I always wanted the fairytale princess love story, to "fall in love" and be "swept off my feet". I wanted that sweet boy,that would love me forever, and we'd walk off into the horizon. But lets face reality:That's bullshit. Because (Drum roll please...) I'm gay.

The name is Kyle. I am 19, short as hell (5'7' to be exact...), and biracial. I live in a apartment with Dalton. He played Football and Hockey for our university, but his shity grades got him booted off. He unfortunately is homophobic, so I tend suppress my "Disease" (as my brothers would say). Dalton is very attractive, and he knows it. He is a complete asshole, which is a major turnoff.

At 6'3, 230 lbs, he is a hunk of hotness. Medium length; dirty blond hair, and piercing emerald eyes, he is a force to be reckoned with. He always measures and weighs his self, which was how I knew his "attributes" as he would say.


I got up and did my usual morning routine, and walked into the living room to find my keys. When I walked into the living room, Dalton whom was passed out on the sofa, from his drunkenness, were suffocating my keys. I kicked him and he moved over and his body exposed my keys. I grabbed them and left.

As I was making my way to the car I received a text from Dalton.

"Thanks for waking me up." I laughed at the text. I replied a simple "You're welcome."

I was on my way to meet my friends Alex and Chris. I met Chris and Alex at a café near the edge of downtown.

"Hey guys." I sighed.

"What is matter now?" Alex said annoyingly.

"I'm just tired... Of being alone," I said defeated.

"Could you be less of a bitch Alex?" Chris asked.

"Well, no." Alex said laughing.

"It's Lance." "He is being an extra asshole." I replied.

Lance is my boyfriend of Two months, and lately he's been pushing the sex thing.

"You still haven't given it up yet?!" Alex blurted out.

"No." I replied.

"I doesn't feel right huh?" Chris asked

"No." I replied.

Having sex with Lance never came into my mind. I just never have felt that way about him. But in his mind, I'm apparently having sex with Dalton.

I left Alex and Chris to give them some "Alone" time and went off shopping. Tonight Lance is coming over, and Dalton will be out with his friends, so I'll have time with him.

I made my way back into the Apartment, and Dalton was on the balcony lifting weights.

"Hey Dalton," I yelled. No reply. Fine.

I started dinner, and Dalton came inside. The thing about Dalton was no matter how much he sweat, I didn't smell it.

"Is that for me?" Dalton asked from behind me.

"Unless you are going to eat with two lovers, then no." I said staring at him. He turned around and left.

20 minutes later, a knock was at the door. It was Lance. Dalton answered it, and when Lance saw his face, he gave Dalton a sour look. Lance was an average guy, 6'1', black hair, brown eyes. Nothing interesting about him. Lance broke me out of my thoughts.

"Hey Kyle," Lance said, kissing me soon after.

I didn't even see Dalton leave. Me and Lance talked, at dinner, and watched some T.V. Everything was fine until he started kissing me. I wanted him to stop.

" Stop." I said, "I'm a virgin, and I want to keep it that way." I looked over at Lance.

"We have been dating for TWO months!" Lance replied angrily.

"I'm not some road whore Lance." I said calmly.

"True. But you're waiting on Dalton aren't you!?" Lance replied.

"No!" I yelled. I was so sick of this shit. I got up and headed for my room. He followed.

"I want to break up with you." I said looking away.

"You don't want to break up with me..." Lance said coldly.

"You d-" I was cut off by Lance grabbing my throat.

He slammed me to the wall, and then to the bed. He didn't say anything. He started kissing me; roughly. I tried to fight back, but he was much too strong. I knew my fate when he forcibly removed my pants. He was punching me in the process, eventually I was going to pass out.

Then he penetrated me. The pain was unbearable. He was forcing his self inside me, and hard. I was somewhat relieved that he was using a condom. Even though it was minutes, it felt like hours; I was trapped in a world of pain and darkness. He began to grunt, which meant he was almost done.

But then, a weight was lifted off of me. His body wasn't on me anymore, it was gone. My eyes were shut, and I refused to open them, but I could hear bumping and crashing. It grew silent, then I heard Dalton's voice.

"Kyle..." Dalton called out. I could feel his body heat.

"D-Dont...touch....m-me." I cried.

"He's gone." Dalton replied.

Dalton tried to reach out and help me. I moved as much as I could. I didn't anyone to touch me. I saw Dalton leave the room. He came back, with a towel and one of his shirts.

" Here, you need to take a bath." Dalton said. I didn't move, and I wasn't moving any time soon so he picked me up. I hit him repeatly, in his face and anywhere I could, but with no avail.

"Are you done?" Dalton asked.

"Yes." I said defeated. I was tired and beaten.

"I can walk on my own Dalton," I said motioning him to put me down.

"No you can't." Dalton replied. He was right. I couldn't stand on my own two feet.

Dalton put me down in the bathtub. I was covered in my own blood. My body ached. Tears began to run down my face.

"Don't cry." Dalton said.

"Dalton... I-I..." I stammered.

"You need to stop trying to find out how this is your fault." Dalton said, as he was washing me. "He is a sick bastard, and he got what he deserved." Dalton said without even changing his expression.

"W-What did....you do to him?" I stammered due to the pain.

"Nothing." Dalton said, "Nothing compared to what I'm going to do to him when I see him again."


I woke up in Dalton's bed. I felt the contours of the bed. It was amazingly comfortable, which made me wonder why he always slept on the couch. My nose was overwhelmed by Dalton's smell. It was somewhat intoxicating; strong and manly like. I stumbled out of bed. My back and face were sore from the beating last night. I feel to my knees and began to sob.

"How could I let this happen to myself!?!" I thought, "I was always cautious, and strong willed....h-how...did he...?"

I looked at the balcony, the window.

"What if he told people?" I said to myself, "How would I fix this mess?"

I was right. If anyone found out about this they would judge me, saying things. I was a gay man, and no matter how many laws protected my freedom, society would never agree with this. I decided ending my life was the best way. I headed towards the the window, placing my feet on the railing. The air was flowing throughout the oversized shirt. I felt free.

But I never noticed Dalton kicking the door in. I had locked it. I put my foot forward a began to fall, but something snatched me back.

"WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING!?!" It was Dalton. I guess he saved my again.

"If anyone finds out about this, my life is over..." I responded, "WHY DID YOU STOP ME? I screamed. Dalton's anger disappeared.

"Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem." Dalton said staring into my eyes.

"Why do you care...?" I said looking away.

Dalton hugged me and said: "Because, you are important to me." Dalton kissed me on the forehead.

Dalton walked away, and turned around and said:

"Don't tell me you let Lance take all of you. Because that would suck..." Dalton said smirking.


I woke up the next morning. I walked into the living room, and Dalton wasn't there. I was shocked, but also relieved. It gave me time to think about what happened between me and Dalton. I let out a sigh. How dumb was I? Trying to kill myself over something stupid.

My phone rang, it was Alex.

"Do you wanna come out with me and Chris?" Alex asked before I could say anything.

"Yeah. Sure." I replied.

"We haven't seen you in while. I was beginning to worry sweetie," Chris said. It was true. They hadn't heard from me in 4 days.

"Be ready at 5:00." Chris said.

"Ok." I replied.

It was rolling close to 3pm when I saw Dalton. He had a shirt that was clenched to his chiseled body due to sweat, shorts that did no justice to hiding his bulge, and his little of hair in a sloppy bun, ponytail.

"Hey." I said, with my back facing him.

"Nothing, just got back from the Gym with the boys." Dalton replied.

"Well I'm going out with Chris and Alex later," I said, turning to face him. When I turned I saw, him stretching due to tiredness. But within those few seconds, this was the first time I appreciated his beauty. His golden, curly brown hair, he removed from his sight. As he tilted his head his chiseled jaw line became more evident, his full pink lips twitched as he moved. He had removed his shirt, his body; lightly covered with sweat, which defined his statuesque, god-like body, his sun-kissed olive skin; which gave him an appearance of a Greek Adonis. His shorts clung to his body conforming to his bulge, his large tall, muscular legs tensed, showing their strength and power.

30 seconds. A half of a minute. Made me realize I was now attracted to him, which was a problem.

"Kyle.." Dalton called out. He broke my thoughts.

"Huh?" I replied dumbfounded.

"Are you okay?" Dalton asked looking worried.

"I...er...um...fine." I replied in a broken sentence.

"Good don't creep me out like that.." Dalton said heading into his room.


5pm came quickly. I put on good clothes, and got ready. I looked in the mirror. My Mom was a supermodel, and my Dad was a rich good looking man. So it was inevitable that I wouldn't be good looking myself. My Charcoal curly hair (Which was a nuisance), my Ocean blue eyes, which were tinted with green are my best feature; my bronze-olive skin, and my gymnast body gave the men a run for their money.

There was a knock on the door. I opened it to Alex, Chris and Evan.

"Hey!" They all shouted harmony.

"Hey guys..." I replied calmly.

They came in, because I was still in the process of getting ready. When I came into the Kitchen, Dalton was talking to Alex and Chris.

"So you're Dalton?" Chris asked surprised. They had never met him, which meant they never saw him. I was the only gay that Dalton would tolerate, so the way they were looking at him was not good.

"Time to go..." I said awkwardly, defusing the situation.

"Be safe Kyle." Dalton said turning his back.

"I will..." I replied closing the door.


We ended up going to just another gay club. Alex and Evan had already starting taking down shots, and because I was 19, I was the designated driver. I pulled Chris over to the most secluded table, and explained to him why I was gone so long.

"Oh god..." Chris said on the verge of tears. I hated seeing him like this.

"Chris..." I said pained, " I don't want any sympathy; it happened, and I can't change it." I held Chris's hand.

" Let's go dance," Chris replied lightening up the melancholy mood.

We began to dance. I was shorter that Chris, he was 5'11, and I was 5'7. I rested my head on his shoulder. Then we separated. He started to dance gracefully. He no doubt was breathtakingly beautiful. Shattering crystal blue eyes, icy blonde hair, smooth fair skin, and full pink lips. He looked like a fantasy character from a book.

"You okay sweetie?" Chris asked breaking my thoughts.

"Yeah, you just perfect." I replied. Chris giggled.

"Oh, no!... Stop it!" He said blusing. Alex must have heard us, because he came over.

"Don't be trying to steal my Christophe!" Alex yelled laughing. Chris hated when people said his name that way. It reminded him of his french parents and how much they hated his sexuality.

"Don't say my name like that." Chris replied through gritted teeth.

"Sorry babe," Alex replied. I looked at Alex. If Chris was an ice prince, Alex was the opposite. Dark hair slicked back, emerald green eyes, arms covered in tattoos, he was a heartbreaker. A sexy looking biker type mixed with a Giorgio Armani model.


After 6 hours of eating, drinking, dancing it was time to go home. I was the designated driver, so I had to chauffeur everyone around. By the time I got home it was 12 midnight. I opened the door to my apartment, and Dalton was asleep, on the couch in his robe.

"Dalton.." I called. He looked over.

"Hey." He said dryly; "I thought I would wait on you..."

"Come on lets go to bed," I said motioning towards his bedroom door.

"Together...?" Dalton replied. I froze.

"Er...um...I-I..." I stammered.

"Kyle..." Dalton called.

"I-" I was cut off by a Kiss. A... KISS!?!

"Dalton... St-sto-p" I whimpered.

He was moving down to my neck. My back was turned to him. I could feel him. He was so hard, and large. He started to un-button my shirt. My moans turned into whimpers. He turned me to him, and planted a kiss on my lips. No words. Just breath. He grabbed my waist, and picked me up. He took me to his bed, and put me down.

I said nothing. He removed my pants and underwear. I was smooth. He began to kiss me intensely. I didn't want him to stop. He stopped and looked me into my eyes.

"If you want me to stop I will," Dalton said looking into my eyes.

"Please.... Don't." I replied.

He moved down into my neck. He began to softly nip at it. I cupped his the back of neck, and pushed him into me. I couldn't control my moans. This... Was a touch of a man... Love I had never felt.

"Do you like that?" Dalton asked.

I replied with a feeble moan. He moved down onto my torso kissing my gently loving the contours of my body. He moved down to my throbbing erection, and swallowed me whole. I couldn't control my body. His hand held my down as it softly caressed my skin.

I was so close. I desperately clung to the bed.

"Dalt-Dalton..." I called out. I was cumming, hard. Dalton lifted my legs. He flicked his tongue over my hole, which was still contracting from the hard orgasm. I had never been rimmed before. I technically was still a virgin. It felt like euphoria. I was opening up the most vulnerable part of me. To Dalton.

"Kyle..." Dalton said softly, "Are ready to go further?" Dalton was so worried about me.

"Yes." I replied.

I pulled Dalton up. I began to kiss him, dragging my moist lips down his ripped body. I made to his large, throbbing erection. I was so big, it couldn't hold itself up. I wrapped my lips around it, and began to bob. Dalton began to moan. He grabbed my head, and started to fuck my face. I he started to twitch, and he pulled my head off his cock and I was masked with cum.

"Sorry..." Dalton said embarrassed wiping the cum off my face.

I climbed on Dalton. I wanted him to fuck me. Hard. Began to sit on his cock covered in my saliva. He was so thick.

"You're so...tight..." Dalton said through gritted teeth. Once he was inside me, he sat up. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he wrapped his arms around my back. He started slow, thrusting all of him inside me. I placed my hands on his shoulders, put my mouth to his ear and said:

"Fuck me...hard." I said breathing.

That's when the pounding started. I could hear our skin colliding, creating fire as we went. He was pounding my prostate. My moans became fragmented, on short breaths. I was close. Sunk my nails into his back, he fucked me harder. Our torsos collided, and I came. As I was cumming he kept pounding me annihilating my prostate which made my orgasm harder. He began to grunt, I felt it. He creamed me.

He put me down on my back.

He lifted my legs, and began to plow me again. I could heard the slapping of our bodies, as Dalton gazed me in the face. Each thrust I moaned louder, as he invaded the insides of my thighs. I was coming again. Deeper and deeper he went, until he let out a roar and volleys of cum in my rectum.

Then he collapsed on me.

"I love you, you idiot." Dalton said laying right beside me.

"I am not an idiot." I replied

"Shut up and stop ruining the moment." Dalton said, looking at the ceiling.

"I love you too, you asshole." I replied snuggling him.

I guess, my fairytale was coming true....


Hi, GayDemons! I thought I would share new story! What do you think? Questions or comments! Chapter 2...... Who knows? ~Kyle



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