From Part 1......

"Yea, dad. Fuck me! Fuck your boy. Let me feel you shoot in my hole."

I sped up and soon was filling his ass with my hot thick load as he begged for more.

From then on we were either sucking or fucking almost every night. Oh he still had girlfriends that he fucked and I was glad for him.

However, little did I know that there were more surprises still to come.


Part 2

Mike and I continued our sexual adventures throughout his senior year of high school. He especially loved it when we went camping.

A close bud of mine had a hunting lease in the woods with a small spring fed lake and he would let us use it. We both loved the freedom of being able to go nude they entire time we were there.

A few weeks before graduation, Mike came to me and said that he, Josh and Cory were wanting t go camping for about a week after graduation and wondered if I could ask my bud if they could use his lease. I told him that I would check.

Suddenly, a wild thought ran through my head. I wondered if the three of them would be going nude. All three of them were good looking, well built studs and it would be such a turn on to sneak in and see all three nude.

I kept my word and asked my bud for the favor. He said to tell Mike that it was his graduation gift and that he would stock the cabin with food before hand.

A week before they were scheduled to leave, the three of them came to me one evening and said that they wanted me to go with them.

"Boys, this is your time. Go celebrate your graduation. You don't need a parent there."

Josh spoke up and said, "Cory and I call you 'Dad' because that is what you are to us, and the three of us feel like brothers. We are like one family. You helped us with our studies and encouraged us to do our best just like a father would do. Please, we want you there to celebrate with us."

My eyes began to tear up as I accepted their invitation. I made arrangements to take that week off and the following weekend we were on our way.

We arrived and set up camp. Although there was a small cabin with toilet, small kitchen and sleeping for six, the boys decided that they wanted to sleep 'out under the stars'.

It was late and we prepared some dinner before turning in for the night. When Mike and I were alone, I whispered, "It's going to almost impossible for us to do anything."

"We'll find a way somehow."

The next morning after breakfast, Mike spoke up and said, "You guys clean up while dad and I go gather some firewood."

They agreed and Mike and I headed out, picking up wood as we got farther from the camp. After a while Mike stopped, dropped his armful of wood, and turned and kissed me. Dropping mine, I took him in my arms and as we kissed our hands went to each others cocks.

Before long, we both had our shorts down around our ankles. Mike quickly dropped to his knees and began sucking my cock, and it didn't take long for me to feed him my load. He collected my load then stood and as we kissed, he shared it with me.

Seconds later I was on my knees sucking him. I was loosing myself in the pleasure of sucking my own son's cock, when I had this strange feeling someone was watching.

I turned to my head to the right some and froze. There, no more than three foot away, stood Cory and Josh, both stroking their hard cocks.

Instinctively, I quickly started to stand up when Mike put his hands on my shoulder, pushing me down, saying, "it's okay, Dad. They're know and are cool with it. Go ahead and finish."

Slowly, I returned to sucking Mike's cock as Josh and Cory stepped closer. I soon got Mike's load and as I swallowed, Mike said, "The want to see what it's like to get sucked. Do them now."

I looked at Mike then at the two boys as Josh stepped closer, aiming his cock at my face. Both boys were like Mike, sporting seven and a half inch cocks.

I finally relaxed and hungrily swallowed Josh's cock and sucked him dry as he moaned in pleasure. After devouring his load, Cory quickly had his cock in my mouth and I immediately began sucking him working for his load. I soon got it and after swallowing, I stood and looked at them.

Cory quickly spoke and said, "Dad, we don't think bad of you for what you do. We think it's cool, and I'm sure I speak for Josh also when I say that you can suck us anytime you want."

"Thanks boys. I was afraid that if you knew you wouldn't want anything to do with me. And by the way, you may regret what you just said about anytime I want."

They all laughed as we pulled up our shorts and firewood and headed back to camp.

Later as we sat around the fire, I asked, "How long have you guys known?"

Mike responded saying that he had told them a few weeks earlier and that they both immediately agreed that they wanted to see what it was like to get sucked by a guy.

"Dad, this whole campout thing and collecting firewood was all a set up to get you to suck them."

"Why am I not surprised at anything you three do."

Mike spoke up and said, "Now that everything is out in the open, why don't we get comfortable and go nude while here?"

Josh and Cory immediately agreed and soon all three were totally nude and looking at me. Smiling, I stood and quickly stripped also.

The rest of the day it was common to see one or more of us sporting a boner. When the boys popped a boner they came to me and I gladly took care of the problem.

The following dad it was the same. All their boners were brought to me to take care of.

Then, on Monday, something happened. they decided that they wanted to play a game.

I was blindfolded and told to try and guess whose cock I was sucking. I didn't care if I got it right or not, I just love the fact that I was getting all three, one after the other.

Then, it happened. I was kept blindfolded and stood up and had my hands tied behind my back.

When I asked what was going on I was told that it was another game. I was told that this time I had to tell them whose mouth was sucking my cock.

I was in total shock, hearing that statement. I had no idea that Cory or Josh sucked cock much less that they knew Mike sucked.

Suddenly, one mouth after another was sucking on my rock hard cock. I couldn't care less who was sucking it. I was just enjoying the pleasure of having three hot teen boys sucking on my cock.

After a few moments, I insisted that I be released and the blindfold removed so I could watch the action. My request was granted and it was awesome watching Josh and Cory suck no only my cock but also Mike's.

The swapping soon stopped and Josh and Cory began alternating on my cock and balls and soon I climaxed, filling Josh's mouth. I watched in awe as the kissed and shared my load.

I immediately asked for an explanation.

Mike began filling me in.

"The night I caught you jerking and walked out I had to talk to someone. I called them to meet me and told them what had happened. We talked and it was decided that I would see if you would do me if I asked. They have known everything that went on since it started. After I started sucking you, I started sucking them. They wanted to try it and it went from there. We would get together and all suck each other. Then we started fucking each other and now I can't wait to see them fuck you."

"I wish I had known sooner," I replied, "but I'll say this. The three of you can suck or fuck me any time you want."

The rest of our trip was spent doing just that. Mike loved watching them fuck and suck me and I loved watching the boys do each other.

Even after we returned home, the sex continued. Josh and Cory both went out of state to college but Mike attended the local college. Before long he was bringing home different studs that he met on campus that were into male sex. It was awesome to have so many different cocks in my mouth or ass.

After graduation, Mike joined the Marines, and eventually, when he would come home on leave he would bring home one or two of his buds, and you guessed it, we'd have sex.

It was so hot sucking and being ridden my these hot Marines and just as hot watching those hot extremely muscled bodies kneel and swallow my cock.

After his discharge, Mike returned home to find that my bud that owned the property and I had become lovers. Josh had also returned home to work and before long he and Mike were lovers, living just a few miles away.

We get together often for dinners and occasionally all going to the camp and having sex.

The sex between Mike and I brought us closer than I ever dreamed possible. It was always consensual, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

THE END.......

Coming soon...Blue Collar Worker.. The story of a construction workers introduction to the pleasures of man to man sex.



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