Carnal Knowledge: What Dreams Are Made Of

[This chapter may be a little lean and tame for some of my readers. I'll try to enhance the next chapter.]

Chapter 9: The Motion Picture Industry

Large fans circulated stagnant air around sound stage six where the post production party was in full swing. The harshness of smoke in the air made eyes itch and water. The stale stench of cigars lingered as powerful capitalists, motion picture industry executives and entertainers mingled smoking stogies and drinking champagne while discussing business. Brandon's mother grabbed a glass of champagne off a serving tray filled with champagne flutes as a white tuxedo shirted server went by before she became lost in the crowd. She was off to mingle with film executives and entertainers as well as co-workers, leaving the boys to fend for themselves.

In the meantime, Hector and Logan made their way through the buffet line filling their plates with food, eating with their fingers while they walked around looking for a vacant table. Minutes later after another pass through the buffet line the two boys grabbed a couple drinks and found an unoccupied table where they could sit down to finish their food and drink. As they dabbled at the remainder of their food in silence they exchanged nervous glances.

Logan, captivated by Hector's exotic appearance, was still unsure what had motivated his friend to initiate that kiss in the shower. What was even more amazing, he couldn't understand what prompted him to the return a soulful kiss. He also couldn't forget what Hector had said about getting him in bed. The teen was becoming aroused as evil thoughts swirled through his head.

In a quiet tone Logan asked, "Hector, how did you know you could get away with kissing me back there in the shower, and I wouldn't hit you or something?"

"Normally, I wouldn't have been so forward Logan, but I saw how you were checkin me out after Brandon went to take his shower... You appeared to be interested... Plus, I couldn't help notice you were becoming aroused."

"So were you," Logan said.

"When we made body contact in the shower that was accidental... However, afterwards as I noticed you begin to bone up it was the signal I needed... So I took a chance," Hector said.

"I'm glad you did... So... Will what happened in the shower make any difference in friendship among the three of us?" Logan asked.

"Oh God I hope not," Hector said. "I am curious about one thing Logan... Are you gay?"

"What's that?" Logan asked.

"That's the new euphemism used around college now days for homosexuality or bein queer."

"Man, I don't know what the fuck I am Hector... I've never had meaningful sex with a boy or a girl," Logan said. Of course Logan was telling another white lie. He had to be careful and keep track of the white lies he was telling before they began to grow and turn into uncontrollable whoppers.

Hector went on to educate his friend about what to say and what not to say. What names were appropriate and not appropriate to use and other language associated with homosexuality. The older lad told Logan that homosexual is a Greek Latin word. He said that you never want use the word "Faggot" as it is offensive. The use of homosexual is a dying word being replaced by the word gay. He said that queer is acceptable depending upon voice inflection. Then he said, "Any time you want to have a meaningful gay relationship let me know, 'cause I sure would like to be the guy you have it with Logan."

About that time an older man approached the table and said, "Hello Hector, do you have a few minutes to talk business?"

Hector stood up and shook the man's hand and said, "Hello Mr. Brown. Sure... Sit down," Hector said. "Oh by the way, this is my friend Logan."

"Pleased to meet you Logan," Mr. Brown said. He then turned his attention to Hector, "I've got a new project in the works and I'm looking for a strong supporting character actor about your age with your unique multiracial appearance... Interested?"

"Sure," Hector said.

"You've never let me down before Hector and the part I have in mind for you would be substantial... Might even be your big break."

"Thanks Sir."

"Are you two an item?" Mr. Brown asked.

"Oh no... Nothing like that... We're just friends... Logan is my brother Brandon's best buddy from high school days... They just graduated a few weeks ago."

"Oh!" How is Brandon?" Mr. Brown asked. "So, you graduated with Brandon?"

"Yes sir... We're both supposed to go to college this coming fall, but different colleges in Los Angeles," Logan said. "It's either that or we get drafted and then go to Vietnam and get killed."

"We sure wouldn't want that," Mr. Brown said. "Hector, is Harold still your agent and manager?"

"Yes sir."

"Let me see if I can find him... I saw him a few minutes ago... Maybe we can get something set up for next week," Mr. Brown said. "Logan are you interested in working in films or television while going to college?" The casting director asked.

"Yes sir I'm interested...

"Oh, what are you boy's draft classifications?" Mr. Brown asked.

"I registered for the draft as a full-time student," Logan said.

"Nothing's changed with me still a full-time student," Hector said.

"Okay, see you boys later."

"Who was that?" Logan asked.

"He's a big casting director here at the studio."

"Sounds like he really wants you."

"Yeah... Maybe you too," Hector said. "For me everything has to be cleared through dad before I can accept anything... Harold has made it clear that I'm goin to complete college... Maybe he'll represent you too if you're interested."

"That'd be so fuckin cool man... Maybe we could work together," Logan said. "So, tell me about your relationship with the Bain's."

Hector began to explain how his father was a big time general in the Brazilian Army in the late 1950s and early 1960s and then became an undercover CIA operative. He wasn't sure about all the details, but his father sent him and his mother to the U.S. in 1962 before he was killed during an American backed military coup. "My mom says I look a lot like my dad."

Logan could see strong emotions beginning to well up. He reached over and took hold of Hector's hand, squeezing it to comfort him. After a few minutes Hector finished telling Logan his story about how he and his mother came to America and the Bain's took them in after they made it to the U.S. "We are so thankful for Mr. Bain and his wife taking us in and treating us as if we are family. Brandon and I more or less grew up as brothers since puberty."

"That's so cool you've got a brother," Logan said. "I'm an only child."

"Brandon and I shared the same bedroom and even bed until Barbara and Harold bought the new house a couple of years ago. Then I got my own room... But I sure miss sleeping next to Brandon."

Just as Hector finished his tale Brandon and his dad sat down. Brandon was excited, "Guess what?"

"What," Both boys said.

"Dad and I just closed the deal for me to be one of the supporting character actors in an upcoming television show being produced here at the studio."

"Congratulations," Both boys said.

"There going to shoot around my college schedule, so I get to remain in college during shooting... In fact, dad insisted on that clause so I can maintain my student deferment, get an education and not get drafted," Brandon said.

"Hector may have some good news too," Logan said.

"I spoke to Dennis Brown a few minutes ago about that. He wants Hector and you, if you're interested, to come in and read for parts next week," Mr. Bain said. "So, let me know what your schedule's are for next week and I'll set things up... If you want me to speak to your dad about this I will Logan."

"Okay," Hector said. "When's the movie gonna start?"

"Thanks Mr. Bain," Logan said.

"Couple of hours or so... Enjoy the food and the band. I'll come by and get you guys because you'll have to accompany me or mom into the theater," Mr. Bain said before he got up and left the group at the table.

"So, what've you two been up to?" Brandon asked.

"Not much... Just been sittin her eatin and talkin," Hector said.

Brandon got up to make a trip through the buffet and returned with a heaping plate of food. The three sat and talked while Brandon wolfed down his food washing it down with sodas. After he finished he spotted a young lady and excused himself to chase her down.

That left Hector and Logan to talk until two scruffy hippie looking characters attired in patched bell bottoms, tie dyed T-shirts, love beads and leather sandals appeared. "Hey guys," Hector said. "Jerome, Jimmy you guys know Brandon, well this is Brandon's best buddy from high school days Logan."

All shook hands and greeted each other before they sat back down. The four began conversing about this and that. Jerome the smaller one of the two with long brown hair and head band wearing rose colored granny glasses asked, "So preppy, are you two a couple?"

"No... Just friends."

"Why do people keep asking that question, are we a couple, and why does he call you preppy Hector?" Logan asked.

"He dresses, acts and talks like an Ivy League preppy," Jimmy said. "And you two make a good-looking couple."

Logan soon discovered through conversation that the two newcomers to the table were Hector's friends from college and worked part-time at the studio. As the conversation continued it was obvious that the boys were young gay lovers and very open about their relationship: they held hands and kissed openly. They were there for the free food and entertainment more than the movie.

Within a few minutes Brandon accompanied by the big busted blonde he chased down approached. He sat down while she draped herself over Brandon kissing him on the neck, sticking her tongue in his ear and running her hands down the front of him. "Hey Jerome, Jimmy... Hector, Logan this is Annette."

After about an hour of being pawed over by Annette, Brandon and his female friend departed, and then Jerome and Jimmy bid adieu. As the two departed Hector said, "Don't forget the big party Saturday afternoon... Bring your swim trunks and an appetite."

"And maybe a little weed," Jimmy said as the walked away.

Once again Logan and Hector were left alone at the table. Hector said quietly, "The taller of the two has a dick that's probably eight to ten inches long."

"Damn! Logan said. "How the hell do you know?"

"I've seen both of them naked at a couple parties... The shorter of the two is probably only hung like abut four inches, but has a really hot body."

"Damn, this trip has been an education," Logan said.

Mr. Bain reappeared and asked, "Where's Brandon?"

"This good-looking blonde chick came by and they left a few minutes ago," Hector said.

"When he returns tell him to stay put... I'll be back for you all in about an hour."

No sooner had Mr. Bain walked away than a good looking young man who didn't appear to be more than sixteen, seventeen at most approached Hector. He stuck out his hand and said, "Hector."

Hector shook hands and said. "This is my friend Bobby... Bobby this is my friend Logan."

The two boys shook hands before Bobby sat down at the table. "So, what you doin these days?" Bobby asked.

"Not much and you?"

"Been doin some modeling for an agency... Playin tennis and golf," Bobby said. "And course jammin with my band."

"You got a band?" Logan asked.

"Yeah," Hector said. "You ought to hear him sing... Sounds like Frankie Valli."

"Cool... I'd like to hear you sing sometime," Logan said

"So, where you two meet?" Bobby asked.

"Logan graduated from high school with my brother Brandon a few weeks ago."

"Cool... Remember when we graduated? What a fuckin night," Bobby said as he got up to leave. "Hey guys I gotta run."

"Oh... You're invited to the big pool part this Saturday at the house," Hector said. "Bring the band... We're gonna have a stage... Logan can hear you sing."

"He seems like a nice guy."

"We graduated high school the same time... He was my first sexual boy friend... That was back when we were like freshman or sophomores," Hector said. "Sure would like to get him in bed again."

"Damn! He don't look old enough to be out of high school yet," Logan said.

"He's almost twenty and so damn hot naked... Just like a great steak... You wanna eat him up," Hector said. "Uh-oh here comes dad."

Mr. Bain asked, "You boys ready to head towards the theatre?"

"Yeah," both boys replied in unison.

"No Brandon yet?"

"No sir... No Brandon... But we're ready."

As the three entered the theatre two men approached Mr. Bain. "You boys find a seat. I gotta talk to these gentlemen. I'll see you after the film."

"Okay," both boys said.

The two boys found secluded dimly lit seating in a corner of the balcony. After taking their seats Hector said, "I thought that blonde was gonna fuck Brandon right there on the table."

"Yeah, I was thinking the same thing," Logan said laughing.

As the two talked Hector made a surreptitious move taking Logan's right hand into his left. Logan turned his head and asked, "Are you sure this will be okay?"

"If somebody comes this way we'll just let go of each other's hands and act like there's nothing goin on," Hector said.

"No, I mean is this okay 'cause you and Brandon are bothers and you got a boyfriend?"

"Has Brandon made a move on you since you've known each other?" Hector asked. "And me and the boyfriend we broke up."

"No... But I haven't given him any reason to put a move on me," Logan said, again telling a white lie. "So... You and Kim are no longer together?"

"But that could change in a day or two."

Hector further confided to Logan that Brandon was not into any type committed relationship, rather just out for sex, at any time, with anybody, it didn't matter who. According to Hector, Brandon only wanted sexual gratification, no long-term relationship. The two boys continued watching the new movie. After it was over they found Mr. Bain who by then had found his wife and all headed towards the awaiting limo for a ride back to the Bain family compound. No one spoke on the ride back to the Bain compound; however, there was a lot of brain wave activity.



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