Hell and heaven are not always at odds. In fact, there was once an "incident" that caused quite a stir. Many years ago an angel and an administrator fell in love. The chaos that ensued wreaked havoc on both sides for quite some time. It ended with a truce, where both of them were expelled from their teams, forever exiled to drift through the stars, both alone, but at least together. It is the unavoidable truth that everything needs something, and that love can break through the chains of any law. Whether love simply blinds someone to the unforgivable actions of another, or helps them to see past them is anyone's guess. As humans we can do stupid things in the name of love, and for those of use that may be immortal the rule still applies.

As Raven sleeps the faintest of white glows emerges from behind his night stand. It quietly checks to make sure it has not been seen and makes its way through the ceiling and into the clouds, it seems that hell is not the only team to have spy's in its ranks.

The day passes by and night slowly falls on to the big city. Raven is dressing himself to head for the store, checking his phone continuously to make sure he hasn't missed a message from Jake. He goes to store and returns quickly, hurriedly un-bagging his items on the kitchen island. He's nervous for several reasons: has he picked the perfect meal, is Jake still coming over, what is management's real agenda, and the biggest of all...would Jake accept him for what he is. If Raven could die, the event of Jake walking away would surely be a crushing blow. As he prepares the meal he finds himself running the conversion through his mind, how would you tell someone you are a demon, what would be the reaction?

As Raven chops up some vegetables the clattering of the door bell almost makes him split the cutting board in two. His heart jumps nearly into his throat, he wasn't expecting Jake this soon and everything is only half done. He rushes to the door and whips it open with a smile on his face. The smile quickly fades as he realizes it's anything but Jake, in fact it's a different face he is familiar with, the face of an angel. It's an angel he has dealt with before, one he has met in battle, and if not for the obvious reasons, he would even consider as a drinking buddy.

The angel stands there, smiling with a hint of old times. An awkward stare happens for a few moments, Raven stands there like a deer in head lights, caught completely off guard and wondering if he should be drawing a weapon for battle. With a sigh the angel decides to break the silence;

"I'm not here for a fight Raven, can I come in?"

Speechless Raven widens the door and gives the slightest of gestures welcoming the angel in.

"It's probably obvious why I'm here Raven." The angel says as he hands Raven his jacket and makes his way into the kitchen.

"This has something to do with Jake right?" Raven says as he takes the angels jacket and hangs it in the hallway closet as any accommodating host would do.

The angel nods as he examines the meal Raven is preparing.

"I don't think you have realized just how special Jake is. There's more to your managements plans than they are letting on to."

Raven slams the door to the hallway closet and walks over to the kitchen island, leaning on it like a man preparing to be stripped searched.

"I don't give a shit if heaven or hell thinks he is special, all that matters is that he is special to me! Just leave us alone!" Raven says slamming his fist on the counter, the marble splitting under the pressure of his power.

The angel doesn't even flinch at the demonstration of force as he plays with his watch and softly says:

"Raven, I've been sent here to offer you a reset."

A "Reset" is an option that has only ever been offered to one demon since the dawn of time. It's the opportunity to be reborn into a mortal body and prove to heaven that your soul is worth admittance. A second chance at taking a different path. Again Raven looks like the poor deer, staring into the angel's eyes like headlights, looking for a clue of what is happening.

"I...I don't understand what is going on, none of this is making any since." Raven says with a quiver in his voice almost like he could cry.

"You don't have to understand Raven, this is your chance, a chance to have the slate wiped clean. Take it and start a whole new life."

Raven stares at the cracked marble, almost like a mirror of his soul, shattered and beyond repair. The thought of starting over is so appealing, a chance to erase all of the suffering and pain he has caused. A chance to forget it all and do something right for a change. The moment fades as Raven quickly snaps back to the underlying topic: What is so important about Jake that heaven is willing to bargain?



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