The middle of fall of my freshman year I met a most intriguing woman. She was at my counter where I was checking out her purchases. She asked, "Your name is Matt, right?"

I said, "Yes," looking down at my nametag and smiled. I question, "And your name is?"

She responded with a kindly smile and reached out to shake my hand, "Trish." I smiled and wondered why the handshake and wanting to learn my name. Trish said, "Are you gay?"

Caught off guard and said, "No, why would you think that?"

Trish said, "I have not seen you with any girls and just wondered if you like guys?"

I replied, "I have a scholarship, a job which does not allow time for other activities."

Trish said, "Too bad you are a looking guy and might hang out with you and maybe do fun things."

During high school, I was a loner. Not having Billy as my friend affected my social development. I decided I did not need any friends. When you have a friend or a girlfriend or best buddies there are always issue to resolve. At college, I have talked with several women but did not find them fascinating. None were as forward Trish, and none had her take-charge attitude. I said, "Trish, are you asking me out on a date?" She responded with a twinkle in her eye, "Matt you seem to be different from other men. All they want is sex on the first date. You do not seem to be safe to date and just have some fun."

I said, "Oh, thank you, I think?"

Trish continued, "I think I would enjoy your company. There is a film festival over at the Union Hall you might enjoy. It starts at 8 pm; I will meet you there tonight."

Trish almost directed me to meet her; she was a forward person. I said, "Yes" but did not know why; I was not looking forward to going out one a date but had just said yes. My first date with a woman. Maybe it was time; I was not opposed to being with a woman. I had always dreamed what it would be like to have sex with a woman. Maybe it was my subconscious making me say yes. Part of me was excited about meeting Trish and part of me was anxious about where this might lead. Trish smiled as I noted she was a good-looking woman, did not wear many makeups but looked good without the heavy eye shadow. She was five feet six inches and about 130 pounds and dressed in stylish but tasteful clothes. She was striking in the looks department and had a good figure; I wondered why she picked me to ask out. I met her on time at the film festival; we saw two movies and remained for the review. The reviewer was not compelling causing Trish grabbed my hand and led me outside. We walked across the campus talking but not talking about anything in particular. It was a most enjoyable night. I found Trish an intriguing person. We ended at Trish's dorm where we shook hands and said good night. Walking back to my dorm, I found myself smiling. I had a vision of Trish and me making out. My life had been guarded, and a relationship was something I was not seeking now. I had to focus and shake those pictures out of my mind.

Because I have six sisters, I understood dating from their view. If you went on a date, and he did not call the next day, then he was not interested. Therefore, at eight the next morning I called Trish saying I had a fantastic time. I did not offer her out because if she did not enjoy my company, I rather not am rejected. She said she had a good time also, and she would like to meet and do something different. She did not say what we would do different but told me to meet her at the student union at 5 pm at the student union. I hung up the phone thinking Trish was a take-charge woman, somehow appealed to me. We met at the agreed-on time. Trish was dressed with sweater top and tight-fitting jeans looking casual and sexy to me. We went to the cafeteria and used our meal ticket to buy our dinner.

Over dinner, Trish told me more about herself and said she was the oldest of six children all boys but her. I told her about being the youngest of seven all others being sisters. We laughed. She said she had to be in command when her mother was away and did it all, washed clothes, the cooking, even changing diapers. She complained the toilet seat was always up. She got use to and always looked before she sat. I thought that was understanding of her. I did not know why, but I told her because my sisters and my aunt, I always sat so the seat was never up. Trish's smile said, "Interesting". We continued to compare our families. She said she had seen her brother naked so have seen her share of boy things. I remarked the same about seeing my sisters grow up and develop and again; I did not know why, I told Trish for the first six years of my life. I thought I was a girl. My dorm was coed, and lucky I did not to have a roommate. Trish asked if she could visit my room, and I said sure. The dorm rules said it was OK to have females in your room until ten pm then they had to leave. It was now eight pm, so there was time to sit and chat. We went inside my room; I left the door open as thinking Trish might not like being alone in my room with the door shut. She shut the door, walked up to me and without a word, planted my first kiss from a woman. I could feel the kiss from my lips to the tip of my cock. We continue to kiss developed in order to open mouth Frenching as she pushed me to my bed and forced me down. She was on top straddling me. She took off her sweater revealing her purple lace bra. She then kissed me again rubbing her chest against mine as she fumbles with my shirt buttons. I now could feel flesh against flesh.

After a few minutes of heavy petting and kissing, Trish stood up and with me lying down; she unzipped my pants pulling off my shoes and pants at the same time. I was naked in only my boxers. She removed her jeans to disclose her matching purple silk panties with lace and bows, which looked similar to the ones I use to wear. She hopped on top again sitting on my crotch rubbing her panties on my boxers when it happened. Without warning, I came; I flooded my boxers with my cream getting someone her panties. Oh, god this was embarrassing. My first time with a woman and I had a premature ejaculation. Trish looked down at my wet boxers and then at me and smiled and said, "My you are a fast cummer." She leaned forward putting all her weight on my body. She continued French my mouth, kiss my neck and lick my ears. I wanted to get up and clean up my mess, but Trish remained on top enjoying feeling the wetness between us. I realized it was the silk undies she wore made me cum so quickly. I was the condition for years to cum quick when my cock was rubbed with silk panties. How could I tell Trish about my fetish for jacking off with woman clothing? Trish asked me if this was my first time with a woman, and I said embarrassed "Yes."

Trish said, "Really, I am surprised there were still 19-year-old virgins out there." She continued, "I had been sexually active since I was 16." With a quirky grin on her face, she asked, "Matt, do you want me to teach you about having sex with a woman?"

I said softly, "Yes."

Trish's grin turned into a smile. I smile back at Trish. She got up and started to get dressed telling me tomorrow a night at seven pm she will return. She said she will teach me what I needed to know. But she added, "Matt, one thing you should know, I am in charge, and you will have to follow my instructions, or the agreement is off. Do you understand? I responded, "Yes Trish, I will be your student."

Trish responds, "Oh, I do not think a student, more like a passenger in a car; I am the driver; you go where I take us. Just sit back and enjoy the ride."

I said timidly, "Ok." Standing up I wrapped a towel around my body and pulled off my wet boxers, I asked to be excused and went to the showers to clean up. When I returned Trish was dressed and looking at my photograph album showing me with my long curly hair and looking like my sister. She said I was cute, and she liked cute people, and I had been potential. I did not know what she meant by that statement, just responded with an. "Oh." The next night Trish arrived on time. She asked, "Matt, are you ready to learn about sex?"

I said with a little excitement in my voice, "Yes."

Trish said, "Matt, in any relationship, one person leads and the other follows."

I said, "That makes scene."

Trish continues, "We are not girlfriend and boyfriend, and so there is no romantic involvement. We are just role-playing two parts; I am the woman, and you are the man. I have the experience, so I am leading, and you will follow, understood?"

I nodded my head agreeing and was wondering what I was about to agree in doing.

Trish told me to go take a shower. I was undressed with my back to Trish, still shy about having a woman see my cock. I wrapped a towel around me, went under the shower. I was in the shower just a few seconds when the curtain open, Trish's naked body entered. Trish followed me into the men's showers, entering the shower stall I with me. I wondered if anyone noticed? I did wish to be in trouble. She stood in the stream of water; adjust the temperature to her liking. She grabbed the bar of soap, started to wash my face, neck, and chest. She turned me around, washed my back and behind. Reaching around she continued soap my stomach, and then I felt her hands on my cock and balls. She lathered me up making sure I was clean all over. She handed me the soap and told me to do her. I started with her face making sure I did not get soap in her eyes. She rinsed her face so she could watch. I did her neck then to her chest. I touched a woman's breasts, the first time. Her breasts were firm yet soft. I could feel her body warmth in my hands as I cupped her breasts. They were soft, her skin smooth giving me a flashback to the first time I touch Billy's cock. I did not think about Billy's cock in years. I spent some time holding her breasts, touched her pink nipples, and felt them respond to my touch.

It reminded me of when I would touch Billy's cock head, it would get hard when I touched him there. I moved down and turned Trish around, washed her back then to her firm and round backside. Reaching around, I washed her stomach then down to her crotch. At this point, Trish took my hand and guided my hand and fingers. She leaned back and said, this my clit as she placed my finger on a lump of hard flesh at the top of her slit. This is my pussy as she pushed one of my fingers into her slit. This is my hole as she moved my hand, rubbing one of my fingers on her ass hole. Basic anatomy was over. We dried each other off. Trish ordered me to see if the bathroom and the hallway were clear. I checked and motion her to come; she made it all the way to my room without anyone seeing. In my room, we sat on the bed, removed our towels. I had a hard on. Trish said my cock was impressive and bigger than her brothers were. She said she spied on them and watched them jacking their cocks. She knew all about what boys like to do.

Sitting opposite Trish, I kept staring at her firm round mounds and her pink hard nipples. She took my hands and moved them to her breasts where she told me how to hold them, not too hard and do not squeeze them, they were sensitive. She said I would get a reaction if I were gentle. She took my finger and placed one at a time in her mouth then my fingers on her nipples. Her nipples immediately responded. She said softly, "Rubbing my nipples can start me to climax, with the right amount of stimulation." She did the same to my breast and nipples and asked me what I felt when she rubbed my nipples. I told her I felt there was a direct connection with the tip of my cock. Trish said, "Rule number one, I am in charged. Matt you will have to do as I directed, no questions asked. Just do what I tell you. OK."

I thought, "How could I say no?" I was naked in my bed with a naked woman who was telling me what I had to do when she said.

Trish asked, "Matt do you want to touch my breasts?" I reached out to touch them; she slapped my hands. I was shocked. Trish said, "Matt, I did not tell you to touch them. I asked if you wanted to. Now pay attention." Trish continued, "Matt, do you want to touch my breast?" I responded with a nod, "Yes Trish, please may I touch your breasts?"

Trish said, "Matt, kiss my toes first." She ordered. I did as she told me, kissing each toe, sucking on them and even putting all of them in my mouth. She said, "Matt that was good you can touch my breast now." I did touch and fondle Trish's firm breasts and marveled at how smooth her breast felt in my hand. Trish reached out and grabs my cock. She said, "Matt, I can touch you anytime and do not have to ask your permission. Your cock does two things; you pee and you cum. You are in charge of you of you peeing, and I am responsible of you cuming. You will do what I tell you to do. You have to ask permission, do you understand?" I responded, "Yes, Trish." Trish smiled

Trish reached out touching my cock; the first contact by another human was ecstatic. I could not believe great it felt, and my insides were turning flips. Trish examined my cock and said, "Let's see what we have here. Do you always get this hard?" She reached into your purse and pulled a tape measure. "Let's see, over seven inches long and five inches around. Head cut." "Yes, Matt, you have a nice cock, much bigger than my bother and bigger than some of the men I have been with." "I would say you are in the top 10% of all men in size of cocks" I was pleased hearing these works from Trish. It was gratifying to know you were above average in the manhood department. I did not know how to respond only saying, "Really."

Trish continues her inspections and comments, "You have a lovely size cock; it is straight and in my hands very hard. However, you do cum so quickly. We will have to work on that. Now is the best time to start. Do you masturbate yourself often?" As she starts to rub my cock shaft up and down. "No Trish, I do masturbate often, but only when I am horny and that is only a couple of times a month." I admitted.

"Strange, I would have thought when you came so quick you would be one of those guys who did it three times a day." Trish stated to fondle my cock and balls. She had one hand holding my balls and the second hand was rubbing my shaft, pausing at the tip of my cock, taking the time to use her finger to run around the cock head. I was just about getting use to the pleasant feeling when out of nowhere, wack, wack as Trish slaps my cock and squeezes my balls. I was beginning to cum, but took the urge out of cuming. I showed surprise at Trish's actions. Trish said, "Matt you have a naught habit of cuming quickly. I have to break you of that habit. Do you trust me?" I nodded my head yes. Trish said, "I am going to jack your cock, and I want you to tell me when you can fill yourself getting ready. I will stop and let you calm down. After a few calm minutes, I will start again. Think of something, which is a turn-off to you, something that takes the urge for sex out of your mind." She continued, "What is your turn off for sex?" I had to think about this. I did not think there was anything, which could be a turn off for sex. Maybe thinking about having sex with Oprah Wimpy. I was not attracted to a black woman. Thinking of her being overweight was the second turn off, the third was here voice. Oprah was complete turn off for having sex. I told Trish, "Oprah." She smiled and said, "Strange you picked a woman to turn you. I thought you might have said having sex with a guy was your turn off. Matt we are going to have to work on your sexual fantasies."

Trish jacked my cock, in less than a minute I said, "OK; I feel like cuming now. She slapped my cock and squeezed my balls hard. She said, "Now think of that black bitch." Which I did and my want to cum resided. We did this ten more time, each time Trish treated me the same way. My balls were aching. I had the desire to cum but had fighting the urge to cum. I told Trish, "Ok, I am about ready to cum." Expecting the same abuse as before, I was ready for the slap and ball crushing. Trish said, "Matt, do you want to cum for me? Are you going to be my good boy and cum for me? It is OK for you to cum now but only because I give you my permission. If you want to cum, say yes Mistress."

I was ready to explode and would have said anything I said anything to anyone to be able to cum, "Yes Mistress, yes, please let me cum."

Trish said in a soft whisper, "You can cum now Matt, cum for Mistress Trish." I could not be old hold back any longer and exploded in her hands. My balls ached; I kept cuming more squirts when I jacked. Trish milked my cock stroking my cock from the base to the time squeezing every drop out of my cock. Trish had my cum all over her hands. She put her cum dripping fingers to my lips then leaned forward to kiss me, so I would taste my cum on your lips. I was exhausted. Trish told me to lie down where she held me and covered me in a blanket. I felt like nothing else I had felt before unless I was little and was held by my mother. Was Trish taking the place of my mother? Why did she want me to call her Mistress? My mind was tired and shutting down going to sleep. I woke up late in the morning. I was naked wrapped in a blanket with dried cum on my lips and between my legs. Trish was gone but left a note. If you want to continue, call me in the morning. It was after eight when I called Trish. I said, "Hello Trish that was something else last night." Trish responded in an unpredictable way, she said, "Matt, you do not remember anything from last night. Now think about it and call me back the correct way." Trish hung up the phone. I had to think about this, what did I do wrong, did I cum when I was not supposed to? No, she told me I could cum; she said she was Mistress Trish. I called Trish back and said, "Good morning Mistress Trish."

Trish responded, "Good boy Matt; you are a quick learner. Do you want to continue with your training?

I responded, "Yes, Mistress."

Trish said, "Good Matt, I know you enjoyed last night. I have more fun planned for us." Not stopping to hear if I had anything to say she continued. "Meet me at noon at the student union I have some things to discuss with you."

I agreed, "Yes, Mistress"

At lunch, Trish said when in public, I did not have to call her mistress, but I did have to be respectful. I agreed. She said if I called her, I would call her mistress. She told me, "Matt, I enjoy being a dominatrix; I am a woman who physically or psychologically dominates my partner in a sadomasochistic encounter or as a dominating woman." "Do you understand?" I did not understand everything but got the drift if I wanted to continue to date Trish, she would be in charge when it came to my sex. I had flashbacks to when I was meeting Billy, he did the same thing.

Was I ready for another friend like Billy? Many things raced through my mind as Trish spoke. One, which kept me focus, was remembering her body it was so beautiful, breast and soft skin. I had to say yes just so I could be near Trish's body. I responded, "Trish, Mistress, I am not an outgoing guy with the women. I do not have experience, actually I have no experience. It is about time I explore my sexuality with you. So Mistress, I understand." Trish said, "Matt, we will never do anything you do not agree to, and you are comfortable with what I am doing you can tell me to stop. Think of a code word you will use to tell me, you have reached your limit."

I told Mistress Trish my code word would be "Mercy." She smiled saying, "Good choice of a code word, other picked, no, stop or quit, which would be the first words out of their mouth and something they might say without thinking. Matt, "mercy," is something you would have to think about, something you would decide if you wanted to stop. I going to push you to your limits and do not want you to say no when things are just getting interesting." She stopped catching her breath, continuing, Matt; I want to tie your ankles together and your hands by your side. I will use your body for my pleasure, if you are a good boy, I might let you cum. Next, I will gag you, and you will be spanked if you make a sound. If I want to tickle you with a feather and you giggle, I will paddle your behind. If you cry out in pain, I will paddle you again. If you can be totally silent, then will you pass this level of my training. Next, I will blindfold you, and you can only respond to my touch. One night we will pay double dare where I will double dare you to do something, and you have to obey me. It might be you will have to bath me, be my maid, or give me a massage. You never will be in pain; you never will be marked from what we do. So far, what Trish said was just games and did not seem to be unreasonable and sound like fun.

After a long question and answer session, it was decided I wanted to be submissive on a part-time basis. I was told a third person; male or female might be available to be dominating. I said I was not interested in meeting others when we play. I was open to most role-play but not mother/son or brother/sister. I do not want to be treated like property but would like to see what erotic humiliation is about. I would kneel before you worshiping your presence and can lead around by a collar. I agree during role-playing I might dress in a costume. It took over an hour answering questions on what I had an interest so explore allowing Trish to plan on my training. I was honest with answering her questions, and Trish was candid with what she could do. She said she was not interested in piss or scat, on hot wax or CBT (cock & ball torture), piercing or bestiality. Trish and I had an understanding of what me submissive training will be. I had a code word would halt the activities if it went to pass my comfort level. That evening we met in my dorm room. Trish entered the room, shut the door and then locked it. She said, "Matt you are not to speak until the session is over. Here is a scarf, wrap it around your eyes, so you cannot see. Once blindfolded you are to strip your all your clothes off and stand there naked before your Mistress. I did as I was told. I heard the sound of a camera and the flash of a picture being taken. I knew Trish was taking pictures of me. I was under orders not to say anything but could have said, "Mercy, no picture," and Trish would have to agree to no pictures. Taking pictures was not one of the subjects we discussed. I did not see the harm in the pictures and would enjoy seeing. I said nothing to stop the pictures being taken. I felt something fasten around one wrist then arm pulled behind my back then fasten to my other wrist. I was bound by the wrist by some devise kept me from reaching in front of me. Trish backed me up to the bed then pushed me to sit then lay on the bed. Trish proceeds with blowing her breath all over my naked body, my ear, neck, breast, stomach, legs, feet, arms hands and finally cock.

Next Trish uses a feather to do the same thing trying to tickle me. I did not giggle, but I did laugh. I was told I broke one of the rules and had to be punished. Trish rolled me over on my stomach slapping each of my butt cheeks with her firm dominatrix hand. Being blindfolded, I could not see the slap coming. Each one was a surprise. With each slap was a sharp sound, of the hand hitting flesh. It stung at first then burning was felt. With each slap, I was called contrary, contumacious imp, defiant welt, disorderly waft, forward child, insubordinate infant, intractable ingrate, mischievous brat, naughty infant, noncompliant Knave, nonobservant devil, obstreperous buffoon, refractory rascal, undisciplined rogue, unruly scamp, wayward wag, or willful twit. I believe Trish was an English Major because she could come up with a mouthful. I just about reached my limit on the spanking when she stopped. I lay there with my butt exposed and red. I heard more being pictures taken. Trish rolled me over on my back, and I heard a few more pictures being taken.

The next activity Trish had planned was faced sitting. This is where one person would sit with your face and rub their gentiles over your mouth. Trish sat on my chest with each leg straddling my head. She could slide forward to allow your pussy to touch my lips and ever more forward to have her anus to be directly over my mouth. I am sure some men would enjoy this position, after five minutes of having Trish's pussy rubbed on your lips; she was dripping with pussy juices. This was my first time doing oral sex with a female, blindfolded I could not see. I was told not to speak so could not ask questions. My arms bound I could not move. Sometimes Trish would lean forward pushing her pussy against my nose stopping my breathing and sitting on my mouth preventing me from getting any air. Trish knew how long to stay in position allowing me to gasp for air just in time to sit on my face again. My face was smeared with pussy juice. I am not sure how lone the activity lasted, but there is a limit to a good thing, Trish would say, "Eat my pussy." "Stick out your tongue and lick my pussy," "Yes, Matt that it, lick it." And "Slide your dirty tongue into my wet pussy." I got equal time in licking her clit, then tongue fucking her hole and finally licking and Frenching her anus. I could hear the sound of more pictures being taken. Several times during the forced oral, Trish would begin to moan, rocked faster and my face would become exceedingly wet. I reasoned she had an orgasm. My mouth has never come in contact with a pussy or an anus. I had when younger, had sucked my best friends cock and balls so the experience of having another person's genitals on ones lip were not unknown or unpleasant experience. The reaction was similar I sucked Billy's cock, causing him to cum in my mouth. I licked Trish's pussy causing her to climax, cuming on my face. I did not get to come when I sucked Billy; I was pretending to be a girl. Now Trish could cum. I was pretending to be a submissive little boy who would only cum when it pleased Trish. I wondered if my sexual life would always be like this.

After Trish finished using my mouth on her pussy and anus, she got off my chest, removed the wrist restraints, the blindfold gave me a hot kiss and told me to go get dressed. The next night I was bound and blindfolded. Trish would jack my cock to almost climaxing and then slapping my cock and grabbing my balls; I would lose the urge to come. She did this ten times then made me beg to cum. She would ask me what I would do for her if she let me cum, I said anything. She told me to suck her toes, or wash her pussy. Once she was satisfied, then she gives me permission to cum. My orgasmic was always intense, sometimes painful due to the squeezing of the balls but immediately was relaxing to cum it took everything right out of me. Trish was the giver of my orgasmic; I was conditioned not to think about sex or jacking when she was not around. When she entered the room, I immediately got a hard on. My body would contract in anticipation of what was to come. I became extremely grateful of Trish. She was the giver of my sexual pleasure. After the first week, we took a shower returned to my room. Trish told me to lay on my back, naked, and she would sit on to wear just her silky panty. She would rub her pussy on my cock through the panties and seeing how long it would take for me to cum. I was pleased it was not like the first time. This time Trish rubbed her pussy on my cock for over five minutes before I came. Trish seemed please and laid on time of me kissing me passionate, telling me what a good boy I was. Once a week for three more weeks we did this activity and each time, it took me longer and longer to cum. Another week of submissive training was conducted. Trish said she had something different in mind, and gave me an address and a room number. It was an address of an upscale motel. When I arrived, Trish was there, room services had delivered dinner for two. We enjoy the meal, enjoyed the Champlain ended up in bed naked. Trish was not demanding or directing she was like a different woman. I found her so desirable; we started to kiss leading to foreplay, then leading to oral, 69. Trish looked me in the eyes and told me to make love to her. I was rock hard she was exceedingly wet form the oral. I rolled on top she put her legs on my shoulders, holding my erections, I rubbed it up and down her wet slit a couple of times to spread the lube then slowly push my cock head between her pussy lips sinking deeper and deeper the warmth of Trish. We made so passionate love for a long time. I could have gone on forever, but Trish said three words got an immediate reaction. She said, "Fuck me Matt." Wow what powerful words, it was like a switch was turned on and my orgasm just happened. It was the sweetest feeling to have known; it was everything a guy could want all at the same time. As I came so did Trish with a flood of warmth covering my cock and dripping down my balls, I could feel Trish's contractions, she could feel my squirts as our hip's ground to together trying to my climax last longer. Exhausted we fell asleep in each other arms. Sometimes during the night, Trish woke up and started to suck my cock. By the time, I woke up, I was hard and Trish had gotten on time. This time she was on top riding me like a cowgirl. I lay back as she would rock back and forth. I could tell she came a few times because her body would shake, and I would feel the wetness between my legs. I looked up into Trish's eyes and said, "Fuck me Trish," which seemed to get her excited, and I can again. The next morning I woke to the shower running and notice Trish was not in the bed. I had a hard on so went to the shower. I open the door to join Trish, who was surprised to see my woody. She said, "Come on in Big Boy and let me take care of your problems. I had my first intercourse with a female, three times in 12 hours. Trish and I were hot in bed. Our dominatrix sessions decreased and our lovemaking increase.

We had breakfast in bed, and the checkout time was noon; we had a few more hours. I asked Trish what she would like to do next. She smiled and said anal sex. I was not surprise but was not expecting that reply. I said ok. Trish got out of her handbag, a couple of condoms, and some anal lube. She told me to put some lube on my fingers and to rub her hole. I did and then she told me to slide in one finger. Her anus was tight, but I got one finger in. I was wondering how someone could get their cock into something so tight. After finger fucking her anus for a few minutes, she told me to try two fingers. Actually, two slides in smoothly. I could feel deep inside of her body and found this exciting. After the insertion of three fingers, Trish said she was ready. She got into the doggy position, put some pillows under her stomach, angled her hips and told me to go slow at first. I put on a condom, applied some lube to the condom and to Trish's hole. I rubbed my cock up and down her crack. I found her hole and placed the tip of my cock on her hold and pushed slowly. It took some time but going slow and going in and out; I could get my cock in her hole. Then we took turns doing the fucking, going slow or fast and finally cuming deep inside here filling the condom. I removed my cock, and rolled to Trish's side. Trish got up and went into the bathroom. I suspected to clean up. From the bathroom, Trish said, "Matt that was so erotic I want anal sex again." I said, "Trish, I have come four times in the last 24 hours; I am not sure if I can cum again."

Trish said from the bathroom, "That is OK Matt; you will not have to cum again." Trish enters from the bathroom with a stocky black dildo attached to her front, this time it is you who will receive anal sex."

Many weeks later after a blissful time with Trish in and out of bed, Trish confesses to me; she was not a dominatrix but only used the excuse, so she could get to know me better. She wanted to make love to me, not just have sex and did not want to hope into bed on the first date. She said the time she had played the Mistress with me, we both became comfortable with each other bodies. She said the first night for sex was incredible and hoped it was for me also. I told Trish her being my Mistress was the best, and anytime she wanted to tie me up, blindfold me and have to command over my climax would be acceptable for me. We continued to date and explore our sexualities until she transferred to another college because of her major. It seems my best friends keeps on moving away from me.

to be continued



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