Many years ago there was a demon who went by the name Ramsutta. He was not the typical demon you would expect and took orders from management like a human would at his nine to five, despising every minute of it and hoping for more to life. He found himself roaming the earth usually depressed and hoping he could end his existence, taking no pleasure in the deeds he was commanded to do. On one afternoon as he walked down a country road he came upon a small school engulfed in flames. The screams of the children and the teacher inside would have been music to any other demons ears. Though for Ramsutta's, it hurt like someone was slowly pressing an ice pick into his skull. Unable to ignore the screams any longer he busted the door to the school wide open and held the crumbling doorway up as the children and teacher fled the collapsing school, thanking him and god for sending such an angel.

As the humans departed Ramsutta could feel the ground beneath him begin to shake. Management was not pleased, and Ramsutta knew they would be upon him shortly to ensure he spent the rest of eternity in pain. As the ground next to him began to split open he hanged his head down waiting for the inevitable. As he stared at the ground watching little rocks bounce from the tremors of approaching demons, he began to see a bright light coming from behind. A light so brilliant it overtook even the suns glow. Hell had not been the only ones paying attention, and so impressed was God that he himself came down to speak.

As Ramsutta turned to face him he fell to his knees overpowered by such brilliance. God placed one hand under Ramsutta's chin and gently raised him back to his feet, and raised the other hand towards the ever widening crack in the earth keeping it at bay.

Softly god looked into the shaking eyes of Ramsutta and asked:

"Why would a demon save the lives of these children?"

Ramsutta choked for a second as he tried to find the courage to speak:

"I had no wish to see them suffer, and now it is I that will suffer for eternity."

Ramsutta said glancing at the splitting earth.

"But at least I will suffer with a heart that is a little less heavy from all of my horrific deeds."

God smiled and snapped his fingers at the splitting earth. Bolts of lightning began to crash onto the widening crack, and the demons below immediately knew they were fucking with the wrong man. The tremors stopped and God placed his hands on the chest of Ramsutta. His chest began to glow as he could feel the cold grasp of hell slipping away. Ramsutta had been given a second chance at heaven and his soul found itself reborn.

Raven knew this story well but it in no way was it similar to his situation. Something about Jake had the attention of both sides and he could tell they were uneasy about it.

"Well it's time for me to go." The angel said with a sigh in his voice.

"Think about it would you? You know this isn't something that comes along every day." The angel says as he grabs his jacket from the closet and lets himself out.

Raven stands there motionless at the kitchen island almost like a stone statue deep in thought. After a minute or two he shakes his head like it will clear the thoughts from his mind and goes back to preparing the meal. Getting everything in the oven takes a few more minutes and glancing at the time on the stove he realizes he is running behind.

"Fuck! I still have to grab a shower!" He yells out loud as he slams the oven door shut and runs into the bathroom. As the shower heats up he stares at himself in the mirror, once again analyzing every detail and adjusting all his hair. He remembered how impressed Jake had seemed about his muscle and decides to up it another notch.

"A month worth of lifting weights in three seconds." He thinks to himself chuckling.

Pleased with the results he strips naked and jumps in the shower. So worried is Raven with impressing Jake that he even bought a new type of shampoo and body wash, hoping it will please him. As he scrubs his muscled chest and works his way down he pauses and looks at his human manhood. Wondering what might be the perfect size. It's a lot harder for a demon when it comes to that question, for any human it's not even an option, you're stuck with what you're given. But for a demon in human form, it's like picking out the best shirt, which one would Jake like most? He doubts that it will even be an issue tonight, dinner will probably be the only thing that even happens, but you never know. After looking it over for what seems like several minutes he settles on about 8 inches. At least he's guessing that's what he has made it now, for a second he wishes he had brought a ruler in the shower with him.

As he turns the shower off and slides the curtain back he reaches for a hanging towel. In what could not have been better timing for irony, Jake turns the corner and walks abruptly into the bathroom doorway, just in time to see Raven with a towel stretched behind his back like he is posing. Both gasp as Raven quickly covers his manhood and Jake makes a one-eighty turn walking quickly to the other room.

"Oh god Raven I'm so sorry!" Jake says yelling into the bedroom. "Your front door was cracked open and I called out for you but I guess you didn't hear me since you were showering, please forgive me."

Raven begins to laugh, making sure it is loud enough for Jake to hear, hoping it eases the tension.

"It's totally ok Jake you don't have to apologize, I should have already done this but I was running behind."

Jake laughs and comically says:

"I think that's the only thing I didn't see."

Both laugh at the joke as Raven wraps the towel around his waist and heads for the dresser drawer. Jake glances into the bedroom trying not to be obvious as he watches Raven dress. Raven can feel Jake watching and casually takes his time, hoping he is impressing Jake with his human form.

"So what do you think?" Raven asks as he pulls his boxer briefs up.

"Think about what?" Jake says with a little choke and cough.

Raven turns around and points to his torso: "Does the muscle look good?"

"Oh...uh....yeah looks really good, I could swear you're even bigger than before too! I might have to have dessert before dinner." Jake says laughing, but after a few seconds he stops smiling and begins to look serious. "I'm sorry Raven I shouldn't have said that."

Raven looks at Jake with a wide smile on his face:

"I'm actually really glad you said that so don't be sorry. I want to be perfect for you, I know that sounds foolish." Raven says looking at the floor and feeling completely embarrassed he just said that.

Jake gets the nerve to walk back into the bed room and places his hands on Ravens still slightly damp hips. Raven slowly lifts his head and as their eyes meet Jake softly whispers:

"I spent two hours in the shower and at least an hour doing my hair...I wanted to be perfect for you too."

Both begin to giggle as they stare deeply into each other's eyes, Raven doesn't even realize that his hands have found their way onto Jakes shoulders holding them softly. The noises of the world begin to fade away and just like two dancers on a dark stage illuminated by just a spotlight they breathe each other in.



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