Carnal Knowledge: What Dreams Are Made Of

Chapter 7: Santa Monica Pier

After a fretful Tuesday afternoon where Logan almost got caught by Hector at Kim's house Logan made a break for freedom and then walked two miles home that evening in time for dinner. Logan was sleeping peacefully Wednesday morning when he heard knocking on his bedroom door that jarred him awake. Mr. Austin said, "Get out of bed son we're going to breakfast this morning, just the two of us."

"Okay dad... Be out in a few."

Logan grabbed quick shower and dressed appropriately to accompany his father to breakfast before he dashed into the kitchen were his dad was having a cup of coffee reading the paper. His mom was no where to be seen. Mr. Austin looked up and asked, "You ready?"

"Yes sir."

"Let's go."

The two made an uneventful exit from the house together. For Logan's father to be home when he woke up was unusual. Then he remembered that note that his father left the day before. Normally, his dad was off to the office before seven every morning except Saturdays and Sundays. On the weekends his mom and dad played gold on Saturday mornings and church on Sundays.

A few minutes later Mr. Austin pulled into the breakfast restaurant on the boulevard. The two got out of the car and entered the quaint café. Once inside the waitress seated them and then set glasses of water and cups of coffee on the table before she said, "Be back in a few for your order."

Mr. Austin looked across the table at his son and said, "The special is the best." He then asked, "What kind of car do you want son?"

A little taken aback Logan didn't answer immediately. Finally, after few seconds he said, "I haven't given a car much thought... Considering the way mom feels about me having my own car."

"You let me worry about your mother from now on. After you went to bed last night your mother and I came to an agreement about you," Mr. Austin said. "I finally told her that you're my son too and there were going to be some changes around the house."

"Thanks dad."

"I told her to get off your back, that you're eighteen now and an adult. You graduated with honors from high school; you have your driver's license, passed on the first go round, are going off to college in the fall and need a car. So, today we're going car shopping."

"That's so cool dad... Why is mom so miserable to be around?" Logan asked.

"I don't know son... Maybe she's going through menopause... She'll be fifty-four in short order."

"No dad, she's been like this, at least towards me, since I can remember," Logan said. "Monday morning after I came back to the house I asked her about goin to Brandon's parents Fourth of July party... I thought she was gonna to have a mental break down. She embarrassed the shit out of me the way she grill Brandon."

"Oh, that's another thing... You're going to the party," Mr. Austin said. "We are supposed to meet with Mr. and Mrs. Bain for cocktails tonight... Just to satisfy your mother inquisitiveness... Even if she objects I'll override and you're going."

About then the waitress approached, "Ready to order?"

"Two of the number one breakfast specials, orange juice and more coffee," Mr. Austin said.

"How do you want your eggs?" The waitress asked.

"Scrambled," Both men answered in unison.

Once the two finished breakfast and had a final cup of coffee Mr. Austin said, "Let's go find you a car son."

Back in the car Mr. Austin asked, "Do you favor any particular model or style?"

"Not really... As long as it's dependable and not ugly."

"We may not settle on a car for you today, but I guarantee you will have a car by this time next week... I hope you will be satisfied with a good safe used car because I don't have the money to buy you a new car," Mr. Austin said.

"Used car is fine... Thanks dad... What ever we can afford."

"I've got about two grand maybe twenty-five hundred squirreled away for a car."

After spending the morning shopping different local used auto sales locations the two stopped in at the local burger joint near their house. When they got inside Logan heard familiar voices calling his name, it was Brandon and Hector sitting in one of the booths.

"Hey guys... This is my dad."

After introductions were made and all shook hands the boys asked, "Logan I hope you and your dad will join us."

Logan was excited about the morning with his dad and couldn't wait to tell his friends that he might soon be the owner of a new used car.

"Mr. Austin, dad knows an honest car dealer... Ask him when we come over tonight," Brandon said.

After meals were ordered and consumed Mr. Austin said, "Son we're about done for today and I need to make a showing back at the office, but we have some good leads to follow-up on, and I'll ask your dad tonight Brandon."

Logan's dad picked up the tab for all the meals and then excused himself asking, "Okay if I leave Logan with you guys?"

"Sure," Both of the boys answered on unison.

After Logan's dad departed leaving the three boys together Logan was feeling somewhat uncomfortable sitting across from Hector, especially after the spectacle in Kim's bedroom. He dismissed his anxiety and said, "Looks like I'm a go for the big weekend with you guys."

"Cool," The two answered in unison.

"You bringin a date?" Hector asked.

"No... Don't have a girlfriend."

"There should be plenty of unattached poontang," Hector said. "So what's on the agenda for this afternoon?"

"We can go back to the house to go swimin or go to the beach," Brandon said.

It was unanimous. The boys decided on the beach. "Let's stop by and see if Kim wants to ride along," Hector said.

Logan froze at the mention of Kim's name. He had the look of a deer in the headlights. "What's wrong Logan?" Brandon asked.

"Nothing," Logan said. He was worried how he would act when he saw Kim again.

The thought of riding with Kim sent shivers down Logan's back. Brandon turned into Kim's driveway. Logan was hopeful the Kim wouldn't be there. Brandon parked and Hector hopped out to go see if Kim was home. His car was in the garage and the door was open so a good guess he was home. Kim answered the door. The two spoke for a few seconds and Hector returned to the Mustang where he said, "He'll be out in a few minutes." Then he asked, "Okay if Kim and I ride in the back seat?"

After Kim closed the garage door he approached the car where Hector asked, "Kim you know Logan?"

"Yeah, we graduated a few weeks ago with Brandon... Nice to see you again Kim."

After shaking hands Hector and Kim got into the back seat for the ride to the beach. On the highway Logan turned to say something to Brandon and noticed that the two in the back seat were holding hands. Logan assumed the two lovers had patched up their differences. Brandon and Logan conversed while the two in the backseat talked. After about an hour drive they arrived at Santa Monica Pier for an afternoon of fun in the sun.

The boys all wanted to go on the roller coaster. They bought tickets and Kim asked Logan, "You ever been to the pier before?


About that time two of Brandon and Hector's friends from the studio approached the group and began talking. "Come on I'm gonna take you on the roller coaster Logan," Kim said. "It's kick ass cool."

"Cool man," Logan said somewhat apprehensively.

"You don't mind do you Hector?" Kim asked breaking Logan away from the group.

"No, go for it," Hector said resuming his conversation with the others.

Logan and Kim walked to the roller coaster entrance and then once in their seats Kim said, "Thanks for being so cool about everything and slipping out of the house unnoticed yesterday... Man that was a close one."

"No, thank you for everything we got to do together before Hector showed up yesterday," Logan said. "I hope you guys work things out."

"I don't know... We're gonna give it a try, but I'm kinda hot for you Logan... I mean I love you and your body."

"If you two split up again call me so we can get together," Logan said. "I really like you too,"

"Oh, I will."

After the ride all the boys regrouped Logan asked, "Are we supposed to be at the cocktail party tonight with the parents?"

"I'll call home and ask mom," Brandon said.

Brandon broke away from the group to look for a pay phone to call home. After he made the call he rejoined the group to report. "Yeah, I guess we're supposed to be there. Mom said the cocktail hour is set for eight tonight, so I guess we need to leave about four so we'll all be home by six," Brandon said.

"Let's meet back here at around three-thirty," Hector said. Hector and Kim took off on their own while Brandon and Logan went there way with the other two boys.

At the designated time they all met up minus two to go back to the car for the ride back to Encino. The drive took a little over an hour. They dropped Kim off first and then Logan. Around eight the Bain family arrived at the Austin residence. After cocktails where all met with Mrs. Austin's approval she reluctantly gave into the request for Logan to spend four days at the Bain home.

After everyone departed Logan received a phone call from Kim. After he hung up the phone he asked his dad, "I need to go over to my friend Kim's house... He's not feeling well... Can you take me over?"

Mrs. Austin interrupted, "Where are the boy's parents?"

"They're in Seoul teaching this summer," Logan said interjecting and emphasizing the point that Kim's parents were educators.

"What time will you be back?" Mrs. Austin queried. "You know your father and I want to leave for San Diego by nine tomorrow and before that were suppose to drop you off at the Bain's."

"I don't know... I may not be back tonight it all depends on how Kim is feeling, but I will be back before nine."

Mr. Logan shot a look at his wife and said, "Come on I'll drive you over son."

With that Logan and his dad departed for Kim's house. Once there Mr. Austin told his son, "Whatever time you want to come back to the house give me a call and I'll come and pick you up. If you decide to stay call the house and let us know I don't want you walking the streets late at night."

"Will do dad."

Logan approached the front door and rang the chimes while his father waited in the car. Kim came to the door waved and said, "Thanks for bringing Logan over."

Mr. Austin waved back and asked, "How are you feeling son?"

"Still nauseous sir... I think it was something I ate earlier."

"If you need to see a doctor don't hesitate to call... I'll drive over and take you where ever you need to go," Mr. Austin said.

"Will do sir."

Mr. Austin left as the two boys went inside. Once inside Kim was on Logan kissing him. "I thought you said you didn't feel well."

"I don't... I'm sick missin you... That's what's wrong with me," Kim said.

Logan laughed and said, "I guess I better call dad in a few and tell him I'll be staying with you tonight."

After saying that Logan kissed his friend passionately, he could feel the beginnings of an erection in his shorts. Of course Kim was already boned up. Kin was wearing the same colorful Hawaiian boardshorts he'd worn to the pier earlier in the day. The two made their way up the stairs to Kim's room. Once in the bedroom Logan asked, "Will Hector show up tonight?"

"I don't think so."

The two continued making out while undressing each other. On the bed they rolled around moaning with pleasure as their naked bodies made contact. Kim said, "I've thought about this all day... I haven't felt about another boy like I do about you since Hector."

"Thanks Kim... I feel the same about you."

"I got a feeling you better make that call to your dad before we settle in for the night," Kim said.

Logan called his dad and explained that they had been to Santa Monica earlier in the day and Kim ate something that didn't agree with him. He asked permission to stay with his sick friend. Logan didn't like to lie to his dad, but a little white lie wouldn't hurt. His dad told his son to be back no later than nine the next morning because that was when he would be leaving for San Diego.

As soon as Mr. Austin hung up his wife was on him for details. She wanted to know area where the boy lived and did he look like a hoodlum. Mr. Austin assured her that Logan's friend lived in an upscale neighborhood a couple miles away and that Kim was a very handsome young man. Mr. Austin said, "You've got to let Logan go... He's a man... Not your little boy any longer."

Mrs. Austin began to cry. Her husband stepped forward taking her in his arms to console her. They had never told Logan about the two miscarriages and the still birth before he was born.

Back at Kim's house the two boys had finished a warm shower that included plenty of foreplay. On the bed Kim timidly whimpered, "Logan you want to eat me out?"

"You mean suck you off?"

"No man... My asshole... It's very sensitive and I would enjoy having you tongue me."

"Oooh," Logan said. "I've never don that before."

"You haven't done much of anything before," Kim said. "You don't have to if you don't want to."

Logan didn't want to offend his new friend. He wanted to please him so he said, "I'll give it a try if you'll talk me through it."

Kim got up on his hands and knees presenting his ass to Logan before he said, "Spread my ass cheeks and then put your nose in between them."

Logan did as told before he asked, "Now what?"

"Does it smell bad?"


"That's because I thoroughly cleaned my asshole inside and out while we were in the shower... Now with just the tip of your tongue touch it to my asshole."

This type of sex had been in some of Logan's dreams although he'd never been the one doing it to another boy in the dreams. Feeling a little trepidation Logan slowly moved forward letting his tongue touch Kim's asshole. Kim jumped and squealed with delight. In no time Logan's tongue was bringing much pleasure to Kim as he let his tongue explore the Korean lad's asshole.

Logan was glad there was no one home because Kim was howling like a wolf getting fucked. After minutes of eating his friend's hot asshole Kim was screaming, "Oh baby fuck me... Let me turn over facing you."

Kim turned over lying with his back on the bed. He grabbed his legs pulling them back exposing his asshole once again. "Now go ahead and eat me again and lick up the taint towards my ball sac. Logan followed directions once again listening to Kim squeal and push his rump into Logan's face.

"Now suck on my balls and then suck my pecker before you go back to eating my ass. Again Logan complied. With his tongue back in Kim's asshole he pushed it in and heard Kim scream, "Oh yeah baby fuck me with your tongue."

Logan continued exploring deeper into the Korean lad's asshole listening to him moan and scream with pleasure. Kim yelled for his friend to fuck him. "Oh yeah I'm ready," Logan said.

"Get some lube off the nightstand... Get me lubed up and fuck the shit outa me."

Logan squeezed the lubricant into Kim's ass crack and began pushing the pooling lube in with his fingers while Kim howled for his friend to finger fuck him. After much lubricant Logan rolled on a condom and began the entry process. First the head made entry, Logan stopped for a minute seeing the look of pain on Kim's face, and then he pushed the remainder of his seven inches of cock inside. He began the rhythm of fucking his friend listening to him howl.

"Oh suck on my nipples baby... Bit them and suck them... Make me cum."

As Logan fucked his friend he began to play with his erect nipples and then he began biting and sucking them. The more he worked on them the more intense Kim screamed, "Fuck me baby... Fuck me with that big Goch."

The more Kim screamed the harder Logan fucked him and Kim fucked him back. "Fuck me make me cum."

With his legs lock around Logan's waist to two were fucking each other like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly, Logan felt his cock explode inside the condom. No sooner had Logan blown a powerful orgasm than Kim shot ropes of spooge all over the fronts of the two boys.

"Don't pull out of me leave it in and lick my cum off."

A sweaty Logan eased forward on the bed to begin licking the spooge off Kim's chest. Every once in a while he'd lick, bite or suck on a still erect nipple sending more screams of pleasure throughout the room. Both men's hearts were pounding and they were breathing hard. After Logan cleaned Kim's chest he turned his head kissing Logan. The two kissed passionately until they fell asleep.



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