. We all started laughing almost simultaneously, just the thought of how crazy we were. "Who's gonna clean this shit up," Steve said in between giggles. I sat up, and leaned forward, whipping the towel off Dylan again, throwing it at the massive mess on the floor. "Dylan, you started this, now get to work." He stuck his leg out, and started moving the towel around with his foot. We all got up, and grabbed what we could find, to clean with.

It didn't take long to mop up the mess, but it would definitely be sticky. We stepped out, and Steve went to get the mop and bucket, while I dropped the towel and t shirts/pillow cases we'd used, into the washer in the hall closet. The other guys were in the second guest room by steve's, still playing COD. I completely forgot about them, and was surprised no one else had come in to see what we'd done. It was a long afternoon, and by the time I got home, i was ready to crash. My Mom was downstairs at the table, with her computer and ipad out, working, and smiled at me when I walked by. I went up the stairs and went in to say hi to my Dad before I went to bed. I walked in, and my Dad quickly pulled the covers up to his abs. He was completely shocked, and his hairy pecs flexed, as he shifted his position, to appear to be studying. I almost busted out laughing, and shook my head. "Sorry Dad, man, this is deja vu." He didn't say anything, as I stepped out into the hall, and went to my room. What a fucking weekend.


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