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A Cross DressersJourney


It had been a long and all I was thinking about was stopping of, having a couple of cold beers , shooting some pool and relaxing. I was living in a small apartment downtown at the time and my favorite place to go just happened to be a gay bar just a block down from my place. What I liked most about this place was you could relax and enjoy yourself with no one bothering you if you didn't want them to which was my plan for that night. I wasn't in any kind of sexy mood at all and was just planning on enjoying myself and then back to the room for a good night's sleep.

Things were going well. I'd found some pool partner's and was enjoying the game. One of them had invited me to sit with them but I chose to keep my stool at the bar and sip my beer between shots. We had finished a game and i was back on the stool when I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder. I looked to my left and found an older , heavy set black guy who smiled and said hello. I just nodded and said hello then turned back to my beer because I really didn't feel like talking to anyone other than at the pool table. I didn't want to be rude but I felt that I really needed a little alone time.

He still had his hand on my shoulder and bent down to my ear and asked if I liked the bar. I came close to smarting off and telling him that if I didn't like it I wouldn't be there but, again, trying not to be rude I nodded and said yes I did. He asked if I came there often and again I said yes. Before he could say anything else I was called back for another game and with some relief I excused myself to go back to the table.

All through the game i noticed him still standing by my stool. Every time I went to the bar for a drink he would just smile and nod which I returned without a word each time. I'd really quit paying attention to him by the time the game was done and I headed back to the bar. Not only was he still there but he toasted me with his glass and pointed to mine which was now full. "To the winner" he said. that at least got as smile from me and I thanked him as I sat down

I didn't say anything else as i sat down but I did check him out in the mirror. That wasn't hard since he was standing next to me with his elbow on the bar drinking his beer while watching the pool table. Like I said he was a heavy set black guy with full beard and mustache. I guessed he must be over 6' because at 5'7" he dwarfed me as I walked back to the bar. He had a pretty good sized belly but for some reason he didn't look fat, just kind of powerful. With it being summer and warm outside he was wearing shorts and a tee. Nothing wrong with that I just had sweats and a tee on myself.

I drifted back into my own little word and was just sitting there with a blank mind enjoying my beer when I felt his had on my shoulder again. This time he leaned down to my ear and whispered "I've been watching you play and you have a really nice ass." My mind was still a blank as I tried to process what said. Before I could even think of a reply he leaned back in and asked if I'd like to feel a hard cock fucking my ass! I didn't know what to say and wasn't sure I could have said anything even if I'd have able to . I could still feel his hand on my shoulder and feel his hot breath blowing against my ear. Trust me, when I had walked into that bar the last thing from my mind was sex but feeling his hand on me and hearing what he was saying it was like touching a live wire! I felt a shock go through me from the top of my head to my toes and still I couldn't say a word.

He kept whispering in my ear the whole time with a steady stream of really nasty talk. He was explaining in detail of how much he's love to feel my lips around his cock and asked if i was a good cocksucker at the same time as telling me he thought I'd be the best throat fuck he's ever had..I'll bet I could put you on your back spread those legs and fuck you just like a woman. You really want to fell my cock in you, don't you. I was frozen to the stool not saying a world while I got hotter and hotter from listening to him. Cat got your tongue he asked. Without waiting for an answer the turned to the bar and pushed in beside me. I felt him take my hand and pull it to the front of his shorts. I could feel his half hard cock under his shorts, it felt long and thick just the way it was. Come on baby, you know you want some of that cock, don't you want to feel it sliding in your mouth? He pulled my hand down to the bottom of his shorts and inside them up his thigh until I could touch his bare cock. I still hadn't said a word but i couldn't stop myself from wrapping my hand around his cock and squeezing it. Damn baby that feels great he said. I love to feel you playing with it but I want your mouth and ass so bad I'm almost will to pull your head down and make you suck me right here.

That got my attention! I wasn't about to suck anyone in the bar! I jerked my hand back out of his shorts, turned back to the bar and tried to mumble that no thanks, I just wasn't in the mood and only wanted to have a beer and go home, alone! At least I'm pretty sure that's what I said, my brain still didn't seem to be working right so I could swear to hit. come on baby I know you want some of this cock and I'm going to give you some deep and hard. I'm going to stretch that little ass out till you beg me to stop then I'm gonna fuck you some more. He moved his hand from my shoulder to my waist and started trying to move me off the stool. Come on honey, let's get out of here and go to my house. You can get naked and we'll take a soak in the hot tub before I fuck you. I was in such a daze by then I didn't know if maybe he had drugged my beer or if it was just my own mind that was leading me on but the next thing I knew we were out of the bar and walking toward the parking lot. When we got to his car I realized what we were doing and as he opened the door for me I pulled my arm from his hand and tried again to explain that this was a mistake, I really wasn't in the mood but maybe next time. I dropped my eyes as i was telling him this and couldn't help but notice that he was full hard now with that cock pushing his shorts out as far as they would go. Too late now baby he said. he put his hand on my ass and was squeezing it as he pushed me toward the seat. I didn't have much choice but to sit down and as soon as I did he moved in front of where no one could see, pulled his shorts down and brought his cock out in front of my face. Long, fat with a shiny mushroom head. It was like staring at a snake, afraid to move or even breath. He took it by the shaft and rubbed it against my lips. Come on baby just give daddy a little taste and we'll be on our way. The way he was pushing and rubbing against my lips it was easy to open my mouth and let him slide it in. Damn it was so hard and smooth and I couldn't believe i was sitting in a parking lot in the daylight sucking a cock in front of what felt like the whole world! That's enough for now he said as he pulled it out of my mouth, I don't want to cum standing here. He stuffed his cock back in his shorts ran his thumb across my cheek and lips and went to get in the car.

It doesn't seem like I remember much of the trip to his house. e kept his hand on the inside of my thigh and talked the whole trip. I leaned back in the seat feeling the sun through the window and let his words drift over me. Even though he kept up a steady stream of talk the best I could do was a nod a yes or a no. It was like I was drifting along on a cloud letting it take me were ever it wanted and whatever happened would happen without any input from me. You ever had a black cock in you he asked. I just shook my head no. To be truthful at that time I had only had two cocks in my ass, both of which were on the small side and then only during a drunken party. Somewhere deep down I was scared to death of what he was planning on doing to me with his cock but I was too relaxed to worry about it right then. You think you can deep throat my cock? You like the taste of cum. You ever been gangbanged? I'd love to share that tight little ass and have you suck me while you're getting fucked. You ever got on top and rode a cock till it came. On and on. By the time we got to his house my ass was itching and I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth so bad I was thinking about just sucking him off in the car.

When we pulled up to his house it was the reverse of when we got in. He came around, opened my door and took my hand to help me out more like a blushing girl than a guy and held my hand all the way through the house. We ended up on his back deck by the hot tub. His yard had a large wooden fence and seemed to be very privet. Come on baby, get naked and lets soak, the neighbors can't see so we're totally safe. With that he stripped off his shorts and tee and slide into the pool. I just stood there staring at him and the pool for a it, Come on baby, I really want to see that ass naked. Too late now, still not saying a word I stripped and went to the other side of the pool and stepped into the water. I had just got settled when I heard him moving around. I opened my eyes to see him sliding over next to me. No you don't baby. You're not getting that little ass that far away from me now that I have it naked. He slide his arm behind my back around my waist and pulled me over into his lap. He'd gotten soft but i could feel his cock between the cheeks of my ass. Damn this feels good he said as he put both hands on my hips and slide me back and forth on top of his cock. It only took a couple of slides before i felt it getting hard again.

I could feel his cock sliding under my ass as he moved me around with one hand on my hip. He wrapped his other arm around my chest and started playing with my nipples and kissing me on the back of neck. As soon as his lips touched my neck it was like touching another live wire, I thought for a minute I was going to cum right then and there! It felt so good! His whiskers tickled my neck and he was doing a combo of kissing biting and sucking on my neck. All i could do was lay back against him and moan. Baby's getting hot daddy now isn't she? I could only nod He never once touched my cock while he was doing this but kept a stead pressure on my hip and was squeezing my chest while pinching my nipple. How about daddy sticking his cock in your mouth for a little. Just a nod from me. He slide me over off his lap and stood up in front of them. The way the benches were made in the tub when he stood up his cock was right there in line with my mouth. Didn't need any encouragement this time. I took his cock in my hand and licked the tip a couple of time before I opened my mouth. I wanted to take as much of it as i could but he just slipped the head in and then held me by my shoulders. Oh baby, just suck the head for a few minutes. Take your other hand and play with my balls. Damn I knew you were going to be a great cocksucker the first time I saw you! Tighten those lips up and get ready cause daddy is going to feed you some cock! With that he put his hands on the back of my head and started pulling my mouth down over his cock! I was playing with his big smooth balls and thinking I must have his entire cock in my mouth when i opened my eyes and saw that I had less than half! I didn't see any way I was going to be able to take it all! He was already touching the back of my throat and my gag reflex was starting to kick in. Just take it easy baby and let me slide it in, when you can't take any more just squeeze my balls a little and I'll stop.

Not sure how he did it but he climbed up higher on the bench pushed my head farther back and slide that cock right down my throat. It wasn't totally comfortable but I wasn't gagging and when I opened my eyes again I realized I could feel the hair around the base rubbing on my lips! I was very proud of myself! I had his entire cock on my mouth and was even starting to enjoy the feel of it! There you go baby, got it all. How do you like the taste of that? Ready for the next part? Of course with my mouth full of cock he didn't expect any answer so he moved both hands to my shoulders and started fucking my throat. He started out taking nice slow strokes. I wasn't sure how far he planned to go. I was thinking he'd just mouth fuck for a bit then take a break b8ut it seems he had other ideas. Shit! I've only had one other person that cold deep throat a cock like you do. He started moving a little faster and began to moan. As his pace picked up it dawned on me that I just might end up with a mouth full of cum before he got done! I managed to get my hand between his hips and my mouth and grabbed the base of his cock. I squeezed it to give him a little extra friction and to keep him from chocking me as he began to drive his cock faster. I felt him start coming with my hand on his balls and around his cock before I felt his hot cum start shooting down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could trying to get it all. It wasn't like I had much choice he for sure wasn't going to pull it back out! I don't believe I've ever had anyone cum that much but he finally tapered off and pulled his cock back till just the head was still in my mouth. I was still licking and sucking on the head but i could tell he was one of those guys that get really sensitive after they cum and he pulled his cock the rest of the way out and flopped down on the bench next to me. Damn, did you have to practice to suck cock like that or does it just come natural? I just kept my eyes closed and smiled. If all the guys knew you could suck that good they'd be lined up around the block! You sure emptied out my cock but don't' worry baby, it fills back up real quick. With that he climbed out of the tub and went it to get a couple of beers. He handed mine to me when he got back. Thought my might want to rinse your hot little mouth while we take a break.

I leaned back against the side of the tub and sipped my beer. The sun and the water felt so good. My jays were a little sore and I diffidently felt a little full but I smiled remembering that I had just sucked the biggest cock and taken the biggest load I'd ever had! He slid over next to me and picked me up sitting me back on lap again. His cock was soft now and I felt good knowing that it was because of me. He leaned back against the side of the tub and pulled me back against his chest. His beer in one hand and his other arm across my chest. Between sips he was back to kissing and biting my neck. We lay there for quite awhile soaking up the sun and me trying hard not to fall asleep. The only time he let off his lap was when he went in a got sandwiches for us. Want you to keep your strength up baby, we have a long night ahead of us. I did roust myself out of my stupor enough to tell him no when he asked if I had to work the next day. Damn, this just keeps getting better he said with a smile. How's you jaws feel? Think you might be up to doing some more cock sucking later? My normal smile. So far I hadn't said over a half dozen words the entire time and didn't see any reason to start now. He was doing plenty of hot talking for both of us and I just wanted to lay back and let whatever happened happen.

The sun had set before we really moved again and even though it was a warm night and I was still loving the feel, of the water, he slid me off his lap, stood up and held his hand out for me. Come on, I have a surprise for you. He hopped out of the tub and went into the house while I was still trying to get my legs working well enough to get out mysel. By the time I was up on the deck he was back with huge towel. Come here baby and let me get you nice and dry. It felt so good to just stand there and let someone else dry you even though the spent extra time making sure my ass and between my cheeks was really dry, I even enjoyed getting handled like that. Next he took me by the hand and led me into the house where I found a massage table set up. Thought you might want to relax he said as he led me to the table. He helped me get on the table laying on my stomach. I think you're going to like this. He put oil on his hands and started rubbing on my shoulders. He was right, I really like it! He worked my shoulders and lower back, ran his oily hands lightly over my ass and down both legs. When he started working on my feet I thought I had died and gone to heaven. This was my first massage and I could sure see how people could become addicted to it. When he was through with my feet he added more oil and started back up my legs. He spent a lot of time in the back of my thighs which made me moan continually with pleasure. Ten he moved up to my ass. He would take each cheek in both hands and rub and squeeze it. My number one vice has always having my ass rubbed and played with and I was in heaven the whole time he was doing it. I had my legs tight together while he was working but now he slipped a hand between my legs and pulled them apart just a little, I had no problem spreading just as long as he kept doing what he was doing. Oh baby, this is one great looking an feeling ass. I could play with this all night. He grabbed both my cheeks with his hands an squeezed them. This time when he took them I felt the tip of an oily finger rub across my hole. Look at this tight looking little rosebud! I had to try not to laugh, I knew he was serious but no one had ever called my ass hole a rosebud before. Now he was twirling the tip of his finger around the hole and every once in a while he would draw it across the hole from top to bottom. I wonder if this little ass is as tight as it looks? I bet it is. I was sure you'd have a super tight ass when i first saw you in the bar and all i could think of was how would it feel to have my cock in it. While he was saying this he had moved his finger dead center of my hole and was lightly pushing on it. I knew what was coming nest so I relaxed my ass as much as I could and sure enough He slipped the tip of his finger in me.

He had his hand spread across my ass cheek with his finger in me up to the first knuckle. He didn't move his finger but I could feel him rubbing his hand around on my cheek. After a bit he took my hand with his and pulled it down until I could feel his cock. Since I'd been laying there with my eyes closed enjoying the massage, I hadn't even thought about the fact that he was standing next to me naked. He was fully hard again with that cock standing up and even bumping the table, I pulled my hand back and rubbed it down my oily side then reached back down to take it in my had..I don't know what it felt like to him. To me the oil he was using had a tiny bit to heat to it so I assumed it felt the same way on his cock. Oh god baby, stroke my cock, damn that feels so good. Since he was making me feel so good I was happy to oblige. Plus I was starting to really like the feel of his cock. I loved that mushroom head. It came close to gagging me when I was sucking it but there was just something about sliding your hand over that thick head and down to the slightly smaller shaft.

Baby, can you imagine what this tight little ass of yours is going to feel like when I slid this hard cock in you? Oh shit, wait a minute. I had hand my hand on that huge mushroom head and cold slid down the length of that shaft! Hell yes I could imagine what it was going to feel like and it scared the hell out of me! After the two small dicks I had had in my ass there is no way in hell I was going to be able to take his! I yanked my hand off his cock and my eyes must have been the size of saucers when I looked up at him. I was trying to squirm out from under his hand and get his finger out of my ass before things went to far. He just pulled my ass back over and stuck his finger in a little deeper. He leaned down and kissed me at the corner of the mouth. Don't worry baby, daddy is going to take you real gentle and I guarantee you're going to enjoy it. I'm not about to just shove my cock in that little ass I can see and feel that it's going to take some slow careful work for you to take me. God what have I got myself into? Talk about conflicted. I had let myself get swept along feeding on the nasty talk. I had really enjoyed sucking his cock but even though the first this he had said to me was that he wanted to fuck me in the ass I just hadn't believed it would really go this far. Now here I am, oiled up and slick with his finger working my ass and staring at a cock that I'm sure is going to tear me apart I think I might have even started crying just a little from thinking about it because he pulled his finger out of my hole, spread his hands out over my cheeks and kissed my eyes all the time me not to worry baby daddy will never hurt you.!

I closed my eyes again while he was rubbing and squeezing my cheeks. After a few minutes he started pushing against my hole with his finger and as he slipped it in he pulled my hand back to his cock. Just relax and stroke my cock while daddy open this tight little ass just a little. He was true to his work and started to work his finger deeper in me. He pulled my legs wider and pretty soon I could feel the flat of his hand against my ass and his middle finger all the way in me. That's the way baby, just relax and let me move this a little. He started stroking my ass with his finger which didn't feel to bad other that the fact I was still holding his cock and the difference between the size of this cock and his finger would scare anyone! I'm going to help you some more baby, if it hurts you tell me and I'll stop. Now I felt him move his hand around and another finger tip pushing in my ass to join the one that was already there. With everything being so oily and him being so careful before you know I had to fingers all the way in my ass and he was even fucking me a little with both. He kept one hand spread on my cheeks and drawing his fingers out of my ass to the ends than sliding them in. I heard him chuckle and realized that I was humping my hips in time to his fingers. Hmmm, little baby's ass is getting used to being fucked right? You liking the feel of me fucking you? I'll bet you going to hump the same way when I get my cock buried in you.

Something changed then. I was still scared of the thought of him having his cock in my ass but I was really enjoying having him finger fuck me. I had my head laying to the side watching myself stroke his cock and without even thinking about it I started pulling it toward my mouth. I had an uncontrollable urge to have his cock in my mouth. Now you're doing it baby! Now you're starting to turn into the cock slut I saw the first time. I knew you were going to turn out this way! That's it baby, take daddy's cock in your mouth, suck me deep. About the time I slipped the head of his cock in my mouth I felt another finger probing at my ass and before I could really realize what it was he had slipped it in palm deep. Damn, three fingers all the way in my ass! I was sure that my ass was stretched wider than it had ever been before! Thank god he didn't move them. That third one hurt but the longer he kept them in without moving the easier it got to have them there. Just keep sucking baby cause daddy needs to finger fuck you some to help you loosen up, that little ass is doing great and we want to keep it up. I don't know how he had his fingers aligned but after he stroked them in and out of my ass just a few times it seems like my ass opened up to where they started to feel good instead of hurting and the next thing I knew i was humping my ass again. Slow down baby, i don't want to cum in your mouth right yet and if you keep sucking like you are I'm not going to be able to stop.. I was losing it, I hated it when he pulled his cock away from my mouth. I could hear myself moaning as I tried to pull him back so i could suck some more. My ass was humping like I was really getting fucked with a hard cock and right then i just wanted more! Be careful what you want cause you might get it. In my case it was the forth finger in my ass. I yelled this time! Damn he was tearing my ass up. He would let up, just kept fucking me with them. I was crying and trying to get away from him. Hell for all i knew he was going to shove his whole hand in my ass! Just go ahead and give me your cock, it can't be as bad as this! He started rubbing and kissing the side of my face. Calm down baby, relax and you'll open up and be able to take it. I couldn't, no matter haw hard i tried i just could not relax all I wanted was his fingers out of my ass. Please I managed to squeak take them out and just let me suck you. I promise I'll suck you as often as you like, all the way and never spill a drop! He stopped moving his fingers but kept them in me. He was still kissing my face and rubbing my cheeks. Just relax baby, let me just hold them here and if it doesn't stop hurting I'll take them out. I tried to slow my breathing. I tried to relax my ass but no matter what it just hurt too much to have that many fingers in me. OK baby I'm going to make it better. I felt him slid one finger back out. My god! Immediate relief! Even with three still in me it felt like he was hack to just the tip of one.

How does that feel baby? Better know? I could just moan in relief He kept his fingers still but started really squeezing both my cheeks with his other hand then he slapped me on the ass. Ouch! I'm going give those ass cheeks .a hard time and take your mind off my fingers. Slap and squeeze, damn, he wasn't lying! I could feel my cheeks getting hot from the slaps but he was right, I was paying so much attention to my ass getting smacked that it took me a minute to realize that he was finger fucking me again and I was moving my hips to match! I reached out and grabbed his cock which was only half hard now and pulled it back to my mouth. Damn baby, you are a slut! Crying one minute from as ass fucking and now humping that ass like a pro and sucking that cock to beat the band. I almost started crying again when he took all his fingers out of my ass and pulled his cock away from my mouth. I was still humping my ass, trying to hold his cock and moaning no, no. I wanted to keep going I knew that between him fucking me and me sucking I was almost at the verge of coming. I could even feel some pre-cum starting to leak from the slit of my cock, I wanted to cum sooooo bad!

He moved lower down to my side and put both hands on the back of my legs. This time when the slid his hands up he ran both thumbs up the crack of my ass over my hole to the top of my cheeks as his thumbs rubbed across both sides of that hole it felt like and electric spark had jumper between my hole and his fingers, As he ran his hands back down he slipped a thumb into my ass. I couldn't believe how easy it slipped in. Oh baby doll, I think that ass is getting ready, what do you think. Just my smile because i was thinking that he just might be right. He popped his thumb out of my ass and moved his hands farther down. When he got to my knees he put his hands on the inside of my legs and pulled them as far apart as the world go. The cool air blowing across my hot skin and super hot hole felt so good! I was so relaxed and enjoying just laying there feeling his hands rub my ass that I never wanted to move. I felt him move his hands from my ass and step back from the table. I opened my eyes just enough to peek under the lids to see what he was doing. He was just standing there staring at my ass then he reached up to the end of the table, picked up the bottle of oil and squeezed a little into his right hand. I thought he was going to continue oiling and rubbing my ass but instead he took his hard cock in his hand and began stroking it. it was standing straight out in front of him and after the first stroke I could see how smooth and slick that mushroom head looked I could see the split at the tip and the way the head sweep back looking almost like a little butt. I watched him stroke it all the way to the base then back till the entire head was in his hand All the time I was watching him I could still feel the cool air blowing in from the back and across my back and my wide open ass..The way the breeze felt blowing across my hole it even felt like it was gapped open a little from the workout he had given it with his fingers. God that cock looked so nice and i was just about to ask if he wanted me to stroke and suck it when he put his left hand back on my cheeks and said "OK baby, you ready for the second act?"

Right then my mind was so focused on sucking his cock it took a minute for what he'd said to sink in. Oh my God! All I could do was stare at the huge cock head sticking out from his fist and feel his hand rubbing and squeezing my cheeks. It was time! he was going to put that cock in me. Just in case I hadn't caught on he slipped his finger back to my hole and slid it in all the way. You been teasing daddy all day, time to give him some of that tight ass. I couldn't help it! Seeing that cock head and know what he was planning on doing with it made my whole body tighten up! My legs slammed together and my ass clamped together so tight that just his one finger felt uncomfortable. I know I must have been staring at him with that "deer in the headlights" look because he slid his finger out and moved both hands to my cheeks. He started massaging my ass as he told me, "don't worry baby, I'll take it real slow and careful. I know that little ass of yours will be able to take if as long as we go slow. My ass was still hard as a rock and I could feel him kneading it trying to get me to loosen up and relax. I was trying! I really did want him to fuck me. I wanted so bad to feel that hard cock pumping my ass! I so wanted to feel him cum deep inside me but every time I started to feel like I was going to relax I would look at what I considered a massive cock and I'd tighten right back up.

Let me see if this might help a little and he moved to the end of the table behind me. At least this way I wouldn't be looking at that cock every time I opened my eyes. That's it baby, feel how good my hands feel rubbing your ass. He was right, they did feel great. After a bit i could feel my ass cheeks getting softer. He was rubbing from the back of my knees up over my ass to the small of my back and i was starting to respond to his touch. Let me open those legs a little and followed his words with action as he slid his hands between my legs and pushed them apart. He ran just the tip of his finger across my hole without attempting to slide it in. that helped me relax even more. that little ass hole is starting to open just a little, I think it's getting ready to feel some cock. He put his hands back between my legs and pushed them as wide apart as they would go. Relax baby I'm just going to slip one finger in you so you can sued to the feel. I hardly noticed as he slipped his oil slick finger back into my ass. I closed my eyes and let my mind drift just enjoying the sensation of his finer sliding in and out of my ass. Then I felt him climb up on the table behind me. I started to tighten back up but he said "it's all right baby, I'm not putting it in I just want to get up here where it's more comfortable. He took his finger out of me and moved both hands to the table beside my shoulders. I could feel him stretching out on top of me. I felt very nice to feel his weight settle down on my back. There was actually very little weight considering his size until i realized that he was supporting most of his upper body weight on his arms and since my legs were spread so wide his legs were between mine. At the same time i felt his hips and that hard cock settle down on my ass. No would be the time to panic. I could feel that cock nestle between my ass cheeks and it seemed like his cock alone must weigh a ton. I took a couple of deep breaths and realized I was being silly, there was no weight and all i could really feel was his cock spreading my cheeks apart at it settled in.

He held still for a minute and let me get used to the feeling. I could feel his balls against the bottom curve of my ass and feel the pressure of his cock between my cheeks Damn baby, we're getting close he said as he began to slide his cock back and forth between my cheeks. He took one hand ff the table and i could feel him slide it between us and take his cock. Now when he slid forward i could feel his knuckles rub against the curve of my ass. Just stay relaxed baby, I'm just going to rub your hole with the head of my cock I'm not going to try and put it in, i just want to feel that little puckered hole rubbing across my cock. He slide his cock back and forth across my hole a few time which I really enjoyed. The head was so smooth and it kind of bounced just a little as it rubbed across my hole. He brought it down and across one more time then moved his hips just enough that when he touched my hole with the head it was dead center against the hole.. I started to tense up then because i thought he was going to slide it in me. Relax baby. I just want to feel the resistance of that hole. I'm going to push against it a little but I won't put it in you until you feel comfortable and raise your ass a little. When you raise your ass I'll take that as the single that you want me to push a little.

I was scared to move. I knew he was going to fuck me and a large part of me wanted him to but it felt so good to feel just a little pressure against my hole. As a matter of fact, the longer he held it there the better it began to feel. Next thing i knew my mind was thinking about how good his fingers had felt in me and how i had gotten used to and liked them. Without even thinking about I raised my ass and pushed back against his cock. I could feel my ass opening and. knew that I now had a tiny bit of his cock pushing against the ring of my asshole All it would take would be one hard shove back and I'd have his cock in me! Before I could make a move I heard him moan. He removed his other hand from the table and took my hips in his hands all without losing the steady pressure against my hole. He bent forward and I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. Are you ready now babe? Do you think you can take me in your ass? I want to fuck you so bad it's getting really hard to hole back. If you don't let me in soon I'm going to cum right where I'm at. All i could come out with was Yes. He lost the pressure on my hole as he moved back. He pulled my hips back toward him which put my ass higher in the air. before I could catch my breath his cock head was back at my hole and i could feel him pushing slowly but steadily against my ass. Even with as much oil as we had between his cock and my hole the pain started as soon as I started stretching. He just barley had half the head past my ring and i was all ready thinking I wasn't going to be able to take it. Damn that hole is super tight! It's all ready squeezing the head of my cock and I haven't even started. Just hang in there a bit baby, it's going to feel so good when it goes in. I was biting the sheet trying to keep from screaming and he was still pushing. All of a sudden there was a pure agonizing pain from my ass! I tried to jump forward to get away from the pain but he was holding my hips and i wasn't able to get away. I was biting the sheet so hard I thought I might break a tooth and clawing at it with my hands trying to get away from the pain. Since there didn't appear to be any way I was going to make it stop I just lay there panting, grinding my teeth and crying. God that hurt so bad! I was sure there must be blood running down both my legs. I couldn't believe that after all we'd done that day and as nice as he had been to me that he could hurt me that way. The longer I lay there the easier it got to breath. Soon I was taking deep breaths with no panting. I wasn't grinding my teeth anymore and I had even stopped crying. Next I noticed that the pain didn't feel quite as bad. My ass was totally full! Fuller than it had every been in my entire life but surprisingly I was kind of getting used to that full feeling. Just hold still for a bit baby, don't move because if you start moving I'm going to cum right now. Damn, I've fucked some asses in my time but yours has got to be the tightest I've ever stuck my cock in.

That's when I realized that the full feeling I was having was because his entire mushroom headed was inside my ass! I couldn't believe it! I had done it! The fattest part of his cock was in me! My god! I never dreamed I'd be able to get fucked by a cock that size! Now what? I sure didn't want to lose what I'd gained. Even with the pain that still remained I was having a hard time controlling the urge to shove back on his cock and take some of it! I just couldn't believe it was in me! Now I wanted it all! I wanted to feel him spread my ass cheeks and ram that big son of a bitch ball deep in me! I wanted him to fuck me so deep and cum in me so much that his cum would be running out my ass. God I wanted to be FUCKED! Then he pushed another inch in and I went right back to the whimpering and crying little slut I was. Really it wasn't as bad as all that, close but not quite. Now that the head was in it didn't hurt near as back as he slid the shaft in. With that huge head clearing the way there was plenty of room for the slightly smaller shaft. he would pull back on my hips as he pushed forward with his cock and it slowly slid in. I hadn't realized just how long his cock was being as I spent most of my time staring at the head but I was beginning to think that if he kept putting it in I was going to be able to have my ass fucked and suck his cock at the same time. About the time I was starting to think i wasn't going to be able to take anymore i felt his hairy balls rub against the curve of my ass. My God! I had it all! I actually had the entire length of that magnificent cock buried in my ass! He was holding still pushed up against my ass cheeks as we both got used to the feel. I tried a couple of squeezes with my ass just to see what it felt like and trust me, it felt good!

Jesus baby, I can't believe my cock is in your ass. You have no idea of how much I wanted to just grab you, yank your pants down and shove my cock up you the first time I saw you today! It's been years since I've seen a guy that I just had to fuck and trust me I wasn't wrong! I love this ass and now I'm going to fuck it. He pulled his cock back out till just the head was still in me which I was more than grateful for because I wasn't sure what would have happened if he'd pulled it all the way out and started again. He pushed it back in me till his balls were against my ass again. Nice slow and steady. Of course with slutty me that didn't last very long. After a few stroked I was starting to push back to meet him and after just a few more he stopped and let me take over. Damn baby, after everything it took just to get my cock in your ass and your all ready fucking it like a seasoned whore. Oh shit, give that ass to daddy, Wiggle that ass and take me deep! I'm going to pump this little plumb full of cum! He was true to his word even though I'm sure he wasn't ready after all the work he'd gone through. He grabbed my hips and jerked me back to him while shoving that cock as deep as he could get it. Damn, I'm coming! Sorry baby but I just can't hold it any longer. I didn't believe his cock could get any bigger but I felt it swelling up and stretching me even more as he started to cum. For as long as he held me and was grinding against my ass I think he came even more than he did in my mouth. Finally I felt him slump forward on my back. I slid forward to lay on my stomach and he rode me done with that cock still buried in my ass. As soon as our breathing got back to normal I faced my next problem. I could feel him getting soft in my ass which meant that his cock was going to come out. remembering how bad it hurt going in i wasn't really looking forward to feeling that head slip out. I needn't have worried, he must have been thinking the same thing because while he was still in me he ran his hands back to my ass cheeks and stated rubbing them while kissing and nibbling at the back of my neck. that felt so good that I forgot to worry about his cock coming out till I felt the head at the entrance to my hole. He was soft enough then for it to be able to slide out with a little pop, followed immediately by a gush of warm cum that pretty well soaked the sheets. He got up and grabbed a towel which he used to wipe his cock then gently rubbed my ass to soak up the cum so I could get up.

I didn't realize how sore my ass was until I sat up on the table. it reminded me real quick that i had just been fuck deep and hard. He held out his hand and I took it as I tried to hop down off the table, Mistake, thank god he was there to catch me because my legs gave out and i damn near fell flat on my face. He grabbed another towel and started wiping the oil off my body. He had to wipe between my legs again because i was still leaking. As soon as I could stand on my own he told me to go on out and get in the hot tub while he got us a couple of beers. God that water felt good! Every muscle I had was sore and my asshole was really letting me know that it was there. It was kind of a present shock when i first sat in the tub. he must have left my ass really gapped because when i sat down I could feel the water inside my ass ring odd but pleasant feeling.

By the time he got back with the beer I had my head leaned back letting the water lap at me and squeezing my ass. Odd as it may seem I kind of enjoyed the slight ache from squeezing it. I wasn't a hundred percent sure it was going to go back the way it was after being stretched so big. But now wasn't the time to worry about it. now was the time to re-live how great it had felt once i finally got his cock in me. He noticed they smile when he handed me the beer. Thinking about how good that cock felt aren't you. Since I was still going through my silent phase I just nodded. I knew that if I could just get it in you that you were not only going to enjoy but you'd take to fucking it like a duck to water. I'm right aren't I ? Another nod. You going to want to get fucked some more right? A nod, you're going to want me to fuck you some right? Two deep nods at that. You sure don't talk much do you? I had to answer this one. "Don't need to" I said "I like to hear you talk and I love what you say, makes me super horny to hear nasty talk. Plus, you got pick me up at a bar, bring me home, cum in my mouth and my ass all with me saying a word right?" you got a very good point. I kind of like you quit and submissive but if you want or need anything you talk, OK? Back to my nods.


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