I had never been the one to believe in true love before, after so many failed attempts. (By the way, in case you're wondering, my name is Christian.) That was until the night I was abducted by a vampire.

It happened so quick I didn't know what was happening. I had gone to the all night superstore near my home. As I got out of my car walking to the store, a hot pale god grabbed me and threw me in his white van. I hit the metal frame; before I had any time to react he quickly jumped in slamming the door shut. I turned my head around to look in the pitch-black confinement, and felt a cloth shoved in my face. Then everything went back.

* * * * * * * * *

I heard far away voices.

"He's attractive for a human."

"Yeah but he has an odd scent."

"Smells just fine to me." The last voice was a man. (As they all were, but I had a feeling it was my abductor.)

Just then, I thought about my boyfriend, Jason. He must be looking for me.

"Look he's stirring." It was the first voice. I opened my eyes and seen all of them. The three men were all hot, for them to be a bit pasty.

"Hello, there. It was my kidnapper slowly coming towards me. (I was right about the last voice being his.) He had dark brown hair and a little stubble on his face, along with deep green eyes. I sat up, and realized I had been laying on the cold stone floor in what appeared to be a basement.

"What am I doing here?" I asked, as I swatted his hand from my face.

"I brought you here."

"Duh, I meant why?"

He smiled "'cause I thought you were cute."

"Sorry I'm taken." I stood up holding his gaze.

"Didn't ask if you were." He grabbed me picking me up over his shoulder and walked up the stairs with me. He followed the other guys to the mid level of the house. It was a standard house well lit with furniture, appliances, etc. After several dozen steps, he came to some more steps leading to the upper level of the house. He turned left and walked straight down the hallway to the open door. The guy's were already in. It was a huge room with a king-sized bed, chair, couch, couple of dressers, and such.

He dropped me on the bed, lying on my back. He laid his body on top of me leaned toward my face saying, "You're staying in my room with me. My name is Maxwell. This is Charlie," he gestured toward the red head. "And Th-"

"I'm levy," he said, cutting him off. He was the blonde with brown eyes. He was attractive as they all were, but he had a hunger in his tan eyes.

I recognized levy as the first voice that spoke. Charlie was the second. At this point Maxwell was sitting on his knees, his back straight. I decided to act. As quick as I could I pulled both my knees towards my chest and kicked my feet in the middle of his chest- HARD. He fell off the bed as expected. I rolled off the right side of the bed to my feet. When I turned around, he was slowly rising on his feet. I was stunned he should have been lying on the floor still struggling to breath- let alone stand up.

"Strong for a human, that actually hurt." He sounded as if I hurt his feelings more than the kick hurt his chest.

"Feisty too," levy smiled as he spoke.

"I told you I was taken. You're going to have to take me back to the store where you snatched me. My boyfriend is looking for me and when he finds me then you're all in trouble."

"We can take care of him," replied Maxwell, unafraid. He walked closer to me and when his hands touched my shoulders, I grabbed his arms pulling him close to mine as I kneed him in the crotch. He fell down to his knees hissing, looking at me. His face contorted in agony. His eyes were blazing blood red filled with rage. I saw his two canine teeth protruding from his mouth, almost twice the size they were- and twice as sharp. I stepped back against the wall surprised.

"Guess we forgot to mention we're vampires," Levy said matter-of- factly. "Guess that hurt huh buddy?" he chuckled as he patted Maxwell's shoulder. Charlie who had been quiet up until that point spoke up, "You're not leaving. Maxwell brought you here to be our lover."

"My boyfriend will find you and make you wish you hadn't."

"Well I hope he does, we can have us a snack," He smiled a devilish smile.



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