The doors locked, I knew right then that I had gone from the fry pan into the fire. As he drove he told me to be calm , that he was just going to use me for the day. My parents were on vacation and my sister didnt care what I did so no one would miss me.

He stopped at a pay phone and made a few calls, I overheard him saying something about being sick, then he was whispering on another call. I tought about bolting from the truck but I was naked and dirty where would I go. He walked back to the truck and grabbed some things from the back of the pick up, he got in and and took my hands and put zip ties around my wrists then my ankles, he took a dirty oil soaked rag and blindfolded me. He shoved me to the floor and took off down the road.

He told me to tell him about my adventue last night, as I did I could hear him breathing harder then a belt buckle losening then he grabbed my hair and pulled my head into his lap and said i cant wait any more, start sucking. He popped his cock in my mouth and I started licking it, the guys last night had just fucked my mouth so this was the first cock that I had ever licked and It was like a skinny banana, lon thin but bent like a banana.

I licked and sucked it for a few miles, then he pulled over, got out and left me tied up on the floor of his truck. When he retuned he threw something heavy in the back, got in and drove off saying nothing. we soon tuned on to a very bumpy dirt road and went for what seemed like miles.

When we stopped, he got out and I could hear him unload something from the pick up then the door poend and he grabbed my arns and dragged me out of the truck and across a field with thick scub that were inflaming my whip marks.

We stopped and he left me on the ground while he worked on something. He then cuts off the zip ties and re binds my wrists ans ankles. I then felt myself being hoisted up in the air. I felt him push me then I started swinging back and forth. My arms and legs were spread.

He made a swing out of me and back and forth i swung while he rummaged in a tool box, then he stopped me and put a rope around my balls and pulled. Now my ass wide open and exposed, my balls were feeling a lot of pressure being tied above my body. That leaves my head flopped back and mister starts shoving his banana cock in my mouth.

I heard the sound of another truck, mister left me and I heard him say to his buddy, hey Rick, didjya bring all the gear,cause lookit what I found. Boy we got the tools here to make you a man.




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