Charlie Liberally applied hair gel to his hard as a mother fucker cock. He needed this nut like the flowers needed the rain. God knows he wouldn't sleep if he didn't get this one off. KeeSawn had lit a fire in his already perverted ass weeks earlier that left him a horny mess.

He fingered his asshole with is left hand , while his right gripped his dick like a crazy shopper holding on to the last game system on black Friday. The weekend with KeeSawn never came to be. KeeSawn's parents' plans got fucked up at the last minute, basically fucking up the freak nasty shit Charlie and KeeSawn had planned. Now it was almost Christmas and Charlie had a monster hard on and an asshole that longed, no, ached to be ravaged by KeeSawn's long hot caramel cock. For now masturbation would have to do.

Remembering how KeeSawn had fingered his asshole on Halloween night made Charlie insert another finger into his wet and slippery ass, then another, He practically had his whole fist up his ass when he shot the mother load across his stomach , chest, and to his delight, some even went into his panting mouth. "Damn KeeSawn" he sighed."Those should be your dead babies in my mouth." He wasn't in love with KeeSawn, but he lusted him something fierce. "Fuck this." He said to himself as he got up to go take a shower, "I'm gonna get some of that dick by Christmas, and that's my good mother fucking word."


"Just get the fuck away from me!" Hissed KeeSawn, at Avery, a young freshman cutie with smooth brown skin and a texturized mini fro. Thirty minutes of trying to get this skinny virginal mother fucker to relax and at least let him get the fucken head in had KeeSawn pissed.

"I told you I was a virgin." Said Avery on the verge of tears.

"Unless you become a top or learn to take a dick you're gonna stay that way; whatever , though, just get the fuck out my house."

"You're mad at me." The tears did fall. "I really wanted to do it, but your thing is so big and.......

"You know the way out." Said KeeSawn turning to his computer. He didn't look back, but heard the boy running sobbing out of the house. "Fucken emotional cripple." He sighed.

In all his frustration with not being able to penetrate Avery, KeeSawn was surprisingly still able to maintain an erection. His mind instantly went back to Halloween night and the dick down and super soak he'd put on Charlie. If Charlie were here , his sheets would be drenched in ball juice and is dick would be nice , soft and satisfied from the aftermath. Why the fuck didn't he just call Charlie over in the first place. He looked at the Clock, after six, Charlie's mom would be hovering over him doing homework. No way she'd let him out on a school night. Oh well, a hot jerk would have to do, but KeeSawn vowed as he beat his manhood into a thick and creamy submission that he would be up in Charlie Brown's guts by Christmas.


Charlie could not believe the provocative outfit his mother ha on to wear to the office Christmas party. She was basically wearing lingerie , thigh high boots and a Santa's hat. Were there any boundaries at her place of employment? He hadn't noticed until she was about to step out the door that she had an overnight bag.

"I might not be back until Sunday." She announced. "Claude in accounting is going to ring my bells this weekend."

"Damn Mama. , TMI." Frowned Charlie.

"I don't want a bunch of your hooligan friends up and through my house, you can invite only one friend to spend the weekend."

"KeeSawn." He quickly said.

"Long as ya'll don't tear my house apart and have any fast girls in here, then fine , KeeSawn it is."

"Mama , I assure you, we won't have any fast girls up in here." Grinned Charlie thinking of what he and KeeSawn would be up to.

"Alright then, you have my cell phone number, try not to call unless it's a complete emergency, Mama kinds really needs this weekend, ya feel me baby."

"I sure do." Said Charlie completely empathetic. God knows he knew what it was like to need dick and he was definitely in need.

As soon as his mother's car pulled out the driveway he dialed KeeSawn's number.

"Wassup Charlie?"Asked KeeSawn excited to hear his voice on a Friday night.

"The back door is open, come get this good ass boy; I'll be upstairs in my room lubed up and waiting."

"That's what the fuck is up." Said KeeSawn.

Charlie went upstairs too his room and proceeded to undress, he knew it was only a three minute walk from KeeSawn's house to his.

Charlie heard the back door open and someone step inside the kitchen. He heard the door being locked, all the while some one whistled frosty the snowman. Charlie next heard boots ascending the stairs. Seconds Later, KeeSawn was in the doorway to his room wearing a full length leather trench and a Santa's Cap. From the way his KeeSawn' dick protruded under the trench, Charlie soon realized that was all he had on.

"Merry Christmas nigga" he said opening the trench coat giving Charlie full view of his perfect caramel body. Maybe it was because he was horny, but Charlie could have sworn KeeSawn's dick was a couple inches bigger since Halloween (as if he needed it).

While KeeSawn took off his boots, Charlie began sucking on his dick. "Hell yea." Moaned KeeSawn. "Hold on though, I gotta taste that ass." Charlie obliged him by laying back on the bed and spreading his legs high and wide so KeeSawn could lick, suck, and slurp on his asshole that was in desperate need of a good tongue swashing. KeeSawn licked Charlie's swollen balls which damn near sent him scampering across the bed with ecstasy. "Umhum, you like that shit. " smiled KeeSawn "Well Santa's here to do all the freaky shit you like, like this." KeeSawn's finger went deep into Charlie's spit wet ass while his tongue circled the head of Charlie's dick. Charlie's precum tasted sweet and salted to KeeSawn, like his mother's pulled taffy. All four fingers were in Charlie's ass as KeeSawn sucked his dick.

'Fuck me!" begged Charlie, "Please fuck me" Charlie was certain he would die from the smoking hot foreplay , and figuring being fucked by KeeSawn was his only life saver.

KeeSawn generously lubed his cock then slid it in Charlie's eager hole. Charlie, ever the contortionists doubled himself until his ankles were meeting his ears. KeeSawn slammed into his ass like the depraved animal he had become in recent weeks. He was pumping so hard the excess lube splattered out of Charlie's ass with each thrust. KeeSawn forced Charlie onto his stomach, so he could see that ass vibrate while he fucked it.

"Hell yea," moaned Charlie throwing his ass wildly to meet every one of KeeSawn's power strokes. "Go to work on this ass." KeeSawn needed no coaching. He flipped Charlie over on top of him , so he could once again experience the divine Charlie Brown ride As Charlie bounced up and down on his dick, KeeSawn stroked Charlie's cock until he came so hard it splattered KeeSawn's face and shoulders. Charlie could feel KeeSawn's nut bust approaching. He sprang from KeeSawn's dick and jacked it until it jizzed inside his open mouth.

"Goddamn, that's what's up." Groaned KeeSawn , completely spent. Charlie continued to lick his own nut from KeeSawn's face and shoulders.

"Freaky assed nigga." Grinned KeeSawn as Charlie's tongue washed his face and upper body.

"But you love it." Said Charlie once he was through.

"For sure; so when do I gotta get ghost?"

"You don't Mama's not coming back until Monday."

"That's what's up." Smiled KeeSawn already picturing the freaky shit and Charlie would do all weekend. "In that case, a brother's gonna catch a nap."

'That's what's up" said Charlie, I'ma get a shower , and go watch a little TV until later.


Childish as it was, Charlie never missed How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The Grinch had just lied to Cindy Lou Who , when he got a text message that read "Come upstairs quick nigga, it's time for me to give you your Christmas gift. Charlie smiled then hit the record button on the DVR.

Like an excited child on Christmas morning Charlie bounded up the stairs. If earlier had been any indication of the gift KeeSawn had for him, Charlie was more than eager to receive it.

Charlie saw a red glow coming from his room. "Ah, this freaky ass nigga done turned on my red light; that's what's up."

In the blood red glowing room, KeeSawn lay sprawled across the bed. To Charlie's surprise , and excitement, he was fingering himself. "Charlie." He moaned. "I'm horny as hell for you nigga, I want you to fuck me, I want you to wreak havoc on this ass."

Charlie's dick was already sticking out of the side of the briefs he wore. Though Charlie loved being fucked in the ass, he had a big dick, and he was ready to use it on his best friend. Charlie ate KeeSawn's ass for a few minutes just to tease him. KeeSawn scooted across the bed in ecstasy. "That's what's up." He moaned as Charlie's tongue probed deeper inside him. Charlie lubed his dick up and was turned on by the way his own hard , shiny cock looked in the red light. He bent KeeSawn's legs back until his feet were touching the headboard. The first thrust made KeeSawn shriek like a banshee. He's never been ass fucked before, but he wanted so bad to have Charlie inside him.

"Virgin ass." Teased Charlie. He slowed his stroke until KeeSawn was able to meet his rhythm and let him go deeper. Five minutes into it , Charlie lost all interest in gentle stroking, ne began ram rodding KeeSawn as if he were a seasoned pro. He maneuvered KeeSawn into the doggy style position. KeeSawn's caramel ass looked stunning in the red light. Charlie's stokes got faster and Furious each time KeeSawn moaned "Fuck me nigga!"

"Lay me on my back again." Panted KeeSawn. "I'ma really blow your fucken mind. Charlie obliged. To his utter amazement, KeeSawn doubled himself and began sucking his own dick. Charlie went back to work fucking his ass, while KeeSawn gave himself head. The shit was too fucken hot for a freak like Charlie Brown. He flooded KeeSawn's ass with a nut that didn't seem to end for a couple of minutes. KeeSawn filled his own mouth seconds later. Charlie dick almost got hard all over again when he saw his ample nut spew out of KeeSawn's tight asshole.

"You enjoy your present?" asked KeeSawn as Charlie nestled close to him.

"Hell yea, and now that you've given it to me, I get to play with it as often as I like." Smiled Charlie impishly.

"Hey my nigga." Smiled KeeSawn placing Charlie's hand on his ass. "That's what's up"

The End



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