Chapter 17

The two young men departed Bobby's apartment for the fast food outlet a few blocks down the street. Although the burger joint was only three blocks away Logan wanted to drive his new car. He was so proud of it and back then gas was cheap. Bobby and Logan piled into the Nomad wagon to cruise down the street to get something to eat.

When they arrived there were young people they knew, so after ordering they took an outside table close to their friends. They all talked and joked with one another until the order arrived. Then the two famished friends dove in devouring their double-cheeseburgers and fries. Every once in a while the boys would wash the food down with swigs of cold sodas. They ate, drank their sodas, and in between they would engage in conversation with their friends. After the two finished their food they continued visiting with the group friends; however, after a few minutes Bobby and Logan excused themselves, got into the Nomad, and drove back to Bobby's place. Inside they shed their clothing before they piled onto the bed. "When you gonna finish the story about you getting eight inches up your ass?" Logan asked.

Bobby began the story, "We slept satisfied throughout the night. When we awoke the next morning Sammy had already eased out of bed to check the house out: no one home. While making coffee the phone rang. The call from Sammy's dad advised his son that he and his wife would not be home until Sunday morning.

The ringing phone however woke Bobby up. He stumbled into the kitchen rubbing the sleep out of his eyes wearing nothing but tented drawers and said, "Smells like coffee brewing."

"Ready for some coffee cuz?" Sammy asked


"Guess what... We got the whole fucking house to ourselves the whole fucking day and night... Mom and dad won't be home until tomorrow morning sometime."


"After we drink our coffee I bet I could work up a big ass appetite corn holing you."

The two cousins drank their first cup of coffee in the kitchen while they fooled around. They took their refills to Sammy's bedroom. After they took a couple gulps they sat their cups on the dresser. Sammy grabbed Bobby from behind. He wrapped his arms around his cousin and began pushing his hard cock into his ass crack before he reached around to stimulate his Bobby's nipples.

Bobby threw his head back letting out a sigh of pleasure as his cousin's thumbs and forefingers manipulated the hard pink nubs on his chest. Sammy played with Bobby's nipple while he continued grinding his hard member into his cousin's ass crack.

"You ready to get corn holed cousin?" Sammy asked.

"I guess," Bobby said. "You sure you're not gonna hurt me with that fucking baseball bat?"

"Nah, we're gonna take it slow and easy... You gotta go take a shit first... Clean your bowels out... Then take a shower and while you're in there stick your fingers up your ass to make sure the entrance is clean... I don't want any shit on my dick," Sammy said.

"What about you?" Bobby asked.

"Already done it before you got up."

Logan boned up lying next to his storytelling friend reached out touching Bobby's erect nipples. After that he reached down to stroke his lover's dick as Bobby continued the story.

Sammy showered first while I took a dump. In the shower he fingered his ass cleaning it out any of the lingering of fecal matter. After I finished and got off the commode I changed places with Sammy in the shower. Sammy departed the bathroom to ready the bed for what he imagined would be a long tough road in an attempt to corn hole my virgin ass. I appeared in the doorway of the bedroom naked with a hard-on standing up as if a rocket ready to take flight.

"You look clean and fresh," Sammy said guiding me towards the bed.

On the bed Sammy and Bobby got into positions opposite each other where they began sucking each other's dicks. With the older cousin on top and the younger on the bottom they sucked each other for a few minutes. Bobby could only manage to get the large glans and a couple inches of cock into his mouth. After a few minutes he pulled off to inspect the big cock. The massive glans appeared to be leaking some type of liquid. The short time in Bobby's mouth the massive member had already caused his jaw hinge muscle to become uncomfortable.

As Bobby continued to inspect the bulbous glans Sammy began exploring his younger cousin's virgin asshole. With his saliva coated finger he began to rub and tantalize the younger boy's pucker to Bobby's squealing delight. Sammy made a few trips back to his mouth to coat his first finger with more saliva before he let a large load drop into his cousin's ass. He then began massaging the saliva before inserting his finger tip into the tight sphincter. Bobby jumped and squirmed as his cousin attempted to force entry.

"Relax your asshole," Sammy demanded. "I need to finger fuck you to get you loosened up."

With Sammy on top he looked down at his cousin's ass crack as he gently pushed his finger into the anus. Bobby jerked and howled as his cousin's finger snaked its way inside. Sammy sensed he needed to coat his finger with some Vaseline to make entry and exploration less painful. He coated his finger with a good amount petroleum jelly and resumed his attempt to penetrate his younger cousin's asshole.

Once Sammy penetrated Bobby's virgin ass his young cousin began to flail about beneath him on the bed. Bobby howled like a wolf in season. Sammy continued inserting his finger deeper into Bobby's rectum. His cousin's prostate the target of his finger tip. Once he found the target Bobby wailed louder and then moaned softly, "Fuck me... Fuck me."

Sammy withdrew his finger. He turned to his cousin and asked, "You ready to give it a try?"

"Yeah," a breathless Bobby uttered in a hoarse voice.

"Let's get you lubed up," Sammy said as he grabbed a larger helping of Vaseline from the jar.

The older boy began to pack the petroleum jelly lubricant in his younger cousin's ass crack before he began pushing it into the younger boy's unsullied asshole. Sammy forefinger worked the Vaseline into the virgin entrance. Then he inserted two fingers to open his cousin's hole enlarging it for his dick. "Get on top straddling my waist... Okay now reach around and spread your cheeks apart before you try to sit down on the head of my dick," Sammy said as he held the shaft of his dick steady and at the ready so his cousin could sit on it without bending it or it slipping out of positions.

Bobby did as instructed, but as soon as the big bulbous cockhead attempted to enter his unspoiled asshole he winced. "Easy does it cuz," Sammy instructed.

Bobby tried again. The same thing. Then again, and again. Finally, Sammy said, "Turn around with your back to me and we'll try it in that position."

Bobby turned around and attempted to sit on his cousin's dick. The same thing. He could not force his asshole to accept the huge broad spongy glans. Sammy rearranged the pillows and his body, so that he was sitting up in the bed somewhat. "Now try it again and push out like you're taking a shit... Once the head of my dick pops inside don't jump up or try to pull off. That will only hurt like hell."

The two boys tried again to accomplish the mission. "Easy now," Sammy said from behind as he kissed on his cousin's bare back. Suddenly he reached around took hold of Bobby big hard nipples and began to play with them. Suddenly, the head popped into that first chamber. Bobby wailed in pain. "You want to try it facing me?" Sammy asked.


Without pulling out of his cousin's ass Bobby wheeled around still squatting with his cousin's mammoth member inside that first chamber; however, before he sat down he felt Sammy's Vaseline coated fingers inside his asshole pushing new lubricant in and stretching him. After Sammy fingered him for a few minutes lubing his up he then said, "Okay let's try it again."

Bobby began to lower his ass onto his cousin's dick. As he pushed like he had been instructed to do Sammy reached up to take hold of Bobby's nipples. The entirety if the big glans popped into Bobby's anal cavity. Sammy grabbed his cousin's hips so he would not jump back and pull off.

The older boy could see the shudder of pain come across his younger cousin's face as well as the tear run down his cheek. He felt bad for his cousin, but remembered those were the same emotions he experienced the first time Brad corn holed him a couple years prior.

"You okay cuz?"

Bobby bit his lip and nodded yes. The two rested for a few seconds before Bobby said, "Okay... I think I'm ready now."

Bobby with grimace on his face felt his cousin's pubic bush touch his bottom. He knew then that he had impaled the full eight inches of Sammy's dick up inside his ass.

The younger boy sat still for a few seconds and then Sammy asked, "You okay Bobby?"

"Yeah... Maybe a little sore, but I think I can get used to the pain."

"Just sit there for a little while... When you think you're ready start riding it begin riding it like you're riding a bronc bucking horse... And I'll be bucking back."

Sammy reached down and grabbed Bobby's dick and started playing with it. Bobby began moving around throwing his head back making funny noises as he rode the big member.

"You okay?"

"Yeah... That dick just makes me feel so fucking good... Your dick in my ass and you playing with my dick," Bobby said. "Why don't you play with my nipples?"

Sammy began playing with his cousin's nipples and to his surprise Bobby continued riding his dick up and down yelling, "Oh yeah fuck me... Fuck me."

He kept it up squealing for Sammy to fuck him saying he wanted the entirety of his cousin's big dick up his ass. Sammy could feel that his cousin's dick begin to swell as if he was about ready to cum, so he reached up and grabbed his arms to slow him down.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't want you to cum yet... Just sit there and cool down a bit," Sammy said. "How do things feel now?"

"Great... Just fucking great... I love your big fat dick in my ass."

The two rested for a few minutes before Bobby began riding his cousin's thick member. The younger boy didn't experience much more pain. That had subsided giving way to waves of pleasure. The two resumed fucking each other both boys bucking into each other Sammy pounding his cousin's ass from the bottom while Bobby rode hard on top. Both yelling for each other to fuck them. "Oh Sammy fuck me... Fuck me until I cum," Bobby cried.

"Bobby I'm gonna fuck you and were both gonna cum together."

The two sped up until Sammy forced Bobby to roll over on his back while the two were still connected. Sammy wanted to finish off in the missionary position so he could watch his young cousin cum and see him smile. They continued fucking as Sammy began licking and biting Bobby's nipples. Bobby threw his body into his cousin's wailing with delight as his cousin fucked him, sucking and biting on his nipples. "I'm cummmmmmmmming," Bobby shouted.

Sammy lifted his head throwing it back he bucked up and plowed into his cousin's ass for the finale. Within seconds Bobby was shooting ropes of white spooge into the air letting it land on his face and chest while the older cousin emptied his hot load in his cousin's rectal cavity.

Once depleted Sammy leaned forward with his dick still inside his cousin and began licking cleaning cum off Bobby's face and chest. After that Sammy collapsed on top of Bobby and asked, "Did you enjoy that?"

"Oh fuck yeah... Fucking hurt at first, but you told me it would."

"From now on it should be more pleasurable for you," Sammy said.

The two boys rested for a while before they took showers to prepare to go out for early breakfast. After breakfast they would return for another round, and then another.

As Logan lay on the bed next to his partner he'd been listening intently to Bobby relate the tail of how he was first introduced to anal sex by his cousin. Sammy was the other boy that Bobby had told him about on their first night together. He was the one that taught Bobby all about foreplay and anal intercourse. The story was almost unbelievable, but so was Logan's reoccurring dream about the sex club. Logan wondered if he would ever experience a gang bang. Logan said, "That's a fuckin amazin story man."

"Yeah Sammy used my asshole right up to the night before he got married... We still fuck each other on occasion."

"You're kidding."

"Nope," Bobby said. "Maybe we could do a threesome next time he's in town."

"Wow, that'd be super," Logan said. "So, what's in the future for us?"

"Whatever you want Logan," Bobby said looking into Logan's eyes. "Are you satisfied with me as a lover... Am I big enough for you... Do I satisfy you when we make love?"

"Oh Hell Yes Bobby... You're more than adequate as far as size... You can make me cum when you fuck me... That's what counts... And you're kind and gentle too."

After the exchange Bobby rolled up on top Logan planting his knees on each side of Logan's torso. He pushed his hard dick down towards Logan's mouth. Logan took the head of his lover's dick into his mouth and began to lick the precum that was beginning to ooze from the piss slit. Bobby threw his head back and moaned as he pushed his hips forward. After a few moments of intense oral pleasuring Bobby unloaded an explosive orgasm into Logan's mouth.

Logan continued to suck milking Bobby's penis dry. When there was no more nectar Bobby scooted backwards until his bottom met Logan's hard member. He looked down and said, "Fuck me baby."

The two got into a missionary position with Logan on the bottom so they could make love. After Bobby lubed Logan up with KY jelly Bobby got on top lowering his ass onto Logan's pole. With great care the two worked together to get Bobby impaled on Logan's hard dick. Once Logan was all the way inside the two set up a rhythm fucking each other. Bobby was moaning and begging Logan to fuck him, "Fuck me baby make me cum."

"Play with my nipples... Suck on them... Oh yeah you're so tight," Logan said.

"Fuck me with the big dick... Fuck me make me cum," Bobby wailed.

The two howled and moaned. They were wrestling around all over the bed in the throes of deep passion. Suddenly Logan exploded inside Bobby. After shooting ropes of spooge Bobby collapsed on top of Logan. "Leave it in as long as possible."

The two began kissing madly Bobby said, "I want you inside me forever."

Logan replied, "I want to fuck you forever Bobby and I want you to fuck me forever."

The two fell asleep in each other's arm with Logan's penis still inside his lover's ass. They slept peacefully and fulfilled.



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