Chapter 16

"Oh My God Sammy you're huge!" Bobby exclaimed looking down at his cousin's inflated immense penis.

"Eight inches long and about six inches around according to mom's cloth seamstress measuring tape cuz."

"I ain't never seen a dick that big before," Bobby said.

"I doubt you seen many dicks at your age Bobby."

"I'm almost fifteen," Bobby replied a little indignant at his older cousin's comment.

"So, how many dicks you seen so far Bobby?"

"A few... None of em anywhere that big," Bobby said.

"You wanna touch it?" Sammy asked. "Go ahead play with it."

"Sure," Bobby said with eager anticipation as his hands moved towards the mammoth member.

Mesmerized Bobby began to explore his cousin's enormous dick. Touching the warm member with his fingers first before he attempted to wrap his hand around the thick pole sent shivers throughout his body. Not able to close his hand full around the girth of his cousin's massive member he began to play with it. From the bulbous broad head Bobby moved his hands examining his cousin's big balls while running his fingers through his cousin's satiny lush black bush.

"So what all you and your friends done together?" Sammy asked with his hands locked behind his head staring at the ceiling all while he let his cousin continue to play with the tree and boulders on the jungle floor of his forest.

"Mainly, just jack each other off," Bobby said. "Sometimes just two of us and other times there's group jack offs... Sometimes we do it two or three times a day."

"So, you're pretty active with your jack off buddies."

"Yeah, we got a club... We meet in the old dilapidated tree house behind the abandon house at the end of my street after school," Bobby said. "Somebody pulled a big old mattress up into it... So it became our jack off club."

"So, how many guys in the club? What're their ages?"

"It varies," Bobby replied. "Some of the guy's kind of join and participate a few times and then move on... Other guys been around a while... The oldest guy in the club is sixteen and the youngest is twelve."

So, jacking each other off is all you guys do?"

"Pretty much," Bobby said.

So, none of you guys fucked, or sucked each other's dicks?"

"Some of the guys talked about it, but never seen em do it," Bobby said. "No one knows for sure."

Bobby didn't want to admit to his cousin that he had sucked a couple of the guys off, and secretly wished he could engage two of his friends into a corn holing session.

So, you done anything with a girl other than squeeze boobies?"


"You wanna try tonight?" Sammy asked.

"Try what?" Bobby replied.

"You wanna suck me and then let me corn hole you?"

"You mean fuck me in the ass?" Bobby squeaked.

"Yeah, but if you're scared to try I understand."

"What about your mom and dad?" Bobby asked. "When are they gonna be home?"

"They won't be home until the wee hours... Their playing cards with the neighbors."

"How old were you when you first did it Sammy?"

"I was like in the eight grade," Sammy said. "An older kid down the street took me to the river one summer afternoon... We did it there."

"That's so fucking cool."

"We'd already been sucking each other off for a while... You think I gotta big dick you shoulda seen Brad's dick... We fucked and sucked each other till he got out high school... Of all my fuck buddies he was the coolest."

"I've heard it hurts... Getting corn holed," Bobby said.

"Yeah it did the first couple times for me with him, but after a while I got used to it," Sammy said. "Brad's dick... Every bit of nine inches long and at least seven inches around."

"Fuck... That's fucking monster!"

"Needed to use a lot of Vaseline," Sammy said. "If you try to do it dry or even using spit he'd rip your asshole up."

"You got Vaseline?" Bobby asked.

"Sure... Right here in the nightstand drawer," Sammy said opening the drawer to retrieve the jar of lubricant. "So, what do you use to jack off with Bobby?

As Bobby eyed the jar of Vaseline he replied, "Jergens hand lotion and other slippery stuff."

"Yeah, I use Jergens for jerking off too, but prefer Vaseline for corn holing," Sammy said. "One of the problems with Vaseline, because it's petroleum jelly, it's messy to clean up afterwards."

"How many guys you corn holed and how many times you been cornholed?" Bobby asked.

"Hell, lost count cousin... If you're scared to try it I'll let you corn hole me first."


"You'll be one of the few to fuck me in the ass... Most time I do the corn holing... So, how big is that sausage Bobby?" Sammy asked. "I'd kinda like to suck it."

Bobby's feelings were a little bruised by his cousin's comment about the size of his dick, calling it a sausage, but he was ready to let his cousin suck it. He knew he was about average for his age group and a little bigger than some of the guys in the jack off club. But Sammy did have a big long thick dick. The biggest he'd ever seen. "You say you wanna suck me?" Bobby asked.

"Sure... Let's do it together," Sammy said. "Turn opposite me in bed."

The two positioned themselves opposite each other lying on their sides facing each other's crotches. Bobby was getting a bird's eye view of his cousin's humongous dick.

Sammy said, "I'll start... Show you how it's done."

Sammy started sucking his cousin's dick, but before he could give Bobby the word to start sucking his dick his cousin had Sammy's dick to his lips trying to get the huge head inside his mouth. Bobby knew what to do with a dick, but this on was too big. After a few minutes of sucking on the glans the two broke apart and Sammy said, "I thought you said you never sucked a dick before... Cause you suck like a pro... Damn near had me cumming."

"Well, maybe a couple," Bobby said. "So, you gonna let me corn hole you first and then you'll try to do me?"

"Sure, but I ain't been corn holed in a few weeks, so my ass might be a tad tight."

Sammy was a hairy bear for seventeen. His body was covered in soft satiny black fur with one of the biggest black bushes ever. Sammy twisted the lid off the jar of petroleum jelly. He scooped two fingers of thick lubricant jelly from the container. Then he spread his legs apart to begin massaging the Vaseline deep into his hairy ass crack. With his middle finger he began pushing some of the jelly deep into his asshole. Then he reached over, taking hold of Bobby's little more than five inch pecker, he began to lubricate it.

Sammy got on his hands and knees in the bed presenting his hairy ass to his cousin before he said, "You get behind me and up in between my legs... Hold your dick steady and take aim... Now put the tip of your dick up to my asshole and start pushing."

Bobby did as instructed. As the head of his dick touched his cousin's jelly coated asshole he could see it pucker as his cousin pushed out. Sammy reached around grabbing both of his ass cheeks to spread them apart while Bobby continued putting pressure against his cousin's asshole. Suddenly, the head of Bobby's dick popped into his cousin's asshole. Sammy let out a screech and then bit his lower lip. Sammy jerked and let out a sigh as the head of Bobby's dick popped into the first chamber. Bobby stopped pushing and asked, "You okay Sammy?"

"Yeah, just need a second to catch my breath to get used to your big dick up my ass."

"I thought you said you'd done this before," Bobby said impressed that his cousin referred to his dick as being big.

"It's been a few weeks cuz... And that don't feel like no small sausage Bobby."

Finally, Sammy released the sphincter clench on Bobby's five inch pole. Bobby began pushing again sliding the entirety of his slick dick into the well-lubricated entrance. The two began to rhythmically move their hips back and forth. Sammy said, "Don't pull all the way out... Just until you feel the head at the entrance ring and then push back in."

The boys continued fucking each other speeding up to the point they were both sweating, their hearts were beating uncontrollably and they were breathing and gasping for breaths. "Oh baby fuck me harder... Oh yeah fuck me."

"Sammy your ass pussy is so tight."

"Fuck me... Fuck me forever."

After a few minutes Sammy eased forward lying on his stomach while Bobby continued plowing his ass. Bobby said, "I'm about ready to cum."

"Keep fucking me... Let it fly... Fill my ass Bobby."

Bobby exploded inside his cousin's rectum. On each thrust inward Bobby shot more juice inside his cousin. After a few minutes he had to stop fucking because he was totally spent. He eased forward lying on his cousin's soft hairy damp back with his softening dick inside. The two fell asleep. Bobby would dream about his cousin corn holing him with his mammoth member when they awoke.

"Wow, that's a fuckin incredible story Bobby," Logan said. "So, when did you take Sammy's big cock up your ass?"

"That's another story my young friend. Let's get up and go get something to eat... Then we'll come back here and I'll tell you the rest of the story."



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