Carnal Knowledge: What Dreams Are Made Of

[I hope my readers indulge my preambles to my chapters to this story. According to scholars, erotic literature comprises fictional and factual stories and accounts of human sexual relationships which have the power to or are intended to arouse the reader sexually. My goal when I write erotic literature is to arouse my readers sexually, but I try to tell a whole story. My stories contain more than nonstop sex. Life is more than nonstop sex, at least for me, even when it comes to erotic fiction. I attempt to weave plots and subplots throughout my writing; furthermore, I try to develop unique characters and situations.

There was a comment that my writing was "rambly" but had good hooks. I want to thank all my readers and thank the reader for the comment; however, I do not intentionally write to confuse or prattled on in an inconsequential manner. I try to keep hooks in all chapters and setup characters and situations for the future chapters. I keep my storyboard/outline in my head. Maybe I should, but I don't do an outline before I write. I depend upon my memory.

Each chapter contains narrative backstory, so the reader gets to know each character. I admit I am guilty of going overboard on backstory; however, after I reread and others read my work, before I send a story out, much backstory is left on the "cutting room" floor. Don't let a perceived lean or weak chapter discourage reading further. Many times my chapters start off lean, but get a fat juicy towards the end to titillate your senses and vice versus. So, once again I remind my readers not to expect suck and fuck scenes paragraph after paragraph and page after page.

It is my hope that the lengths of the chapters don't dissuade readers from enjoying the story. I attempt to limit my chapters to no more than 3,000 words and no less than 1,500 words, but sometimes chapters go long. I am aware nothing is set in stone as for lengths of chapters, but the thought is that anything over 3,000 words begins to distract the average reader and the same for long paragraphs.

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Chapter 8: Families Meet

In the short time since Logan Austin's last torrid nightmare he began transforming from a sensual dreamer to a sexual tyrannosaurus: he couldn't get enough sex. After a sexually fulfilling night in Kim's bed, where his friend introduced the neophyte to a new kinky sexual event, analingus, Logan awoke to sunlight streaming in the window of the bedroom. He sat up in bed looking around for a clock. The clock radio gave the time as seven-fifteen. "Kim, Kim, wake up," Logan said joggling his friend trying to wake him up, "Come on Kim wakeup man."

"What's goin on?" Kim asked rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"I gotta be home in a few," Logan said.

"Fuck me one more time before you go baby."

"Come on... Dad and mom are takin me to Brandon and Hector's this mornin," Logan said as he eased off the bed.

Logan was fearful he'd miss his parents before they left for San Diego. In the shower he rinsed the dried cum off his body and then got dressed. Back in the bedroom he asked, "Gimme a ride."

"My ass is sore," Kim said, exhausted after a full night and early morning sexual romp. "It needs some attention before you leave."

"I'll walk... See you later on man," Logan said as he departed his friend's bedroom to walk the two miles to his house.

As Logan left the bedroom Kim was crying out, "When're you gonna eat me and fuck me again?"

The morning was already warm when Logan arrived home. His dad already had the family sedan loaded waiting for his son. "Thought we were goin to have to come over to your friend's to get you this mornin," Mr. Austin said.

Logan ran inside grabbed his pre packed overnight bag and was back out at the car in a flash. He threw the bag in the backseat and followed it in. Once Logan and his parents arrived at the Bain estate the gate was open in anticipation of their arrival. Brandon and his mother hearing the car approach met Logan and his family at the front door.

"I hope you all are ready for a hearty breakfast," Mrs. Bain said as she greeted Logan and his parents.

"Oh no, we wouldn't want to impose," An uptight Mrs. Austin said. "We're going to stop for breakfast on our way to San Diego."

"Nonsense," Mrs. Bain said. "Besides you'll offend Maria. She's prepared a big spread... It's set up out on the lanai... She anticipated more than our family for breakfast this morning."

Logan's dad smiled as he put his arm around his son's shoulder before accepting the invitation for breakfast. "We'd have to stop somewhere to eat," Mr. Austin said as they all went inside. "Why not breakfast with friends, instead of some stuffy old restaurant."

Mrs. Bain and Brandon began to show Logan and his parents through the house towards the lanai.

"My God this is big house!" Mr. Austin exclaimed.

"Yes, a little over 6,700 square feet, five bedrooms, five baths and half," Mrs. Bain said. "Would you like a tour after breakfast?"

"I would enjoy a tour, but I'm under time constraints today," Mr. Austin said. "I'll take a rain check."

As the group passed through the atrium and entered the family room Maria picked up the guests to show them out onto the lanai where Hector and Bozo were waiting. Hector pulled a chair out first for Mrs. Austin and then Mr. Austin. Before he took his seat Mr. Austin noticed the food and fruit in the chafers and said, "Enough to feed a small army this mornin."

Maria filled the glasses around the table with orange juice, turned the cups over and filled them with hot coffee before filling warm plates with food and then placing the flatware in front of the adults. "Eat as much as you want," Maria said. "You boys serve yourselves."

Once everyone had been served Maria joined the group at the table where they all began to eat and engage in conversation. Logan looked across the table first at his mother, then Hector, and then Mrs. Bain, hoping that his mother would not make a snide remark about domestic help eating with the family. Mrs. Austin was something of a social class snob.

Mrs. Bain sensing from the prior meeting that Mrs. Austin might be a snob explained that Maria and Hector were more than domestic help they were family. Then Brandon's mother said. "I want to thank you for dropping Logan off this morning. If you don't mind I've got a few things to get done today and tomorrow before the party Saturday and he'll be a big help to Brandon and Hector."

"He's all yours," Mr. Austin said with a smile. "I'm sure his mother would rather have him here than runnin all over town unsupervised."

After more small talk Logan looked at his dad and said, "Too bad you and mom will be in San Diego for the next four days and won't be able to make the party Saturday."

"Yes, being new to Encino we would enjoy formally welcoming you to our home and community. There will be many neighbors stopping by throughout the day as well as co-workers from the studio," Mrs. Bain said. "If you get done early and change your mind bring an appetite and swim attire."

"A lot of our friends from school will be at the party," Brandon said.

"This is a working holiday weekend for me," Mr. Austin said. "However, if I conclude my business in Chula Vista by Friday afternoon we might take you up on the invitation."

"Oh we wouldn't want to impose," Mrs. Austin said, "We wouldn't be a good fit for your friends and neighbors."

"Nonsense," Mrs. Bain said. "We'll make sure your fit in."

Logan's insides began to churn. The last thing he needed was for his mother to embarrass him that morning or at the party. Finally, after about an hour of stressful visiting for Logan, while eating the delicious breakfast Maria had prepared, Mr. Austin thanked the beautiful hostesses for an outstanding meal. "My wife and I must get on the road if I'm going to make my first meeting today."

On the way to the car Logan whispered in his dad's ear, "If you and mom do make it back for the party Saturday, please talk to her about not makin a scene and embarrassin me."

Logan's dad didn't say a word. He just smiled back at his son and squeezed the top of his shoulder as if to indicate his acknowledgement of his son's request.

Once back on the lanai Maria said, "You boys finish up the leftovers... Won't be any lunch... Besides you've got a lot of work ahead of you this morning."

Mrs. Bain reminded her sons about all the things on the to-do list and then handed the list to Brandon. The boys looked at the list and agreed that the three should be able to knock everything out by noon so as to have plenty of time for a swim and socializing in the afternoon. She also reminded Brandon and Hector that the catering service would arrive Friday around nine in the morning to deliver and set up tables, chairs and other items for the party and their help would be needed then. The boys finished their breakfast and got to work taking care of the things on the to-do list.

Logan felt apprehensive working around Hector that morning after eating and fucking his lover a few hours before. Logan wondered what it would like to get Hector in bed, or maybe all three of them. Around noon after most the chores were done Mrs. Bain said, "Your father just called. I'm going to meet him at the studio for a post film production party... You boys are invited."

"I thought the three of us would stick around and swim this afternoon," Brandon said. "Probably won't get a chance Friday."

"Your dad told me on the phone a few minutes ago that the King of Cool is going to be at the party. Plus, a lot of other actors and important people from the studio: never can tell might be a good time to reconnect with some important people. Plus, he said they've got lots of food, drink and a great band lined up before the evening premiere."

"Who's the King of Cool?" Logan asked.

"Steve McQueen," Brandon said.

"Man, I saw him in Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, and Bullitt. That movie had the best car chase scenes. He's so cool," Logan said. "Maybe we should go."

Brandon and Hector agreed.

"If you're going to ride with me you boys better hurry... Get clean up and dressed... The car will be here in about thirty minutes," Mrs. Bain said.

"Car?" Logan asked.


The film company where Brandon's mom and dad worked had just wrapped up shooting their latest film. There was a catered buffet mixer in the afternoon and then a private premiere of the film for all those that worked on the film plus invited quests. An excited Mrs. Bain began pushing her sons and Logan towards the stairs to the second floor, so she could finish getting dressed.

Unless there was overnight company Brandon and Hector had the whole upstairs to themselves. Logan had been inside the house before, so he knew the direction they were headed. Mrs. Bain said, "You boys wear something casual yet with a touch of class."

The boys were taking the stairs two steps at a time with the dog following. Once in the bedroom Bozo jumped on the bed where he circled a couple times before he flopped down and stretched out. Hector asked, "What do think's appropriate for this party Brandon?"

"I'm wearin bell bottoms and a plaid button-down shirt," Brandon said.

Logan said. "I got a clean pair of bell bottoms in my bag, but I need a shirt with some class... Maybe a button down."

Brandon said. "You and I are about the same size. Look around in my closet for a shirt while I run and take a shower first."

Brandon was out of his sweaty work clothes and in the shower in a flash. The other two boys shed their street clothes and stood unclothed in awkward silence before each other. With due precautions the boys began admiring each other's nude bodies, especially their ample packages. Although Logan had seen Hector bone up in the throes of passion in Kim's bedroom he'd never seem him as close as they were then. Neither Logan nor Hector appeared shy in the presences of the other without clothes, but it was clear each others nudity aroused and impressed them.

As the two aroused teens gazed at each other Logan was puzzled by all that had taken place in the past days. Logan assumed the two adopted brothers had seen each other in their birthday suites before. He secretly wondered whether the two had ever engaged in any sexual experimentation. He stood there drinking in the view of Hector's tall sleek athletic body and now knew what Kim was talking about.

Hector's biracial Brazilian heritage possessed his body from head to toe; whereas, Logan's body presented a more European cream colored smoothness. As the teens stood eyeing each other they continued to cautiously admire each other's magnificent growing phalluses. Logan was pleased with what he saw.

Hector's perfect circumcised penis, a work of art, hung flaccid about four inches over his dark scrotum. Logan was taken with the conspicuous cockhead that displayed a prominent purple coronal ring encircling the base of his glans. Logan smiled as he eyed the scrumptious looking cockhead.

He could see Hector return his smile as if he was pleased with what he saw. Neither of the boys was monster hung like porn stars, but they had nothing to be ashamed of in any locker room as far as the sizes of their manhood. Although Logan had been around Hector on previous visits he'd never been in this type of setting with him before and was excited.

Logan thought Hector's face and body had the characteristics of a male model. At any other time Logan might have been tempted to seduce the multiracial lad like Kim had seduced him, but he refrained. As with Kim, Hector had been in Logan's dreams a few times and lived up to those dream images. One time where the two made passionate love and the second was the last dream, an all male orgy, where Logan ravaged Hector's ass.

Brandon came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and asked, "You guys ready to shower?"


"Logan did you find a shirt Logan?"

"Not yet."

"Water's runnin," Brandon said. "You guys hit the shower... Double up...And no playin with it in there... I'll find a shirt."

"You're the one's been playin with it," Hector said with a laugh.

Both boys dashed into the bathroom, ending the locker room banter. As they entered the shower stall at the same moment their naked appendages made unintentional contact with the other's skin. They began to lather up. By then both boys were in a good state of arousal. Moving about in the shower stall their wands intermittently touched each other's skin. It was electrifying for both.

Once the boys rinsed the soap out of their heads and bodies an emboldened Hector approached Logan from behind. His arms encircled Logan's chest where his fingers fondled his nipples. He began to kiss Logan on the shoulder. Logan could feel Hector's hard cock pressing into his ass crack. If this was a dream Logan would want Hector to take him right there in the shower.

While still holding Logan against his body Hector whispered, "I like you... I'd like to have you with me in my bed tonight." Then he released his hold and said, "Sorry 'bout that... I hope you won't think less of me for that indiscretion, but I like you... I mean really like you a lot Logan."

Logan, feeling confused and a little flush turned to face Hector. Their bodies and aroused maleness touched. In a bold move Logan put his arms around Hector's neck, pulling him in and holding the back of his head he kissed him, forcing his tongue into Hector's mouth. The two kissed soulfully for a few seconds until they heard Brandon yell, "Come on you guys... That can wait till tonight."

They'd been busted. The boys broke their kiss smiling at each other as they finished their shower and let their erections subside. Within a few seconds they were back in the bedroom to face a smiling Brandon who pointed to three shirts he'd laid out on the bed and said, "Try those shirts on Logan."

Logan picked up the shirts to see how they looked. Hector turned and departed for his room to dress. Logan asked, "So, bell bottoms and this shirt gonna be okay?"

"Sure," Brandon said. "In fact, we may be over dressed."

Hector returned dressed in bellbottoms, button shirt and leisure suit jacket just as the other two finished getting dressed. "Now you are definitely overdressed brother," Brandon said.

About that time Mrs. Bain's voice came over the intercom announcing that the car was waiting. The boys ran out of the room with the dog behind them and down the stairs to meet Brandon's mom in the foyer.

"My my... Don't you boys look nice... Your father will be pleased and appreciate you guys dressing up for the event."

Once outside and in the car the driver closed the door. Maria waved good-bye and they were off to the film studio in Burbank. Logan was still in a state of bewilderment from the incident in the shower.

"I've never been to a movie studio before," Logan said. "Mom would never allow it... Hell, I haven't even been to go to Disneyland yet... Santa Monica Pier yesterday was first for me."

"Why?" Brandon asked.

"She got this crazy idea that all the people in Hollywood are communists, drug dealers or perverts."

"My mom and dad are part of the film industry and they aren't any of those things."

"I know... Your folks are great," Logan said. "You've met my mom, so I won't say anymore,"

"I think we understand Logan," Mrs. Bain said. "She's just over protective. The film industry and Hollywood is a much misunderstood community."

"So, what type of work do you and Mr. Bain do at the studio?" Logan asked.

"Harold works in production and I work in the art department. We're both heads of our departments."


"When Brandon was younger he worked as a featured child actor extra on different films... He had a couple of substantial supporting roles in a couple of television shows too, but hasn't done much in the last year."

"So, you're a movie star... You never told me that," Logan said. "That's so cool."

"I wish."

"Hector's done better. He's also been a featured extra in films and television... Because Brandon and Hector made sufficient sums of money my husband made them put it in savings accounts for college educations," Mrs. Bain said.

As everyone continued talking the main gate of the studio loomed in the distance. The guard cleared the driver through and from the gate drove around the lot to a sound stage where the party was in progress. The limo driver let his passengers out and drove off. Mrs. Bain said, "Come on boys let's try to find father."

Upon arrival Logan was somewhat anxious yet excited, but to Brandon and Hector it was just another trip to the studio. They acted as if they belonged and began looking for old friends. They walked ahead into the studio like old pros where they began to mingle with the crowd shaking hands and exchanging greetings when suddenly Brandon said pointing to a small group, "There's dad over there."

"Oh My God! Is that who I think in that group?" Logan asked.

"Yep, Warren Beatty," Mrs. Bain said. "Yoo-hoo... Harold," Mrs. Bain said from a few feet away trying to get her husband's attention.

Brandon's dad, Warren Beatty and a few other men made their way over to meet the family for introductions. "You all know my lovely wife Barbara... My sons Brandon and Hector and this handsome lad is Brandon's best friend from high school, Logan Austin."

After all the hand shaking and hugging concluded a couple more people joined the group for introductions. A couple of older men cut Brandon and his father from the herd for a business huddle. Warren Beatty escorted Mrs. Bain, Hector and Logan to the buffet tables before excusing himself.



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