A concentrated beam of sun hit my face. I woke up, I was wrapped in Dalton's arms; facing him. My lower body ached, but in a good way.

Dalton was sound asleep. His grip on me was tight; yet gentle. My leg was intertwined between his; and because of that, his large, erect cock was resting on my stomach.

Looked up at him and he was awake. His eyes peered at me pulling me into him slightly, and he planted a faint kiss on my neck.

I was shocked. I had lived with Dalton for almost two years. He had never shown this side of him. Ever.

"You okay? It looks like you've seen a ghost." Dalton said, with his lips on my neck.

"Where did you put the real Dalton?" I said, looking into his eyes. He let out a laugh.

"Right here. Very few people get to see him." Dalton replied , kissing me on the forehead. So underneath all of that was this....?

"Which means you are special." Dalton replied slicing through my thoughts.

"Am I now?" I asked sarcastically. Dalton replied with a serious yes.


Dalton headed out for his usual morning workout, and weightlifting out on the balcony; while I headed for the shower. I stayed in the shower, replaying the events of my life in the last week. My life was so unorthodox, falling in love with Dalton, and of course the deal with Lance.

"Kyle...?" Dalton asked walking into the bathroom.

"Hmm?" I replied.

"Oh. You're okay." Dalton said. Dalton always worried, which made me smile. I had been in the shower too long, and I didn't notice it.

"I'm coming out." I yelled out to Dalton. When I walked out, Dalton was leaned against the doorway, shirtless and sweaty. I stood there, in a blank stare. I had let someone still my heart; which was rare, because no one ever got in. I walked past Dalton, and he stopped me.

"Stop staring at me like that. You are creeping me out." Dalton said while grabbing my arm.

"Unless you can take your face off you body, and deflate those muscles, then no." I replied in a sardonic manner. Dalton let out a laugh. I was completely correct. Dalton headed for shower.

"By the way, Lucas, and Christina are coming over. We are having a party." Dalton added. Great. I'm meeting his brother and sister for the first time at the same time. Fantastic.


I prepared for the party. I cleaned religiously, paying attention at every detail. Then, I stopped. There it was. The door to my room. I hadn't opened it in almost 3 weeks. I refused to open it. I didn't want to go back there, mentally physically, or emotionally. I stood there frozen. All the wind had been knocked away from my body; time slowed down.

"Kyle. Get away from the door." Dalton said, as he placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Dalton, I-" He pulled me into him.

"I know I'm not good at this boyfriend stuff, but I want you to know...I love you." Dalton said, as he was hugging me. He was so warm, where he touched me was like fire. I looked up at him, and he kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, signaling him to pick me up. He grabbed, and cuffed his large hands around my ass, and he was already hard. His erection rested against my hard cock. I took in a breath, he started to kiss the crevices of my neck, making moans escape my mouth. My legs were clung to his waist as he posted me on the wall. I removed his shirt, and basked in his sun kissed glory.

I ran my hands down his muscled abdomen, and peered into his green eyes, which blazed with fire, and passion and planted another kiss on his pink lips. He removed my shirt, lifted me higher and began to kiss my torso. I rested my hands down on his head full of curly hair, guiding him to my cock.

He grabbed my jeans, losing patience he ripped them in half. Somehow he removed his in the process. Dalton planted me against the wall, positioning the up. He licked his fingers, and began to finger me.

"It's...like I was never in here," Dalton said as he thusted his meaty fingers inside my craving hole.

Then he started to fuck me. Ferociously he slammed against my prostate; fragmenting my moans. Then before I knew it I came. He started to fuck me harder, and harder slamming his cum into my insides.


There was a knock at the door. Dalton answered it and people came pouring in. I stood there in the living room, bewildered as the anonymous hellos barraged me.

"So this is Kyle!" A unidentified female voice shouted from the crowd. It was Dalton's sister Christina. She just as beautiful as Dalton was. She breathtaking. Her long bronze hair glimmered under the lights. Her green eyes; identical to Dalton's cut through the crown, her skin was impeccable.

"Hi I'm Christina," She said, extending her hand out to me for a shake.

"I'm Kyle." I replied, shaking her hand. Then as I was greeting Christina, Lucas came through. He looked alot like Lance, which scared me. Dalton ended up introducing us, which was wierd. Maybe he hates me already.

To escape the party I went out to,the balcony. I sat down, out came Lucas. He sat next to me. The silence was awkward, the Lucas spoke.

"I thought I knew you from somewhere. You're the skank that accused my cousin Lance of raping you." Lucas said humorously. Surprisingly, I turned to Lucas and said:

"Why would lie about something like that? Especially when you brother is fucking me silly." I said staring into his eyes.

"And, If you want proof, go ask your brother." I said walking away. I walked into the apartment, and grabbed Dalton.

"Are you related to.... Lance." I asked hesitantly. Dalton looked away from my eyes. I couldn't believe it. I was so hurt.

"Yes..." Dalton replied. I let go of his arm. I walked like a zombie into the room and closed the door.


2 hours later, there was a knock at the door. I opened it, and there was Christina.

"Dalton wants you on the balcony." She said staring me in the eyes. Maybe she knew too? I walked out to the balcony, and Christina followed.

When I walked out, Dalton was standing there the his brother looking serious.

"I think I owe an a apology." Lucas blurted out, "I shouldn't have said that, and I was way out of line and I'm sorry."

I looked over at Dalton and he stared back at me.

"I gave them the proof." Dalton said as he looked at me. He told them. He told them everything. My gut cringed. My heart beat uncontrollably, and I was paralyzed. Dalton's sliced through my thoughts.

"Kyle is my boyfriend, and if tou can't accept that, then leave." Dalton said pulling me into the apartment. The party had died, and we four were the only ones. I looked back as Lucas and he was devastated. He walked out the apartment, and left. Christina came and hugged me.

"We love you both. And thanks for clearing up everything Kyle. Bye." Christina said as she closed the door. I fell to my knees.

"Don't go jumping out of windows..." Dalton said from behind me.

With my mouth open to yell, I turned around to face Dalton. Then I found myself up against Dalton's rock-hard body and kissed. As my senses filled with the overwhelming scent of Dalton's scent, my hands pushing against Dalton's shoulders slipped around them instead. Fuck, he felt good. Dalton's lips were warm, the insides of his mouth was soft. Dalton's hands slipped

inside my pajamas, spreading on either side of my body and pulling me closer. When Dalton's touch slipped lower to grab my ass, unbelievable touch caused heat flare between us. We were at it again. I could feel his hard on through the thin underwear. He picked me up and carried me to the room. We didn't even make it to the bed, we chose the wall.

I pulled down Dalton's underwear and he had a raging hard-on. He ripped my pajama pants apart, lifted my legs up and started to fuck me. He slammed his cock on my prostate. A loud moan escaped my lips, and Dalton cover my mouth and fuck me harder. Then, I came. He was fucking me si hard my cum sprayed everywhere, then I felt him come in me. We both collasped.

============== =====================

I woke up, as Dalton exited the bed.

"Dalton..." I called out.

Dylan turned around.

"You're awake?" Dalton asked surprisingly.

I climbed out of bed. I stood in front of him. There he was. The epitome of my fantasies. Walked over to him and removed his shirt. His chest was chiseled.Through the late night moon I could see his well defined facial features. He so breathtaking.... I could see his Green eyes peering at me looking through my soul. His tall frame, much taller than mine reached out and pulled me to him.

"This is the point of no return...." Dalton said seductively.

"Who ever said I wanted to return." I repiled.

I could feel the heat seeping from his skin. He was warm, hot, and full of passion and love. Dalton picked me up. I latched unto his neck, and wrapped my small body around him, feeling secure. He put me down on the bed, and started to kiss my neck. Dalton started slow, kissing and biting at my neck tenderly. He ran his lips down the side of my neck, through my upper torso, and finally reached my lower abdomen. He removed my underwear quickly. He took his hand and slowly led my cock to his mouth. He did it slowly; allowing me to savor his warm, hot mouth. Then he moved his head down to my ass, lifted my legs, and started to rim me. Before long, I was starting to get fucked by his experienced tounge. D-Dalton... I whispered through the pleasure. He stopped, and with out me even noticing.

"F-fuck me Dalton," I whimpered. "Hard."

Dalton reached and grabbed feeble legs, and soon after he began to rim me again. In and out he went, soon fucking me with his tongue.

D-Dalton..." I called out but he didn't stop. I couldn't hold myself, and I came. Hard. I hadn't experienced sex like that in a ever. Soon Dalton was cleaning me up with his tounge.

"You ready? Dalton asked.

"Yes." I replied.

Dalton didn't waste any time. He began to penetrate me. "God he is large!" I said to myself. I haven't had many times and his grunts let me know I was tight.

"You are so tight..." Dalton murmured.

Finally Dalton made his way into me. Dalton began to thrust slowly, and increased his speed. Dalton was skilled. Every movement, every touch intensified our pleasure, producing rhythmic moaning. Our skin created fire as our skin collided. Dalton began to move faster, and the sex became rougher. Thrust, after thrust we both became close. Then, we both came.

"Dalton...do yo-" Dalton cut me off.

"Everyday, since that day, you have been on my mind." Dalton explained.

"I never thought, we would be this close again..." I said turning away from his eyes. They were looking deep into me.

"Don't look away." Dalton said as he softly grabbed my face and kissed me.

Then, he placed his body on mine and humped me. His chiseled frame against my skin felt amazing. Our erections collided with intense friction. I let a moan escape my lips. I looked over at Dalton. He knew what I was thinking.

Dalton, flip over.", I asked tenderly and he complied. I straddled him, climbing over his large frame. Looking into his piercing Green eyes; once again reminded me of our first time together.

"Kyle...." Dalton cut my thoughts.

I lowered down on his,massive member. Even though I was tight, I could handle Dalton's size. I slowly began to ride Dalton, but I grew tired. I ended up laying on his chest, and let him do the thrusting. He didn't give me time to adjust, instead he wrapped his arms around me, and pounded, so hard, I felt each inch of him. My moans muffled by his chest. My throbbing member was rubbing and colliding with his feverish skin fucking his chiseled groves. He was grunting and I was whimpering. We both were close, and with one powerful thrust, he invaded me with every single inch, and creamed my insides. I splattered on his chest, covering him in cum.

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