I had met Moises innocently while he was relieving his bladder against a tree as I was driving North on the autopista. In Colombia, it is not uncommon to see a guy taking a piss at the side of the road. What made this diferent was I could see the huge heavy stream from what appeared to be a huge black uncut cock. As I got his attention and  pretended to ask him for directions I could see indeed he had a huge cock as he stuffed his sausage back into his jeans. As we were talking I kept my eyes glued on the huge outline of his cock just below the denim of his jeans. Luckily he noticed my stare and I ended up servicing his huge cock and rewarded by eating the sweet pungent cream from his bull balls . Later i allowed  him to fuck my ass. In the subsequent days, and  after many repeats of taking his big dick up my ass , he introduced me to some of his family who had come to Medellin with him  fron Condoto , a town in a part of Antioquia where the majority were black men.

   My friend Jhon´s father was from this same  town and i had had the pleasure of sucking his cock which was huge around 17 to 18 inches. Moises had a 14 inch cock but  Jhon´s father´s cock  was immense. I knew I had happened upon a population that I needed to investigate  further for my study, being a physical anthropologist I had been studying how genetics played an important role in cock size.

   Moises had come to Medellin with three of his brothers looking for work. When I met the three brothers in Parque Berrio where most of the black men come to gather and converse I knew I was in cock heaven. I could see each one had huge baskets and hopefully later i would be able to check them out. I invited Moises and his three brothers to my finca for the weekend. just outside Medellin for an  hidden ulterior motive , not wanting them to know since the data would be more reliable and unbiased. Moises only knew I liked to suck cock and  and that was enough information for him since he had been fucking my ass for the past month. Moises was straight as an arrow but liked my mouth and my tight ass.

   My finca is very private with huge walls and has a swimming pool and jacuzzi for recreation. Moises and his brothers  weren´t use to wearing bathing suits since when they went swimming in Choco it was in the nude. When Moises and his brothers spotted the pool they stripped naked  and jumped in relishing the coolness of the water in the hot afternoon sun. I was able to check out each brothers cock as they exited the pool to dive in. I went inside to get drinks as they frolicked together feeling my cock harden with anticipation. I changed into my trunks to join them just as Moises came inside searching my whereabouts. I had just finished changing my clothes in my bedroom when Moises came into the room. I looked at his cock which was almost in the full state of arousal and he gave me an wide smile that let me know  he wanted his cock sucked off. Moises laid on the bed jacking his uncut cock when I said what about his brothers. He said he had told them as he left the pool that he was going to get his cock sucked off by me and they said sure.. They laughed and egged him on, telling him when he was finished to come back and each one would search out this sweet mouth he was talking about.

   I got on my knees between Moise´s legs and first started by savoring  his big balls which were covered by what I would call fuzzy black hair which you would find on a georgia peach. Moises had huge balls so I could only lap the wrinkled skin surrounding each ball. I even delved farther below his heavy balls searching out his hole surrounded by  the same fuzzy black hair. When I speared his hole he gasped and started to jack his cock off to the pleasure of my tongue. Moises was forcing his ass back to my mouth wanting me to delve deeper and deeper within what I thought was a virgin hole. All at once I heard the door opening and it was Javier Moises´s brother who was just a year older. I noticed right away that he was  hard as a rock.Javier entered the room and smiled at the scene he had interrupted . As I got up he replaced me with rimming his brother. I got onto the bed and positioned my mouth above Mioses´s cock wanting to be ready when he came. After about a minute Javier stood up and peeled back his uncut cock drooling with thick  precum.Javier took adavantage of his personal lubricate and placed his cockhead on Moise´s hole. I watched as he entered his brother´s hole making his brother gasp in ectasy.  Javier started to fuck his brother´s ass with soft thrusts at first then with more determined thrusts banging his nuts against Moise´s quivering hole. Moise´s had relinquished his cock to my mouth and I was rewarded with a flow of precum from Moises one wouldn´t have beleived. All his lubricate made it easier to swallow his huge cock. As Javier was fucking him he was watching me suck off his brother amazed I was able to swallow his 14 inch cock with no problem. With each thrust of Javier it would force Moise´s cock to bottom out within my lips. Soon I felt the shaft enlarge to be rewarded with his load just as Javier was rewarding his brother´s ass. I swear Moises had cum even more by being fucked by his brother Javier. After I had swallowed his cum and got off the bed to take a closer look at Javier´s cock. As he withdrew I noticed right away he was bigger than Moises. I would say a good 15 inch uncut cock which was still hard as a rock. Moises went to join his other two brothers in the pool while I started to suck Javier off  wanting to taste his load. Moises told his other brothers what Javier did making themselves real horny. I was sucking Javier´s big cock just as Uday came in wanting the same  treatment from my mouth. Uday got on the bed along side Javier and I slid between them taking turns on their cocks. Uday was an inch bigger than Javier and in my mind anticipating Yeralin´s cock the oldest brother. As I was servicing Javier and Uday I heard the door open and in came Yeralin with the biggest cock yet. I laid on my back servicing the two cocks and Yeralin got on the bed and started to rim my ass getting it ready for his cock. I was so busy relishing the taste of the two cocks that I only felt an enormous pressure against my hole. I tryed to relax and let it slip in but it was huge. Finally my hole relinguished and accepted Yeralin´s cock. I could actually swear I felt the raised veins on its shaft as my ass surrounded his member. Yeralin started to fuck my hole with abandonment with the sole intent to empty his balls. I felt and heard as his balls slapped against my hole. Yeralin was really doing a number on my prostate each time rubbing up against as he entered.

   Javier and Uday were busy taking turns fucking my mouth. Uday was the first to unload since Javier had emptied his balls inside Moise´s tight hole. I tried to swallow all but it was just to much and his cum ran down the sides of my mouth. Javier seeing this tried to help me out scooping up the remnants of his brother´s load,enjoying the thick white liquid as it seeped from the sides of my mouth. After we both finished feeding on Uday´s huge load Javier forced his cock withim my lips just as it was spurting his hot cum Yeralin seeing this unloaded into the deep recess of my ass. When I raised up I noticed I had come during the hard fucking. All three brothers left to go back to the pool while I cleaned up the mess on me and on the bed. Later I joined them in the pool and all four brothers acted like everything was normal. I sure didn´t act normal still feeling the pain of being fucked so hard by a huge black cock . I could only imagine what i would find in Choco later that week when Moises and i would go back to where he came from.   




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