Carnal Knowledge: What Dreams Are Made Of

[I am continuing the story, but I want to inform my readers not to expect suck and fuck paragraph after paragraph and page after page. My stories contain more than nonstop sex. There is more to life than nonstop sex even in fiction entertainment. There are plots and subplots along with unique characters and situations. In each chapter there is narrative back story to get to know each character, so don't let a lean or weak chapter discourage your reading a fat juicy one that will titillate your senses. I ask that if you don't want to leave a comment in the open that you e-mail me with comments.]

Chapter 5: New Phase in Logan's Life

Logan laid in his bed Monday night mentally and physically exhausted, much weighing on his mind, tormented by what had happened during the past few hours and what his future held. Since the rousing rounds of blowjobs and fucking his best friend in the ass he was convinced there was change beginning to take place in his life. No more erotic night dreams, just reality.

Although Logan didn't plan on having any sexual dreams that night he worried that he might experience nightmares from the fight with his mother after he returned home. After Brandon dropped him off, a little after eleven, as soon as he entered the house, his mother descended on him with the rage of the devil incarnate. Mrs. Austin during her tirade accused her son of numerous demonic deeds while he'd been away from her watchful eye. His dad listening to the tongue-lashing in the kitchen drank alcohol to numb out.

Mr. Austin finally had enough of his wife berating his son. For the first time since Logan could remember, or at least since they'd moved to California, his dad, angry with his wife's nagging their son, scolded her. He admonished her tyrannical behavior. Logan couldn't listen to the arguing any longer, so he slipped away to his room where he began to sob.

In his room a physically and emotionally drained Logan cried into his pillow before he took a shower to try to wash away the pain. Once in bed he began replaying all that had transpired throughout the day. He couldn't believe his best friend had been so bold; breaking the ice, sucking his cock multiple times, and after that Brandon persuaded Logan to fuck him in the ass.

Although it didn't take much in the way of persuasion for Logan to fuck his friend he felt emboldened afterwards. Logan felt as though Brandon had inspired him to break away from his mother's tyrannical hold. As Logan lay in bed his cock began growing as the thoughts of the day raced through his head. Of course his cock was sore and tender to touch, so he decided not to pull on it. The sexual frustration in the form of dreams Logan had experienced since he first met Brandon had finally come to fruition. The dreams of so many nights became a reality that day.

Logan long suspected his best friend might be homosexual or at least bisexual, but had never chosen to act upon his urges towards Brandon for fear his family might find out. Logan's major fear was his homophobic mother would discover her son was a homosexual and disown him. For years the fear of his mother discovering his secret was something Logan stuffed down deep within; however, he sensed times had changed now that he was eighteen and out of high school.

As Logan lay in bed he remembered the numerous times he had contemplated suicide as a way to escape his tyrannical mother's behavior. Maybe the reason he didn't follow through killing himself was that he felt he had too much to live for, or maybe he didn't have the courage to end his life, or was it that he had too much respect for his family to follow through. He thought about the many times he'd been tempted to substance abuse over the years as a way to numb out. His father used alcohol, but with the exception of occasional recreational marijuana use, Logan fought off those temptations.

Now Logan faced new dilemmas in his life; how to deal with brothers Brandon and Hector, how best to deal with his evil mother and the fact that he'd tried sex with another man that day and enjoyed it. Although Hector was not a stranger Logan didn't really know much about him other than the fact that the Bain family had adopted him years earlier and he was exotically beautiful for a boy. When Brandon told him that Hector was queer Logan's ears perked up and he'd locked the thought away in his head. That night before falling asleep Logan promised himself that he was going to get to know Hector better before summer's end.

As Logan began to drift off to la-la land he remembered what Brandon had said, that the three would have to get together to compare. Logan was all for that and more if Hector was receptive. Logan with Brandon's help had launched a new phase in his life.

Chapter 6: Burgers and Gochu

Tuesday morning Logan awoke to a typical morning wood, but no wet mess in his bed. He slept late after crying himself to sleep, but was up to shower and dress for a new day by eight-thirty. When he arrived in the kitchen the house was empty and quiet. As he looked around for the cereal box and bowl he found a note on the table from his dad apologizing for the fight. The note of apology also included a sentence that he wanted to talk to his son about what had transpired after he went to bed. Logan's dad was the peacemaker in the family.

Logan sat eating his bowl of cold cereal and fruit contemplating Monday's events, the contents of the note and wondering where his mother was. Once he finished breakfast he went to the garage to get the mower and begin mowing the yard. Once that was done he edged the sidewalks, pruned and weeded the flower beds all before noon.

By noon he was finished and put all the tools away. His mother arrived as he walked out of the garage. After she and her dog got out of the car Logan greeted her, "Good morning mom."

She didn't reply. Instead she scooped up Pom Pom and in typical Cruella de Vil style walked away with her nose in the air not acknowledging her son. Logan believed she thought more of the damn dog than she did of him or his dad. The teen couldn't understand how his dad had put up with his mom's shit for so many years. In his opinion she was greedy, spoiled, selfish, and inconsiderate. Logan hadn't heard from Brandon, so he decided to take a shower to wash the dirt and sweat off before a walk to the burger joint by the park.

Without further confrontation Logan showered, dressed and was out of the house on his way to get a burger. As he walked along the street a car drove by and stopped. The driver backed up and yelled, "Hey Logan where ya goin?"

Logan stepped over to the car. When he poked his head in the window he recognized a high school friend and said, "Sorry I didn't recognize your car Kim... I'm on my way to get something to eat."

"Hop in Logan I'll give you a ride."

Logan got into the reef turquoise 1965 Pontiac LeMans two door coupe and thanked the driver for the lift. The driver said, "I'm goin to In-N-Out Burger... Where you headed Logan?"

"That's cool... Anywhere that's got something good to eat and cold to drink."

"What do you think of my new car? Well not new, but new to me," Kim said.

"Cool man."

"Mom and dad got it for my graduation present."

The two boys rode to the In-N-Out conversing with each other, catching up about things since school let out weeks earlier. Kim was another of the boys from school who'd appeared in many of Logan's dreams. Kim was a dreamboat: exotically handsome muscular Korean lad about five feet ten inches. He'd lettered on the schools gymnastic and wrestling team. Finally, Kim asked, "Hey, you goin to the big Fourth of July party? I hear it's gonna be the biggest blowout ever."

"Yeah, Brandon invited me and my parents, but my folks are gonna be out of town on business that weekend... So, hopefully I'm goin, but stag."

"Hector invited me and my family... So I guess I'll be goin stag too... My folks are out of the country for the summer."

Kim turned into the IN-N-Out Burger and asked, "Drive through or inside?"

"Either one."

"I think I'll take the drive through and then we'll go someplace quiet to eat and continue catchin up if that's okay with you."

"Cool man."

The two boys ordered and Logan paid for the meals. Then they were off to one of the local parks. Kim found a shade tree in a secluded area to park the car where no other cars were parked. A cool breeze blew through the car as they made small talk while consuming their double cheeseburgers and fries. Kim kept stealing looks at Logan. After eating while still sipping their sodas Kim asked, "So where you goin to school in the fall Logan?"

"Malibu University over on the Pacific Coast Highway... Mom managed to get me in... My grades were good enough, but she thought I needed her help," Logan said

"Cool, that's where I'm goin too," Kim said. "Same here... Mom and dad teach there, plus I got an athletic scholarship, so the enrollment process was pretty simple... Thinkin about tryin out for baseball... Maybe other sports."

"That's cool... You gonna live on campus or commute?" Logan asked.

"Don't know yet... Have to wait to see what the rules are for freshman... What about you? Kim asked.

"Probably the same with me," Logan said. "So, how long you known Hector and his family?"

"Since I started high school... Hector and I got to know each other doing a film together that his dad was working on a few years ago... Summer between freshman and sophomore year."

"That's cool... What kind of movie?"

"One of those Bruce Lee Kung Fu fighting gangster films... Both of us were extras.

"Cool," Logan said. "What kind of parts?"

"Hector played one of the Latino gang members and I played a Chinese gang member," Kim said. "We did a few kung fu fight scenes and other stuff. Pretty fun."

"So, you're a pretty good actor and good at Martial Arts too?" Logan asked.

"I been doin Korean Martial Arts since I was like five or six... My dad got me into it... Korean tradition... I got my belts," Kim said. "As for acting that's the only film I've been in, but Hector has been acting for a few years... I made a few bucks that summer and put it away for college, hopefully some other parts will come along one of these days."

"I thought you're Korean not Chinese," Logan said.

"You know what American's say, all us Gooks look alike," Kim said.

"That's not true, just the uneducated would say that," Logan said.

"Dad says that after the Korean War a lot of the GIs began calling Koreans Gooks, but dad says the word dates back to the late 1800s. A derogatory term Marines called Filipinos."

"I sure don't think of you as a Gook," Logan said and changed the subject. "So, what's Hector like?"

"Hector and I've been involved in an on and off relationship since the summer we worked on the film together."

An astonished Logan squeaked out, "What do you mean on and off relationship?"

"You know boy friends... We dated that summer during filming and afterwards on the QT... And been on and off again since."

Logan almost choked on his soda when he heard that and asked again in a surprising tone, "So you two are like boy friends havin sex?"

"Yeah... God you're goofy... Don't you know that guys have sex too," Kim said. He's a fantastic guy... Great lover with a great body... One of the best lovers I've ever been with."

Logan was somewhat surprised by Kim's candor, especially at how easy it was for him to talk openly about Hector bein his boyfriend and havin sex. So he asked, "Damn, how many lovers have you had? You're only like eighteen,"

"Nineteen next month... Somewhere around half dozen... Actually five 'casue Hector is number six, but Hector's the only one I been in love with," Kim said. He could tell Logan was shocked at what he was saying so he asked, "Does that surprise you?"

"Surprise me? A little."

"Hell, I been datin boys and havin sex since I was fourteen," Kim said.

"I mean... I didn't know you were queer... You were always like such a hot jock in high school... I remember seein you compete... You got a fantastic bod," Logan said. "And the girls talked about you all the time."

"Not interested in girls... Only guys... Besides I know a lot of guys that do sports that are into guys," Kim said. "Girls just never done anything to excite me sexually."


"Unlike you and Brandon... You two are best friends and straight... I'd suspect. And that's cool, but I enjoy sex with guys. Can you understand that?"

"I guess."

"What do you mean you guess? You got to know if you're straight or queer. You got to know who you want to have sex with."

"Not really," Logan said. "That's the problem... I don't know for sure."

"You mean you're eighteen and you don't know?" Kim asked.

"Yeah... Man I am sorry that we didn't become closer friends in school Kim you are so cool to talk to," Logan said apologetically. "I was only there for a year and Brandon kind of took me under his wing and we became friends."

"You and I were never real friends in high school... Just kind of like ships that pass in the night... We had a couple classes together, but that was about it," Kim said.

"Yeah, I remember the classes."

"I wish we could've become friends... 'Cause I kinda had a secret crush on you back in school. You don't know the times I laid awake at night frustrated thinking about you and how neat it would be for the two of us to be havin sex."

After Kim said that, Logan felt bad and surprised. He was surprised that Kim was so open telling him all the intimate details of his life. The more the boys talked the deeper the conversation. Finally, Logan said, I wish there was some way I could make things up to you Kim. I mean I really feel awful."

"There is," No sooner than Kim said that he moved over, leaned in and kissed Logan passionately on the lips.

Although a little surprised by the sudden soulful kiss Logan didn't reject it. He kissed his new friend back not giving a damn where they were or who saw them. The two continued kissing for a few minutes their arms wrapped around each other hands roaming over each other's bodies. Then each boy's hand found its way into the crotch of the other. They began groping and rubbing each other's hard penises. When they broke the torrid embrace Logan said, "Man, you got a nice size cock from what I'm feeling."

"You got a good size goch too."


"Korean slang for penis from the Korean word Gochu which means chili pepper or penis informally," Kim said. "But I generally call my penis a pecker... That's what my dad calls a penis."

"I'd like to see your Goch," Logan said. "I like that name... I think it's a neat name for penis."

"Come on lets get out here," Kim said as he turned the ignition switch and started the car.

"Where we goin?"

"To my house if that's okay with you... You said you want see my Goch... Well I wanta see yours too."

"What about your parents?"

"I told ya they're in Seoul for the summer teaching at the university. I pretty much got the run of the house until mid August... So we won't be disturbed."

The two boys rode to Kim's house conversing, joking and laughing along the way, each boy loosening up revealing more about themselves to the other. Logan had forgotten about Brandon and Hector. Of course he hadn't told Kim about him and Brandon. He wanted to find out as much as he could about his new friend. Once at Kim's house he asked, "How soon do you have to be home tonight or do you?"

"I'll call my dad later on and explain things to him; hopefully, I can stay out late... I'd appreciate it if you can give me a ride home later?"

"Sure... No problem," Kim said. "Let's go up to my room and relax."

The boys climbed the stairs to Kim's large second floor bedroom where they piled on the big unmade bed. Once again they lay there talking exploring each other's bodies. Logan was taking in the manly smell of his new friend. Before long the boys were undressed caressing each other's naked bodies. Logan was more impressed than ever with Kim's physique, especially the size and shape of his cut Goch. "Man you got one hell of a body Kim."

"Thanks... You're not too bad either... I love the head on your pecker."

With Kim things were different than with Brandon. Kim had not introduced any type substance to get things going. All Brandon wanted to do was blaze up and get down and dirty having sex; whereas, Kim was satisfied to just enjoy Logan's company. The two lay on the bed enjoying each other's bodies. There seemed to be no rush to have sex for either boy.

For better than an hour the boys talked and kissed: Logan had never kissed another boy romantically before. Sometimes the two were content to just hold each other or roll around on the bed rubbing their naked hot bodies together. About two in the afternoon Kim whispered into Logan's ear, "I want you... I want to have sex with you."

"What do you wanta do first?" Logan asked. "I'm kind of a novice at this."

"I want us to sixty-nine... Finger fuck each other and then I want you to fuck me... Make me cum... And by the looks of that big beautiful head on your Goch I'm sure you can accomplish that with ease. I haven't been fucked in weeks."

"Do you have all the stuff, such as condoms, lube and stuff?" Logan asked.

"Oh yeah," Kim said. "By the way I thought you said were a novice at this?"

"I read a lot."

"Let's go take a warm shower," Kim said with a big smile. As the two stepped into the shower Kim said, "Let the foreplay begin," as he stood behind Logan he began to soap up his body.

There was much rubbing and touching in the shower. Then Logan stood behind Kim pressing his stiff member into his friend's butt crack while he played with his nipples getting them hard. Logan said, "Man you have nice nipples," as he flicked them to life.

Both boys found that they shared nipple sensitivity. For the rest of the afternoon the two boys engaged in foreplay. They stimulated each other's erogenous areas, playing with nipples, cocks and assholes. They finger fucked each other while performing oral sex. After much foreplay Logan eventually fucked his new friend making him cum - a powerful orgasm of biblical proportions.

"Man that was what I needed... You're a great lover for a novice," Kim said.

"Thanks," Logan said. "Maybe over the summer you can be my teacher."

"I'd love to be your teacher and namchin Logan."


"Korean slang for boyfriend," Kim said. Maybe I'll teach you more Korean too."

"You are so cool man."

"I haven't had sex since Hector and I broke up," Kim said. "I can't believe how much you made me cum."

Suddenly, the door chimes went off. Kim said," Who the fuck is that."

"Are you expecting company?" Logan asked.

"No." Kim went to the window to look outside. "Ah shit," Kim said.

"Who's out there?" Logan asked.

"Hector," Kim said. "Let's just be quiet and maybe he'll think no one's at home and leave."

Kim looked out the window again and saw Hector walking around the LeMans. The windows were down. "Shit I forgot to put the windows up on my car... He'll know for sure I'm home."

Kim began pulling on his clothes and said, "I'm gonna go see what he wants... You stay here... I'm gonna try to get rid of him."

The bare-chested muscular Korean bounded down the stairs to answer the door. Logan stood in the shadow of the bedroom door trying to listen to the conversation. Hector was telling Kim how much he loved him and wanted him back. Kim tried everything to push Hector away, but Hector pushed inside and began pushing Kim up the stairs to the second floor. Logan quickly grabbed his clothes and remnants of the sex session before he hid in the closet.

Once in the room Hector pushed Kim onto the bed. The two began to kiss passionately. Logan watched the two undressed each other with contempt and envy. In a matter of seconds both boys were nude. They were boned up, frotting and making out, each one telling the other how much they wanted to fuck the other. Logan had a bird's eye view of the bed and all that was taking place on it from inside the closet. His cock was hard watching everything go down.

As night fell after a torrid afternoon of sex between the two teens Kim coaxed Hector into the shower. This ploy gave Logan his best opportunity to escape and walk the two miles to his house.



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