Initiation into the Brotherhood of 'Beta Kappa Alpha' was quite rough throughout the years. There was never a dull moment for freshmen. Between constantly running for beer during a giant party, cleaning up the living room from all the vile happenings of said parties, or constantly being picked on by my elder frat brothers everyday was an adventure. Being a freshmen in college was hard enough, but I tried my hardest just to fit in. I thought this was my best way to meet new people quickly. Plus the housing was cheaper than a dorm room with some random as a roommate. Almost everyday in the house there was a wild party usually consisting of half naked girls too drunk to walk by the end of it. The really drunk ones were always laying around as I cleaned up the next morning after my classes. After months of hard work cleaning the house from top to bottom I was finally being bumped up in the rankings. They probably had found another poor sucker to take my spot, but I wasn't complaining. I had no idea what this new position was. The brothers keep the rankings very secret. Anything would be better than the disgusting smell of old beer every morning. The ranking isn't talked about at all in the fraternity, you just know who you take orders from and who's above you. The middle is quite a blurry line. After my afternoon class I headed to the frat house ready to receive my new rank. The house was dirty as a new freshmen brother ran around cleaning up the giant piles of beer cans and bottles everywhere. I smiled as I walked by him, heading to the basement of the house where the rituals took place as an age old tradition. Dodging stray cans and women's underwear was quite the feat. What a mess.

The stairs creek as I descended into the dark basement. The room was dimly lit as I navigated down the narrow stairway. Panties and bras littered the railing making me choose to not use the hand rail. My foot accidentally knocked over an empty beer can as it clang loudly. The room itself was carpeted and very cozy. A pool table, a couch, a rather large T.V. with a few gaming consoles with games everywhere were the focal point, with a handful of random posters hung about aimlessly. Most of them of half naked women. The random ladies underwear and beer cans continued a unique decorating scheme even into the room itself. Two brothers stood in the middle of the room. They were laughing at the can I kicked as it rolled under the couch. I approached the two brothers standing beside the pool table waiting for me. They were the brothers who had helped me get into the frat in the first place. One of the brothers who stood in front of me, the taller one, I knew quite well. His name was Tim. I had seen him around the house at all the parties, oddly enough not making out with a girl or drinking like crazy like the other brothers did everyday. I was relieved to see him here, however I wasn't sure who the other brother was beside him.

"Not very many brothers get to see this room, you should be honored brother." The other brother spoke as I approached him.

"I am honored, brother." I stopped in front of the two. He smiled as he started walking towards me.

"Do you know why we chose to promote you?"

"Perhaps it's my work in the house?" I asked weakly, following him with my eyes as he walked around me. Tim stood where he was, a cute smile on his caramel face.

"You've been quite an asset to the fraternity. A lot of the boys have taken a liking to you." I smiled, but he continued as he stopped behind me out of my sight. "Tim was the reason you got into this Brotherhood, and he's to watch over this meeting."

I felt proud of my accomplishments and relieved to be done cleaning the giant messes every night. Beer cans clang loudly from the floor above. I cracked a slight smile as a brother had begun to yell at the new initiate for causing the abrupt noise.

"Now, there are two paths for you to take." He returned in front of me after a rather long pause behind me. "We have a newer path for brothers to take, one that is quite fun for some. The other is the standard path where you will be accepted into the Brotherhood of Beta Kappa Alpha and rise through the rankings like all of us have done before you."

"What's the newer path?" I asked without really thinking about what I was saying. I wondered why I would even bother. Perhaps it was just another way to force us to clean up after them. Who the hell wants that?

"It's a rather unique path and it's one that is respected by all the Brothers. There's only one position, and it has a lot of duties and tasks to it. But the ones who enjoy that work find their job very rewarding." A puzzled look crossed my face as the elder Brother spoke, "It's a sub-division of the Sorority across the street." Now I was very confused.

"What do you mean?" My voice cracked. 'What on earth would the sorority have to do with this rank?'

Tim emerged and stood next to the elder Brother.

"It's hard to explain really but know that you will be respected outside of your duties, as long as you do them well." The elder Brother eyed me as Tim stood infront of me.

For some reason I kept thinking of taking the more straight forward route through the Brotherhood, but the other position had me wondering. And how could it be a part of the Sorority?

"Is there any way I'd know if this path was for me? I'm curious, but don't want to make the wrong choice." I hesitated with my mind telling me to just go the normal path. I just couldn't stop asking what that other path was all about.

Tim walked up to me and reached towards me. In an instant he had pulled my shorts down before I had a second to react. I stood there in my underwear with my shorts down around my ankles. Except I wasn't wearing a normal pair of underwear. It actually was a very lacy woman's red thong. I stood in disbelief that this situation was happening. My face turned redder than the thong as I tried to cover back up as quickly as possible. Tim grabbed my hands stopping me before I could pull my shorts all the way back up. My body trembled as my naked bottom was exposed. I was so embarrassed. I only wore these on days I was feeling extra sexy, but that feeling was long gone at this second.

"I think this path might be good for you." The elder Brother said as he patted my shoulder.

I was nervous and shocked. Before I could say anything to him he began to walk up the stairs, closing the door behind him. Tim began admiring the very cute underwear I was wearing.

"Tim please don't tell anyone."

His big hands had grabbed my bottom and squeezed. I had a very nice pale, juicy plump butt. I stood shorter than most of the brothers at 5'5. I was very thin, brown hair, and had hazel eyes. I loved wearing women's underwear which I usually did around the frat house in secret. It was easy to pass off any pairs lying around in my room as a random girls if they ever did question me. However getting caught wearing them was a different story. Tim leaned into me as his big hands squeezed my butt.

"I saw you bending over when you were cleaning the house. Who do you think came up with the idea of this new position?"

His body pushed against mine as he towered over me. I bit my lip as I was taken over with pure adrenaline and pleasure. My heart was nearly beating out of my chest at that point. He removed his hands from mine. He took a step back to admire me. His hands ran up my stomach, catching my shirt and lifting it up. I was beyond nervous, but Tim helped me take off my shirt and expose my whole naked milky body to him. I was still shocked and saw the whole situation as surreal. I stood in front of a tall, tan gentlemen wearing nothing but a cute red lacy thong. My heart pounding and my legs shaking with unnatural excitement. I stood there motionless. The butterflies in my stomach preventing me from doing much other than shyly giggling at him. My eyes met his as he kissed me on the lips softly, his tongue dancing with mine. He grabbed my right hand and guided it towards his cock. My fingers brushed it through his jeans. I exhaled deeply and went for it. I grabbed onto his cock. My body trembled as my hand felt his massive cock growing in his jeans. The size of it matching his overall stature. His tongue shot into my mouth in response to me grabbing him. My mind told me to keep going. We kissed for a while with my hand firmly on my growing prize. I ran my other hand up the front of his body sliding under his shirt. My legs felt weak just thinking of the situation. He broke the lust filled kiss as we both gasped for air. His face always had a beautiful smile. It's almost like it was painted on.

Tim undid his jeans while I stood there watching him. Ours eyes met. He pulled his jeans and boxers down. I gasped. Staring directly at his enormous member it twitched as a soft breeze from an open window hit it. It was way bigger than any of the toys hidden in my room. It was 10' long, give or take. It stood completely straight, with a very slight curve to his left. His cock has a few veins popping out. The most intimidated thing was his girth. It was slightly smaller than my wrist and continued to get wider the closer to the base you got. His head was a bright pink. He was trimmed, but the shaft was completely smooth. His testicles were also smooth. They reminded me of two baseballs. They hung down a little ways between his muscular thighs. It was quite the sight. I reached my shaking hand out towards the massive cock while my eyes were practically glued to it. My fingers glided across the head as I touched the flesh of his rock hard cock. They gently stroked just the tip of him. I exhaled deeply feeling how warm and hard he was. I began to work the shaft a little with my hand. I started slow and enjoyed the feeling of him. Tim smiled at me with my other hand still on his chest. He did me the favor of taking off his shirt while I played with him. His muscular tan body caught my eyes immediately.

"Oh my god." I moaned to him taking in the sight.

I ran my hand up and down his tone body. I couldn't stop moaning and gasping at him as we stared into each other eyes. My other hand jerked him off. I was overtaken by the sheer size of his cock. A tiny drop of precum accumulated from all the stroking. I knew my way around a cock.  From the looks of it  I guess Tim thought I was very sexy today as well. My legs weren't shaking as bad as before, but the sight of his now fully erect cock had them going all over again. Tim's large hands grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down onto me knees. My hand ran down his stomach. I wasn't about to remove my other one. I froze motionless as my eyes stared at the large member dangling directly in front of me. The precum teasing me, my mind telling me to lick it and the butterflies in my stomach making me feel anxious and worried. Tim smiled down at me with a very caring look on his face. His movements were very gentle but insistent. His strong hands still on my shoulders. In what seemed like a second I went from not wanting to clean up beer cans to wearing nothing but a cute thong and a large cock inches from my drooling mouth. My tongue covered my lips with saliva as I stared up at him teasingly. His hips moved towards me. My lips touched just the head of him. The taste of his sweet precum taking only a moment before making me quiver even more as it touched my lips. It tasted wonderful to me. It made me want more. I tried to savor the taste as long as possible. Letting it flood my taste buds as it dripped into my mouth onto my tongue. Breathing deeply the smell of musk and sex enveloped me. His genitalia had a very arousing smell. Slightly sweaty but very manly and potent. Tim used his hand to rub the head of his massive dick against my wet, succulent lips. His attempts at teasing me were working very well.

"Come on now, you can't tell me you don't want to suck it. I promise no one will know. And if you don't like it we can always just make you a second-tier Brother and not mention this to anyone." His deep and stern voice made me feel even more wonderful about everything.

Don't get me wrong, having his massive dick just inches away from my mouth already had my motor purring. The taste of the precum made me want to give into his needs and experience how fun he could be in bed. I smiled up to him as I inhaled deeply, his manly musk turning me on even more.

"I'm just glad I wore my cute underwear today" I giggled to him.

Before he could respond my tongue danced around the head of his dick. He sighed, taken back by how quickly I had made my choice. My tongue worked fast. Precum dripped out of Tim's cock. Those large baseball sized testicles dancing with excitement. I hungrily lapped up the precum as quickly as it leaked out. Tim's throbbing cock twitched as my lips ran up and down his shaft. Another larger drop accumulated for me. My tongue raced from the base of his cock up to the head. I made sure to get all of the precum. I even sucked softly on the head to ensure I did. Swallowing my tasty treat Tim let out a sigh of pure pleasure as his body jerked backwards. I giggled up to him as it did. My cheeks were a bright red now. The head of Tim's large cock entered my waiting mouth. I drooled on the head while sucking. More of that tasty precum landed directly onto my tongue for me to enjoy. It slid down my tongue, coating every taste bud. I let out a lustful moan as my lips released his head. I glanced up at Tim, staring at him. He watched me play with him. I grabbed one of his huge testicles and fondled it. His body pushed forward and my lips let him enter my wet mouth. I continued to stare up at him as I playfully flicked his head with my tongue. I never felt so sexy before.

In the heat of the moment my hand spanked my juicy bottom hard, echoing throughout the basement and sending me forward with surprise at how hard I has actually spanked myself. This in turn caused even more of Tim's large member into my mouth as I gagged softly on it in shock. Tim's smile grew wider across his gorgeous face at me gagging on him. The head of his cock was pushing against the back of my throat. I held it there for a moment before shooting backwards. Even more precum rewarded me for trying to take his massive cock into my throat. My hand grabbed my bottom and squeezed. He thrust himself into my awaiting mouth. I spanked my opposite cheek hard for him. It was pure lust. My tongue danced along the bottom of his shaft as he pushed half of himself into my mouth. Gazing into his beautiful eyes he moaned loudly as he attempted to pull himself back out. Begging him to not pull it out quite yet my mouth created a strong suction. The suction broke with a loud pop. I gasped and moaned with my mouth still wide open. Strands of shimmering saliva connected my lips to the giant cock as it dangled in front of me. It swayed back and forth, my eyes following it's every move. It had a nice layer of saliva coating it about halfway down. Tim's hand grabbed the shaft of it, smacking it against my tongue and face. Being very large and solid it smacked hard, sending waves through my body each time it did. Tim was enjoying the sight. He gave me a few more hard slaps, making sure to bounce it off my lips and tongue. His cock returned to my open mouth again. I wouldn't have minded if he slapped me for hours with it.

My face was covered in a mixture of hot saliva and precum. That sweet taste flooded my senses yet. I felt so dirty and horny. I could feel the exact spots he slapped his cock on my face. I stared up at Tim. He thrusted further into my mouth. I drooled all over him. The saliva raced down his veiny shaft to the hilt. I couldn't stop my mouth from watering so much. The head pushed to the back of my throat as Tim held it there. I moaned onto his dick and pushed it further. I felt it entering my throat with Tim moaning very loudly. It twitched as I gagged on it. Saliva rushed down his shaft in waves. His hips moved forward on me and made me take even more. Tim got a few good thrusts in as he fucked my throat before my body shot backwards. I gasped and panted for air. I couldn't take my eyes off of his drool covered cock as it twitched and throbbed in response to entering my throat. Looks like all that practice on my dildos paid off. My hand jerked him off fast using the slippery saliva as a great lube. I smiled up to Tim and giggled shyly. I kissed his head again with our eyes still locked on each others. Tim leaned over and spanked me hard. I squeaked in response. His hand grabbed the top of the thong and pulled it, making it ride right between my cheeks. I fought back, my hand jerked his head off fast with a tight grip. And to think, this was just the start of my unforgettable night.

My big red butt was bouncing as we walked into a small room attached to the basement. I could feel Tim's eyes on my bottom the whole time. I'd be lying if I said I didn't give my hips some sway. The hand prints throbbed as my heart continued to beat out of my chest. The squeaky door opened with a cool gust of air that rushed towards us. The air felt wonderful across the beat red hand prints on my butt. The cute thong made me feel sexy buried between my cheeks still. The room was a complete mess  strewn with dirty clothes, a small t.v. that wasn't on and beer bottles everywhere. Tim turned on a dim light that made the room softly lit. He entered the room following me closely. I barely got a good loot at the room before his strong hands grabbed my bottom. He walked right up to me. I felt beyond sexy with his rock hard cock between my cheeks. A hand of his ran up my stomach while his cock twitched, taunting me. His strong hand bent me over at my waist onto a bed. He left his hand on my back while using the other to grope my butt. The cute red thong caught his eyes. He used his hand to lay his cock between my cheeks, covering the thong up and almost sizing himself up to see how deep he would go. His hand pulled my lacy underwear down to my ankles as it floated effortlessly down. It dangled around my ankles exposing me completely to him.

I was bent over the side of the bed with my ass high in the air. My face buried in the sheets. His hands grabbed at me again. That large cock returned between my cheeks. He slapped it against my cheeks and even my hole. It made my bottom quake. I think Tim was enjoying it a bit too much. His left hand pulled my cheek so he could make sure he was slapping it right against my tight hole. I was glad I had the bed to moan into. He slapped me with it for minutes. I was on the verge of begging him to fuck me. The head of his massive cock prodded at my hole. I gasped and squirmed at his sheer size. Another gust of air rushed into the room from an open window. I exhaled softly. Tim reached to the bed stand for a clear bottle of lube. The cold liquid dripped onto my hole. I relaxed, allowing some to slip into me in preparation of his cock wanting to enter. The head prodded again. There was little I could do to prepare for Tim's massive cock. He pushed into me slowly, determined to penetrate. The head of Tim's large cock made me whimper. The lube made it easy for him to enter. The tightness of my hole was his next obstacle. I had a few toys I had fun with daily, but never anything this large. Tim was easily twice as big as my favorite toy.

With very little time and effort Tim's head was inside of me. He thrust into me, his big hands on my hips holding me in place. I couldn't move forward at all. All I could do was sit there and feel Tim's big dick inching into me. I whimpered and moaned trying to adjust to his large girth. His cock went on forever, pushing deeper into me with his flared head leading the way. I strained, and was forced to stretch wide for him. When he first showed me I was worried he was too big. Now I wanted to see if I could take it all. I whimpered as he kissed my cheek. He stopped pushing into me. Tim exhaled into my ear. I felt his large, warm testicles brushing against mine. They were so much larger than mine. I had done it, I had all 10 inches of Tim's rock hard thick cock in me. He pushed further. I felt his abdomen against my butt. My hole pulsed around him, the feeling being very strange but wonderful. I had never stretched this wide before. His hands slide up my back and onto my shoulders. Then the real fun began.

 Tim started off hard. The pleasure and teasing made him an animal. Tim slammed me into the bed with his force. He held me by the shoulders and used it as leverage for more even power. I moaned loudly and quivered. His cock was making me purr. An orgasm began inside of me as he continued his deep and rough thrusting. I buried my face into the bed to moan loudly. Tim kissed my back. I turned my head to gaze at him. His legs proved to me how strong he was. Every thrust I felt myself being slammed forward. Tim was very good, keeping the majority of his cock in me and using the last few inches to fuck me. He never gave me a moment to get use to his large size. Every thrust was a loud slap. My butt was jiggling uncontrollably. Tim only paused to re position himself out of my sight. His hands returned to my shoulders as he continued his intense pounding. I moaned loud as my legs quaked with pleasure. His large testicles smacked mine as he fucked me into the side of the bed. I was basically just being held up by the bed. I felt like I was melted to it. My legs were tingly and almost numb. My hole was stretching but every thrust of Tim made me feel good inside.

I focused only on his cock as the orgasm brewed. I think I was moaning loud, but Tim kept going. My body was shaking and twitching which made Tim even more determined to continue his anal assault on me. He was using even more of his length which tipped me over that edge. He slid out completely each thrust. The head rested against my hole. Right before I could relax he slammed all of it in using my shoulders as leverage for more speed. That feeling of being empty and gaping to being filled completely up made me orgasm hard. Tim's' large cock pushed balls deep into me as I orgasmed. I quivered and shook with pleasure, practically screaming into the bed. He used the last few inches to slam hard into me, my tight hole pulsing sporadically around his thick shaft. He spanked my ass with his big hand then grabbed it, watching himself slamming into me as I screamed in pleasure. He moaned when he held it all the way into me again. I was whimpering in sheer pleasure, unable to form any words. He leaned to me and kissed my cheek again leaving himself deep in me.

"I think you're going to like this new rank, Chris." Tim whispered into my ear.

I arched my back for him and sank into the bed. I felt like I just melted. I felt his large cock sliding out of me. When he pulled out the head made a popping sound. He gazed down at my gaping hole, squeezing and spreading my cheeks. He spanked me as I shot into the bed again. Tim went into the bathroom to clean up. I laid there feeling myself wide open still from his size. Another gust of air swept the room and cooled my sweaty, shaking naked body. My legs were jello and my brain was mush. Tim emerged still rock hard. That curve of his made me drool even more. I felt completely drained, but dying for more of his cock.

"Well, aren't you going to let me cum in your mouth?" Tim's voice was beyond sexy as he practically growled at me. "It's part of your new ranking."

I mustered the strength to spin around on my knees for him. His cock stood in front of me, freshly cleaned and still throbbing. I gazed up at him, and stuck my tongue out teasingly. What a mistake. He wasted no time. His hand grabbed my head and pushed into my mouth. I felt him hit the back of my throat for only a second before pushing further down into my throat. I gagged on him but held my composure. He thrusted while in my throat, slowly fucking it. Tim moaned loudly. I watched those cum-filled testicles of his dancing for me. I tried to pull back as I gagged hard on him. Water filled my eyes. He held his cock in my throat, and I couldn't pull back. I glanced up to Tim. Panic set in before I felt it.

His legs tensed up as the warm cum shot right down my throat. I gagged and kept going, his hand firmly on the back of my head. Strand after strand straight down my throat as he drained his huge testicles right into me. Saliva was dripping off his testicles. I winced and felt him cumming hard. His hand pulled me back finally. I felt his twitching cock as it left my cum filled throat. Two more spurts of warm cum shot onto my tongue. Tim moaned loud while staring down at me. Tears ran down my cheeks as I caught my breath. I pulled my head back and released his cock. It was drenched in my saliva. More of those silky strands connected it to my  mouth. I showed Tim the thick which cum before swallowing it all. It was sweet. He slapped his big dick against my lips as we both giggled. I exhaled deeply with one final look at his massive cock.

"Next time, wear black."

A few weeks later, and after a lot of practice...

With one final grunt the last strand of white cum shot across my face. It landed, joining the countless other strands that covered my face. A final drop escaping and landing on my cheek. My tongue was covered also. I dangled it out of my mouth teasingly. More cum was on my chin and dripping to the floor and even between my thighs. The brother left, still rock hard but drained. He walked out the door, closing it as he left. A moment later the eldest brother entered the room. A devious smile was across his face as he also closed the door, walking towards me in my sticky mess.

"That's all the brothers. Good job Chris." He put his hand on my shoulder, what seemed the be the only spot not drenched in hot cum. "But I'm afraid there's another part I forgot to mention when you took this position..."

"Oh?" My voice cracked at him, still on my knees.

The door opened yet again. A large, muscular gentleman with dark skin entered the room. He was naked, and his enormous black cock stood erect as he walked up to me. He was extremely muscular, tall, and very confident.

"The football team heard about what we were doing here." The eldest brother eyed me up and down twice. "And seeing how well you do at it, we've thought about giving them a hand."

The dark man walked up to me, his gigantic cock twitched and swayed in front of my mouth.

"But, the football team is use to fucking the sorority girls across the street so..."

"So," the man with the horse sized cock spoke to me, gazing down at me, "I'm going to fuck that tight ass of yours..."

His hands grabbed me and tossed me onto the bed like nothing. Within seconds that enormous cock slammed into me. It was rough, as he thrusted it into me deeply. The bed soaked up the cum that had been sprayed all over me. Every thrust of him smeared it across me. I almost screamed when he began fucking me hard and fast. That large cock stretched me out as he fucked me like a slutty sorority girl from across the road.

"Oh, and one more thing Chris. Tomorrow is a big game, so there's already a line outside the door." I grunted at the eldest brother, my poor bottom being destroyed with each passing second. The jock slammed balls deep into me and I squirmed in response. I moaned loudly as I orgasmed hard. My hole tightened around the massive cock as he held it balls deep in me. A puddle formed between my legs with my own cum. I tossed and turned while being ruined with each powerful thrust from his fore-arm sized cock as he started back up again.

"Looks like you're all tied up so I'll leave you two alone."  

The eldest brother stood a moment watching me being ruined by the jocks huge dick. I stared at him with panic and lust in my eyes. Another orgasm started to brew. The jock slammed it all back into me and grabbed my head. The door opened as I was being fucked mercilessly. The jock who had a cock the size of a horse moaned into my ear, "Fuck yeah, you're even tighter than any of the girls at the house."  I peered out as an entire football team stood outside the door, anxious to fuck me. Their cocks were out as they watched me being dominated. All I could do was whimper at them as they peered at me through the open door. The jock pulled my hair and thrust with all of his length. The other jocks flooded in, apparently thinking that was an invitation. Someone slapped their cock against my face while I came again. Whimpering and moaning were my only forms of communication. The night was fun, I came more times that I could count and they even won the big game! I found out next week was the semi-finals for college football and we were in it. My bottom was stilling gaping and already they are lining up outside my door. I think the girls across the street got jealous. I had no idea we had so many hung football players. Hopefully this becomes a tradition before each game...




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