I awoke to the sound of a timer going off, I wasn't sure exactly what it was. The sound was soon accompanied by the smell of pancakes floating in the air. I loved pancakes on Saturday mornings. I got out of bed and put my underwear on, then went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face and began to make my way to the kitchen.

'Good morning,' said Michael, 'how did you sleep?'

'Well the little sleep that I got was alright,' I answered, 'It was what came before sleep that was really great.' Michael and I had been dating for about a month and I had enjoyed every moment of it. I walked over to him and gave him a kiss before sitting down for breakfast. I loved the way he made me breakfast when I spent the night.

'How about after breakfast you and I take a shower?' Michael suggested.

'Sounds great,' I answered, 'you have been really dirty lately.' We laughed.

After breakfast we made our way over to the shower. I turned on the water.

'Ah its cold,' Michael said.

'I know I like it that way,' I said.

I grabbed him and pulled him into the shower under the water. I began kissing his lips My hand ran all over his body, caressing his chest, squeezing his little ass, until they found there way to his cock. Began stroking it up and down. Tugging on it as if it were for dear life. I could feel it growing in my hand. I kneeled down in the shower and began sucking his cock. I pressed my lips against the tip and slowly began inching his cock into my mouth. I felt Michael's hand grab my hair and push my head further onto his cock. Then I turned him around and pushed him flat up against the wall of the shower. I pulled his butt out to bring it closer to my face. I then dove my tongue into the crevasse between his ass cheeks and started licking his hole frantically. I swirled my tongue around his ass alternating between licking and fingering his ass. I loved the way he tasted. When I came up for air I kissed his back, then his lips. I then pushed my hard cock into his ass. I began pumping his ass harder and harder pressing him further and further into the wall. There was nowhere for him to escape. Michael's started stroking his cock until he shot his load on the floor of the shower. Michael then fell to his knees and began sucking my cock. He deep throated me while he played with my balls and ass simultaneously. My load eventually hit the back of his throat. I looked down and watched him spit it out onto the floor.

We spent the whole weekend in his apartment. I loved spending time with him.

When Monday came I had to go by the newspaper to get my next assignment.

'Hey,' said Tyler, 'how have you been?' I was surprised that he was speaking to me after the way things had ended between us. I left him there sitting in a booth at our favorite diner.

'I am doing well,' I replied, 'How are you?'

'Well,' he said, 'I noticed that you and that writer from the variety section have been spending a lot of time together. What's going on there?'

'His name is Michael and we are dating, but why do you care?' I asked. 'Last time we talked we were not in a relationship.

'Just because we weren't boyfriends doesn't mean that I didn't care about you,' he said. 'You were the one who wanted things to change.' Tyler pulled me into the bathroom. 'Listen, I never wanted anything to change between us. I still want you, and I know that you still want to be with me, this Michael guy is just a substitute.'

'Your crazy,' I said. I shoved him out of the way and tried to leave the bathroom.

'Marc!' he called after me.

I opened the bathroom door and Tyler and I came out at the same time. As Tyler grabbed my arm to stop me from walking away I looked up and saw Michael walking around the corner he just stopped and looked at Tyler and me.

'What's going on here?' asked Michael.

'Nothing,' I said, 'Tyler and I were just discussing an assignment.'

'In the bathroom?' Michael looked at me confused. My heart sank into the pit of my stomach. He looked kind of hurt and anxious, as though he wanted to say something but couldn't find the words.

'Michael come here,' I said. I pulled him back into the bathroom. 'Listen...'

'Do you still have feelings for him?' Michael interrupted. 'Because if you do I need you to tell me right now, because I am going to be honest right now. I am falling for you. It's the one thing I am certain of right now and I need to know that you are in this completely before I get hurt.'

I just stood there. I wasn't expecting this kind of confession to come out of what just happened a few seconds ago. I just put my arms around him in an effort to comfort him. 'Listen, there is nothing going on between Tyler and me. We were just talking. In fact he was just telling me that he has met a couple of new guys and you know that I want a relationship, which is something that he cannot give me.' I didn't know why I lied about what Tyler and I were talking about. I just couldn't take the look he had on his face after he said he was falling for me. He looked so vulnerable, kind of like I looked when I said those words to Tyler. I just began kissing Michael. I had to prove to him that it was him that I wanted.

He began kissing my back harder. I reached over to the door and locked it before pushing Michael up against the wall. I continued kissing him. My hands started sliding down his body until they stopped at his belt. I unfastened his pants and slid them to the floor. I grabbed his balls and began holding them in my hands. They set there in the palm of my hand while I massaged them and stuck them in my mouth. Sucking each one individually before trying to conquer his massive cock. I began lightly sliding my fingers along the shaft of his cock until it stood at attention like a soldier waiting for my command. I loved the hold I had on him. I then lightly began licking the shaft of his cock before I placed it in my mouth. Michael's feet began to slide from up under him. His hand grabbed the sink before he fell to brace himself. He began to whimper. I started sucking his cock more feverishly, letting it go deeper and deeper into my mouth each time I went down on it. The harder I sucked the louder he became, and the louder he got, the harder I wanted to suck his cock. His balls were still in my hand when I felt them tighten and draw up closer to his body. He was getting ready to cum. I started milking him while I sucked the fat head of his cock. My efforts were rewarded when I felt his cum plaster the inside of my mouth. I continued sucking until all of it had left his shaft. His cumslick cock slipped out of my mouth. I looked up at him and smiled. He looked back satisfied.

'If this is what you do every time we have a disagreement I think I might start making up reasons for is to disagree,' Michael said.

I laughed as I made my way over to a stall to spit. I wiped my mouth and went over to kiss him. 'Trust me, you have nothing to worry about.'

We left the bathroom. I felt bad about what I had just done to Michael, lying and them using sex to cover it up. I couldn't help but wonder if I did still have feelings for Tyler. I looked around and I could see Tyler staring at me from across the room. I tried to ignore him.

'Marc,' called Stacy, my editor 'I need for you to take some photos of the basketball team.' I immediately thought that this was a bad idea and tried to protest, but Stacy insisted that I do the assignment. This mean that I would be working with Tyler, I was afraid of what might happen if we were alone.

I went to the gym to take the photos of the new players on the basketball team, but to my surprise Tyler wasn't there, instead there was another sports writer. I felt at ease. I took my photos and left. I was trying to hurry and get back to the news building so that I could go home. I really didn't want another run in with Tyler, unfortunately, what I wanted really didn't matter to fate. When I got back, my photography editor, Stacy, needed to leave the office and wouldn't be back for the rest of the day. She decided to leave me in charge.

'It looks like I have to stay late,' I said to Michael, 'you should just go home, I will take the bus back to my place.'

'Are you sure?' Michael asked, 'It looks like it is going to rain. I could wait for you.'

'No go, I will be alright,' I assured him, 'Besides you have that test to study for. If you give me a ride you will never study for that test.'

'Ok, but call me when you get home,' Michael kissed me goodbye and left. I went to Stacy desk to try and get started on choosing the photos for the paper tomorrow.

It took longer than I had expected because one of the other photographers was late getting his photos in and it turned out that Michael was right, it did rain. I thought about going to the bus stop when I was done, but the rain started to come down really hard. I decided to wait for it to let up a bit before I tried to get on the bus. I started reading a book when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to discover that it was Tyler.

'Hey,' he said, 'I am sorry about this afternoon, I didn't mean to cause any trouble, but maybe if your boyfriend trusted you a little more he wouldn't need to be jealous.'

'He does trust me,' I started, 'It is you that he doesn't trust.'

'Perhaps you are right. But I still want to say sorry,' he said.

'Well thanks, but you don't need to apologize, I have learned to expect that kind of stuff from you. You love to live in the moment, with the bold actions like dragging me into the bathroom. Its one of the things I like about you,' I said.

'Do you want a ride home?' Tyler asked. I hesitated to answer his question. I knew that it would be a bad idea, especially considering what happened earlier today, but the storm was getting bad, and I really did not want to stand at the bus stop. I eventually said yes. We talked the whole way to my apartment, just like we used to. It felt as though everything between us just fell back into place. I was glad that I said yes at that moment because things seemed normal between Tyler and me, also because by the time we got to my apartment it was beginning to thunder and lighting.

'You mind if I come in, I think you still have me jacket in you closet,' Tyler asked. He was right, I did have his jacket, I said yes and he followed me to my apartment. My roommate was gone.

'You remember where my room is right?' I asked.

'How could I forget?' Tyler laughed.

As Tyler disappeared into my bedroom I decided to call Michael and let him know I had gotten home okay. I didn't tell him the truth about how I got home, another lie about Tyler and me. They were beginning to pile up. Tyler came back into the front room holding his jacket.

'Thanks for the ride,' I said as I began walking to the door.

'I miss you. You know that right?' Tyler said. I stopped walking towards the door but I didn't turn around to face him. I was afraid that if I looked into his blue eyes I would fall apart.

'Tyler, I can't do this right now,' I said.

'Just give me a minute to explain,' Tyler said. I turned around to face him. I was right, his eyes did make me melt, but I tired to keep myself together. 'I know why things didn't work out between us, and I hate that they didn't because it was my fault. But you should know that towards the end, I wasn't sleeping with anyone else. You were the only person I wanted to be with and you are still the only one I want to be with.'

There it was the confession of commitment I had wanted back when we were together, 'That's all great, but how do I know hat you wont wake up one morning and want to have a open relationship, you are just saying these things right now because it feel correct right now,' I said. I got up but Tyler grabbed my hand.

'I know that its you I want,' he said.

'How?' I asked.

'Because I think about day and night, because your hand fits mine this way, and because when I kiss your lips it feels as though yours were made to fit mine perfectly.' Tyler jumped up from the couch and pulled me towards him and our lips met. I tried to run away, but I couldn't take it, I didn't understand how after all this I could still feel this way about him. I kissed him back.

We continued kissing all the way to me bedroom. I could hear the rain pounding against the glass of my window and thunder rolling in the background. It was dark in my bedroom except for lighting that lit the room with a white flash. We tore at each other's clothes until nothing remained but our naked bodies. Tyler got on my bed and quickly followed. I began slowly sliding my hand across his body from his lower stomach to his smooth chest. My fingers lightly grazed his nipple. Tyler grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him until our eyes were locked. As I lay on top of him he gently grabbed my face with his hands and pulled my lips to his. I kissed him deeply. I loved the way he sucked my bottom lips. I pulled away and he kissed my lips one last time.

'Turn over,' I said. Tyler looked surprised, but did as I asked. I started gently kissing his back down to his ass. I licked m finger and gently slid my finger into his tight pink hole. As I slid my finger in and out of his ass I could feel the skin around it getting softer. I heard Tyler gasp for air. I reached into my drawer and grabbed my lube and began stroking my already hard cock. I had never fucked Tyler before. 'Just breath,' I said. I placed my cock at the wall of his hole and slowly pushed the fat head of my cock into his ass. I started puling and pushing my cock in and out of his ass, giving him a little more at a time until his ass consumed my cock. I reached for his hand and grabbed it, interlocking our finger. I fucked him slowly, until the pain turned to pleasure.

'Its okay go harder,' he said.

I began fucking him harder. I don't know why I wanted to top him this time, but I was glad that I did. His ass felt warm and tight around my cock. I began fucking him harder and harder. I turned him around and raised his legs into the air. As I dove into his ass I kissed his lips. Tyler tried to reach for his hard cock, but I pushed them away and held them in mine. I could see his balls slowly shrink up next to his throbbing cock. I heard him cry out as he shot his load all over his body. I pulled my dick out of his ass and began jerking my cock hard until shot all over his body. I leaned over t kiss his lips.

Afterwards we stayed in my bed, holding each other. I just wanted to stay in his arms forever, but I knew that I couldn't. I was in a relationship and I didn't want to hurt Michael, even though I already did. But I decided to worry about that tomorrow, for now I just wanted to be with Tyler.




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