At the early age of thirteen, I lost my virginity, fucking our next door neighbors daughter. She was a year older than I, but we kind of became boyfriend and girlfriend.

My best friend, John, was also fucking his girlfriend and when we went out on a double date, we'd fuck the girls side by side in the park.

One night before a double date, the girls got upset about where we wanted to go. They wanted to do something else, so to piss us off, they told us to forget the date and they went off on their own.

As usual, John and I were hoping to score that night but knew we were out of luck. We did what we wanted and on the way back home John said he had an idea.

John slipped into his house through the back door and swiped a few beers from his dad. Carrying them gently, we headed to the park and found a picnic table off in a dark area. As we drank the beers, we talked about how horny we were.

One thing led to another and soon we both hand our jeans down and were stroking. As we did, John said that he over heard his older brother talking to a bud of his. He confessed to his bud that he had let a guy suck his cock for twenty dollars and it was awesome.

The beer was having an effect on us and soon we were experimenting and sucking each other. Neither of us were repulsed by it and took the others load in our mouth.

After that night, if we couldn't get pussy to fuck, we'd find a place and suck each other. before long we were both swallowing. I found that i was enjoying it.

For the next few years, John and I would fuck pussy together, sometimes side by side with our own dates and sometimes both fucking the same pussy.

I soon realized that I enjoyed both men and women, but kept it secret. John had moved away with his family, so I became more interested in pussy and soon gave up the idea of sex with a man.

Then, my senior year of high school, I met Sue. I was eighteen and she was sixteen. We became a couple and I soon found that she enjoyed fucking as much as I did.

We dated for a couple of years. Her parents were just sixteen when she was born and her mother died at childbirth. She was raised by her dad and his parents. Her dad and I got along great and since he was still young, he was more like an older brother. When we started dating she was sixteen, I was eighteen and her dad thirty-two.

I graduated and started college and she finished high school. Then, the night of her graduation, we had an argument and she asked me to take her home early. I did and she stormed into the house, saying she never wanted to see me again. She lived on the edge of town where street lights were few and far between.

I was planning on scoring that night but as I sat alone in my car, I knew it wasn't going to happen. It was dark as pitch in front of her house, so I decided to take matters in hand.

I removed my suit jacket and tie, tossing them into the back seat. I unbuttoned my shirt and opened my slacks, raising my hips and sliding them down onto my thighs. I slowly began stroking my cock, thinking of fucking her.

I had left the parking lights on and the dash lights gave a soft glow to the interior of the car. The windows were down allowing a gentle breeze to flow through the car.

My cock steadily stiffened and a small drop of precum emerged from the slit. I lay my head back and closed my eyes as I slowly stroked and enjoyed the pleasure my hand was giving me.

Suddenly, I heard a voice say, "Had the fight before you got any, huh?"

I jumped and as I tried to cover myself, I looked toward the passenger window. There stood Jim, her father.

"Hey, it's okay Mark. We all do it," he said as he opened the door and sat beside me. "I do it also and in fact, I was just about to do it when Sue stormed into the house."

I was stunned and speechless as I just sat there, cock still exposed, and looked at him.

"Mind if I join you?" he asked as he began opening his pants.

"Uh, no, I guess not," I replied as my memories of male sex flooded back into my head. It had been several years since I had experienced male sex.

Shoving his pans to his knees, he began stroking his semi-hard cock. He was shirtless and his muscular semi-hairy chest was awesome. AS he stroked his cock with his right hand, he reached over with his left and puled my open shirt back and said, "Man, You've got a nice build."

"Thanks," I replied as I began to again stroke my hard cock. "So do you."

Here I was, a twenty year old guy sitting in my car jerking off with the thirty-four year old father of my girl friend. Unbelievable!

"You jerk it often?" he asked.

"Uh, yea, I guess. Whenever needed."

"Hell, I jerk mine nearly every other day," he replied, smiling at me.

We each slowly jerked our cocks and as we did he again reached over with his left hand. This time he gently rubbed my chest commenting again on my build and gently rubbing my nipples with his fingertips as he rub me.

I moaned slightly as he ribbed my nipples and he smiled. Then he said, "Mark, if you would like, I can show you something that feels better that jerking off."

I knew what he meant and it completely surprised me that he would suggest it.

"Show me," I said.

He smiled again and began leaning over. As he did, he took my hard cock in his left hand. Seconds later, he swallowed my entire cock and began sucking me, massaging my cock with his tongue. I was totally his at that point.

"Fuck yea! Suck it, Jim."

He did and quickly brought me to a massive climax. Hungrily, he took every drop and after pulling off, he smiled as he swallowed my load.

As he sat back up and before he could react, I quickly leaned over and swallowed his big hard cock. As I buried my nose in his thick bush, he said, "Fuck yea, Mark, do me. Milk me dry."

I sucked eagerly and was soon rewarded with his huge thick load. I loved the taste of cum back in my mouth. Eagerly swallowing his load, I pulled off and quickly began tongue kissing him. He readily responded and we kissed passionately for a few minutes.

After we separated, he said, "It's been so long since I've done that and I loved it. I've had to be celibate to hide my desires from Sue."

"It's been quite a wile for me also," I replied. I thought it was just a phase, but when you went down on me I knew I wanted male sex again and that I'm bi."

"Mark, I thought I could go straight also. Trying to do that resulted in Sue being born. I glad I have her and love her dearly, but I only get to do what I really enjoy when I'm out of town on business."

"Jim, do you think you and I might be able to get together again in more comfortable surroundings?"

"Hopefully, we can. Did she tell you she was thinking of going away to college?"

"No, she didn't."

"Well, she and a friend are going up to the state university next week to check it out. They already have hotel reservations for Monday through Wednesday nights."

"She did say she was going to be out of town a few days but didn't tell me why."

"I'd love to have you come over while she's gone."

"I'd like that," I said. "But make sure she's gone. I'd hate for her to walk in on us."

"So would I. I'll call you as soon as I know she's checked into her motel."

"Sounds good," I said.

"Owning my own company, I can take time off when I want to. If you can possibly tell your folks your going to visit a friend for a few days, I'll take time off and you can stay here with me."

"That I can do," I told him.

He kissed me again and as he got out, he said he'd be calling me.

He returned to the house and as I pulled up my pants, I couldn't believe what had just happened. I had always thought Jim was hot, but never dreamed he was gay. He owned a construction company and I wondered if he ever had desires for any of his workers. I had seen some of them and most were hot looking.

I told my parents that I was going to visit a friend for a few days and they accepted it. I packed some clothes and left the house Monday morning, going to the park where John and I had our first male sexual experience. I waited for Jim's call. It came shortly after eleven that morning.

"She's checked into her motel. Did you arrange things with your parents?"

"Yea. I left earlier this morning and have been waiting for your call here at the park. I'll be there in ten minutes or so."

"Great. The door will be unlocked. Just come on in."

I hurried to Jim's house and went straight in, my bag in hand. I fund him in the kitchen preparing sandwiches for us. He was totally nude.

After a hot kiss, he said, "Take your things to my room and get comfortable."

I did and soon returned to the kitchen also nude.

Looking at me, he smiled and said, "mark, i have to be honest with you. I've wanted you ever since you and Sue started dating. I was scared shit-less the other night in the car when I suggested the blow job. I as afraid you would say no and tell Sue."

"Jim, I knew what you wanted. I wanted it also after I saw your cock."

We ate lunch then headed for his bedroom here e stayed the entire afternoon. We started with a hot sixty-nine and later he asked me to fuck him. I did, and i have to admit that his ass was much better than Sue's cunt, and i told him so. he laughed out loud when I said it. I then asked him to fuck me. It had been a while and hurt some at first but soon I was totally enjoying feeling a cock up my ass again.

Al afternoon we sucked, fucked, rimmed, kissed and made out. We drove to a neighboring small town for dinner and upon our return we had another sixty-nine.

So it was all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Jim was extremely passionate, caring and loving. My feeling for him quickly grew. We both hated to have our time together end.

I returned to my home and he returned to his life.

However, since I was attending the local college and was out for the summer, he would frequently call me and have me come by his office after closing and we'd have sex in his locked private office.

Then one day when he called, he said he had some news. When I arrived at his office, he informed me that Sue had received a scholarship to the state university and would be moving there with her friend.

"Mark, we will be able to get together any time we want."

I was thrilled at the idea. We had our sexual encounter and both went to our homes as if nothing had happened.

Three weeks later, my dad came in and said he was being transferred to another state and I'd need to change schools. I told him I didn't want to change. He explained that we just couldn't afford the cost of me staying in a dorm.

I was devastated at the idea of moving and on my next meeting with Jim, I told him the situation.

"Mark, you and Sue are friends again, although you're not dating any longer. Why don't you let me talk to her about you renting our spare bedroom?"

"That would be fantastic. Do you think she might agree?"

"There is only one way to find out."

Later that evening he called me and asked if I could stop by. I said yes.

When I arrived, he greeted me at the door and invited me in. Sue greeted me warmly with a hug, then introduced me to her new boyfriend. He was also going to attend the state university.

As we sat in the den, Jim began, "Mark, I told Sue about running into you at the store and you telling me about your situation. I talked to her about you renting our spare room and like me, thinks it's a great idea."

Sue spoke up saying, "You two have always got along great and this way I know dad won't be here all alone. Just promise me you'll keep him out of trouble."

"I promise," I told her. "Now I just have to convince my parents."

"Call me if you need me," Jim said. He knew my parents well and could probably convince them if I couldn't.

I sat down with my folks and told them about Jim's offer.

"Dad, I really do want to get my degree from here. Please agree to it. Jim said he'd be glad to talk to you about it."

"He did? Well, let me give him a call." Dad did and Jim came right over to meet with them.

"Jim's a fine young man and I'll look out for his well being. And I will enjoy his company since Sue wil be away at the state university."

They agreed on a monthly price and it was settled. A week later movers came for my parents belongings and the house was put on the market. Sue had already moved to the dorm so I moved in with Jim.

When I arrived, I handed him Dad's check for my first month's rent. He folded it and it it in his pocket then kissed me passionately.

"Put your things in the spare room for appearances, but I hope you know you will be sharing my bed with me every night unless Sue happens to come home for a weekend."

"I can agree to that," I said smiling.

Jim and I settled into a regular routine. He worked daily and I attended classes, and when we got home we both stripped. I would study until he got home.

In the evenings, we prepared dinner together. After eating, if I didn't have more studying to do we would cuddle together on the sofa and watch TV or a movie. He acted like a parent only when it came to me studying. He insisted my grades come before sex.

After about nine months of living together, he asked me to be his lover. I gladly accepted and we wondered when and how to tell Sue and my parents.

That summer we decided to come out to them. First we met with Sue. She and her boyfriend came home to let Jim know that they were getting married. He was thrilled for them and they talked a lot them he told Sue that he wanted to speak with her privately. Her boyfriend went out onto the patio and Jim sat her down.

I was where I could hear.

"Sue, baby,I have something to tell you and I pray you won't hate me for what I say."

"Dad, I could never hate you for anything."

"Baby, I've kept it hidden from you all your life, but Things have changed and now you need to know something about me. Baby, I'm gay."

"What? Are you serious?"

"Yes, I am,and I've fallen in love with another man."

"Damn!" she said, then it hit her. "Is it Mark?"

"Yes, it is," he said, as I stepped into the room.

She looked at us as Jim asked, "Baby, can you accept it?"

"I'm just so shocked. I never dreamed either of you were gay, but I have noticed that since Mark moved in, you seem so much happier and alive. If he has been responsible for that then yes, I can accept it." Then turning to me she said, "Take care of him, love him, treat him right. And if you ever hurt him in any way you will answer to me personally."

"Sue, I love him with all my heart and I could never hurt him. You have my solemn promise."

She smiled then said, "Dad, as long as your happy, I'm happy." Jim stepped close to me and held my hand. Sue looked at us and said, "You two make a nice couple. Just do me a favor, and don't either of you become fem."

"No way," we said at the same time.

I told her that at the wedding I would be just a guest and no one needed to know I was her dad's partner. "I'm not ashamed of the fact. Why should you two be?"

She called her boyfriend in and told him everything. He seemed to accept it well. Now all we had to do was tell my parents.

We decided to take a chance and flew to visit my parents. I hadn't told them that I was coming. Jim and I rented a car at the airport and drove to their house. when they saw Jim with me there was a questioning look on their faces.

Once we were inside, dad asked, "If Jim is here with you, what's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong, Dad, I promise. I just have something to tell you and mom."

"Spit it out, son. Don't keep us worrying."

I had them both sit down and they did so side by side on the sofa.

"Since my early teens I've been sexually active. By high school, I was bi, enjoying sex with both girls and boys. The sex with boys diminished and I tried to live the straight life. Things happened and I realized I couldn't live a lie. I knew I was totally gay. Along the way, I found out Jim was gay also. We hit it off and that's why he offered to let me live with him. Recently, he asked me to be his life partner and I accepted. We just hope and pray that you will accept us as a couple and not hate us."

"Son, we have to be honest. It doesn't really surprise us. You never mentioned dating since you and Sue broke up. And since moving in with Jim your grades have improved and you just sound so much happier when we've talked. If your happy with your life with Jim, who are we to put a damper on your happiness."

Then, looking at Jim he said, "Take care of him ad treat him right."

"I definitely will and you said the same thing Sue said when we told her. We love you both."

My parents gave us both a big hug and dad said, "What is going to be strange for a while is seeing you two head into he same bedroom."

"If it will bother you we don't have to share the same bed."

"No. We'll get used to it in time."

We had a great visit with mom and dad before returning home. We were now out to those that mattered.

A few months later, Jim and I went to a gay bar in a near by town. We were at a small table off to the side, waiting for the floor show to begin. They had male strippers that got down to very small g-strings and they were hot.

That night they were introducing two new dancers.

we watched the others and then it was time for the new dancers.

"Gentlemen, we want to introduce our two new dancers. In their everyday life they are real lovers. Welcome Rick and Dave."

The new dancers came out and began dancing, pulling off a different piece of clothing every couple of minutes, tongue kissing each other in between.

Jim watched, a blank expression on his face. Finally, he said, "Holy shit!"

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Those two guys work for me. I hired them a couple months ago."

"No shit? You going to let them know that you know?"

"Yea, right now." Jim pulled two five dollar bills from his pocket and walked to the stage. Holding them up Rick came over and squatted down so Jim could pit one in his waist band.

Recognizing Jim, he froze as Jim slipped one in his waist band then motioned that the other was for Dave. Dave also froze. Jim smiled at them then returned to the table.

"Baby, when they saw your face, I thought they were going to pass out right there."

"I can't wait to see their reaction Monday when I show up at their job site.'

Monday evening when he got home I asked if he went to see them.

"Yea, they were scared shit-less. All I told them was that I expected them to be here at seven tonight."

At exactly seven there was a knock at the door. Jim let them in and led them to our den. He introduced me as a friend.

Offering them a beer he asked, "So are you two really gay lovers?"

Reluctantly, they said yes.

Jim smiled and said, "Guys relax. Your jobs are not in danger in any way. I'm gay also and Mark is not only a friend he's my lover."

To prove his point he came to me and gave me a big hot wet tongue kiss. Rick and Dave immediately relaxed and opened up. They had been lovers for three years and were shocked when we told them the details of how we got together.

We had a nice visit and invited them over for dinner the following Saturday night.

That night after dinner we had one hell of a hot four way, with everyone eventually sucking, fucking, and rimming all the others.

We all get together once or twice a month for dinner and sex.

I've graduated college and became Jim's accountant. As a graduation gift he gave me forty-nine percent of the company.

We've been together four years now and couldn't be happier. Sue and her husband treat us like royalty when we visit them as do my parents.

Jim and I look forward to many more years together.




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